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  1. Words to live by : Inspired by the always awesome Shaarawy I am reformatting my quest by character. I think it will make a bit more sense this way. Also some of these are more like daily guidelines. Still figuring out how to make them actionable. Grading is on a do/do not basis. Quest: Finn/Fionna—think less, do more! Finn and Fionna are heroes who know who they are and what they want out of life. They avoid mental gymnastics. I strive to emulate their straight forward attitude and ability to deal with REAL problems. “ I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be noticed. I know w
  2. HELLO. I'm Cody. Since I'm a first-time Druid, allow me to re-introduce myself. I started yoga about two years ago to offset the strain of my job as a baker. Yoga definitely soothes my sore muscles, but I'd hit a bit of a wall, as far as strength and stamina. I've since added Pilates and bodyweight exercises, and am starting to feel a lot better. My first challenge was designed to increase my strength and stamina by increasing my workout lengths, and by tracking my food to make sure I'm getting enough fuel. Currently, my challenge is similar, but I will not be pushing forward as much as I ha
  3. Ah yes, a brand shiny new challenge smack in the middle of summer. BRING IT. Welcome friends and fellow rebels! As with any Shaarawy Style Challenge, through 2015 I’m theming each one with something that is nerdy as well as near and dear to my heart - something that lies at the core of my personal geekdom. I’ve done things like Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, and recently Harry Potter, but I’m stoked to jump into a challenge featuring perhaps my favorite cyberpunk movie trilogy ever... I adore The Matrix. Neo-era Keanu Reeves is my Personal Dreamboat . The visual style and ef
  4. Hello Druids! This is my second challenge but my first as part of a guild. This is part two of my journey learning how to take care of myself and well... care about myself. I guess it's a journey in learning self compassion. I learned in my last challenge that happiness is built from the inside out so I'm focused on re-inforcing my interior scaffolding. I’m hesitating on grading some these because self care should be its own reward. I won’t put a time limit or value judgement on most of these. What matters is my consistent and persistent effort. Some of parts of the quests are maintenan
  5. ABOUT ME: I'm Cody. I started yoga about two years ago to offset the strain of my job as a baker. Yoga definitely soothes my sore muscles, but I've hit a bit of a wall, as far as strength and stamina. I've since added Pilates and bodyweight exercises, and am starting to see a change. My goal is to continue to improve my strength and stamina by increasing the length of my workouts. Recently, I've begun tracking my food intake in order to see if I've been fueling my body appropriately, and it turns out I eat very little protein. I think after being vegetarian for nearly ten years, the moment I
  6. So the rock has gotten moving and is planning next steps....placeholder Brainstorming some ideas for goals: - Sleep more (bed before a certain time) - A daily exercise goal - A stretching goal - A housekeeping goal (i'm very bad with the organizing) - Self-care goal - Cooking/Food goal - Meditation goal That seems like a lot to undertake at one time.
  7. Goals for this challenge, building on the foundation from the last couple challenges. Keep up the exercise! Aiming for at least 5 days a week. Plan includes kettlebells, pilates, biking, and whatever else I feel like throwing in there. Just signed up for AcaciaTV because I got a discount through another site I belong to, so lots of exercise videos available whenever I want. We'll see if I keep it past the 10-day free trial, but it seems like it could be a cool resource. (Edit: I've decided it's worth it.) Bonus points for meeting my daily step goal (8000/day). If I can meet the goal ev
  8. Hello all, So... this will be my second time writing this out due to fail-y internet. WHY INTERNET WHY?! Sorry, needed to get that out. This is 6 week challenge number 2 for me, after not really at all completing my first one. The problem with my first one is I set myself some hefty goals at a time in my life when I didn't really have any extra available time for them. I'm still busy at the moment, so I've set myself goals this time around that are extending things I'm already doing (rather than adding in brand new stuff). My priorities at the moment and for at least the next few months are
  9. Hey guys, I'm Charly, 26 years old and living in the UK. I'm a girl, and I work as a chef. I've found myself here because I love achievements, levelling up, and having goals to beat. Otherwise I get really bored of exercising especially when results don't happen overnight. Eating healthy and being a chef don't always go hand in hand, I have so many delicious ingredients to work with and it's difficult to choose the right ones, and not just make cakes for myself to eat all the time! I currently do yoga, body balance and pilates, and chuck in a tiny bit of weight lifting on the side (which I'm
  10. Compared to the end of last year, the start of this year was awesome. I am very excited to keep going with the momentum I've got. What I did last challenge went pretty well, so I'm going to just add a small bit to that. Pre-challenge week: 5-6 days doing 15 minutes of yoga/day. As of today, I'm 3 out of 4 on this, so way on track. This is important, to make sure I keep the habit I'm building going. The challenge: Exercise 5 days/week, for a minimum of 30 minutes. Bonus points for 6+ days/week or any day I exercise and get at least 8000 steps. A - 5 days. B - 4 days.
