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Found 7 results

  1. Kishi

    Kishi Says Clean

    It's fun to do music in my challenges again. I missed it. So, gonna keep this short and simple because I've started parts of it and I'm on a short amount of time. Yes, time. I was staring at my schedule - all the things that I wanted to do and want to do still - and it finally occurred to me: life would just be easier with more daytime in it. And the way that happens is to go to bed earlier. But it's not just about going to bed earlier. The truth is, a lot of my life is messy. I'm thinking about that a lot I guess because, well, my bro and I are looking at moving out of the parent's place. Yup, that's right. Now that Dad's back to dying as slowly as we can ask him to, it's feeling a little crowded under this roof. He, I, and a third roommate are looking at places where we might want to live where the rent doesn't suck. And I want to leave this place as well as I can. That'll be a lot easier if I clean my end of things up more. So. Clean time, clean house. Let's get to it. GOAL 1: CLEAN UP MY TIME - BED BY 11 GOAL 2: CLEAN UP MY SPACE - ONE WALL OF MY ROOM EACH WEEK GOAL 3: CLEAN UP MY GUT - ONE SERVING OF SAUERKRAUT A WEEK GOAL 4: CLEAN UP MY CATALOG - FINISH UNDERTALE TO MAKE ROOM FOR ME: ANDROMEDA Bonus-That-Isn't: 4 written pages a week. And with that, we're off to the races.
  2. Hi all, first post, im looking into starting calisthenics/bodyweight strength training, ive read every piece of literature I can find, all al kavadlos books as well as overcoming gravity, convict conditioning, you are your own gym etc. Im thinking of using either a full body (m/w/f) or a upper/lower (m/tu/th/f) split, one issue I am having is when to train "skills"? Im thinking full body workout (m/w/f) skill days (tu/th) and weekends resting? This seem like a good idea? "Skill days" would include progressions for: Front lever Back lever Elbow lever L-Sit Planche Human flag Handstand Im torn between having 2 "skill days" per week or splitting the skills up and performing them on workout days? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi all! I'm Natalee, a new assassin and I can't wait to get stuck in with this coming challenge! After my first challenge I kind of... let myself go a little bit, with this I realized just how important it will be for me to continue this until this new life of fitness becomes a part of myself and not just something that I want to attain. As I am writing this I feel as if I conceived last week, I hope that this isn't the case and that my body is just topsy turvy at that moment, and that I'm just over thinking this situation. At present my LO is 11 months and I believe that by the end of this challenge he will be walking all over the place. I have not been focusing on diet, and by the end of the challenge I hope to have incorporated a a more wholesome diet. At present I eat what I can, when I can, I want to control this a little more by the end. I'm really looking forward to all that will unfold over the course of this challenge. This will be a good one. Challenge Overview Quest One: My name is Stronger. In the pursuit of mastering myself strength is imperative. During this six week program I will be following a program created by myself which will be outlined once I've fine tuned it. I will be overhauling the routine every two weeks, just to switch things up a bit. Quest Two: I'll be Flexible The ability to be flexible both of mind and body. One of the first things my first challenge reminded me of is that there are many ways to get to a destination. Can I get my splits in 6 weeks?... I don't know. But I don't think that that is how I want to quantify my goals. Although I will use this to see my progression. It won't be my focus. My Flexibility plan will be outlined below also. Quest Three: Finding Balance Achieving a freestanding handstand is definitely something I want to do this time around. I also want to play around with planches, I'm going to figure out where I am, and we will see where I can go during the course of this challenge. Life Quest I want to become less of a backseat rider on this forum and engage a whole lot more with other Assassins and encourage other people in their challenges.This challenge I want to do 10 minutes of Bible reading everyday (at the very least), I'll meditate on whatever it is that I happen to read throughout the day, but I really want to get those 10 miniutes in.Take care of me - I neglect myself so much, during the course of this challenge I want to engage in a few little things that will help to relieve stress and also keep me looking good. Namely to give myself a foot scrub once weekly and get my hair done biweekly.
  4. Hi there! My main goal here will be to end the cycle: Fast progress -> overtraining/injury -> get back to work. I really tend to do too much when I train/not do the right things. Last example: I’m right now doing the Parallettes 2 program from Gold Medal Bodies. Over the course of the last four weeks, I stopped training for 2 weeks due to wrists pain caused by planche training. So here comes the challenge: 1. Finish the 2nd cycle of the program before the end of the 6 weeks, which mean mastering : Planche lower to double arm leverArm lever spinStraddle L sit to handstand (bent arm)Handstand to L-sitAnd of course the almighty handstandWithout injury/pain. I’ll take videos every 2 weeks so you can judge my progress In order to do that, I’ll try to listen more to my body and stop before overtraining. 2. Accomplish the Focused Flexibility program for the full 6 weeks, more details on this tomorrow. I often let go of the flexibility training whereas it’s really an important component for a healthy body. 3. Let’s not forget the lower body training : Follow the following program for the next 6 weeks : 1 session of http://www.fitnessblender.com/ workout on Tuesday, level 4 or 5. 1 squat routine on thursday. 1 running session on Saturday. 4. These goals will only be valid if I’m unhurt and feel no pain at the end of the 6 weeks which mean good recovery: I shall be in my bed, ready to sleep at 10:30 pm each day. And I’m gonna end with the most important : during the next 6 weeks I’m not gonna add anything to that program : no additional session, no program added etc. Will be permitted: having fun on the rings, but I shall stop before feeling tired. Counting on you for accountability, ideas and serious fun ! PS : Because i love johnny depp and i'm a vampire :
