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Found 15 results

  1. I had a plan. I really did. And then during my devotional/prayer time, this verse came up: "For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son," -- Colossians 1:13 Message received. I have been in some emotionally dark places this year, instigated mostly by current events and being too much in my own head. If you've been following me for a little while, you know that some old bad habits have crept back up, and I have been fighting some demons, slaying some dragons, and bouncing between feeling like a failure as a husband
  2. After succeeding in a respawn challenge, Skywalker is determined to make this reboot last. It won't be easy, as one more intensive course week and several due dates for writing assignments are awaiting. So, the challenge will be realistic and simple. Keep successfully doing what works, and keep working on that which wasn't successfully done in the previous challenge. AND I'm adding a study-related one, just in case. Subquest 1: start the day with devotions (Scripture study, meditation and prayer) -> 1 WIS + 1 CHA Subquest 2: do at least >7000 steps/day -> 1 STA
  3. It's good to be back in the Rebellion! I got some pretty ok results in the first three challenges (#1, #2, #3), then unexpectedly moved to UK for postgraduate studies (take-it-or-leave-it scholarship thing) and coped with the adaptation, work, study and family balance during the autumn term, running and lifting only very occasionally, while ditching my daily walks altogether. In Nov, I failed a respawn challenge. In sum, I let Darth Paunch punch me too much (fueled by the Galactic Writing Assignments Empire). All in all, I threw that lightsaber behind way too many times. It comes to an end
  4. Good day. My name is Wolfen, and although I call the Adventurers guild my home, I felt that since my focus for this challenge is more spiritual than usual and my goals are to increase time studying scripture, praying, and meditating, that it would be great to join the Druids for this challenge. Below is a quick bio that will add some context to my reasons for this challenge. You can skip it if you want to go straight to my challenge goals. My main goals for this challenge are: Pray the Lord's prayer every morning, as well as a more personal p
  5. Hullo there, fellow hobbits and adventurers! As a warning to some who might not be comfortable with this, my challenge will be dealing with a lot of spiritual challenges in my Catholic faith life. If you don't wish to read about such topics, I suggest that you move on to other threads. At the same time, I do value and welcome support from any who wish to join me on my journey! My name is Hollybell Took, and I live in the rolling hills of the Shire, also known as southern Minnesota. I have had a rather tough time during the past few months as I have battled depression, a binge-eati
  6. So, time to finish this challenge trilogy that started on Feb 5 - to go out of my comfort zone into the unknown and run the Wings for Life World Run as fast as I can. It wasn't easy for Luke to turn himself in to two most powerful Sith in the Death Star II in a desperate effort to restore freedom to the galaxy in that final battle. And it was quite a duel, both physically and even more psychologically, just like every good race. So, the main quest again stays the same (though I am rising the minimum to 12 km instead of 10 km) and it will hopefully and finally be fulfilled duri
  7. This Padawan passed the first challenge in a Han Solo fashion (started good, went back to scoundrel habits, and only barely passed by showing up at the end). Now, as a Level 2 Padawan, I plan to do it more like Luke Skywalker (consistent throughout) - and learn how to do instead of try, especially getting more sleep. My main quest remains the same - only the race is now one month closer, so it requires greater discipline. At the same time, I tweaked goals to be more attainable (e.g. aiming for 10:45pm bedtime, but permitting 11:15pm as a pass). Subquests serve the main quest and my
  8. Last challenge saw a rather substantial advancement in rank and responsibility. While on pilgrimage to Rome, the Crown of Northshield confirmed me in my office of Seneschal of Nordleigh - a small canton south of the great Barony of Nordskogen, and beholden to the self-same Baron and Baroness. A small and poor frontier territory, with barely enough people to even grant it status as a canton, Nordleigh historically had supported the great colleges of that region, but those seats of higher learned have turned their backs on the people, preferring to stay safe within their own walls
  9. December of 2017 was my first time in 51 years of life doing a formal year-end inventory, and I am using the data I gleaned from that experience to formulate my goals for 2018. I modified the categories from Level 10 Life, and came up with what I want to focus my attention on for this year. I'm stashing these here so I have a place to look for inspiration to create my four-week challenge goals more intentionally vice haphazardly as I have been doing. Spirituality: Add a daily prayer focus to the beginning of every day; add a brief gratitude bullet at the end of every day (re
  10. This group is for sharing the insights we gain by doing the daily prayer devotional, "Draw The Circle" by Mark Batterson. You can find the book at most major book retailers or on Kindle. This is a 40-day Christian prayer devotional with the focus on getting us into regular, daily quiet time with God. The goal is to submit more of our lives to the direction of God. If you'd like to participate, just jump in. Find what day we're on and pray for God to speak to you. Read that chapter in the book, then share your personal insights with that day's lesson. I highly recommend keeping a person
  11. Coping through Hoping “What do you want out of life? That is your hope.†I've been stressing over my actions and decisions without bothering to take the time to pin down exactly what ends I hope to accomplish in life. This... is madness... and also exhausting! Time to slow down, calm down, and find my inner peace. Enter my new challenge: MAIN QUEST: Discover Hope. Goals: 1. Awaken to Hope I've scheduled a date every morning at 6:00 am for the next six weeks with God. This is where I connect with Hope and awaken to possibilities. It's time to see myself through God's eyes and ask
  12. Welcome All Who Enter Here The 6-week challenge is upon us again, are you ready? Although the time of knights and dragons is over, until we turn on the consoles and PC , we still battle against our own personal demons, dragons, monsters, and sin. This group is dedicated to keeping God first, and helping each other battle those forces of evil. After all, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." (James 5:16) Just because we are soldiers under God's command doesn't
  13. Annabjoyful and the Return to Routine After successfully completing my first NF challenge earlier this spring, I entered a time of kind of crazy life stress. My job took a turn for the worst, and I made the decision to leave, find a new position, and subsequently relocate to be closer to family. I'm happy to report that I have a new job, am happily relocated, and it looks like there will be much less stress in my life and much more manageable work hours. YAY!!! Of course that means it's time to get back into a routine. During my hiatus I have been able to manage...mostly; I haven't gaine
  14. *disclaimer: I don't know anything about the book or movie Eat Pray Love, I just wanted to use Eat Pray Lift as a challenge title since it fit so well with my goals. I almost called this one To Infinite Intensity and Beyond, but I couldn't come up with enough Buzz Lightyear/Toy Story themes to match my goals. So, I have this long explanatory back story written up chronicling my fitness journey for the last 2 years, but I think I may post it over on my Battle Log instead. Here are my goals for Challenge #14: EAT I follow the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) style of nutrition, but mostly ea
  15. Every time I ever imagined what the world would look like after the apocalypse I envisioned waking up some morning and looking out my front door at a wasteland, smoldering ruins, the smell of the dead and the moans of the dying filling the air. But… I never imagined this. The books and the movies led us to believe that the apocalypse would come all at once from some enormous disaster, an earthquake, an emp blast, an outbreak of some pathogen. But that’s not how it happened at all. The apocalypse is here alright, but it didn’t happen all at once, it happened slowly, like a creeping sic
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