  11. WELCOME, friends, to my 4th (whoa~) challenge! For 2015 I’m theming each of my challenges around something that’s influenced my nerd-life in a big way, be it video game, movie, book, etc. My last challenge was Final Fantasy themed! *victory theme* This month, I’m getting magical. For this challenge I’m guild-hopping from Ranger to Druid, and I’m REALLY excited to be here! I love everything the Druid encompasses (it may also be my favorite world of warcraft class ever), and while I’m already a pretty mindful and spiritual person, there are some pretty big things I need to w
  12. Main Quest Set A Foundation For Diet And Exercise - One I Can Follow. Establish three healthy routines. Sub Quests One diet, one exercise, one body. I. 3x/week: Forty minutes of pilates in the morning with Lisa. II. 3x/week : Beginner Body Weight Workout (increase circuits when possible). III. 6x/week : Breakfast. Eat it. And NOT a scone or croissant. Oatmeal, cereal, fruit - I will look for more options. IV. BBBBonnnusssss! : Hour at gym in morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Life Quest Embroider two new pieces - spend time quietly away from screen. Finish learning Gia Il Sole Dal Gange
  13. My primary quest for this challenge is simple: Exercise daily for 6 weeks without injuring myself. I have a tendency to get carried away with goal-setting, refusing to back down once I've declared a target, so this time I'm not going to set any quantitative objective other than "do something towards the quest every day." The exercise could be yoga, t'ai chi, Pilates, aerobics, or low-intensity weight training, as long as it can be done without causing undue distress to joints and muscles. (+WIS, +STA, +CON, perhaps +STR depending on what exercises I opt for) Sub-quest #1: Sign up for beg
  14. Instead we have to respawn right at the beginning. Or, in my case, further back than I was before. Losechester. I gained 20lbs instead of losing any, didn't get any healthier, and probably dug myself deeper. So, here I am again. Trying to fix whatever in me it is that's so broken. I've been making some lifestyle changes which so far involve a. buying a blender and drinking a lot more smoothies. b. cutting way back on eating bread - one or two pieces a week now as opposed to every day. c. drinking way less than I was. I was spending Thurs-Sun drinking beer and now...I'm not. d. Pilates seve
  15. Happy New Year everyone! And nice to meet you, other Adventurers! This is my second challenge with the Rebellion and my first challenge with the Adventurers. I'm going to start with some fun victories that happened over the break (phew, I missed you guys.) I learned how to crochet with me mum and sis! My first scarf is a little big... but I like it! *clearly I am not up to date on how to share images on forums (this is the first forum I've joined since like 2004) so I apologize if I'm sloppy. Any criticism is welcome. I started a battle log spreadsheet! I established a fitness ro
  16. Hey, I'm Soozle, I'm 33 yrs old, 5' 7" and a (UK) size 12. I'm not really that fussed about losing any weight, so have no idea about my weight/BMI. Instead, I want to feel healthier and more comfortable in myself. The last couple of years have been difficult, and I feel like i'm stuck in a rut which I need to get out of. I have a sedentary lifestyle (not much exercise other than walking to/from work - about 1.5 mile round trip), a mentally unfulfilling job, and most of my friends are scattered across the country. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of positives in my life and things are bet
  17. Oh thank god for the respawn point! I'ts been a year ... or more ... I was even scared to log back in again. But well, it cannot be helped, and I am going to need you guys if I am ever going to get my *!$%t together aren't I? So yes, here I am, most literally back where I started and only slightly worse. Last August, I moved back to Germany from the UK with my family, I changed careers (new job - yay!) and only now do I have enough time to get my head above the water (barely). I have gained 3 kgs in the process ... which puts me at 76kgs now, definitely overweight now and no longer in the O
