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Found 5 results

  1. Now that I'm surrounded by all ya'll, I've got a few questions, (along with some explanation.) I have a SUPER irregular period, which is normal, but it gets REALLY annoying when I can't prepare for it, or when I skip two months and then it hits me like a load of bricks. I've done okay with working out and eating right when Aunt Flo comes to town, but I also get light headed throughout the day, and near the end of my period, I seriously start craving pot roast. (My mother, aka the health nut with a bachelors in health science, says it might be due to iron deficiency.) Anyway, so my main question is: Do any of you struggle with the same issues? How do you guys deal? What do you guys think of using birth control as a regulator? (I'm curious.) Thanks ya'll, stay nerdy! FOR THE REBELLION! -Petra Strider
  2. Hi so my period started and I don't feel like working out (nooooooooooooooo) I also feel like I slip in eating healthy food while on my period! Help!
  3. I've noticed that as I've been eating healthier, most of the month I feel full and fine with what I have been eating. During my period though, I want to eat ALL THE THINGS!!!! I never feel satisfied. I'm having trouble controlling my eating habits during this time. Do you have any suggestions on how to control eating during this time? I'm completely new to healthy living and I"m having trouble managing this. I would appreciate any advice.
  4. Has anyone else had a hard time sticking with a certian calorie input sticking to a PMS/period time frame? I'm 5 4, 136, eating 1600+ calories a day, I eat my calories burned during workouts, trying to lose jus a bit of weight at a very slow pace 1/4-1/2lb a week. but every PMS/Period I struggle with hunger.
  5. I'm feeling awful this week - my muscles are stooopid heavy, they hurt, and I'm STARVING for junk food...or any food, but a salty sausage pizza, gum drops, and a nap would be heaven. My workouts aren't great and I'm forcing that hard hat on to make it downstairs for a pathetic 25 mins before I flop down like a fish and whine some more. Not surprisingly I'm PMSing and no doubt in a few days I'll be visited by Aunt Flo. Any advice? I've been paleo for a few weeks and I'm really loving it...so I'd hate to deviate/cheat for any reason.
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