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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! Chatting with @Mad Hatter over at her challenge made me realize how much I miss doing challenges. Or just telling you guys about my life, I guess. ^^ Life is quite busy right now, with me being in my last year of physio therapy school (lots of internships, which take about 30-35h a week (not including any documentation I have to write as well) plus working for 10h a week plus teaching pole 1-2 evenings a week, but I'm stopping that soon for time reasons. Ah, plus group projects and writing a bachelors thesis and we still got a few exams... never boring over here. xD), but I have a few things that keep me sane and for this challenge I want to concentrate on that. These things mostly being games and dance, as always. So my goals for the rest of the year are: GUILDWARS: Get my second set of legendary armor, this time the (heavy) raid one (already got the light WvW one), I already got 3/6 parts. Which means doing a few raid wings every week - they can be completed once a week. Usually my guild does them on Wednesday and finishes up on Saturday, though Wednesday is also my pole teaching day so I'm not always able to join. You can see how I'm doing in that regard here. On the side I'm also getting the medium version of the WvW armor so I got all three sets. Why? Quality of life. You can use that on every character at the same time and change stats as needed, so very convenient. The raid one also has a very neat effect when getting into combat, but I usually use other skins anyway, so I don't really care too much about this. So, weekly goal: do as many Raid Wings (1-4, maybe start doing 7) as possible. DUOLINGO: I started learning Dutch for fun and giggles and am on a 75 day streak now. I want to keep doing that. Ideally I do a minimum of 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening (for ALL the double XP boosters). Side goal: Getting first place on the Diamond League because there's an achievement for that and it's one of the only ones I haven't gotten yet. Diamond is crazy competitive, I was easily Top 1 (to 3) all the way up to it but now I'm stuggling to stay in the top 10... I hope to get that around Christmas at the latest. :3 If anyone wants to be friends there - or chat in Dutch - hit me up! DANCE: I meet up with my bellydance sisters once a week (or try to - I'm allowed to miss one of those during the time of the challenge), have a bellydance class once a week and a pole class as a student once a week. If no classes: train at home, especially pole. I'm finally starting to feel really strong again, need to keep that up. On the side of all of that I have two DnD groups that might get mentioned as well from time to time. Bonus (but needed xD): Do something for my bachelors thesis 3 times a week. Let's get busy!! Sleep is overrated anyway.
  2. HELLO FRIENDS! I disappeared again. Long story short - my PM crossed the line and I fucking rage quit. But what started off as an explosion has turned into a slow burn. Slooooow, slow burn. In fact I made a deal where I'll technically stay until the end of the year, which I'm pretty sure makes it the slowest rage quit in history. The good news about this arrangement is that I'll only have to work 2ish days a week until the end of October. And then HoboLife™️ will begin. It will be glorious. I'll finally figure out what the hell to do with my life. Or you know, I'll play computer games until I'm broke. WHO KNOWS? What will I do with this challenge? WHO KNOWS? Probably mostly hang out because I don't know how to set goals. Let's be real. But this it the most important goal: STOP FIXING THINGS AT WORK. People need to learn to live without me. Rather I need to fix my own mess, aka my flat. My energy has been reaching rock bottom (rage quitting and disappointing a long trail of people has been unexpectedly difficult) and my flat is gross from neglect. I have a pole project though! I asked my pole teacher to suggest something and she said shouldermounts. I used to be able to do them when I climbed more, but to get them back I'll need to put in some extra effort. Now my long term pole project is to not look like a goblin in heels, but currently if I can do literally anything outside of class it's a win. That's good enough for now. Part of me is like ooh so much free time I want to paint, and dance, and skateboard, and fix my eating, and learn things and do projects and figure out life etc etc! But realistically it's a win as long as I manage to not sink into book/game oblivion for all of my free time. Hopefully the rest will come soon!
  3. Hello there! Obligatory introduction: Hi, I'm Epsilonte, 33 years old, physiotherapist to be and part time pole teacher. Last challenge I focussed on the good things in life and I want to continue to do so (list from the last challenge:) But this time I want to make a proper challenge out of it and add some (semi-)daily things to the list. Eat 3 (preferably 5, but let's start reasonable here xD) freggies a day Eat 1 proper meal a day Do one little pole (or belly!) freestyle a day, just low flow bodywaves style to get back to flowing Practice my ayeshas (pole move) and handstands when I'm at the studio/gym (those two moves are very similar, I think they go well together and I want to improve with both, so let's focus on that for the next weeks. ) Do 3 feel good things - this was last challenge and I want to keep it, see spoiler list above Zero week will be chill and easy since I'm off school for that week (just work and dance and guildwars ❤️ ), starting week 1 when school resumes full force it will be... interesting. xD I also want to try using neat little emojis like @Alanna does because that looks so nice and pretty. We will see how long that wish will last.
