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  1. Once again, Red finds himself stumbling across the path. He looks around and notices that he's no longer where he was before facing the Blood Knight, "Wait... Again?!" He yells out loud. "OK I need to find a way to see the end of at least one of these things!" Despite his frustrations with himself, he presses on. He notices he's surrounded by ground that's eerily plain, the air feels strange and different from the poison mist from before, it feels... evil. Brushing that aside, he lectures himself on making sure he's present when moving on to the next part of the journey. "Go back..." "Huh? What was that?" Red looks around, and doesn't see anything, there's no one and nothing but empty hills for miles, it's surprizing he didn't notice them in the first place. "Go back..." "There it is again. That doesn't sound like the wind... That sounds like..." And before he could finish his thought, the ground trembles, and as if coming out of water, Skeletons arise from around him! "Of course, I'd fight skeletons on my way to fighting the Lich!" Red notices that some of the skeletons have armor, others have better weapons, and others still are glowing with an unholy glow. "Very well then, Bring it on!" Workout Broken up - I'm finding my workout time being more and more limited, so to compensate for this, I'll do half a workout on one day, and the other half the next day Workout A: Push-ups, Dips, Leg Raises, Plank - If the Assassin mini can replace one of these then I'll fit it in. Workout B: Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Leg Raises, Shadowboxing - Note: that all these will have my Ankle/Wrist Weights Clean eating - I'm going to make sure I eat healthier, implementing more salads or fruit, instead of pure meat/pasta. Prayer - I'm going to try to pray a rosary every day. I have planned that this'll be on my commute to/from work, but I need to make sure that it's done everyday. Red X Cosplay - In August will be my very first convention: Nerdcon 2016! And as such, my brothers, nieces, and I want to attempt cosplaying for this exciting event. We've all decided on DC characters and I've chosen to be Red X from Teen Titans, and I'm going to make sure that I finish at least buying all of the components of my costume before this challenge is over. Already Have: Mask, Cape, Belt Need: Gloves, Shoes/Boots/ Shirt, Pants Need to do: Put red X's on Mask, Gloves, Shirt
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