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Found 20 results

  1. just starting my own little thread as I work up to my goal of a 5 minute plank! yesterday I broke 3 minutes!
  2. Overview / Motivation: I am fired up for 2018. No resolutions. Simply time to recommit to excellence and level up my life. Keeping the same approach that I wrapped up 2017 with but will be increasing my running distance and adding in side planks. I have big aspirations of completing a Spartan Trifecta this year and will need to redefine what I think I can actually accomplish physically. Let's light that fire and get after it! #unleash Main Quest: Work towards building my bench and squats to 250 pounds Side Quests: Average 8 Miles of Running / Week Po
  3. Overview / Motivation: I want to up my game with my overall fitness - strength, stamina and dexterity. I am still building up to my 5 seconds of courage to buy my Spartan Trifecta pass for 2018 so I want to keep building a solid foundation to be able to attack that massive challenge head on. I'm leveraging my challenge goals from last time and adding in some additional planks and increasing as many of my core lifts as possible to start breaking through some comfort zones. Main Quest: Work towards building my bench and squats to 250 pounds Side Quests: Averag
  4. Overview / Motivation: Pumped up for another 4 - week challenge. I enjoyed seeing some of my goal numbers (Bench, Squat & Pull Ups) build back up over the last challenge and hoping to keep that momentum going. I've still struggled with getting up early to knock out some workouts, and therefore want to build more of an Iron Will (mentally and physically) to create a higher level of consistency and discipline. Adding NF Yoga back in since I am still feeling pretty achy each morning and need to be more intentional about combating that since I refuse to believe the way I feel at
  5. This month I'm keeping my challenge really simple and focussing on getting s**t done. No theme, no bells and whistle, just balls. Or something like that.. I'm coming for you, things! Quest 1. Share the awesome. Keeping this from the last challenge. Even the suckiest of days contains a little glimmer of hope. At least that's what I'm going to attempt to prove to myself... Each day I'll post 1 awesome thing that happened. This can be anything that brightened my day even if by a little; whether it be a life altering achievement, hitting a workout goal, or something
  6. Arrrrrrr matey! This is a challenge for sword fighting, rum, and exploring the seas! Arrrr!!! Goal One: Drop the Dead Weight Oh no! The Queen's Navy fast approaches! We must throw out the dead weight so we can sail ahead and lose them! They'll never hang this pirate! Arrrr, you can be sure of that! Through continued exercise and proper eating, one hopes to lose 5.6 pounds, placing one at 228 pounds by the end of the challenge. Currently, my calorie count is between 1350 and 1530 calories and I try to follow the plate rule: lots of veggies and fru
  7. Does anyone have any opinions on or recommendations regarding Russian Kettlebell Plank?
  8. Hi there ! Ellith here (aka Sophie), ex-recruit ready to kick some asses ! So, since I'm a huge World of Warcraft fan (still playing), the name of the challenge and of the quests are taken from the game . Took me some time to find them but here they are ! After a good 1st challenge as a recruit, here I am, joining the assassin . This looks like a cool place to stay and I want to focus on building strength with weight lifting and body workout and I want to increase my flexibility and balance by doing yoga (and I want to manage some awesome poses like crow pose, headstand and handstand
  9. Why, hello there, again! I joined what seems like a long time ago, but my fitness program was somewhat thrown off course at the end of last summer by an injury that took a long time to heal and a major car accident at the beginning of 2015 that took time to recover from. I only really started training again a month ago. To get back into the swing of things, I actually hired a personal trainer for the first time ever, also because he can pay attention to my form which, so the physio therapist stressed, is critical. I am then finally ready to join the first challenge and, though I'm a little
  10. Hi everyone! My lower back is bruised, I'm 99% sure it's because of an intensive plank workout I did yesterday (pushing my arms forwards as much as possible) which made me work that area quite intensively, I did 4 sets of 30 seconds with 1 minute breaks between sets. This morning my back was hurting, when I looked in the mirror I had dark bruises all the way down my lower back on both sides. I found this quite worrying, so I have a few questions: -Is this normal? I assume that it just means I worked too intensively which I'm not too worried about since it's the first time it's happened i
  11. Months - perhaps even years had passed since the little ship Four Minute Plank had set sail from Hope Anchorage, with the ex-ocelot assassin named Ocelot and her rowdy crew aboard. They had visited numerous islands, found certain treasures but never yet weighed anchor. The crew eventually grew tired and lost focus and interest in the voyage. Ocelot was kept busy all day long, keeping them on target. She picked up a martial arts master and got him to teach them all taekwondo. She distracted them with delicious fruits picked from tropical oases. She held rigging climbing races and long board ga
