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  1. I love the movie Princess and The Frog, and the character Tianna Tianna's dream was to own a restaurant. She knew that in order to reach her dream, she would have to work hard. Work hard goals 1) Make a master list of things I would like to accomplish this challenge 2) Each week;write out a small list of things I want to complete that week; 3) Each day; write out a list of things to do that day Reward: Weekly 80% completed on tasks earns .5 points on Constitution Work Hard Strength Goals 1) At the end of the challenge I
  2. This challenge is all about.... life after the kettlebell sport world championship. So while I'll be talking about that a lot, the main thing I want to do during this challenge is enjoying the freedom of not having an important competition to prep for! That means it's time to do some serious strength training AND lots of play I'm choosing a journaling theme because I want to reflect, practice my writing, practice sharing AND I'm just really enjoying my bullet journal.. it's been a bit life changing, so I want to share about that a bit too perhaps. G
  3. so more or less in time this time! this challenge will be done on 4 different fun activities 1: Poi 2: Juggling 3: Contact Juggling 4: Handbalancing. The plan is to shoot progress videos on the different things following each sunday, if everything goes as planned .
  4. So time to try again. As I figured out a lot of times before I need to keep this simple in the start. so Week 1 is a warmup and then its a 3 week challenge 1: Successful defend the thesis so I can get my bachelor of physiotherapy. 2: be active in here at least 3out of 7 days pr week in the assassin guild 3: sort and upload at least 5 india pictures pr week in the last 3 weeks of this challenge 4: Hangdstand - accumulate 5 minutes each of hanging and handstanding every day for the remaining of this challenge. @@mu ill try to make you proud
  5. I was going to sit this one out, because I don't have anything in particular that I am targeting right now. All of my major goals are in the "keep doing what I'm already doing" category. I'm hitting cals and macros pretty consistently, lifting a la Starting Strength 3x/week, meditating, drinking water, don't currently have any compelling reason to change any of that. But I have some space right now in my life to add a little nonsense, so I am going to stay and play for a bit in Wonderland, just because I can. Two goals. Simple. Ride the Ba
  6. Building onto my January Challenge, here goes Lucky Fire Dragon Shifting Shape Part 2 Observing myself in week Zero (and probably it started way before) I noticed, I've become a bit too serious in my life again and as serious often equals stiff - how can I possibly shift shape this way?! Time to lighten up a bit again So I decided to take a more pleasant approach and what is the most pleasing 5 letter word? Exactly!!! So this will be my approach for the February/March Challenge. I won't cry at the same problem twice although I m
  7. I skipped last round of the challenge because... well, because. The previous challenge I had participated in, I had accepted that I'd be using crutches for at least another year (I already had nearly 9 months under my belt - plus two months from ACL surgery). Then I met a magic chiropractor the same day I had met with a surgeon to schedule foot reconstruction. The chiropractor made some tweaks and adjustments. If my leg hadn't been so atrophied from not being used I think I could've walked out of his office without crutches. However, I walked 2 miles two days later with my crutches slung over
  8. I am a loon in a dino suit and leotard. I AM A PRODUCT OF ALL OF MY ACTIVITIES AND CHOICES, and by golly there are plenty. I lift, I do gymnastics, I technically have access to bouldering and rock climbing but rarely partake BUT COULD, I ruck, I reluctantly run sometimes, I bake, I drink, I dance, I socialize probably too much. I do all of these things and all of these things have an impact on who I am and what kinds of physical performances my meat sack I call a body will be able to achieve. I am going to make the choice to focus on the following in the next 4-5 weeks because I wa
  9. Destiny Island Zone 1 (February 15 - 28) Core Objectives Explore the Zone - Run 7 Miles Keep the HP Up - Drink 56 Healing Potions (16 oz water bottles) Get to the Healing Ports - Spend 104 Hours Relaxing in a Healing Port (Bed / Equivalent) Kill the Heartless: Hit 1000 minions and 10 mini-bosses with my Keyblade (Mini-Bosses are difficult responsible things to do, minions are words written on my work projects.) How I Play Every Challenge, I'm going to post a new topic, talking about the Zone that I'm in. Each Zone revolves around a few core obj
  10. So I have soft goals of getting the house clean enough to really live in and limiting screen time. Right now, I'm spending all of my time uselessly wandering the internet because I can't stand being here, but the feeling intensifies after I've been somewhere and come back. Some of the decluttering and organizing is up to hubby, so I'm not going for a firm milestone in progress. What I do want to do is really documenting how much effort I'm putting into what I can do and post it on tumblr. Password is: ilovenerds The old stuff really shows how the house has been worse. The text part of
  11. Two goals. The first is to account for every day with housework, food, and play. The second is to check my master list of things I should be doing instead of futzing away on the internet. Master list of things I should be doing: Misc Routines:Know what's for dinnerGroomed and dressed (Earrings today?)Do artWrite down art and writing ideasCheck on the busywork preparationsHousework Laundry put away Tables cleared KitchenPut dishwasher on dirty, run if fullCutting boards cleanKnives cleanLarge pan and lid cleanCounters wipedSink drains clearedPlayOrigami and paper starsCross-stitchColoring p
  12. I decided to use a positive topic this time, so let's see if reality conforms to it by the end. "Gobnait is competent" Since my goal of making the house comfortable relies on hubby's help, I'm going to focus on what I can do to keep things from going to heck. I think part of that is to focus on fun instead of frustration. If I get into a kitchen-rut again, I may go on a cooking strike. By November 2, I should have a list of "Things I should be doing" that is hanging up instead of hidden away online. The kitchen list that is already on my fridge, once I write "Know what's for dinner" on
  13. I want to play kids games again. I used to rock at hide and seek because no one looks up. :-) What kind of games did you play? Are there any groups that get to gether just to play? I've only ever seen adults playing orginized sports with equipment and tons of rules.
