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Found 10 results

  1. Welcome one and all - to Weirdmaggedon! Something you probably didn't know about me - I EFFING LOVE GRAVITY FALLS!!! Like seriously, probably one of my top 5 favourite shows of all time - up there with Buffy, Farscape and Doctor Who. The opening theme song was even Mr. Raxie's and my recessional for our wedding (I walked down the aisle to something off a Doctor Who soundtrack though so it's not like it was a startlingly nerdy thing for us). We also dressed as Dipper and Mabel for Halloween this year. Seriously, if you haven't watched it, even if you aren't into cartoon
  2. I think I may have done a Harry Potter themed challenge semi-recently BUT I'm doing it again because I have a dance performance coming up and it's to Hedwigs Theme so I'm feeling pretty Hogwarts inspired right now However since I probably exhausted all the good old fashioned Potter gifs in my challenge a few months ago, this challenge will be hilarious and no-good HP gif themed. #sorrynotsorry Yeah we will see how long this lasts. Some background on me - my two main pursuits are powerlifting and ballroom dancing. Powerlifting I've been doing for a long whi
  3. (yeah I know that title sounds real intense and then it's just a cartoon hahah - bait and switch!) Background: For those just joining - I'm Raxie! This will be my 33rd challenge here. I recently got really into ballroom dancing and have been focusing a lot on that, but my other love is lifting. I have three kitties that I love dearly and I have a severe case of RangerBrain(TM). So! I really love how I set up my last challenge where I went hard on the goals, but also gave myself a lot of cushion to fall back on if I needed it. I ended up really needing that cushi
  4. I'm only 17, but my parents say i'm blessed with the body of an athlete so they want me to do football. And I just don't eat right, just want to get strong enough to be a Off lineman. tbh I never lifted weights before this so I don't have enough experience to know :/ I decided to start working in a weight training class 5 months ago and I want to know if my progress is coming fast enough Height: 6'4 Weight: 295 Age: 17 How Long have I started training: 5 months Bench: 225 Power Clean: 245 Squat: 465
  5. So I wasn't even going to do a challenge. Just to infrequently that I post because I'm busy usually, but screw it, you're not working out if you don't talk about it. This challenge is very simple and is captured by the photo below. Goal 1: Step #1: Lift things up. Step #2: Put them down. Step #3: Repeat. I've decided to use the Danger Method Base Block 1 , made by our very own JDanger. So far it's been working, I've only started it last week, but I feel good so far. It's a 4 day split, with an optional 5th day for addressing weaknesses (which luckily for me is upper body, so
  6. So My first Challenge So a quick background on myself. I use to be very fit about 6 years ago when I played basketball but then I moved to Glasgow (The big smoke), started drinking, smoking and eating junk food. I had also stopped exercising at this point. I put on the weight. Eventually I said enough was enough and started running, quit smoking and practically quit eating. Otherwise known as the completely wrong thing to do. I then quit running and started eating again (properly this time) but sadly someone dropped a T.V on me and I injured my shoulder badly enough that I've been out of acti
  7. Good day fellow Rebels, After starting building a base strength for my legs with squats, I decided to give it a try and start deadlifting. I've build up the weight on my deadlifts during 3 months and I'm currently lifting 135lbs for 5x5 reps twice a week. However, one of the gym instructors approached me last week and "corrected" my form, instructing me to keep my legs straight and not to low the barbell all the way to the floor, lifting only with the lower back. He said, and I quote: "A deadlift rep should never touch the floor or you'll ruin your knees and back" After some resea
  8. I started doing free weights at the beginning of this school year. I fell in love with squats right away. I started at 30 kilos and got up to 60 quickly and with no problem. Here's the problem. I've set a goal. I want to squat 100 kilos. I don't care how long it takes me, but I want some advice on how to get to that goal. Where better to ask than in a group of powerlifters? So, what do you think? I only lift about 2 times a week, I could try to make more time for it if necessary. Has anybody been in my situation before and has some age-old advice for a n00b? PoisonStrudel
  9. Hey guys! I've read the article about Staci's story, and although it was truly inspiring and motivational, the diet part didn't help much just because I'm not big on going Paleo. I began powerlifting about 4 months ago. I really want to compete eventually. My biggest goal right now is to get my body fat percentage down and get my strength up!! I'm currently counting macros to a T and training daily (with one rest day/week) using a powerlifting split. I am a 21 year old female college student. I'm 5'5", 136lbs, 22% body fat (I want to get down to about 14% body fat!!). My current daily ma
  10. I filmed myself doing some back squats so I could check my form. Overall, I think it's pretty good except that I round a bit in my back as I drop below parallel in the squat. Also I could make less of a 'pain face' in the later sets. Any feedback is welcome <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Z_qzfEKELIA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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