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Found 25 results

  1. I have been MIA on NerdFitness for quite some time. A few days ago I got a random bug to plan an introvert adventure. Some where nature like. Alone. As I've fleshed this idea out I'm leaning towards a rustic (hike in!) cabin, or maybe camping + hiking. This kind of trip would require some training and planning. I'm kind of out of shape and have never done anything like this before. A four week challenge is perfect for getting me started on prepping for my adventure. Move your feet I will go on a walk once a day. It can be long or short - just so long as I do it. C
  2. I have touched on this subject a time or two in my previous challenge titled "Birth of a Legend" but I am having problems fine-tuning our eating habits. I have been stuck in a rut trying to figure out a plan or menu per se that is affordable, caters to toddlers tastes and my dislike of pasta, and a hubby who prefers savory and rich meals that are super filling. This is where my problem is though. If we're going to start losing weight together we need to cut back on our caloric intake and burn more by exercising. But what is a good medium ground between the nutritional and caloric needs of a m
  3. So after originally posting in the Ranger's forum I've been thinking on the journey ahead. I am stiff, and could probably stand to do a primer to get back into fighting form, so to speak. So Would I or should I join the Druids for a time since yoga is going to be a big part of my beginning or will it be okay to stay with the Rangers since they're more a cross-fit/ functional fitness minded group? Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated... Within reason.
  4. This is January 8th 2018, I have not yet thought about my "Good resolutions" for the year. I just came back from 2 weeks of vacations during which I did nothing but what I wanted, search for serenity and truth and introspected while trying to identify what I want from life. I know 2 things: - Currently my life is NOT what I want my life to be - It will NOT magically change by itself, I need to plan / think / act in order to get what I want My vacations were good to identify what I want from life (hint: less work, more TIME, the one thing no one can buy), so n
  5. Lincoln's Log Stardate [-4]94845.5 Well, I'm back. I decided to start here at the respawn point since I've been gone so long. These last few weeks have been very hard for me. My depression is coming back, due in part I think to the coming holidays (So it begins...), but also because of a couple of hiccups I've had in my personal life. Part of me thinks they aren't relevant to fitness, but they are hindering my ability to function, and that makes them relevant. Short version is this: I'm caught in a negative feedback loop of thinking "nothing ever works out" (which is a blatant
  6. Good morning community! Haven't posted much but thought I'd launch with a request. I've been dieting for about 3-4 years and am fairly happy with what goes into my body (thank god for myfitnesspal). Last September, after seeing I'd flat-lined for awhile, I found the "basic" bodyweight circuit. I've been doing that regularly (and added some weight/reps) but am wondering if there are other things I could/should be doing (I've shared the circuit with some others and they refer to it as a cardio circuit). I'm looking for some more strength training options to add in. Below
  7. Machete

    Machete: 24

    We all have 24 hours in a day. Somehow I manage to spent the majority of it f-ing around on Facebook. Zero Week: Going to try to figure out where all the time goes. Breakdown Monday: 1030 Wake up [WAKE UP TO BREAKFAST--50 minutes] Breakfast to 1120 Schoolwork to 1230 Lunch and video watching to 1430 Gym (and driving) to 1730 Traffic to 1820 School and drive home to 2115 Cook and DDF to 2205 Driving etc, bet at 0000 Tuesday: Wake up at 0500 0600-0700 class GB, school work to 0930 class to
  8. So, December is my least favorite month. I've never been officially diagnosed or anything, but I suspect that I have a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I sometimes struggle with bouts of depression and the struggle gets much worse in the winter months. Basically I just want to hibernate and have little motivation to do anything. On top of this, I struggle with bad feelings about the holiday season, because I'm not personally that into the whole thing for a slew of reasons I won't bore you all with. Nothing awful or traumatic, just a bunch of personal idiosyncrasies really. But I also feel