  14. I just copy-pasted my tags from last challenge. This challenge I think should be about end result and reporting my progress every day. The future keeps changing... one week, we're not going to be here next xmas, the next we're stuck in this area for life.
  15. The town of Metroville, grateful for having once again been saved from destruction in the hands of evil villains, wanted a special way to honor Elastigirl . The town’s mayor created a game with Elastigirl as the heroine. Game play allows the player to take on the role of Elastigirl therefore . In order to win the game, the player will have to accomplish many feats. This will require tenaciousness and determination. The evil foes- Shiny Object Distraction, It’s Too Hard and You’ll Never Make it- will be constantly throwing their weapons. But, if the player sticks with the game long enou
  16. I was going to sit this challenge out because we were supposed to be on a space-a flight to England by now, and my internet access was spotty last time I went. Instead, in another shining example of my husband's command's abusively neglectful disregard for his welfare, they told him that he didn't need any paperwork to leave the country, then at the last minute they tell him that it takes a month to go through all the paperwork. They told him it was his fault, and they washed their hands of him because he's not at the school anymore (vacationing between commands.) We're loosing a very expen
  17. It's said I run like a stubborn tide, Unstoppable, untamed and wild, But a brave face isn't brave I've learned, And as I searched for wisdom I remembered your words, You told me "sing for the wind my love, fear not for tomorrow, Cos love's the journey of a lifetime, and where you finish isn't where you start" So tomorrow doesn't worry me, And though the path be untravelled at least I'm free, To be great not just to be, That's what your wise old words taught me. You told me "sing for the wind my love, fear not for tomorrow, Cos love's the journey of a lifetime, and where you finish isn't where
  18. So today is the first day of the rest of my -I hate that quote. So I learned a lot from my previous challenge. I learned that maybe just maybe, I wasn't eating enough. It's still funny, I think, that I can't just stop eating completely and the fat go away. It almost feels logical- food = fat so less food = no fat. But the science behind it makes that completely false. I started eating more to lose weight, I started walking and continuing my body weight workouts. The ONLY thing I changed was the started walking and the amount of calories I consumed. I went from 267 to 261. I had energy up the
  19. Nyxy squints full of disbelief at the ancient armadillo, Best Healer of the Low Shores. The wrinkly sage holds a small bag that reeks of poison in her paw. High quality poison, at that. "Have I crossed the Horsemen's Plains for this? A child knows not to offer poison to an assassin!" "And even a small child on the Plains knows how to cure a Curse of Werewolf!" the shriveled armadillo gniffles. "But you, werewolf! You come to me with a Curse of Human! Been a while since I've seen one of those, I almost regret curing it. But Reverse Curse gets Reverse Cure. Take the poison." "How long?" "Always.
  20. I start working full time in July. Have less than a month left to fool around and not drive myself crazy with the lack of a schedule. Not having a schedule has been hard because it's definitely thrown off my eating and workout habits. Want to keep having fun with my time off, but also don't want to feel like a slug by the end of it. Goal # 1: Food Tracking (+2 WIS, +2 CHA) * Track what & when I eat * Mindful eating (not snacking in front of TV, computer, etc) * Don't buy junk food for the house, don't go out alone for junk food Goal # 2: Daily Movement (+ 4 STA) * General unorganized stre
  21. During the last 4 months of ACL rehab, my lifestyle and activities have been hugely limited and dictated by my injury. Feeling like I have a huge list of things that I have to do but take no joy in, and another long list of things I'm not permitted to do has made me feel quite depressed and helpless. So, now that I've reached the magical 12 week point in my rehab and can do a lot more activities, it's time to take back control of my life. Goal 1: Play every day Yeah, I still have to do PT every day, and I still can't do most of the fun things I love, like climbing, acrobatics, playground
  22. So this is my first challenge as part of the Rangers and I’m very late starting my challenge post, but I have been doing my some of my challenges from the start. If you just want to know about my challenges skip ahead to the bottom, otherwise keep reading for Albertigog’s next adventure. Albertigog and the beast within Cresting the top of a hill after a week in the wilderness, Albertigog got his first view of the valley below and his next destination, a small village at the other end of the valley. “Finally, I’ve found it! But I’m never going to make it that far by dusk. Oh wel
  23. Main Goal: Become world champion in kettlebell sport. (shooting for the stars!) Where I'm at: Since joining NF in june last year I went to my first international competition, finished my kettlebell-trainer degree + physical tests, set up a small group training, found 14 people crazy enough to train with me, taught my first couple of workshops, won the dutch national championships and did my first set with the 24kg kettlebell which qualifies me for pro division internationally. Last challenge was focused on competing with 24kg for the first time, I can happily report that I did not dr
  24. Hey Everyone, So I am Jeremy, otherwise known as Omnianimaphobia, an I'm a gowk. Simple math Geek + Jock = Gowk. I am a group fitness instructor, assistant director of a fitness center, marathoner, paleo enthusiast, obstacle course racer, on and on and on. I am here cause I want to encourage everyone to stay active, get happy, and enjoy life! If I can help, I'll do my best! Never been a big forum person, but NF seemed right up my alley. Looking forward to reading everyones stories and maybe even learning a bit at the same time as well.
  25. So after much thought and consideration without making any progress I need to just pick something. So here goes.... #1-Flexibility-I used to be very flexible. Able to drop into a split at any time without even needing to warm up. I've lost that. So in hopes of gaining that back or at least getting closer, I'm making a solid few minutes of stretching required after every run and every leg workout. Short and sweet and I don't have to make a separate time for it. It's just a few minutes on the end of a workout. AND something I should have already been doing. Grading-TBD but likely the % I keep
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