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  1. so more or less in time this time! this challenge will be done on 4 different fun activities 1: Poi 2: Juggling 3: Contact Juggling 4: Handbalancing. The plan is to shoot progress videos on the different things following each sunday, if everything goes as planned .
  2. Hi everyone! I've been with the druids lately, but last challenge I decided to sign up for a 10 km trail run which happens in November. It's been a while since I ran 10 km and this is going to be in the hills so it's going to be tough (hence the name of the race). So this challenge I'm going to be focusing a bit more on my running while still focusing on injury prevention because that's just as important as being able to run. I'm also going to continue to try to lose a bit of pudge, which should be pretty compatible with getting more exercise. Main Quest Get down to 62 kg. Last challenge I lost nearly 1 kg, bringing me closer to 67 kg and while I will aim to lose 2 kg, I'll once again be happy if I lose anything at all. I'll use a three day weighted average to measure changes. Measurement: Pass = decrease mass; Fail = mass stays the same or increases Statistics Gain: +1 CHA Quest 1: Run My medium term goal with running is to prepare for this training schedule, which I should start in six weeks' time. So this challenge, I should increase my distance. At the end of last challenge, I got up to 13 km a week (then I fell so I haven't been running yet this week). So I'll do 14 km in the first week, then 15 km, then 16.5 km and hopefully get to 18 km by the end of the challenge (then it's just a hop and a skip to 20 km, which seems to be about where the schedule starts). I'll be aiming for three runs a week. Measurement: A = 9+ runs; B = 7-8 runs; C = 5-6 runs Statistics: +2 DEX, +2 STA Quest 2: Injury Prevention With more running comes a greater need to make sure that I don't get hurt (at least not in ways that can be easily prevented), so I'll be doing yoga five times a week again and I'll also shoot for two calisthenics sessions per week. Measurement 1: A = 16+ yoga sessions; B = 12-15 yoga sessions; C = 8-11 yoga sessions Statistics: +1 CON, +1 DEX Measurement 2: A = 6+ calisthenics sessions; B = 5 calisthenics sessions; C = 3-4 calisthenics sessions Statistics: +2 STR Quest 3: Diet I'll once again aim to track my food intake and eat within the calorie range recommended by Spark People six days a week because tracking helps keep me on track, but tracking every day is a downer. Measurement: A = 19+ days tracked; B = 14-18 days tracked; C = 10-13 days tracked Statistics: +2 CON, +1 WIS Quest 4: Poi Yes, more poi! I'm going to try to go out to a fire club that meets in the park on Mondays to practice in addition to practicing on my own. The fire club only really happens when it's not raining and obviously I can't know when that will happen in advance. I'll set a goal of doing 60 minutes of poi for weeks that the fire club happens and 30 minutes for weeks that it doesn't. I'll have a better idea of how many total minutes this means as the challenge goes on. I'm also going to set a goal of learning at least one new trick. Measurement 1: TBD minutes of poi Statistics: +1 CHA Measurement 2: Pass = 1+ new trick learned; Fail = 0 new tricks learned Statistics: +1 DEX Life Quest: Drawing I'll aim for 150 minutes of drawing a week again. This time, I will try to be a bit better about posting the results to Deviant Art since I sort of did one update last time and then no more. (oops) Measurement: A = 480+ minutes of drawing; B = 360-479 minutes of drawing; C = 240-359 minutes of drawing Statistics: +1 CHA And that about wraps it up! I'll add my starting measurements on Day 1 and check out everyone else's threads.
