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  1. TL:DR version: This is my own adaptation on the "Walk to Mordor and Back Again" thread which can be found here: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/105502-walk-to-mordor-and-back-again-2018/. Major props to Charlomechfry for their hard work to and from Mordor. I'm following along. I'm going to run a lot. I'm going to track my progress and post random facts to motivate myself to exercise more. My rules / baselines are below. Long version: "Pokemon Red’s map isn’t based on present-day Tokyo, it’s based on the pre-s
  2. RPG's Blasting off Again! I mentioned last challenge that I was debating a respawn. New name and everything. Decided to keep the name, but letting the Star Wars theme rest for a little bit. Going with a Pokemon theme instead since I've lately been playing Pokemon Go and have been replaying the 3DS games lately. I will admit I spent more time playing with the sprites than brainstorming challenge goals, I guess that's what week 0 is for? 🤣 My workplace is not yet closed due to COVID-19 (part of the exceptions to shelter in place mandate), but my role should allow me to wo
  3. Hey, maybe back after some life changes, enjoy pink pokemon n such. Make art like Wigglytuff! This means getting up early enough to practice trumpet on the daily, and keep a daily word count of 200 for writing. This also means keep my fucking german up, on duolingo for now. Make healthy like Blissey! This means getting 7 hours of sleep every night, and meditating on the daily. Shitpost like Clefable!
  4. This is a fun way for those of us who are interested in doing a long term challenge. We will set goals that last for twelve weeks, keep each other accountable, and encourage one another. This first week is to think through your goals, and to have a practice run if you want. The official start date is May 27th. Gotta Catch 'Em All! For this 12 Week Challenge your goal will be to see how many Pokémon you can collect. You will earn points each week. The more points you earn , the more Pokémon you will find. Here is the set Up: You can have one
  5. Back for another challenge! This challenge, I am going to add in some actual fitness into my goals, so I know the Pain Train will be coming for me. Those DOMS will be killer. Still, I know I need to get more going in my fitness if I ever want to get to my fitness goals. I also have weight loss goals, but that is really going to be a side effect of how I do with all my other goals. I want to get to the 100 lbs gone mark before my birthday (November 2nd). This means first goal is to drop 17 more pounds. 2nd goal is to reach the 250 mark before the end of the year. It might be tough with
  6. I've always both identified with and cringed at Robert Downey Junior's portrayal of Iron Man. The guy obviously has issues with his parents, foods, and alcohol ... issues that he hasn't dealt with because he generally doesn't need to do so most of the time -- but that come back to bite him in the ass repeatedly during the Iron Man and Avengers series. I can relate. For years, I was able to ignore the poor food choice messages and habits I'd gotten from my family of origin, but I recently realized that the past has been dragging me down slowly and inexor
  7. So, I fell again. I had really good intents last challenge, but once again my spawn died in the first half of the challenge. This has happened consistently for the past few challenges (and all the ones I did not do). So how do I make sure that I don't fail this time? Well, I need a stronger starter. I was like a low level Grass Pokemon trying to win at the Pokemon League against a Leader whose specialty is fire. (Hint: NOT. HAPPENING.) Bulbasaur!!! So cute! Winning? Will be challenging. But even Grass Pokemon have strengths. They have deadly attack
  8. It should be obvious what the theme is this challenge. I'll be working on four goals, plus writing story. The story portions will have their own posts. I'm planning on six parts, one at the end of each week, plus the opening. This time I'm starting the challenge at the beginning of zero week. AKA, today! Goal #1: Poké Chef! Cook one *new* family meal a week. Goal #2: Catch that pokémon! Work on job hunt four times each week. If I get the job I interviewed for last week, replace job hunt with study. Goal #3: Walk, walk, and walk some more! Walk