  12. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, come one, come all to the Nerd Fitness Plank PvP! Here we have a simple, yet devious, challenge, open to any Nerd brave enough to undertake it. The rules are simple: Each challenger is to perform standard planks ( )Each challenger can plank as many times as they likePost your best plank times in this thread, and they will be tracked in this post (see below)The challenger who performs the longest plank winsSimple, right? Again, this challenge is open to everyone, so come and have a crack! Let the games begin! PLANK LEADERBOARD @Salty 10:00@kayoung 5:10@KiwiChick 4:35@Ba
  13. Hi guys, I've been doing the plank since about 2 months now, almost every day and, while I can say there's an improvement (started from 15 secs to 60 secs, core stronger and abdomen more flat), I feel there is still something wrong, I'm shaking from second 10 to second 60! It does not really hurt, it's just that all my body starts shaking and it seems even worse when I try to breathe normally...so what I do I hold my breath, but I sincerely don't want to do that! I am using this pose : http://jeromiewilliamsdoescrossfit.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/plank.jpg, elbows right under the shoulde
  14. Challenge number three! This time around I want to put a little more into my working out. Last time I was too vague, and I ended up not "working" very hard (unless I was shoveling that day). Main Quest: I just turned 37. It's time to take my attempt at getting in shape seriously. This is what I've been working up to in my last two challenges. Buckle down. It's go time. Goal #1: Body weight workouts three times a week. I hate the gym. I finally took the big step and cancelled my membership. I've proved to myself that I'll work out at home, but I won't make myself go to the gym. Fair enoug
  15. And we're back with another challenge from our fine sponsors. During this challenge, looking at my workout records, I will level up a lot of the exercises I am currently doing. A few months ago, I set up a level hierarchy for the body weight exercises I've been doing. So far, for most of them, I'm still on level one, except for leg exercises, where I'm at level 2. But for most of my level 1 exercises, I'm very close to my "magic numbers" of reps and sets (12 reps per set). And that's just one part of my challenge. Here's what I hope to accomplish this go-round. Goal 1: Fitness: Level up
  16. I'm totally stealing Jill Beat's template from the last challenge for this, my first challenge. I love balance and core work. I'm planning to keep going to yoga at least once a week. Eventually I'd like to do more yoga at home, but I'm leaving that for another challenge. I know me. My first thought is to pile on the goals! And then I get overwhelmed. So what I want to do is keep up everything I've started doing this year (sleep for 7 hours a night, take a walk on my 15-min breaks, try to have an hour of movement a day, go to yoga once a week, write at least 250 words a day) and just add a fe
  17. I am not participating in the ongoing 6-week challenge (I was but had to quit) but I need to get my fitness back on track. I'm doing a hard hat challenge. Normally it's for 30 days, but 32 will take me from today until the next 6-week challenge starts and I don't need to give myself even a day of "I will start tomorrow." I really need to do this. It has been too long since I have decided to make a change and then stuck with it to the level I intended. I've half-assed it a lot and then been frustrated because I didn't see the results I wanted. My hard hat challenge is so simple, SO simple...and
  18. My goals are based on two upcoming events: a 12km mudrun in August, and a four week backpacking trip through the Balkans. Therefore, my goals are as follows: Fitness Goals Hold a plank for five minutes (I can get to 90s with a struggle) Touch my toes while standing (at the moment I can only get to 22cm above the floor). Run 10km, and complete 10 burpees every kilometre, in under one hour (I have never run more than 8km before, so no clue about about this one. But 8km was tough). Life Goal: Learn enough Serbo-Croatian to be able to: introduce myself and my girlfriend (name, age, nationality,
  19. GoodDoug's Journey to the Core GoodDoug awoke with a start. Something had been pulling on the half-ogre's toes. He sat up quickly, scattering a half dozen pixies hovering around his feet."Oh good, you're awake!" the pixies cried in unison.GoodDoug was still unsure if he was awake or still dreaming when they flew up to eye level and started speaking, again in unison, "The Lady wishes to see you at your earliest convenience," showing as much solemnity as their impish little faces could muster.The half-ogre turned and started pulling on clothes, he figured he was about to get his next assignment
  20. Did a plank last night and set a new PR of 2:30. If you had asked me a couple months ago if I could break two minutes I would have laughed you out of the room. YAY ME!
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