  3. Okay, so last challenge, I did okay. Mostly good, but I failed hit the mark a entirely and I mostly neglected the forums. I also got a bit of a wake up call in the form of actually weighing myself for the first time in years. This time, I'm going to try to do better and work harder because I really should. I also have a new long-term goal so hopefully that will help a bit more because focus is good. Main Quest So my long term goal is going to be to get down to about 62 kg (I'm currently somewhere around 68 kg). This challenge, I would like to drop 2 kg, but any progress in the right direction will really be good. With the exception of the first measurement, I'll be using a moving 7 day average to measure progress each week (the initial measurement will probably be a four day average because that's the data I'll have), so I'll be weighing in every day, but only reporting my weight here once a week. Measurement: Pass = lose some weight; Fail = weight stays the same or increases Statistics: +1 CHA Reward: A cute summer dress for losing at least 2 kg. Quest 1: Yoga This time, I'm serious. I'll be doing at least five yoga sessions a week and aiming for a mixture of different kinds of yoga sessions. Measurement: A = 16+ yoga sessions; B = 12-15 yoga sessions; C = 8-11 yoga sessions Statistics: +1 STR, +2 CON, +1 DEX Quest 2: Run I don't seem to have much trouble going outside and walking, but I do have trouble keeping up with my running. So I will aim for three runs a week. They can be any distance, as long as I get out there and run. Measurement: A = 9+ runs; B = 7-8 runs; C = 5-6 runs Statistics: +2 DEX, +2 STA Quest 3: Diet Sadly, I seem to have been eating a bit too much of whatever. So I'll be tracking my food intake at least 6 days a week on Sparkpeople (because that's the thing I signed up for forever ago and I'm way too lazy to switch over) and trying to stay within their recommended caloric intake guidelines. I'll allow myself one day of freedom per week, not because I'm going to go eat whatever I want, just because tracking every day sort of sucks. Measurement: A = 19+ days tracked; B = 14-18 days tracked; C = 10-13 days tracked Statistics: +2 CON, +1 WIS Quest 4: Poi Yes, a fourth fitness-type quest because I really do want to get better at doing poi since it's fun and I need some fun here. I'll aim for 30 minutes a week again, but I'll see if I can ramp that up toward the end of the challenge. Measurement: A = 96+ minutes of poi; B = 72-95 minutes of poi; C = 48-71 minutes of poi Statistics: +1 CHA, +1 DEX Life Quest: Drawing For a change in pace, I would like to focus on drawing a bit more. It's something that I do enjoy doing, but I never really make the time to do, which is sad. So I'll aim for 150 minutes of drawing a week (equivalent to 30 minutes of drawing 5 days a week). I want to make a habit of doing this. Measurement: A = 480+ minutes of drawing; B = 360-479 minutes of drawing; C = 240-359 minutes of drawing Statistics: +1 CHA Total possible statistics gain: +1 STR, +4 DEX, +2 STA, +4 CON, +1 WIS, +3 CHA Oh, and I almost forgot! I'm going to aim to post on NF every day with at least an update, but I'll also try to visit everyone's threads. It's not going to be an official quest, but it's something I'm going to try doing because that would be better.
  4. This challenge is going to be about getting back into good fitness/life habits and also focusing on more environmentally-friendly habits in honour of Earth Day, which falls on the 22nd of the month. As such, my quests are... Quest 1. Get outside! This goal exists because in March I barely went outside except to go places (e.g. the store). I would like to make sure I get some quality time (at least 30 minutes) outside each day. This goal includes going out for a run, but also walking/hiking in a park or even just wandering around the city in principle. As long as I don't have a super specific goal and I use my feet to send me on my way, it counts. Grading: A = 22+ days, B = 17-21 days, C = 11-16 days Statistics: +2 DEX, +2 CON Quest 2. Yoga! Yes, back to yoga. I lapsed on it while I was sick and have failed to resume it as a consistent habit. I will aim for five yoga sessions a week. I'm not going to be measuring the amount of time or anything, but I will be aiming for quality time with my yoga mat. Grading: A = 16+ yoga sessions, B = 12-15 yoga sessions, C = 8-11 yoga sessions Statistics = +2 STR, +2 CON Quest 3: Return of the poi! As there is more daylight out, I feel like this is something I should do now. My new place doesn't quite have the space for it (all the lights hang from the ceiling, which suggests it's a