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Found 6 results

  1. “Fustercluck Noun A fucked up clusterfuck.” Sometimes you just have to embrace the bad situation and run with it. Enemy sets your legs on fire? Awesome, time to kick him in the head and knock seven shades of shit out of him. Sure, it’s gonna sting a little and your trousers will be pretty much ruined, but can your opponent stand against you and your fiery legs? Nope. Well, my legs are on fire and I’m ready to fight back. I have no solid plan and that’s why I’ve come back to the Rangers. This is not going to be peaceful, this is not going to be stress free, this is going to be erratic and stressful and ultimately rewarding. The situation is this: It’s three weeks and a day until I have to be out of this current flat. I have no permanent accommodation lined up. Except. I have applied for three additional flats after my last viewing trip, and according to the agent who showed me around I should know within a week whether or not I’ve been successful on any of them. We’ll say a week on Monday given that it’s a weekend. So my plan is to play the short game. One week segments, each week based entirely on how the last worked out. I’m giving myself a health meter [+-------------------] (currently sitting at 5%) A social meter [++------------------] (currently sitting at 10%) And a stress meter [++++++++++----------] (currently sitting at 50%) And hoping that the visual aid will provide even the tiniest kick up the ass. Do I know what counts as stress/health/social added or taken away? Nope. Just gonna wing it. Do I know what happens if I hit zero health/social or max stress? Nope. It probably won’t be a good thing. Do I know what happens if I max out health? Well, I’ll probably be happier. Do I know what happens if I max out social? Oversocialisation, most likely. Do I know what happens if my stress hits zero? ...it won’t, but we’ll see. And now for the important part. The goals. Or more accurately, my one goal: to undo the damage my intense stressing is doing to me. And that brings me to week one (which is technically 23rd-1st). My waiting period. I have only three guidelines: Sleep between the hours of 10pm and 7am (variable with morning shifts) Eat. Stress belly has made me lose my appetite and that has an impact on everything Socialise. Do not drift away. This is pretty much the only social outlet I have right now and I sorely need it (plus you guys are amazing and when I drift away I do miss you all) I’m taking each day as it comes, and when I have my answer about my applications I’ll know how to structure week number two, and so on and so forth. In case it isn’t blindingly obvious, this is me flailing. Normal service should resume next challenge…
  2. Hey there! I really like the concept of positive thinking or focusing on the positive aspects in situations. But I am just starting out with this and need to practice this. Any tips for starting out? And I was thinking about one aspect. I understood like this " Focus on the positive aspects, no matter how small they are". But if they are too small I can't understand how to remain positive? For example, this morning I got back pain because I am dumb and tried to lift something heavy. Now moving hurts and the only comfortable position is laying on my back on the floor. THe only positive thing I can think of that I can now lie on the ground, relax and start to meditate. But on the other hand I can't train Parkour, I can't do sports, well I can't do a lot of things that are important to me. Or is it more like " find the positive aspect and let it grow & change the situation so it is positive"? Well you can see I'm pretty confused, can you recommend me any blog articles/videos to understand the concept more?
