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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Frenz I've been feeling reluctant to come on here since I have been fairly feeble in my commitment to training and it's depressing coming in day after day and reporting that I have done naff all again. But I've managed to get into a groove, albeit only a few days so here I go, trying to keep the wheelie up... I'm doing a 15km race in a warm climate on sand in 9 days' time. I'm not in especially great condition. I mean, I'll finish it, but I've seen the organisers' Facebook page and they look like they are pretty professional. Road racing is a big deal in Portugal apparently. I'm going to struggle to keep up! Taking part in an organised race in. Portugal has been on my bucket list for ages so I'm excited but apprehensive for a few reasons I won't go into. I'm. Going to spend a few days there and Flyer is coming with me and we'll have a sort of weird working holiday. It's going to be an adventure. Anyway, between now and then I have scheduled in daily exercises to lose weight and develop my stamina a bit. Tomorrow I'm going to row, and do a short fast run home. Then on Sunday I'm going to run the 15km using a camelbak to get used to using that. After that it's mainly weights and swimming to let me legs rest a bit. Also diet control and daily potuguese of course. The usual. It's a routine I can do when I have my shit together but my shit is so often all apart these days.
  2. Hi guys and Gals, Lokes' here again! Been away for about a year or even more... Sorry about that. Just Remember that even though I was away, my heart was still with you all, because I kept referring this beautiful group of people to almost everyone I knew (Not a smart move for a Rebellion, but we're so strong that everyone knows we exist and we still fight the Evil). So, I wanted to recharge and find that fun way of living life. Which of course, led me back to you. And from now on I'll be sure to stick around. I think that my major problem in here was the hiatus between challenges and I must set up smarter quests, in the measure sense. I have a hard time tracking, well, anything. So, I'll restart at 0 (Been to long, tutorial needed), and I'l make sure to set up my challenge nice and proper Also, funny enough, I recently wrote my purpose in life/code of conduct, and I want to share it with you: I am a sheer force of positive emotions, a lone rebel fighting to place some sense in the world. I will not bow before adversity and I will speak my mind when something is amiss. No matter who stands with me, no matter the cost. because "those who mind don't matter and those o matter don't mind". I will turn the world much brighter than it was before I came along. I am the spark that will light the flame of positivity that will make the world a better place. I will succeed. Battle by battle, until the war is won.
  3. Heya! I'm a 24- years old girl from Finland, traveling trough south Spain (Malaga, Sevilla) and trough Portugal (Faro, Lisboa, Sintra, don't know which other places yet) during this challenge (and maybe the next one). Decided to come back to do a NF -challenge to keep myself accountable, and hopefully meet awesome people to meet in person now or later on I've had some huge changes in my life and world view during the previous years. I used to focus on playing computer a lot. Now (even though games still are awesome) am gravitating more into nature, meditation, shamanism, in person connections, writing, dreams etc. I am a beginner student of yoga and tantra. Meditation is something I've done weekly for a year (and sporadically earlier). This travel I am making is a trip I take as a journey deep inside. This challenge is mainly a way for me to direct the flow of my energy to that direction, to enjoy life, connections and the world on a deeper level, even when pressured. Inner Wisdom - Daily habits until the New Moon on 1st October My character I will get a mark for each day I complete the goal. I count the challenge completed, when I get 30 of those marks, even though the idea is to follow that on each day. Nutrition for the soul I eat only vegan food, free of glutein, soy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol. 30 xp This is a blend of spiritual reasons and health reasons. I am inspired by the article of Steve Pavlina that even a temporary trial will establish a pattern it's easier to come back to if needed. 70ish % of what I eat normally adheres to this, but when not at home I tend to go back to wheat-milk-meat, so making a resolution makes it easier to stay well. And it's part of my fast. I will be eating a lot of fresh vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds. Fruits too, trying to be sensitive how I feel with the fructose spikes. Greens. Spice and herbs and oils. And rice, quinoa, amaranth, oats, legumes. Flow with my body I exercise, with the focus in the sensations of my body, for at least 10 minutes daily. 20 xp I really love to dance, kayak, do yoga, walk in the nature.... but I tend to do them sporadically instead of as a routine, and forget about it when I focus on something else. A little bit every day, learning a routine to be in sync with my body while doing that, is a habit I want to establish. Calm to the mind I meditate daily for 10 minutes or more. 20 xp Time to take my meditation practice to personal level. Expressing the heart I journal daily. 15 xp. I may write as short or as long as I want, I will just pick up the pencil each day. Of my thoughts, feelings or actions. Of ideas or spiritual awakenings. Of sorrows or hard situations, anything. Connecting to the dreamworld I write nightly of my dreams. 15 xp I want to establish a deeper connection to my inner world, and have already with few days of dream journaling found that I remember them a lot better. It's a whole new world to discover I would love to connect with other beings Now I'm off to a writing workshop of inner dialog
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