terrible idea), so it will have to happen outside, which makes it somewhat weather dependent, but I can spin in the drizzle so it's probably fine. I'll aim for 30 minutes a week of poi. Grading: A = 96+ minutes of poi, B = 72-95 minutes of poi, C = 48-71 minutes of poi Statistics: +1 DEX, +3 CHA Life Quest A: Waste not... Produce no unnecessary food waste. This means that what gets bought gets eaten, with the exception of the bits and pieces that normally aren't edible. So basically, I'm aiming to avoid letting things go bad. Grading: Pass = no unnecessary food waste produced; Fail = I throw something out that just went bad Statistics: +1 WIS Life Quest B: ...want not. Buy nothing (other than food/drink/non-material things) that's both new and unnecessary. If it's just something I would like to have, but don't need I'll buy it used if I buy it at all. Obviously the definitions of want and need are somewhat subjective, but if some emergency comes up (e.g. my washing machine eats my sports bra; I get a job that requires me to dress all fancy every day; if my laptop dies etc) and I actually need to buy something that's difficult to find used, then I need to be able to do so, but I'm not going to buy something that's new which I really don't need. Grading: Pass = no unnecessary new purchases; Fail = unnecessary new purchases Statistics: +2 WIS
  5. I'm back after a rather long hiatus from NF and some of that time was spent on hiatus from exercise in general, but I've been trying to do better recently. I had another Battle Log before I left and while I feel like there are many of those goals I would still like to achieve (eventually), but I've somewhat re-evaluated my priorities more recently and also, some of the short term goals are probably now more like mid- to long-term goals. So I figured that starting again was a good plan. Primary goal: To build and maintain healthy habits, including regular exercise, eating reasonably well, sleeping well and generally leaving time for life. Short term fitness goals: Complete a 30 day yoga challenge. Accomplished on August 10th, 2015!Run 5 km again. Accomplished on October 7th, 2015!Lose 5 cm off my waist (get to 74 cm waist).Make a habit of doing the BBWW 2-3 times a week for a month.Medium term fitness goals: Run 5 km three times a week regularly for 6 months.Keep up doing yoga for at least 6 months.Get to 70 cm waist.Long term fitness goals: Run 5 km in under 30 minutes.Run at least 5 km three times a week regularly for one year.Run in a 5 km race!Learn some arm balances.Short to medium term goals (life): Get better at poilearn beginner skillslearn intermediate skillsProgramming goals:Learn Pythonfinish tutorialstart to work on learning NumPy, SciPyimprove program I've been writingLearn R (find tutorial, complete tutorial).Learn some JavaScript.Get a job in data analysis.Finish knitting the sweater vest that's been on my needles forever.Knit the batshawl.Knit a squid hat.I'll obviously be updating this as I go and as I figure things out. I will also try making small goals at the start of each week to sort of plan out what I'll be doing. Note: Items added and organized as some get completed.
  6. As I crept into the Assassin's guild for the first time, I found myself nervous with anticipation. There was no way the Assassins would welcome me. With such poor strength and even poorer flexibility, how could I possibly hope to earn a position in such a noble guild? I knew I must take on a formidable quest in hopes of proving myself. Must I find the knight's sword and challenge a fierce dragon? No! Must I rally up my brave comrades to take down our tyrannical king? No! Must I overcome my fears to save our world from destruction? No! I must DANCE! No! I Must Dance! ~Rhyme's sixth challenge~ Hey nerds! I've always admired your sassy Assassinry from afar, and I think it's about time I hop in and get my poi quest rollin'! I just learned how to make fuzzy, poorly-saturated gifs... and well, if progress pics are a thing, why can't we have progress gifs? Needless to say I'm a complete noob at making gifs, though. If anyone has any tips, I'm all ears! Fitness goal: Learn Crossers! I recently learned crossers, and while I can technically do them, I either hit myself or destroy my planes within five seconds. Not to mention, it takes me lots of preparation to enter or exit! Here's where I'm at right now: Ohh myyyy. You see that pink light? That's supposed to be parallel to the red one. Crossers are in the wall plane, which means the lights shouldn't be pointing towards the camera at all -- they should be parallel to the wall in front/behind me. Also, they're not supposed