  3. As I gain momentum in some areas, I'm getting a better idea of what my weaknesses are. They're essentially all mental. For this challenge I'll be working mostly to keep up with my current workout and eating plans, BUT the twist now will be to try to shift the focus to: making my mentality about health a lot more positive. So to find my goals, I've got to know my weaknesses, right? What I want to work on is my wide array of Bad Ideas about health/fitness and body image. I've talked to several trusted friends and I'm finally coming to terms with having a lot of unhealthy ideas about my body and how to treat it. This challenge will be a lot of nebulous, strange goals with the idea to Be Less Problematic About Myself. I'm a fledgling aerialist! And starting my second session of aerial lessons as of the first Sunday of this challenge. So the first goal is: Outer Strength -aerial class 1x/week, bodyweight workout 2x/week -to shake things up here for this challenge, I want to try out one new exercise each week. Most will probably be gathered from the internet and be aerial- or acrobat-specific. Last week I learned a wall variation for practicing v-sits: this week will probably be a new trick on rings! I've discovered vimeo and may share aspects of my workouts for form-checks or just to give a more human voice to this internet persona :> For now, this is my instagram, this is my vimeo. Inner Strength -2 servings fruit/veg a day, no more than 3 outside-bought coffees/week, continue weaning off sugar with no more than 2 sugary things/day Shake It Off -bit of a mix here! I want to get my splits and work on my back bends, to help with my 'shapes' in aerials. I will work on flexibility for at least 10 mins for 3 days/week, OUTSIDE of my warm-up/cool-down mobility stretching. -work on hand balancing at least 3x/week, and my workouts CAN count toward this goal -unfollow people on sites like tumblr/instagram that make me negatively compare myself or perpetuate harmful (to me) ideas about diet/exercise. I'm already well on my way to this and it's helping! -stop focusing on the end-goal and enjoy the journey. I'm going to pick 3-5x/week when I start spiraling with negativity and either meditate or just practice redirecting my thoughts if meditating isn't an option. I'd like for this to be 'every time', but I know that just means I'll feel bad and guilty when I don't do it every time! This goal will probably be on my list for a long, long time to come... I have a LOT of bad reasons I'm as invested as I am in exercise and eating habits, and I want that to change! And mostly I just want to be able to fully enjoy my aerials classes without worrying that I haven't lost weight. I've gained a LOT of self-confidence and coordination and strength since joining up for my first-ever group class on January 10th. Every time I leave class, I can't wait to come back! I've found my Thing, definitely.
  4. Self-Love Last week I read a book called "Wie's weitergeht, wenn nichts mehr geht" by Jens Baum. The title can be translated as: "How things are going on when nothing's going on anymore". One chapter of this book is about self-love. Jens Baum says: "Self-love is a mindful, caring, respectful, responsible and loving relationship with oneself." He sees two positive aspects in having self-love: You don't burden your friends and family with responsibility for your well-being anymore. You are feeling better, because you can take care of yourself most effective.Jens says self-love has nothing to do with egoism, moreover a person with self-love cannot be egoistical at all. In his book he explains why. This challenge will be about my way to loving myself for what I am. Main Quest: Love myself 1st Mission: Autogenic Training I got a book and CD for Autogenic Training and already started exercising. It's wonderful, I enjoy the exercising very much. After every training I am feeling fresh and free. The task is to do the Autogenic Training at least once per day. 2nd Mission: Yoga I have done the following Yoga Workout two times now and it's beneficent. The task is to do this Yoga Workout once per day. 3rd Mission: Positive Thinking It's typical for me that I see everything negative. If there's something slightly wrong it becomes a huge failure inside my head. The task is to stop derogatory thoughts, accept what has happened and come up with a good plan for moving on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YN72QsiaIM
  5. This is a new group, very loosely based on the Black Dog Tamers, which was a support group for people with depression. In the next six weeks, we are going to teach ourselves to be a bit more positive about almost anything, but mostly about ourselves. In the current world it is easy to believe that you're worth nothing, that you're ugly, that you're eating the wrong food, etc. In reality, this is not true! Almost anyone is awesome in their own way. Especially on this forum, all challenges I have seen were of awesome people. TL;DR: What will we do In order to train ourselves in believing that we are awesome, I'd like anyone in this group to post in their own topic or in the group's topic, three times a week: One aspect of their body that's awesome at the momentOne aspect of their food today that's awesomeOne good decision they made todayI also want anyone in this group to give someone