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Found 2 results

  1. [Why do I make these things so dagone long!? o0 -ed.] Main Quest: Become My Own Hero Motivation: Off-the-shelf heroes are cool and all, but I went a step further and created my own made-to-measure role model so that I’ll always have the perfect set of coattails to chase. While I’m emulating him, I’m also writing a novel about his adventures as an electrically superpowered government intelligence agent. This (somewhat underwhelming) challenge is designed to appease my inner Red Mage and even out my stats. If I can ace all of these missions and complete all 6 weeks of the mini then I will have a DEX and STR of 32, and all other stats at 30. Jack of all Stats, FTW! If you’re mostly here for what passes as my special brand of offbeat “wit†and/or amusing animated gifs, then please click the spoiler tag below. If not, then you’re in luck, because I’ve added a special feature to this challenge! tl;dnr EM Pulse: 10min Penmanship training 5x/week. Radio Telemetry: 10min Speed reading training 5x/week. Mission Flexibility: 5min+ Prasara Yoga 3x/week. Bleeder Resistor: 1 hour per week having fun. Coulomb Continuity: All battlelog goals met. Bonus Round: Participate in all mini challenges. Let’s get versatile! --- Week 1 so far: EMP: 0/5 Telemetry: 0/5 MissFlex: 0/3 Bleeder: 0 min Continuity: 0/5 Bonus Round: ??
  2. Teirin’s Summer of Kata: I tried to come up with a cool Dresden Files theme for this and failed. It may be edited if I come up with something cool. Goal 1 - Work on higher level techniques and Kata at the unofficial summer Judo classes. No grading on this one. Just work on lots of techniques and kata and help my clubmates learn the same. We don't normally get to work on these during the normal classes but the unofficial summer classes are all brown belts all the time. We've made a pact to spend the single class per week working on kata and the higher level techniques. It'll be awesome. Goal 2 - Prasara Yoga continued - updated Learn and be capable of at least roughly doing one three of the series A flows from Scott Sonnon’s Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought. Updated goal is to learn Diving Dolphin, Tumbleweed, and Flock of Pigeons while working on the techniques required for Forest and Spider Monkey. If they go well, I'll work on some of the flows Tacfit has developed. Spider Monkey - admittedly not likely yet, but I will work on it! Forest - this is a bit modified but the only video I can find Diving Dolphin Tumbleweed Flock of Pigeons Goal 3 - General Training Cheerfully stealing Twilight’s point system but limiting it to workouts: Short workout - 1 point Longer workout - 2 points Sprint session - 1 point (Edit: changed to 1 point) Judo class - kata - 1 point Judo class - hard workout - 2 points Yoga session - 1 point I am aiming for 8 points/week. Grading will be a percentage. This also leaves me some flexibility to mess around with my workouts and try different things if inclined. Edit: Revision to workout/points goal: I'm changing the weekly goal from 8 to 10 points. The A level of full points should only happen when I get an ideal number of workouts in - 5 short workouts, 1 Judo class, 2 yoga sessions, and a sprint session. That would be 10 points. If I set a low bar, I'll likely meet it. See last challenge :-/ Life Goal - Sleep Redux from last challenge. Drag bedtime back to or before midnight. Preferably before. Similar grading to last time. Largely eyeballed but I will be tracking my bedtime and sleep quality. Settled by 11:30 5 out 7 nights per week = A. Settled by 12 = B, by 12:30 = C. Extra Life goal - Wear tank tops/sleeveless dresses in public. I have some acne still and a fair bit of scarring on my arms. I’m overly sensitive about it. Very few people have actually commented on my arms but the rare ones tend to be remembered more than the vast majority of people who either don’t notice or do notice and don’t care. I’ve been wearing more T-shirts lately and that’s been going well so this is just a bonus sort of thing. I am continuing to use a spreadsheet and am very happy with that. New one is linked in my sig.
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