  9. I have just moved to Pataskala Ohio and my husband is not really into working out or some of the more nerd things I like. I was looking for a buddy either in the area or online/txt who may also like video games, larp, renaissance faires, pokemon, sports, and who would be willing to help keep me accountable and be able to talk nerd as well . Nerd workouts are the best workouts! If you have/love pets as well I love going to the dog park for a work out for both me and my pups. As I am just restarting my adventure I do not have many weights so most of my worko
  10. Ingress with Pokemon, it's available on the app store now. I know a few nerds are playing. Anyone here? Team Mystic Gainsdalf the Whey RisenPhoenix Kelley Gammell Nightshadow shaaraway miss_marissa Suzaqu mike_d85 Marauder JessOfAllTrades Chris-Tien Jinn Grayspeed Flagwaver Jonesy zeroh13 Schmopey LucentFrost Team Valor raptron Hazard ahartzog Broba Fett Estrix athousandwords Anim07734 Maddie Hatter Myrik karinajean Ceasefire R
  11. Introduction: I'm struggling to get back on track, so this time around I'm focusing on getting back to basics for a hard respawn. That means not only completing my quests but keeping my battle log updated. I need to hold myself accountable, which gives me a way to grade myself. That has helped in the past, so I should get back into it. I'm also focusing on staying positive. I think I have a tendency to beat myself up if I'm not meeting my goals. I'm still going to be real with myself, but I'm not going to be so negative. I've recently been playing Pokemon Sun and I really lo
  12. I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was I believe that I am ready to be my very best. I know what makes me feel and look my best, I just need to follow through. I'm taking my pokemon with me to give me some inspiration and companionship along the journey. ____________________________________________ Bulbasaur: 4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day Squirtle: 3 cups of water/herbal tea every day Charmander: Keep the metabolism fired up with 10k of walking/rucking every week Pikachu: 5 days of real sun or elec
  13. I can't believe my Pokemon journey began a year ago today. I never thought it would take this long, but after defeating the indigo league only to be knocked out by the champion, I had a grudge to settle. I recouperated in Pallet Town before embarking on another journey, seeking strength and wisdom across Kanto's coast, under the mountains, through cyberspace, into the deep dark forest and amongst the islands. Now I'm ready to return to take out the Elite 4 and challenge the Champion again. Personal story (skip if you want to): In 2014 I worked hard to move past d
  14. Battle-worn Assassin sneaking into Rebel camp (late) to heal and respawn.... I want to be the VERY best.... Reminding myself that the reason I started NF was to be the best version of myself that I can be. So, with the Pokemon theme song looping in my head I decided to join Ash Ketchum on an adventure to be the very best. SQUIRTLE: 3 cups of water a day/ 21 cups a week BULBASAUR: Vegetables 3x day/ 21 servings a week PIKACHU: Electric Sun Lamp 5x a week Ash: Walk 10k a week (hatch eggs using Pokemon Go) Brock: Beat the Roc
  15. Welcome back for another episode of the exciting Adventures of JediNickD! It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that I joined this site and started my first challenge. Upon my return, I have decided to revisit some of my challenge themes to turn them into lessons as I had been doing more recently. I feel it is a good way to reflect on my own learning and progress to write about and share these lessons, but I also have another objective. I am cataloging these lessons in a document which is now up to 136 pages. The plan is to use this document as a reference for my personal Jedi trai
  16. I'm on a Pokemon journey seeking true power in the wild and mysterious corners of Kanto (superimposed on my town). For the story so far see my battle log. I sure love my points systems, averages, targets and grading. I want to set a goal, laser focus and smash it. But right now that's not the most effective approach. I have a well-established fitness routine and it's more important to try to balance my mental and physical effort to avoid burnout than to tick off a checklist. So I will be grading each week on effort rather than points. My r
  17. Challenge under construction! This is my town, Pokemon-ified. For backstory visit my Battle Log. I'm currently suffering from Rangerbrain, busy-ness and low energy. So, this challenge I will try to find a sort of balance. Things I need (ok just really want) to do 3x Stronglifts (mostly just maintenance as I build my squats back up) 2x Gym visits 1x kickboxing 1x Bushwalking (rucking?) 4+ hours of Lynda lessons ? Hatch 10km of Pokemon eggs each week Knee strengthening (tbd by physio) My possible week:
