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Found 10 results

  1. This challenge I will be continuing the 12 week jump program entering 'phase 2'. This challenge will be the "Dawn of the Dead" I think this is my favourite out of the three films I think. Showing how people could make a life amongst the zombies, but then of course their efforts being stymied by the normal 'lord of the flies' behaviour, so prevalent in this genre. This is the program http://www.basketballforcoaches.com/vertical-jump/ I ended Phase 1 on Tuesday of Week Zero, So My challenge will start on Tuesday next week.
  2. I have decided to follow a 12 week jump program for the next three cycles and so wanted a good trilogy to theme it with. It had to be The Trilogy of the Dead.
  3. I'll fill on more details here over the next few days but I just wanted to get something down now so I'm 'pot committed' to the next challenge. I've been away from the boards for a long long time but I feel now is right for me to make my return: on September 17th I will be taking part in a Tough Mudder so in preparation for this Epic Quest goal, I'm going to throw down with my old pals in the Assassins guild and partake in a four week challenge to get myself straightened out. My goals will be: 1. Eat clean- no more sugar loaded crap, no more unhealthy snacks, no more liquid calories. (before the challenge starts I'll work out how I'm going to quantify this). 2. Start running- I'm not a cardio kind of guy preferring to stick with my bodyweight strength training for ny calorie burning however a Tough Mudder is going to require at least some sort of running about so I'm going to have to get used to it. I'm going to aim low and just try one run per week at this point however in future I think I'll have to make this more frequent. For the purpose of this challenge though, I want to just make a start on it. 3. Plyometrics- I do a lot of pushups and pullups and squats but nothing requiring sudden bursts of movements. My goal therfore is to do at least one work out each week that involves plyometric explosive movements. 4. For my life goal I'm going to do something entirely unrelated and start playing the guitar again. It's been at least 5 years since I rocked the axe and I really miss it at times so I'm going to commit to doing 3 hours of guitar practice every week. I'm going to keep a log of how long I play each day and hopefully it'll add up to 3 hours by the end of week. I'll fill in more details later and possible added some pictures and stuff to make this more exciting but this is me committing to the next challenge- I can't walk out of it now!
  4. So I am now up to a point where I can run 3.5 mi without stopping. It's not at a really fast pace or anything, but when I started exercising 9 months ago, I couldn't jog for 30 seconds without feeling like I was going to die. Now I can jog for 45 minutes without much trouble. I'm going to run a 5k in the near future and want to run in the Bix next August which is a 7 mile run. I also learned last weekend that I can do pushups with claps. I've never been able to do more than 5-10 normal pushups, but now I can do 40-50. I decided to try clapping in between reps and found out that I now have the upper body strength to do it. Once I'm better at these, I want to tackle triangle pushups and then one handed pushups. On a side note, I have also learned I have the ability to do a pullup. It is only 1 right now, but I've never done a pullup in my entire life until a week or two ago. The only way to go is up.
  5. Challenge #3 - Summer Assassin Training in the Druid Lands This challenge will be mostly completed on the road, therefore it needs to incorporate a lot of bodyweight exercises or other basic moves. I will be doing a lot of camping, hiking, and practical work as well, which is why I'm incorporating the druid/assassin themes for this challenge. 1. Exercise 6x/week & stretch daily (+2 DEX, +2 STR, +1 STA and +1 CON) Shouldn't be a problem. 2. Eat <1400 calories & at least 50 g protein (+2 CON, +2 CHA per kg lost) Preferably some fresh caught 3. Take extra skin care steps (+2 CON) morning and evening routine of wash, moisturize, medicate. My acne's been awful. Side Quest: (+3 WIS) read 3 books per week from my list. 2-3x/week (odds): | | Australian pull-ups (4x5), neg x225 lb [11 kg] shoulder press (4x4) >> Pike push ups?50 lb [23 kg] leg curls (5x4) >> sprints*20 lb [9 kg] hammer curls (5x4 ) >> archery25 lb overhead pullovers (5x4) >> tree/rope climbing *1 min. max speed, 2 min. jog, 1 min. rest (x5); 5 min. warm up+striders, 5 min. cool down2-3x/week (evens): | | 65 s bicycle crunchespush-ups, knuckle/decline (12/18) 65 s plank, side/front 76 lb [35 kg] bench press/incline (3x5) >> chest dips (x)45+ min. hiking/walking
  6. So I don't know if any of you know but CC3 is due out at the end of the month ** shivers with anticipation ** The book is meant to have some pretty awesome progressions towards the Backflip, Fronflip, Rally High Standing Jumps, No-Handed Kip-Up, Muscle Up and some others. Is anyone keen on forming a little crew (once its out) and helping each other to progress? Read the teaser article here if you want a little more info.
  7. Hey there, One goal I have at the moment is increasing my vertical jump, I'm hoping to start playing basketball again later this year. I'm 33 and my vertical jump is about the same as it has been since I was 17- I can just about jump and grab onto the rim of a full size basketball hoop. (I'm 6ft, ~65kg) I've just read The Vertical Jump Bible- this suggests a progression of strength and plyometric exercises, though warns off too much plyometric training until you can squat 1.5x body weight. I was able to do that a while back but not quite managed it, I'm confident I'll get there in a couple of weeks though. (Just did 5x5 @ 70kg) Currently my plan is more focused on building up my strength element (barbell compound lifts with small progressions) than plyometrics, and becoming a bit more flexible. The plyo part of my routine is fairly straightforward at the moment, using the 'novice' routine from The Jump Bible to get used to some of the movements. Currently my workout routine is: - Jump Bible Novice Plyometric Routine (Slalom Jump, Star Jump, Side to side box jump, single leg stepup jump, low ankle squat jump) number of sets increasing week to week tapering at week 4 - Then Stronglifts 5x5 (Squat, bench, deadlift or squat, press, rows) - Pullups at the end. on Mon, Weds, Fri I plan on doing this for one 4 week phase of the plyometric routine, by then my squat should be back up to scratch and I'll re-evaluate what I need to work on. Thoughts? Anyone had any success with vertical jump programs in the past?
