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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome everybody! I'm a 26-year-old British guy who likes gymnastics, climbing, calisthenics, circus, weightlifting, ... and generally try to do too much. Last August I quit my job as a software engineer to go travelling around the world, volunteering for charities, learning new skills, and generally chasing excitement Brief summary of my journey since starting at Nerd Fitness: Jan 2014: joined the forums and planned to learn backflips outdoors by February. Hahaha that did not happen, but gymnastics and weightlifting did Jul 2014: reached 10 seconds for handstands and
  2. Four themes, 100 points. Carrying on from last challenge, I'll be sticking to the points format. I've tweaked things a little bit to make some areas more challenging and to bring up performance in weaker areas. The main difference is that I'm going to be aiming to log everything I eat/drink in a notebook rather than posting main meals on here. This will be more beneficial for tracking, and forces me to focus on other tasks to earn points. I'm also doing weekly themes! Completing the criteria for each week will earn extra points. The goal is to inject a little bit of extra skil
  3. This time I'll be mixing up my challenge format and doing a points challenge! I feel this will be more beneficial to me these days than my usual "do these 4-5 things" challenges. I eventually want my challenges to be a little more freeform and game like now that fitness is pretty much a major part of my life. Some things will earn me points, others will lose them (duh). The goal this month is 100 points. I have no idea if this is a good total, so it may change after week 1 when I have a better understanding. + Points Do a strength training workout. +1 point. Do a
  4. Hi everybody. Last challenge, I injured my knee slightly. Not a serious injury, but I'm paranoid about it since every male member of my family has knee problems. Normally, I'm a Aragorn sort-of guy, but Boromir says it pretty well: So, my challenge is pretty similar, but with the following changes: Focus on building up muscles around my knees, so I can get back to bodyweight squats. So, a lot of bridges for the back leg muscles, and supported wall squats for the front leg muscles. Spend evening time doing mobility. Thanks to @Elastigirl, I learned about K
  5. Hello Everybody, My challenge this time is similar to my last ones, except for the following differences: A ranger is adaptable - so instead of my all-or-nothing attitude, I will go to a point system. All-or-nothing is not a good strategy for me, and I wanted to make this more gamelike. I will focus on bodyweight exercises, mobility and some yoga. I will figure out rewards for achieving certain points. There are 570 points for each week (2280 if I do everything), and I will consider a success if I get 1600 points. 1800 points is good, and 2100 points
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