else a compliment at least three times a week, either online or IRL. Lastly, I want you to check in at least once a week with your fellow (sub-)group members. Motivation During my first few challenges, I have encountered many people that deal with self-esteem issues. I've been telling myself every night why I'm awesome for a few months now (as advised by my counselor), and it really helped me to see the world more positively . I hope others can also see the benefits of this approach. For anyone who wants to read more about positive psychology, see this article on Wikipedia and the references therein. Rules This is not a substitution for professional help. If you're doubting about whether or not you need professional help, please contact your doctor or counselor as soon as possible.You may repeat your awesome points. For example, if you eat an apple every day, you can make that your awesome point for food as often as you want.Because there are many people in this group, there are sub-groups. Please follow the people in your own sub-group. Of course you may also follow the other people if you want .If you'd like to join, the most effective way is PM'ing me. You can also post your topic in the sub-group you want to join and sign up on the spreadsheet.There will be a weekly discussion theme, but I'm not sure yet what form it will take. Probably specialized awesome-practice, about for example the weather, your job, etc.There is a maximum of 7 people per sub-group. I don't know what to do yet if there are more than 21 people that want to participate. Chances are that you'll have to wait to next challenge if you are the 22nd. Of course you can practice calling yourself awesome without being a part of this group.If you have questions, if I'm unclear or if you have suggestions, please let me know . Groups: Group 1 Waanie Varelse Scorpia (now with correct topic) ChristArtist The Swedish Ninja skinnyLara Group 2 Kobnach imadork Leimanu idealistinfire Pretzle Group 3 Heidi TennisGeek Quirkyself annyshay elsfaire Do you think your name should be here and it is not? Please let me know by sending me a PM.
  6. Hello fellow Rebels! Finally I decided to take care of myself. After a living a life for other people and spending lots of time helping others, who often neither where grateful nor deserved it, I realised that I am an important person myself. Last year I've been sick for a long time and had to take heavy medications (antibiotics really can knock you out!). I wasn't able to go to College (I study Cognitive Science), thus I had plently of time thinking about my life. It's not just, that I was physically ill - I've also been ignoring a severe depression and panic disorder for quite a long time, nearly destructed my own body by eating unhealthy and started smoking up to half a package a day. This isn't how I want to live my life. Because of the side-effects of the antibiotics I still have to deal with, I will interrupt Uni for half a year coming semester. Besides follwing the doctors orders, I want to use this time to become a fit, stable and healthy person, so I can pursue my dream of becoming a neuroprosthetics developer, without my issues interfering. Although I have a healthy weight, I want to become fit, maybe lose 10 more pounds, but nothing extreme. Also, I decided to eat meat again. I lived vegan for quite a while, with the result of lots of deficiencies. I don't know for how long I will be able to follow this resolution, but I want to give it a try. Then I need to quit smoking, starting today going cold turkey and will restart doing exercise. I used to love sports and I really really love martial arts, so I will enroll into a course next week. Also running used to be a passion of mine. I don't want to overdo things, but I know that moving more will help the depressions getting better (Knowing the neurochemnisty background from Uni, there is no denial - moving yourself is one of the best ways to make you happy!). The same goes for meditation. When I was younger I did it every day, but after moving out from home, I did't have the time and spend my sparetime in front of the computer. I hope to be able to incorporate it into my live again. The last big topic in my life that has to be taken care of is money. Due to medications and expensice vegan food, I made some debts. Also I'm moving to a new flat tomorrow (away from an abusive friendship!) and this is going to be costly, too. But I know that with some time and discipline I can find a solution for this! So, after you know the basics about my goals for Nerd Fitness, a little more about myself. I am - how else could it be- a huge nerd. I love movies, video games (Left 4 Dead is the best!) and Comics (Walking Dead, anybody... I think it's safe to say I have a little zombie obsession). When I was younger I spend three years in hospital, all these stories made me feel less alone. When I'm not hanging out with people, I love coding and -as weird as this sounds- maths. The pure logic you find in it is somehow calming in my opinion. Well, that was quite the long text, thank you for making it through. I hope there aren't many mistakes, I'm not a native speaker. You are a great community, and at this point I want to thank Steve for his wonderful blog. Best wishes to you all, coppelia
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