to crash into each other when I try to exit. That too. By the end of this challenge, I want to be able to enter the move without pausing, sustain the move with proper form for at least 10 seconds, and exit the move smoothly! Fitness goal: Learn the Reverse Windmill! I made the poor life decision to learn the corkscrew before I learned to do the windmill both ways. For reference, here's the windmill in the direction I learned it: Pretty nice! The reverse direction, on the other hand.... Ohhh myyy. You can see it awkwardly morph towards a corkscrew, which is like a windmill but down in front of you instead of over your head. I learned the corkscrew in that direction before I learned the windmill, so my muscle memory is trying to fix it. You're not helping! I want to be able to perform the reverse windmill by the end of this challenge -- and the only way is to practice! Diet goal: Garden of Eatin’ I want to grow edible flowers so I can make some fancy pants salads like this! Or this! Oh, they’re all so adorable that I want to devour them. And I’m gonna make it happen. …The thing is, that’s what I said last year. And it never happened. I have a bad habit of getting awesome ideas, and then never actually trying to accomplish them? So, I want to set aside at least 30 minutes a week to working on garden stuff – be it researching, contacting nurseries, or starting seeds! Life goal: Chem Is Try! Oh, I’m very responsible. I always get my homework done. Usually at 2AM where I turn into a rabid, sleep-deprived gremlin. And then I wonder why studying stresses me out. But when I study early instead of all in one last-minute session, I actually like to read and practice the material! I just put it off because “studying stresses me out! (when I have all this crap due tomorrow and I want to go to bed)â€. So, for this challenge I’m going to study for ten minutes every day. Once that book’s open I typically either get on a roll, or I make slow progress in between finding a catchy playlist and petting my cat. Either option would be great! And if I reeeeally don’t want to study, It's ten minutes and I can go back to doing nothing useful as usual. Also, fair warning, I'll be posting obligatory kitty pics every week after my volunteer shift at the animal shelter! It's not related to my challenge this time, but it was a blast to share last challenge, so I'll keep doing it anyway!
  7. The plan for this challenge is to do things that are pretty similar to last challenge, but just a little more of everything. I'll also try tracking things a bit differently this time and I built a bit of flexibility into my first quest because I will be going camping at a music festival one weekend and I don't know what the weather will be like so I don't want to commit to doing yoga in the rain or while hiding in the tent. Main Quest: Develop reasonable and healthy exercise habits to help me avoid injury, feel awesome and have fun! Quest 1: A little more yoga I will do at least 20 minutes of yoga six days a week with three longer sessions (30+ minutes) each week. I'll be allowing myself to break up the sessions into two if necessary, as long as the daily total is 20 minutes and I will allow myself to catch up (not get ahead) if I do two separate 20+ minute yoga sessions in one day. Measurement 1: A = 29+ yoga sessions, B = 25-28 yoga sessions, C = 21-24 yoga sessions Stats: +3 CON Measurement 2: A = 14+ long sessions, B = 12-13 long sessions, C = 10-11 long sessions Stats: +2 STR Quest 2: A little more moving My goal here is to complete the couch to 5k, then run three times a week and walk at least half an hour the four days a week I don't run. I'll be tracking runs on their own this time and I will allow myself to catch up on walks by walking on run days. Measurement 1: A = 19+ walks, B = 17-18 walks, C = 14-16 walks Stats: +2 STA Measurement 2: A = 14+ runs, B = 12-13 runs, C = 10-11 runs Stats: +2 DEX Quest 3: A little more poi This time, I will aim for 45 minutes of poi a week during the weeks that I work at both jobs and 60 minutes the weeks that I don't (4 weeks of 45 minutes, 2 weeks of 60 minutes, 300 minutes total). Measurement: A = 240+ minutes of poi, B = 210-239 minutes of poi, C = 180-209 minutes of poi Stats: +2 DEX,+2 CHA Life Quest: A little more learning I signed up for a coursera course called The Data Scientist's Toolkit. It only lasts until the start of October, but if I get a good feeling for it, I will sign up for the next one in the series. Anyway, I will complete all the quizzes and the project for this course (with possible extension to the next course). Measurement: Pass = all quizzes and projects done, Fail = not all quizzes and projects done Stats: +2 WIS Weekly totals for all quests Week 1 Quest 1: 4 yoga sessions (C ); 3 long yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 5 walks (A+); 2 runs (C ) Quest 3: 60 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: Quiz and project completed (A+) Week 2 Quest 1: 6 yoga sessions (A+); 3 long yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 4 walks (A+); 3 runs (A+) Quest 3: 64 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: Quiz completed (A+) Week 3 Quest 1: 4 yoga sessions (C ); 1 long yoga session Quest 2: 6 walks (A+); 1 run Quest 3: 20 minutes of poi Life Quest: Peer evaluations completed. (A+) Week 4 Quest 1: 5 yoga sessions (A ); 4 long yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 4 walks (A+); 4 runs (A+) Quest 3: 31 minutes of poi (C+) Life Quest: Quiz 1 completed. (A+) Week 5 Quest 1: 5 yoga sessions (A ); 1 long yoga session Quest 2: 5 walks (A+); 2 runs (C+) Quest 3: 32.25 minutes of poi (B-) Life Quest: Quiz 2, assignment 1 completed. (A+) Overall totals (end of week 5) Quest 1: 24 yoga sessions (C+); 12 long yoga sessions (B-) Quest 2: 24 walks (A+); 12 runs (B-) Quest 3: 207.25 minutes of poi Life Quest: Done first course, second course started.
  8. sterre

    Sterre renews

    Hi all! I haven't done a challenge since last December when injury and excuses got in my way and I let all of the good habits I'd tried picking up slide. I've been trying to get back into things a bit the past few months and came back to NF a few weeks ago (if only in Battle log form). Anyway, I would like to try doing challenges again and I also want to make sure that I don't bite off more than I can chew this time. I'm also moving over to the druids (I was in scouts) because I've been doing yoga and I've been making this sort of the centre of my routine. So, here are my goals (for now, I might rethink them and tinker a bit before the challenge starts): Main Goal: Develop reasonable and healthy exercise habits to help me avoid injury, feel awesome and have fun! Quest Goal 1: Bend it like a yogini? Do yoga at least six days a week. I'll be doing at least 15 minutes each time, but vaguely following the 30 day yoga challenge I've been sort of doing lately with longer routines three times a week. Measurement: A = 29+ yoga sessions, B = 25-28 yoga sessions, C = 21-24 yoga sessions Stats: +2 STR, +3 CON Quest Goal 2: Walk before running. One thing that I've been a bit sad about is that I haven't really run lately. I'd like to get back into it, but I also know that when I was running, I was being lazy on my days off. So I'll be working through the couch to 5k (which may or may not be complete by the end of the challenge, it's hot and I might end up having to repeat weeks) three days a week and walking at least 30 minutes at least three different days a week. Measurement: A = 29+ days of running or walking, B = 25-28 days, C = 21-24 days Stats: +2 STA, +2 DEX Quest Goal 3: Playing with poi! This one is less fitness and more fun, but it leaves my arms sore and tired so I think it counts. Anyway, I would like to improve my poi skills so I will work toward learning a new trick each week by practicing at least half an hour a week. Weeks 5 and 6: One hour a week. Measurement: A = 192+ minutes of poi, B = 168-191 minutes, C = 144-167 minutes Stats: +1 DEX, +2 CHA Life Goal: Keep a 3+ item streak on Free Code Camp or code a little every day. Obviously I can't actually measure by streak because it would be pretty discouraging if I miss a day in the middle. So I'll go with counting days in which I do 3 or more items on Free Code Camp during the challenge. I'll also add in spending time on other coding projects and education here since I somehow forgot how terrible my internet can be at home, but it seems that some days it might not be possible to follow much of the Free Code Camp programme, but I have other resources I can use when that's not available. Measurement: A = 33+ days, B = 29-32 days, C = 25-28 days Stats: +3 WIS Anyway, I look forward to the challenge and getting to know you guys here! Weekly totals for all quests Week 1 Quest 1: 7 yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 6 days of running or walking (A+) Quest 3: 46.5 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: 7 days of 3+ items (A+) Week 2 Quest 1: 7 yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 7 days of running or walking (A+) Quest 3: 40.75 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: 7 days of 3+ items (A+) Week 3 Quest 1: 6 yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 7 days of running or walking (A+) Quest 3: 