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Found 10 results

  1. Don’t know what my challenge goals will be just yet... Probably something about food Probably something about sticking to my workouts and something about not overcomitting myself, and taking time to rest and recharge. I’m not studying this year, and it’s giving me a bit of the jitters, I get the urge to fill up every waking moment and be “busy”. oh, and I’m watching the pirates of the Caribbean , so I suspect there’sa bit of a theme to be had... adventure, arse kicking, and a hottie blacksmith ❤️
  2. Hey everyone! About four years ago I joined nerd fitness as a way to help me lose weight. It was a smashing success and between that and joining the National Guard I lost 100 pds. Then I came home however. I found a great job that I loved (I am a cook) but was forty five minutes away. Stopped working out beyond sporadic stuff, eating fast terrible food, and not sleeping well. Gained back 70 of those pounds. As a note still look much healthier, a full eight inches is still off my waist line. And my eating habits are still much better. I am back
  3. STORY COMING SOON! -- I am so far behind on this it isn't funny, lol. I thought I had more time until this challenge started. Boy was I wrong. I'll get more pretty stuff on here soon. I hope. I'm going to be taking it kind of easy this challenge because I have an eczema rash on my chest and stomach and I'm trying to keep the sweaty-ness on the down low. Main Quest Lose 5 pounds Quests Evening Meal Eat under 2460 calories a day +2 CON +2 WIS Swab the Decks Attend c25k training every week and complete each session fully +1 CON +1 STR +2 DEX +2 STA Keep Away Scurvy Drink 32oz of wat
  4. It had been rough going for a while, but Jazzy had survived. Barely, but she had. A terrible storm had arisen, tossing the ship around in its torment. It even went so far as to knock the fox demon off of the deck and into the churning waters. Luckily, being a fox demon allotted her the ability to change form and she stayed below the ragged waves in a form more suitable for the ocean. Once the storm had mostly passed, she pulled herself free of the water and back on to the ship. Above her, clouds still passed, but the sun was shining and she was drying out. There may be some rough patches ahe
  5. Jazzy could feel it coming. Maybe it was something in the air. Maybe it was something in the food. Maybe it was the way she sweat like a damn pig every time she tried to do something simple. Whatever it was (thought it was probably that last thing), she could feel change coming on. She'd started simple, used some help, and made it through. Barely, but barely counted in most places. This time was going to be different. This time she was going to kick ass all the way through. She sat up in her hammock and she could feel the conviction pouring off of her. She could... she could... She fell si
  6. Ahoy! me buckos! I be fresh off o' me latest adventure in t' lake o' level 1. Havin' surmounted me foes and succesfuly navigated t' a port it was time t' rest. With me crew and I well rested it be time t' set sail into t' sea o' Adventurers. Captain Coffee has taken t' life under t' black flag, as t' song says "it's a pirates life for me". With me sails unfurled, t' ocean before me, and me crew behind me nothin' will stop me from gettin' t' plunder I seek from t' world If you be brave enough t' join me under t' black flag, hop aboard and show me your pirate colors. Current Stats: Age: 23
  7. Summer B - Not my idea of a Caribbean Cruise! (BF 33%)Story: Following the clues up the river to the Burned City and dealing with an undisclosed BOSS at the endDiet - stick to <= 1550 net calories (adjust for exercise) and protein >= 66 grams 76 grams Do a chin up or pullup with <= 30 pounds of assistanceDeadlift 80 pounds Walk/run 10K Decipher the clues (i.e. plan the move)Or ..... this could be named the ........ Summer Challenge. My epic quest is to rediscover myself as the Mal Ravenne. It involves a LOT of attributes that are not measurable and really come down to those g
  8. Drip. Drip. Drip. Jazzy twitched in her bed. There was no way it was morning already; she’d only just gone to bed! Drip. Drip. Drip. What in the world was that noise? It wasn’t her alarm clock; that had more of a bell sound than a drip. A loud groan shook the demon’s ear drums before literally shaking her from her bed. Her eyes shot open as her body toppled from her bed. “Oh god! An earthquake!†She scrabbled to her feet, her orange tail puffed out like a pom pom. Wood bit at her toes and nipped her finger tips, splinters catching the flesh. She paused. Something wasn’
  9. We interrupt this previously scheduled program with an adventure on the high seas!! (Part A) Our summer challenge opens with our hero lying, soaken and shivering, on the wooden deck of a ship heading away from the realm of the recently-defeated Frostking. The lump on the back of her head and resulting head-ache leave her confused and disoriented. The rolling of the ship doesn't contribute positively to her general altertness or ability to engage in witty reparte either when the ship's captain notices her beginning to stir painfully. "Oh, good. I was beginning to think that we'd made a
  10. Avast NF Crew! I'm ready for my second challenge! I got into some good habits the first time, so here's my plan for the next six weeks: RUN LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! (+2 STA, +3 DEX): I will begin a 12-week half marathon training program that will end with me actually running a half marathon at the end of the next challenge- May 19th. Here's a link to the training plan I'll have to modify it a little to fit my schedule by doing the big runs on sundays and the cross training at the gym on saturdays. Otherwise the plan stands. Grading: (days ran)/24= % of grade. GETTIN' SWOLE! (+3 STR, +
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