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Found 5 results

  1. I have defeated the final boss of the Oh-Crap-I-Forgot-My-Lunch instance: Pizza the Hut His main attacks are: being delicious breadstick stab BBQ Chicken Coma Food is expensive But I won! Ended up getting a turkey-on-wheat sandwich from the office vending area. saved about $15 and about 8000 calories.
  2. So, I cannot claim this recipe, I found it on pinterest (I know, how basic of me) and thought I would give it a go. I made a single serving though, and used only one chicken breast (so I roughly cut the ingredients in thirds... yes, even the egg) But let me just say... I AM IN NO GUILT PIZZA HEAVEN! It had all the yummy qualities of pizza, the texture was nice, and can we talk about all that protein? AND I AM SO FULL! Pizza never leaves me full. I love it so much, but I'm always still so hungry afterwards. I HIGHLY recommend anyone give it a go. http://www.surfand
  3. Ingredients: 500g mince of your choice (I used lean turkey breast mince, but mince beef comes out much better) 4 eggs 1 tin of chopped tomatoes Topping(s) of your choice (I went with non-paleo chickpeas and Mediterranean vegetables) Season as preferred (I used turmeric with the mince and oregano and pepper with the toppings. To prep: Preheat oven to 200C, spread a small amount of oil or butter on a baking tray. Break the mince into small pieces and fry the mince in a pan, stir and seperate it constantly, when it turns brown (turkey mince turns white) add 4 eggs that have been whisked (or pref
  4. It sounds like we are on for a meetup in Sydney. This is what's been proposed, post if date/time/venue is ok and if you will attend, if we get a few confirmed we can book a table. Venue: The Australian Hotel 100 Cumberland Street The Rocks, Sydney 2000 Date: Thursday 12th September (TBC) Time: 6pm - 8pm+ (TBC) Attending: Mad Hatter BarefootDawsy Dominic TerraNik
  5. Starting point at March 2012:Weight: 212lbBust: 42"Waist: 38"Hips: 46" Deadlift: 40kgBench: 20kgOverhead press: 17.5kg Current:Weight: 147lbBust: 33"Waist: 27"Hips: 36" Took a 6 month break and only just restarted weight training a month ago, so:Deadlift: 60kgBench: 40kgOverhead press: 27.5kg Reached a point where I've run out of specific targets, so I'm hoping this first challenge will help me get back on track. When I first started exercising a little over a year ago my goal was "get down to ~145lb", and as I'm now at 147lb I'm floundering a little with what I really want to do. Sat down an
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