  8. 5 "The Golden Power" in ancient Hylian literature, it is an omnipotent sacred relic, representing the essence of the Golden Goddesses who created the realm of Hyrule. Triforce of Power Exercise at least 3 times a week. Get strongerTriforce of Wisdom Pass my class on employment law figure out how to eat enough for muscle growth while on a budget Come up with healthy meals that are g6pd friendlyTriforce of Courage find better employment coaching my son's soccer team (1st and 2nd graders) The Plan Day 1: Biceps/Chest/Abdominals Day 2: Shoulders/Back Day 3: Triceps/Leg/Abdominals 2 exercises per part 60 seconds rest between sets 2 minutes rest between sections
  9. The good news: my next assignment will involve jumping out of high performance aircraft, while in flight. I've been here before. I was out of control. A heart warming success story. The bad news: That was 20 years ago. Now I'm domesticated (marriage, kids, mortgages, and a ridiculous number of pets). The Quest: Rise to the occasion. I have 6 months to get into "Airborne" shape. Lots of running, lots of calisthenics, lots of lifting, and lots of stretching. Basically more of everything. The goal is to bounce, not break, when I hit the ground. Goal 1: Run. I can go long, but now I gotta build my speed back up to acceptable levels over shorter distances. Exception, week 6, I'll be hiking the highlands of Scotland. Goal 2: Push ups, sit ups, pull ups. As many continuously as possible. Airborne is just a different way of saying "stupidly high reps", I dunno why. Its important to be able to do more than the young-uns though, their piteous cries for mercy as I break their will to live warms my soul. Goal 3: Joint rotations, stretching, jumping drills. Gotta protect the machine. Limber and bouncy. Level life: Moderation, organization (say it aint so!) and consistency. Healthy eating choices, reasonable amounts, drink only on Fridays and Saturdays (Scottish Distilleries are the exception, but moderation still applies). Soft living lately. Gotta harden up. Time to get serious again. Organize the admin side of the house to OCD levels. 18 hours from anywhere doesn't leave much room for slack. 6 months is enough time to get ready, more than I've ever had before, but it goes fast. Easily squandered. Oh, and I'd like to do one day a week of high volume weights just because. Sorry, no stripping down to sexy pink/glittery spandex while pole dancing. Too much fur and flab, just looks wrong. Like a bear in a pink tu-tu. My motivation? Ready or not, here it comes!
  10. Well, I guess I'll go ahead and be the first. My background/goals: I'm a martial artist/low budget training enthusiast. I am also a personal trainer. I'm attempting to figure out some things about effective programming and I wanted to get the input of the community in terms of what works and what doesn't. So. As a martial artist, I am required to have a unique blend of strength properties. I not only need to have a great deal of strength; I also need to be able to exhibit power as well. I'm currently looking at a four-day rotational kind of scheme that mixes things up a little bit. CAVEAT: I understand that this looks like an awful, awful lot. It's really not that much; for the most part, this stuff is done in less than an hour, and it only looks like a lot because I'm attempting utter transparency in breaking down each component. I didn't create this routine without some experimentation, and I can verify that I am capable of performing under the workload. -Days 1 and 3 are dedicated to anaerobic conditioning. For me, this means KB swings and Snatches, because I have access to a gym and the weights are challenging. I am also fiddling around with isometrics on those days; in particular, I'm using a rope and executing maximal contractions against the constraint. Sometimes I get bored and work with Tabata Intervals on a rowing machine too. -Days 2 and 4 are their own unique challenges. Day 2 is a day devoted to maximal strength development. Day 4 is a plyometric kind of day. While they both have their own unique moves, there is a certain similarity between them both in that they each revolve around movement in certain planes of motion. To provide an example: A1: Vertical Pull A2: Squatting Movement B1: Horizontal Push B2: Lunging Movement/Glute-focused Movement C1: Horizontal Pull (Think inverted rows) C2: Calf Movement D1: Vertical Push (Not sure if this should be dips or if it should be an inverted pushing movement, a la pike presses leading to HSPUs). These will also involve core work as well; I'm thinking hanging work, bridge work for the reverse, and planks. Thinking I might alternate that up some, so one day I'll do dynamic core work and another day I'll do static core work. Not sure, really. Assuming that I do not push to failure on these moves, I am planning to incorporate finishers on these workouts as well. This only if I've been performing moves with good form and my body isn't giving me the signals that say, "Kishi, you dunce. Cut it out or I will give you such a pinch." Upper body stuff is gonna be kept down in the 10-12 rep range; lower body will go up to 20 because I'm convinced it can take the abuse. I see no reason to go higher for strength development, particularly with plyometrics and the stress they place on the joints. -Day 5 is a rest/active recovery. I'll need it. So, why am I posting all this? To be honest, it's because I'm really insecure about my ability as a trainer to program properly. I have clients who are looking to me to create protocols for them, and I really want to be able to do right by them. That means I have to do right by myself, too, but I also know that I would benefit from extra eyes having a look and pointing out where I'm being daft. All right. I can't think of any other weird ideas to throw at myself. I'm posting stuff up on my battle log following this routine, and I have a link in the sig, so if any of this is unclear and you want a look at how it works in execution, by all means have a look. I submit myself to your critiques and questions.
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