  18. Oh hai guys! Kinda fell of the face of NF for a while there, but I’m back Intro The time I’ve been away has allowed me the room to do some much needed reflection and truly figure out where I need to put my focus. I’ve been dealing with some pretty severe waves of depression and anxiety for the better part of a year now, and especially since the start of 2016. There are definitely good days and weeks, sometimes even a month or more, but overall it’s affected just about everything I do in the real world - from work to socializing to diet and exercise. Tha
  19. Introduction: I completed my second successful challenge and I feel like I have a better grasp on the new habits I'm forming, but I want to continue in this direction because it's definitely working and I want to make sure these positive changes are not just temporary ones. Here's an introduction to who I am and why I'm doing this. I've decided to stick with the Druids because I still want to investigate meditation and yoga more. While I'm primarily focused on losing weight and getting healthy, I'm very interested in finding peace and balance in my life as well. Like many other Re
  20. Welcome to my latest challenge thread. Pokemon GO edition. I was sick most of my last challenge, and the challenge before that wasn't so hot either. Time to get back, and have a good challenge. Since Pokemon go was release, I have gotten myself back out there. I've been walking each day. Since I have been so motivated to get out there now, I figured I would structure my challenge around it My goals are pretty similar to what I had last time. This time, I am just not down and out right away Goal1 - Gym Battles Like an aspiring Pokemon Master, I need
  21. ...like no one ever was!!! That's right, this challenge is pokémon themed. And spreadsheet fueled. And all kinds of awesome. Of course I'm doing all the things again, so I thought I'd hop back in with the Rangers to see what you guys've been up to but I've really been focusing on balance practice lately and I want to get more bodyweight stuff and gymnastics going on, so I've decided to move to the Assassins at long last. I've been slipping into their minis for the last few challenges anways I'll start a new job this month (and will also celebrate my 1 year
  22. Behold, my adventure map! (roughly corresponding to my town) For more backstory visit my battle log. After hiking rangerously through Mt Moon I expected to emerge triumphant into the daylight but instead fell into the pit of Zero Week where family issues, comfort eating and travel got the best of me. All was not lost as I still fit in one workout and two walks and did some meal prep to get my diet back on track. This time I will be taking a tour around the Safari Zone (wildlife reserve visit/fitness goals) and looking for Mew on the docks by the S.S. Anne (v
  23. Hi Rangers! I had a blast in the Druids but it's good to be home. What I've been doing isn't working so I've decided to change course and not rely on the gym right now, but strength train regularly at home, hoping that will give me the energy to sort my shit out, get my bike fixed and go to the gym more. This map roughly corresponds to my town which I will be moving out of at the end of the year. It's such a beautiful place I want to make sure I've enjoyed it before I leave - and what better way to do that than by gamifying it? This challenge I will be exploring Mt Moon - visiting
  24. Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I've been around these parts... you have my apologies. At the end of 2014 I started getting more and more to do at my job and as I got more and more stressed out there I found myself checking less emails and coming onto the forums here less and less until I just hid away from everything. Slowly over the past year (and a half almost) I've been letting my fitness slide more and just coming home to veg out in front of the TV. I wanted to come back here with you guys but always shied away from it. UNTIL NOW!
  25. The Story Greetings! I've been with the Rangers previously but always had a soft spot for the Druids and could use some magical wisdom right now. My previous challenges followed the story of a Pokemon trainer collecting 8 badges, beating the Elite 4 and challenging the Champion, but I was unable to defeat the Champion when I tore a ligament in my knee. It was a double whammy as being stuck inside and inactive made my previously well-managed anxiety and depression return with a vengeance. In the following month I watched my hopes for the year fall apart as I realised how l
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