  18. I'm back! I was a Scout briefly last year. Before spraining my right ankle and my left foot last July, I had been training to run my first 5K in September. Well, I migrated to the Assassins after that, and did achieve my first 5K this past June. My goals were to run without stopping, no matter how slow, and to finish in under 45 minutes. I finished in 43:01, and I never stopped chugging along. I consider myself somewhere between a Scout and an Assassin, a combination that I like to call Bounty Hunter Class. But since my focus right now is on running - I signed up for 3 more 5Ks to r
  19. So everything was effed up when I broke my knee last January. And because I was off my balance on account of the effed up knee, I effed up my lumbar as well, and I was actually ON THE BED for a couple of weeks there, when I couldn't even work. I had been lifting for several months, and riding my bike as means of transportation for close to a year, and swimming on and off for the year as well, and then I decided to join a rugby team that practices on the beach, Which was awesome, but was too much, sprinting on the soft sand and trying to lift my teammates (why did I even attempt that?). I got
  20. Hi guys! I have returned to try another challenge. My last challenge fell through--I started strong but was traveling so much I didn't continue with my routine daily as I should have. So this time I'm going to create a schedule to follow and a system of rewards and punishments for following through or not. It worked with my writing! ☆The Main Quest★ My main quest is to follow my daily exercise routine with the Blogilates community calendars. I have a smart TV that connects automatically to my YouTube account, so no excuses. Every day my workout is already planned for me and all I have
  21. This is my 4th challenge ! This time, i will make it a little easier and focus on the 4 recommended goals, since the last times i had 5-6 goals and it was getting hard to focus. So, this time around i will : 1) Run 5 Km (CON 1 + STA 1) I am already doing the C25K program, and am now (as of today) doint week 4 day 2. I will continue to run 3 times a week to reach the 5km, hopefully by the end of the challenge. C25K recommends 9 weeks, so i should reach my goal in that timeframe. 2) Blogilates every day, following the beginner calendar (STR 1 + CHA 1 + CON 1) My goal is to do 1
  22. Can anyone recommend me some good Pilates instructional videos? I'm interested but my local YMCA doesn't hold classes until July and the cost is 71$
  23. Hello again! This is my second challenge, and I'm eager to continue leveling up as a person and heading towards that goal of a healthier self. This time, I'm focusing on core strengthening techniques. I've recently fallen in love with Pilates and yoga but I find myself wobbling during some of the positions. It seems my workout buddy doesn't have the same problem, and I wasn't sure why I was having this issue. I'm hoping that strengthening my core, improving my posture, and my sense of balance will help. Main Quest Strengthen my core To complete the April Abs Blogilates calendar http://www.
  24. Main Quest: Reclaim my 'fighting' body (by opening day of KCRF 2014 - 30 August 2014)Lose 25 poundsFit back into my size 2 clothesMake it through a full 30 minute fight show (Bawdily Harm), in a bodice/corset, without nearly passing out or even being windedGoals: Get 8 hours of sleep every night Exercise (pilates or cardio) for at least 1 hour, 5 out of 7 days each week Go to Aerial Silks class or go rock climbing once a week Life Quest: Start being on time, if not early, everywhere I am supposed to be. Motivation: I have been generally unhappy for well over a year; gained 30 pounds in about
  25. I've been focusing on slimming down to a solid base for the last 6-8 weeks, and now I get to start adding some muscle! Here's the quick synopsis with details to follow: Goal 1 - Weigh more at the end of the challenge than I do at the start. [+4 CON] To accomplish this goal, I will follow the Surge phase of the Engineering the Alpha program, focusing on lactic acid based exercises to stimulate Growth Hormone and eating at a surplus on training days. I started this phase at the end of the last challenge, so I'll be completing Weeks 2-4. Based on a calorie surplus on training days and a de
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