  4. My last challenge went so well and kept me happy even though life was (is) stressful, so I want to keep doing what I've been doing. Never change a running system. I'll just tweak my numbers a bit to make it more doable. So my goals are: 1. Sleep 7 hours during the week and over 8 on the weekends* 2. Do 150 mins of activities a week (as judged by my watch, pluspoints if it's cardio ) --> this one will be a goal until February, it's one of my school semester goals. 3. Keep eating all those veggies (makes my skin pretty) Bonus: After teaching pole (2-3 times a week) I want to at least dance to two songs or practice two combos OR take one pole class as a student per week. Both is fine. ❤️ If it's any good I'll post videos, probably on instagram. ^^ * Last challenge 8 hours of sleep were my goal... Mostly I did around 6:30 to 6:45 during the week, I think 7 might be doable if I really try...
  5. Summer is over! School starts up again (actually already did on Monday). I'm filled with good intentions and motivations, we'll see how long this holds. xD It's the start of my second year out of three, I'm really excited. Since my days are already quite full with school, work and teaching pole (as long as we are allowed to, I don't have my hopes up for winter...), I want to keep the challenge light and easy. Biggest goal is to do SOMETHING for the challenge, since the last few were quie a disaster, challenge wise (but awesome and fun life wise. xD). So my goals are: do the recommended 150 mins of training a week (as judged by my smart watch, since I need to have my heart rate high enough for a long enough time for it to count). Doesn't matter HOW I achieve this - pole? gym? running? conjugal duties? all fine. (Bellydancing as well, though that rarely bumps my heart rate up high enough). eat more veggies! I had waaaaay too much meat in the last weeks and want to be a bit more plant based for this challenge. Finishing up what I have at home right now (i.e. some sefmade pizza and stuff) is fine, but I'll try to choose the veggie option when eating out and won't buy any more meaty stuff for this challenge. get enough sleep - that means going to bed at a time, that makes it possible, to get 8 hours of sleep (don't have a fixed time since I'm not getting up at the same time each day) That's it. Other that that it's just surviving daily life. xD
  6. I’m late. I wasn't going to do this challenge, but not having to be accountable is killing me. Since my last appearance I've had the most amazing summer. I have spent 6 weeks in the US, 3 of which was spent in a commune in Virginia. Working on a farm like that really challenges your body, and despite the fact that I did close to no exercise, I gained strength. Being back at my desk job is slowly wrecking my body. I can feel the impact it has really well. I’m now separated and I’m currently renting a small room in a building with 8 other people. Since watching the documentaries “Cowspiracy†and “Food Inc†I have become a semi-vegetarian. I still eat dairy, eggs, and meat straight from the hunter or fish caught with a fishing pole. My gluten allergy is behaving strangely, and I’m no longer sure that I have one. I have told my boss I am quitting unless I get a 3 month unpaid leave. Which might happen. I just recently bought tickets to go to the Easter Island to build an Earthship style music school for local kids. Then I have some spare time to do stuff I want before I head off to Galapagos to do environmental work for three weeks. If anyone have any great tips on what to do in Chile/Ecuador/South America in general I'm all ears! Since I got back from my trip this summer, health hasn't really been on the agenda. It’s more appealing to spend time with a recent crush. Which leads to too much beer and too much unhealthy foods and not enough movement. I don’t know my current weight, but the last time I weighed I was 72 kg. I’m sure I've gained a bit in the last month or so. I need to get back on track with things. Water: 3 liters a day. Enough sleep: 7 hours every night is the goal. I’m currently at 5-5.5 hours. Meditate/Yoga: Twice a week Use my standing desk: First week 10 hours, last week 20 hours. As many pole sessions as I can fit in a week. Steve’s article on vacation hacking pushed me to join this challenge, so I will incorporate his rules for this challenge. Hopefully building the habit to keep up with it when I’m traveling. 10 push ups for every drink. 50 squats for every bad meal. 5 pull ups (inverted rows) every time you pass something you can hang from. Skip the elevator, skip the taxis whenever possible. (This usually isn't a problem. Norway has reasonable sized buildings and I live in the city centre..) A bonus quest: Finish at least one book. I’m currently reading three different ones. Or.. I was reading them… Start reading them again and finish! Tracking.. It's three weeks left, right? Water: 0/18 0/21 0/21 Sleep: 0/42 0/49 0/49 Y/M: 0/2 0/2 0/2 Stand: 0/10 0/15 0/20 Total push ups: Total squats: Total rows:
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