  9. Rangering back up again, due to my incessant need to do all the things all the time. I imagine the main goal in this challenge would be prioritization, time management, and accountability. 1. Weekly Task List Because I've gotten used to [what I perceive as] chaotic and overwhelming schedules, I tend to wing it in life. Not only does it make my schedule even more unmanageable, I tend to miss a lot of important stuff as well. As said in Extreme Ownership, discipline equals freedom. I'll be working on my task list and priorities at the beginning of the week, and do my best to acc
  10. I was going for an alliterative title, but looking up "holiday" in the thesaurus led me to "event," which suggested calamity -- er, I hope not catastrophe -- not any better crisis -- I give up I also tried "hiatus" as the seed, which brought up caesura -- ah, if only it was a hard "c" coffee break -- which I have a habit of skipping (right, @Chronosus?) Anyway.... Guess that I'm doing on the last day of the challenge?? . . . . . . . Flying to ENGLAND. Move over, T
  11. Starting Measurements: Weight: 135.4 lbs Fat %: 30 Bust: Waist: Hips: Squat: 66 lbs OHP: 31 lbs Bench: 30 lbs Deadlift: 110 lbs ---- Quest #1: Trains to face the Red Bull Being brave enough to face the Red Bull will require an extraordinary measure of strength. Continue SS Programming 3x per week +3 STR Quest #2: Escapes from Mommy Fortuna Escaping from the Midnight Carnival requires dexterity of movemen
  12. Hey - I'm an Assassin by trade, but this challenge I'm going to be hanging out here with the Warriors, lifting heavy things, and hopefully learning a lot I started weightlifting 2 years ago, very inconsistently and with no structure to my workouts. I've had good results, but now I need some focus and forethought. Oh, and to give some idea who I am: 25-year-old male from UK1 metre 85 (6 foot 1 inch)73kg (160#) (11.5 stone)back squat: ~100kg (220#)deadlift: up to 140kg (308#)bench: 67.5kg (148#)overhead press: up to 45kg (99#)weighted pull-up: +31.25kg (69#)As well as weightlifting, I do As
  13. Hello, everyone! Wow, what an usual post for this part of the forum, no? I thought I'd do so here, though, not as a means of picking myself back up after failure, per se, but to really become reacquainted with the forums, and to state where I'm at personally. When I first signed up several months ago, I was not in good shape. Digestion was a wreck; turns out I had a case of S.mall I.ntestinal.B.acterial.O.vergrowth. I was still fighting my past as a former vegan, trying to push away ANY opportunity to eat animal foods, and eating soy from tempeh and tofu, which it turns out my body absolutel
  14. Hello, fellow Rebels! I've already made an intro ( Don't Slay This Dragon! ) to myself, but I'll describe my body type to help set some background- Petite- 4 foot 9 inches tall Bone Structure- Small. Delicate. (Have been 'tiny' all my life). Fast metabolism. Ectomorph. Cons: Too much muscle gives a bulky appearance; I've been there. I end up looking more 'boxy' and get a thick waist. Dietary Restrictions: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Cannot digest dairy. Currently plant based, but have been incorporating animal foods a few times week for dinner for the past few months. Goals: Body Scu
  15. So I'm going to make this easy on myself, and literally copy and paste from one of my previous challenges, what I would consider my most successful challenge. *** [The following content copied from here] Goals: Diet- Nothing is drastically changing here. I have a chart of foods to choose from, and each meal and snack is a combination of different foods from different groups. Simply put, I get a point for each food that falls under my plan, and a negative point for anything that is outside of the plan, as in extra food, sweets or alcohol. Unlimited non-starchy vegetables are allowed,
  16. Hello everyone, and thank you for clicking on my thread! I find it hard to believe that I'm on my third challenge already, time really does fly. My last challenge started out well but I really fell off the wagon towards the end, and I want to do better this time around. During the last two months of summer my daily and weekly schedule would change all the time, and the inconsistensy of it made it hard for me to keep up a workout routine. Last week my studies started again, and after a whole week of being back at campus every day and still not taking time to work out, I'm tired of my sloppiness
  17. 'Ello! I have previously done challenges with the Monks, but I’m taking a different approach this challenge. I completely bailed on the last challenge I started, which was a few months ago. None of the changes I’ve made throughout challenges this year have stuck. I felt really low, so at the beginning of August I joined the NF Academy. Since then, I have spent a lot of time reading and reviewing the information, and completing some of the beginning challenges, but now it’s time to really make some changes. I’m gonna be honest. I don’t really want to participate in this challen