33.5 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: 5 days of 3+ items (B ) Week 4 Quest 1: 6 yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 7 days of running or walking (A+) Quest 3: 48 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: 7 days of 3+ items (A+) Week 5 Quest 1: 5 yoga sessions (A-) Quest 2: 7 days of running or walking (A+) Quest 3: 60.25 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: 6 days of 3+ items (A) Week 6 Quest 1: 6 yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 7 days of running or walking (A+) Quest 3: 127.5 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: 7 days of 3+ items (A+) Overall totals (final) Quest 1: 37 yoga sessions (A+) Quest 2: 41 days of running or walking (A+) Quest 3: 356.5 minutes of poi (A+) Life Quest: 39 days of 3+ items (A+)
  9. Hi guys! I'm new here. I'm Aubrie. 25/F/San Francisco. I'm a professional writer. I kinda liked acrobatics and cheerleading, growing up, but when I was a youngun everyone would say "oh no Aubrie, you're too fragile and introverted for that, you'll probably hate it," so I stopped. Now I'm an "adult," and boy, have times changed. I've discovered the intense joys of poi spinning, parkour, and aerial silks. On the weekends I lift weights with my roommates. I love learning new things, improving my flexibility, breaking personal records. I desperately want to learn how to dance, but my personality sometimes gets in the way. My main goal is to be great at everything I enjoy. The hard part is pushing through that initial awkward noob phase. I hope some of you can relate. Glad to be here!
  10. Hey, I'm Soozle, I'm 33 yrs old, 5' 7" and a (UK) size 12. I'm not really that fussed about losing any weight, so have no idea about my weight/BMI. Instead, I want to feel healthier and more comfortable in myself. The last couple of years have been difficult, and I feel like i'm stuck in a rut which I need to get out of. I have a sedentary lifestyle (not much exercise other than walking to/from work - about 1.5 mile round trip), a mentally unfulfilling job, and most of my friends are scattered across the country. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of positives in my life and things are better than they were this time last year, but I'm still not particularly, so I need to do something about it. Main Quest: Next New Year's Eve, to be able to look back through 2015 and be proud of all the positive changes I've made to my life, and to have lost this uncomfortable feeling that life is just passing me by. Goal 1: To be able to run 5k. I've picked 5k out of thin air because if I'm enjoying it I can start signing up for some organised runs and feel confident enough to maybe join the local running club. I'm unfit, asthmatic and prone to colds/chest infections, so -having looked at some of the C25K programs which take nine weeks - I'm giving myself a bit of flexibility in the grades. For training, I'm aiming to run three times a week during this challenge. A = can run 5k, B = can't quite do 5k but can do the last workout for week six of C25K, F= anything less Goal 2: No more biscuits/chocolate at work I'm currently doing a tedious job which involves the whole team killing time while we wait for the management to decide what is happening to our jobs in the new organisation structure. Time passes slowly. We have a biscuit tin. I don't comfort eat, but I do boredom eat. No more. If someone brings in treats for a proper event (like a birthday, new job etc) then I may have a small treat, but there will be no more snacking on biscuits or chocolate at work to kill time. A = 0, B = 4 biscuits/chocolates at work during the six weeks, F = more than 4 Goal 3: Variety of exercise - two non running workouts a week I want to mix up the exercise types as I think that is more beneficial than just pounding away on the treadmill. I've enjoyed yoga and basic martial arts in the past. I fancy doing some pilates as I have no core strength and I can do this at home using workouts on the internet, without spending any money. However, I'm going to be flexible about this as the whole thing is for this goal is about variety. I'm aiming to do two workouts each week that are not running, and take 20 - 30 min. A = two per week for all six weeks, B = two per week for five of the weeks, F = less Life Quest: Learn Poi I've seen people doing poi, it looks cool. I want to learn how to do it. Breathe! That's the end of this post (almost). Apologies for going on, being concise is not a speciality of mine. If anyone has managed to read all the way down, then thank you and best of luck to everybody with their challenges too.