  5. Ryuu1011 Trains with the Avatar Challenge #3: April 13- May 25, 2015 Learn to Fire Bend and Burn the Fat Away Goal One: Loose 6lbs and 2% Body Fat (+1 Con +2 Cha) Got my diet and exercise pretty dialed in at the moment now its just a matter of keeping that fire burning. Decided to put the points in charisma for this challenge because if I'm being honest this goal is really about the abs... Starting Weight: 156.8lbs ---> Goal: 150lbs Starting Body Fat %: 17.2% ---> Goal: 15% Learn to Earth Bend and Build a Rock Solid Balance Goal Two: - Hold a 15s freestanding Handstand, a 15s Tuck Planche, and a 15s L-Sit [on the Floor] (+2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Sta) Three bodyweight tricks I would like to get better at. I can hold each one for around 5 seconds or less currently and think a 10 second increase over the next six weeks would be great. 15 seconds doesn't seem like a lot but I'm sure this is going to be by far my hardest goal to achieve. Learn to Air Bend and Overcome Gravity Goal Three: Complete 6 [kipping] Muscle Ups and 1 dead hang Muscle Up (+3 Str) Got my first muscle up during the last challenge, this time I am going to try and improve on it. Well see what happens, the dead hang muscle up may be a little bit of a long shot but I think I can make it. Learn to Water Bend and Let the Past Wash Away Goal Four: Work on Myself & My past- Write Letter to all of my Ex's come to terms with the past and then burn those letters at the end of the challenge and let it go. (+2 Wis) If you were following along with my last challenge I shared some of my...unpleasant...past, that I am working though trying to become a better person. So for this challenge I would like to delve a little bit more into my past and my feelings to come to terms with everything by writing letters to each of my past GF's (5 Letters) and 1 Letter to my Parents, and then let them go at the end of the 6 weeks by burning the letters. Harmonize my World Side Quest: Volunteer at the Local Habitat for Humanity at least once during this six weeks. No Points, just want to get into the habit of volunteering at least once a month. BOSS BATTLE: Rugged Maniac May 16th 2015- How appropriate was Steve's last article on Boss Battles!? I'll be having my first boss battle midway though this Challenge and man am I excited! Loot (Some Possible Options): Overcoming Gravity & Starting Strength iphone fitness Strap Running Belt Pouch Thing Yoga Blocks & Yoga Mat Pre Challenge Photo: Beginning of last challenge 2/19/2015 vsBeginning of this challenge 4/16/2015 Starting Measurements: Starting Metrics: Weight: 155.6 lbs % Body Fat: 16.7% Waist/Abs: 31" Hips: 31.5" Arms: 13.5" Calf: 14" Chest: 39" Thigh: 22" Shoulders: 46" Weekly Recaps: Week One: Week Two: Side Quest: Harmonize my World- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Times Volunteered= 0/1 0%0% Progress: Nope, my little brother had troubles so I went home to spend time with him. Week Three: Side Quest: Harmonize my World- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Times Volunteered= 0/1 0%0% Progress: Art show this weekend, gosh this side quest is harder than I thought it was going to be. Week Four: Side Quest: Harmonize my World- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Times Volunteered= 0/1 0%0% Progress: Modeling Shoot and Mothers Day.... -__- I think I just need to just pick a date and do it. Week Five: Side Quest: Harmonize my World- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Times Volunteered= 0/1 0%0% Progress: Boss Battle this weekend- Going to do this next weekend. I've got too! Week Six: Side Quest: Harmonize my World- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Times Volunteered= .5/1 50%50% Progress: So I had planned on signing up for the Saturday this weekend but they didn't have any volunteer spots (probably because its Memorial Day weekend), but I did go ahead and sign up for next Saturday which is technically outside of the 6 weeks of the challenge but its within my personal goal of once a month so I'm going to count this one as a success (even though its by the skin of my teeth)
  6. And so it begins. It has been more than a year since a man has stepped inside the cage. I think it's about time I got face-punched again. THE QUEST 1. Science: Watch and study Demian Maia's Science of Jiu-Jitsu vol. 7-13. (+4 WIS) 2. Vertical: Train stand-up 3x a week. (+4 DEX) 3. Horizontal: Planche variation 4 minutes a week. (+2 STR, +2 DEX) SIDE QUEST Read The Tao of Jeet June Do by Bruce Lee (+3 WIS) THE MOTIVATION "Don't tell me how well you fight, or how great your teacher is, or brag about your style. Gongfu - two words: Horizontal. Vertical. Make a mistake - horizontal. Stay standing and you win."
  7. Found this in a German newspaper a couple of days ago and thought it was just awesome. These guys are well into their 70s and are still going strong. Seriously, I'm under 40 and I can't do a planche ! http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/die-seniorenmeisterschaft-beim-turnfest-2013-fotostrecke-96893.html
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