  18. I'm notoriously bad for wanting to do ALL THE THINGS! I get involved with a lot, and then don't get to put my all into it and focus on a few things. This challenge I really want to focus on the basics and tracking my progress. The last couple challenges I've gotten off track and focused on health things that, while important, aren't the big things. My ultimate goal is to lose weight. I would like to get back down to ~150lbs or less. A few weeks ago I noticed my pants were a bit snug, and weighed myself for the first time in a couple months and I'm currently at my heaviest ever (and
  19. Meal planning is my greatest weakness. I can never figure out what I need from the grocery store & I can't figure out how to plan meals for more than just one day. As a result, me doing well is me eating the exact same breakfast, lunch, & dinner every day until the next week when I go to the store again. Me doing bad is me not having enough/the right food from the grocery store & having to either go back or eat out. I feel like a babe in the Lost Woods. How do you plan meals for an entire week? (Or for longer - I know there's superhumans who do all their grocery shopping for 2 week
  20. Last-minute sign up. (Oh and has anyone played Ragnarok Online back when it was actually cool? I was a perfect dodge assassin but never reached max level so it was useless, haha. But fun.) On to the 'max' level irl now, though! And for motivational (? yeah, whatever) purposes, have a turtle! Awww! Main goal: Don't give up now! Keep exercising and keep eating healthily. How-to #1: Exercise 3 times a week (BW, stepmania, swimming, 'hill' walking) and at least 4 walks on top of that. I've been walking a lot lately. I've realised that while exercise is good, feels good and makes me feel
  21. Hi Nerd Fitness Community! I've seen various blips of information filtering into my life for a while now from Nerdfitness; the community on facebook, Steve's blog and email updates etc. t-shirts!!! and I've decided to do something about leveling up my own life overall. I've got a tonne of aspirations and a life full of tasks and chores, no shortage of motivation, or enthusiasm to get the stuff done (that I'm good at) but I'm permanently tired from having too much going on at once. What I could do with is pointing in the right direction to leveling up generally. I seem to remember se
  22. I'm very new to the NF community and while I'm not sure the 6-week challenge format will work for me I'm hoping it will at least help me make some friends here. My theme for the challenge is The Blank Canvas. I've always been very bad at goal-setting because I'm easily paralysed by indecision and the enormity of committing to any one path, and that reminds me of the terror of a blank canvas or blank page. So this is me dipping a tentative toe in the goal-setting waters. Main Missions To run 5K shod without stopping or slowing to a walk by the end of January. To run 1K non-stop barefoot by th
  23. My third challenge is finished and I am anxious to begin my fourth! There are six more days until the next six week challenge starts, so I thought I would start a battle log and prepare. This thread is where I plan to "think out loud," strategize, and apply what I have learned in the last three challenges to make my fourth the best one yet! I did a quick brainstorming exercise tonight and came up with my theme and "storyline" for this coming challenge. It is really just an extension of my motivation and main quest from this past challenge: But now I plan to take it to the next level
  24. The last challenge I had was so so on the successful side. I didn't lift as much as I wanted but I did lift, didn't make many gains though mostly because of my lack of recovery. Work has been and still is a bit crazy so I'm having to make sacrifices in order to keep up. Unfortunately these sacrifices will have to be maintained for a little while but one unintended side effect has been my diet, which I started eating things that were convenient. I stopped cooking and started microwaving and/or eating out. This leads to my main quest. Main Quest Become a better man, husband and housekeeper,
  25. The ultimate goal is just what it says: harder, stronger core and better concentration/focus. I've got to make me some additional progress before I'm in the pool this summer with the kids at swimming lessons. Yeah, I'm vain, self-conscious, narcissistic, etc. whatever word and degree you want to attach to someone who wants to look better than they currently do. So what? Goal #1: Intervals and ab training 3x/week. If I'm doing the intervals properly, my body won't be able to handle them more than 3x a week. I can't think of a faster way to burn fat than intervals and I've got a boatload of in
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