  11. Getting a better grip on what I'm actually going for with this challenge, I'm modifying some stuff from my initial post. My Main Quest was kinda vague. I mean, gaining muscle and losing flab is good, but there's got to be a way to measure. I don't have the fat caliper pinchy thingies, and they make me feel inferior anyway, so I'm going to go with pictures, one to be posted shortly. For Mission #1 - Be Stronger Than Your Excuses, I've got myself a lovely list of exercises to get better at, and even if it's boring, I'm going to keep at them for the full six weeks to see what improvement I can make in my initial numbers, to be posted tomorrow. Mission #2 - Weight Watcher Reboot - is set to start tomorrow, since that's my first weigh-in with the new at-work group that I'll be joining, that meets during my lunch hour - which is awesome. I'll report in my first planned small change for the week at some point tomorrow. For Mission #3 - Snooze - there are no alterations - I managed lights out on time last night and coaxed myself out of bed at 6:45 as scheduled. This arrangement should guarantee me somewhere around 7 hours of sleep per night, which is about the right amount for me to not be cranky next day. As for my Life Quest, aka Mission #4 - Self Control, I've got Self-Control programmed with a blacklist of my main offenders. I didn't put NerdFitness on the list because I figured I usually forget to post how I did on stuff until later at night. So I'm leaving that available. Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo & MSN are out. More may be added later, depending on what I find tempting me after hours. I'm leaving YouTube off for now because if I want to do Poi lessons, I'll need it, but it may be too big of a temptation. At 10:00 tonight I plan to set it off and maybe clean some stuff. I've been rearranging furniture and trying to weed out all the crap in my apartment, and the project is coming along, but slowly. My dad just called to say he found a nice small dining table for me, and I'm visiting him this weekend, so I need to sort out this corner full of crap that I had collected from other corners. I have a lot of yarn for some reason. Here's an additional thought, I've got this calendar white-board that I got for previous challenges. I think it's time to erase April and add in September and October so I can have a place to track progress. Strength 3 times a week, choose and make a small change weekly, lights out by 11:30m and out of bed by 6:45 every work night, and Self-Control activated at 10:00 every work night. I don't know that I'm going to bother with the attribute points. I've never been much of a gamer. But I may reward myself for successfully completing my missions. So on to the photo taking and strength-getting... I'll report in soon.
  12. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.†I almost forgot to even sign up. NaNoWriMo is happening right now so I've been writing all weekend like a crazy person. Finishing a 50,000 word novel in a month is something that I've always set out to accomplish, and I've always succeeded in accomplishing, because I committed to doing it and I hate having to admit defeat, even though nobody really knows the results but me. So I'm gonna give this some serious thought tomorrow and figure out how I can take that drive I have to write and channel some of that over to ambitious yet achievable goals for this 6 week challenge. The post with goals and whatnot will come later, along with the official signing up. For now, I really need to get to bed.
  13. Main Quest: Reclaim my 'fighting' body (by opening day of KCRF 2014 - 30 August 2014)Lose 25 poundsFit back into my size 2 clothesMake it through a full 30 minute fight show (Bawdily Harm), in a bodice/corset, without nearly passing out or even being windedGoals: Get 8 hours of sleep every night Exercise (pilates or cardio) for at least 1 hour, 5 out of 7 days each week Go to Aerial Silks class or go rock climbing once a week Life Quest: Start being on time, if not early, everywhere I am supposed to be. Motivation: I have been generally unhappy for well over a year; gained 30 pounds in about a year-and-a-half, tired all the time, moody, muscles are stiff, and knees hurt. It wasn't always like this; I wasn't always like this. I want to - and am going to - reclaim my health, fitness, body, a sunnier, more optimistic personality.Basically, I want to be this chick again.
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