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Found 5 results

  1. For the current challenge I am getting back to the basics and battling one of my oldest enemies. Lift - 3 days per week. Make it a routine - make it important. Track - Record what I eat every day on the LoseIt! app, and stay under my allocated calories for the day. No Pop - This has been super hard for me - I have cut way back on pop over the past couple of years (and lost 60+ lbs to go with it). I don't buy it for my house anymore, but when I go out I have way too much. Over the course of this challenge I will have absolutely no pop. Game On - I have a lot of table top games (seriously, it's a problem) that I play all too infrequently. My goal for this challenge is to play some of my games at least 2 nights per week. I will also try to provide some recommendations as I go through some of my favorites.
  2. Every time I get an email from NF, or spend time re-reading Academy articles, I am motivated to dump out all my pop and drink water (doing this right now). This has happened multiple times but I always start pop again very shortly after, Hope it sticks this time!
  3. Just wanted to share I'm on day 10 of going cold turkey from pop/soda. As a 34 year old male who's been drinking easily 2 cans of Diet for easily half my life, it's a big deal. Here's to 10 more days and then 10 years!
  4. About the time I started working at McDonald's, I suddenly lost the desire to drink pop. I've been sticking with it ever since. I quit smoking much the same way a few years ago. I've also started eating salads at work for my employee meal. I've just been levelling up all over.the place! I finally.checked my credit score, and this month will be my first payment towards play tuition so I can go back to school. Guess.who feels like a real grown-up?
  5. Hello again! I took the last challenge off. It was a combination of starting off out of town, the holidays, and being lazy. At the beginning, I thought I could make it without this amazing guild. Turns out I was dead wrong. I didn't do anything. I went on a couple of runs over 6 weeks. That's it. No gym. No at-home workouts. Nothing. Although I did eat better than I would have before I started here. Not healthy per se, I just ate less of the garbage available at every turn over the holidays. So now I'm back. Back to kick some butt. Or at least try. Because the last 6 weeks taught me that even if I don't achieve a single goal during a challenge, I'm going to get a lot closer than if I don't set them at all. Goal One: Dine out once per week 3 CON -This means going to a restaurant of some kind and spending money on food. After Christmas I need to watch my budget, and this way I can kill two birds with one stone. -EXCEPTION: I'm going to be travelling the week of the 20th, and who wants to dine in when work is paying for it? So for that week, I'm going to focus on healthier options and portions. -EXCEPTION 2: I may dine out twice during weeks 1 & 6. This is due to my monthly fancy dinner party falling during those weeks. But I'm only allowed to claim this exception if the second meal is a date (which I at least hope to have week 6, which has Valentine's Day in it). Goal Two: Eliminate pop 5 CON -Weeks 1 & 2: 3 allowed -Weeks 3 & 4: 2 allowed -Week 5: 1 allowed -Week 6: None allowed -If consumed during a meal out (per goal one) it counts double. I need to break any remaining link of drinking pop while out to eat. Goal Three: Exercise 3 STR 2 STA -Three times per week -Any kind of vigorous exercise: gym, running, whatever. -At least 15 minutes -(I would have made it running at least twice per week, but it's -26C outside right now, and I hate treadmills. So while it's ungodly cold, I'll stick to something else) Side Goal: Read more 2 WIS -This isn't really a goal, just a reminder that I should read more. There's about a thousand books I want to read, and they won't read themselves. Bonus points if I finish all of the following books (which are the next books I'm going to read): 1) Dune Messiah (I just started it. I finished Dune about a month ago and finally remembered to borrow a copy of this.) 2) The Three Musketeers (An abridged version will be acceptable, though I'm typically against them.) 3) Mother Night (The Vonnegut novel I'm planning to read.) 4) Catcher in the Rye (I've been meaning to read this since high school. It's probably time I got around to it.) 5) Reaper Man (The next Discworld novel) 6) Something by Dickens (I haven't picked up Dickens since trying to read A Tale of Two Cities in 7th grade and getting about 2 pages into it before calling it quits. I figure it's time to give him another try.) I will also focus on only eating when I'm hungry. I've been doing that during the first week of the year and been successful. Admittedly, I've had the flu the whole time, so I didn't really feel like getting up to get food if I wasn't actually hungry. Continually updated stats: Food: 2/2 | 0/1 | ?/? | 2/1 | 2/1 | 0/2 | 6/7 Soda: 2/3 | 2/3 | ?/2 | 5/2 | 2/1 | 1/0 | 12/9 Work: 1/3 | 1/3 | 0/3 | 1/3 | 1/3 | 1/3 | 5/18 Read: 0/1 | 0/1 | 2/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 2/6
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