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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys! Back at it again. So far this year has been... eventful. Challenge 1 - My SO and I (5 years) broke up Challenge 2 - I went on three trips in a two week period, on the last one (out of the US) my passport and work laptop got stolen Challenge 3 - I'm moving to the lovely state of Michigan (Detroit area) near the fantastic @Taddea Zhaan Here is hoping for a boring challenge other than the move! Challenge this time is just to post daily and journal daily- I think I've been getting distracted with shiny things, and don't have the habit of posting regularly like I used to, leading me to get overwhelmed when I try to post, and hit goals, and do life things. The journaling is at the suggestion of my therapist, so hopefully that works out well. As I am writing this, I keep thinking of ALL THE THINGS I want to be doing and wanting to add them. Like the kittens, they are clamoring for attention. However, I'm trying really hard to not add more things - so please call me out if I start doing that! This challenge will have two themes - adorable animals (feel free to cross post with Taddea's challenge - goats!) and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid/Silly) Starting Measurements: Weight - 138.0 pounds Neck - 13 inches Chest - 33 inches Bicep (R) - 11 inches Bicep (L) - 11.5 inches Waist - 31 inches Hips - 39 inches Thigh (R) - 19 inches Thigh (L) - 19 inches Calf (R) - 14 inches Calf (L) - 14 inches
  2. I'm back! And I'm trying to be more regular on the boards again. I have a lot going on with my life at the moment: the move, Camp NaNo, finishing my re-write (or trying to), exercising, trying not to be overwhelmed, finishing financial aid, sisters wedding, blah blah blah So I'm keeping this as simple as possible. That means no theme, no frills, just 3 measurable goals I can do every day. I want to get more momentum behind me. Goal 1: Meditation Meditate for 1 minute every day That's it. Just take a minute to be mindfully aware. Who can't spare a minute? Goal 2: Post every day I want to be more active here again, so what better way than to make it a goal? Visit one friend's thread and my own every day Goal 3: Something for myself Do one thing to make myself happy every day. Can be a walk, painting my nails, making art, making music, writing, playing with a cat. Anything. As long as it's done mindfully, and with an awareness that it is for me. And then post it in the day's update. That's it! I'm still cleaning and going through my house, I'll be writing for all of April and updating those numbers here too, but short, simple, sweet, and attainable. That's what I want right now Now to find everyone's threads Goal 4: Mindful Eating Refer to this post when I'm feeling snacky
  3. Late Bloomer here! WYOGIRL Starting today 8/5/2014 need to have daily accountability created point system to help MAIN QUEST lose weight to #180 (17#'s) GOALS excersise 2x a week log in daily eat paleo way MOTIVATION not feel bloated all the time LIFE QUEST emotionally at peace with self My accountability point system 34 days left of challenge x 10 points a day) = 340-350 total challenge points for complete success logging in daily- 2 posting daily- 3 eating complete paleo daily-5 excersise-5 bonus points **on a side note, I will be logging in daily to myfitnesspal to track my food, this is just for me to see how well the paleo living is doing health and number wise** Grading system A= 350 total points...join the next step up in the challenge series B= 340 total points...do another newbie challenge C= 330 total points...re-read, re-write and re-focus on goals, do another newbie challenge Starting numbers weight 197.5 waist 46" breast 45" NO WAY!! Im a block!! EEEK... don't look at the pics unless you have a strong stomach!! sorry but I need the motivation!! Get ready for lots of blah..blah..blah.. that's the way I roll
  4. Rebels! I know that there are a fair share of us Geeks and Programmers out there! I am rallying you together to help take this forum to the next level! Software Engineers get your mobile platform engines up and running! Let's take the REBELLION MOBILE! Let's make this an online collaboration so that we can all openly contribute! What better way to strengthen the Rebellion than by using our strengths? Some Key Features to start with: Shopping List Forum Picture Posting using Mobile Camera Check your Messages (not IM) Track progress/goals on your Challenges Workout plans Stretching/Exercise Demos (either illustrations or videos) Metrics Tracker (input your weight, measurements and have a BMI/BF output feature) I am sure that there are millions more ideas but these seem the most pertinent to me. I travel a lot for my job (going to remote sites to do server inspections and check on port security) so having this all available on my phone would be great! That way, I don't have to pull out my computer every morning and log my weight/measurements and track my meals. Fellow Rebels, let me know what you all think! I can design some cool UI concept drawings if it will help at all, but my programming skills are very limited! I am rallying you all to help! Help me Rebel Engineer-kenobis, you're my only hope! (self kudos for proper use of you're) This is a very basic idea for the app: http://ibuildapp.com/projects.php?action=info&projectid=660110
  5. Hello! Total newbie in my first challenge, and happy to be here. Have a couple of newbie questions, and have been on enough boards for other things that I know how annoying it is when the same questions get asked over and over. So if anyone can link me to where these questions have already been answered, I'd be grateful. Otherwise, any direct answers would also be appreciated. First of all, doing the roleplaying stats thing for fun. But noted in others' signatures, their links to their challenges have clever or simple titles rather than url info. Unfortunately the only way I know how to link is to copy the URL, as you can see below. How do I make a link with a simple name like I see others doing? Secondly, what's the protocol or usual practice for linking friends? I've been on the warrior challenge boards because I was sloppy in reading class descriptions (should have been in adventurers as it looks like that's where many newbies start, but thought "I'd like to lift weights someday, so I'll go with the warriors." Actually I'm still working to complete the beginner's bodyweight workout (but did it today, yahoo!). Anyway, the other warriors have been great to the newbie, very encouraging. But anyway... I noticed one of them had linked to me as a friend (and I was flattered), but wanted to link with a couple others the same way. Is it appropriate to ask first? Or just go ahead and link with them after a certain number of cross-posting to each other's threads? Or am I just being over-sensitive? Please advise. Thanks!
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