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  1. After much tweaking and chitchat, I do believe this is the final product. (Actual challenge Day 1 starts a few pages in, somewhere between post 45 and 55) Level 50 My Level 50 is vague--at 33 years old, I'm starting to see other people (not much older than I am) start to complain about how they are too old for this or that, or they've taken such poor care of themselves over time that their bodies are just breaking down. I don't want to be those people...even 30 years from now, I want my body to be well-cared for, fit, and capable of doing what I want it to do. Fitness, yo! (+1 DEX, +1 STR, +1 CON) 3 x week weights (dropping this down one time/week. 6 x week was wearing on me and was no longer feeling sustainable) 1 x week silks class 1 x week ballet conditioning class Extra credit for runs. I've been doing REALLY well on the workout consistency, but (as described below) ONLY because I knew if I didn't, I'd have to come back here and tell you all what a slacker I was (what did I do yesterday as soon as I didn't have to report in? Took a rest day. Granted I needed it from a crappy night's sleep, but still). So, this will remain a goal, but I'll make it worth fewer stat points than last time. Running has fallen to the back burner, but I'm okay with that. If I do manage to spend some time in Abel Township, I'll call it a bonus. With 6 workouts/week already spoken for, running will show an outstanding force of will. *Note to self: for purposes of this challenge, shoveling snow will NOT count toward workouts. Where'd my muscles go? (+1 WIS, +3 CON) Leaning out for vacation is going well, but I'm worried (probably too late!) about my muscle mass (and drooping ass ). Later will come a bulk. For now, protein is the target. Current bodyweight: 112.5 lbs (7 day running average: 113.2) Goal: Avg 100g of protein/day Drink like a... what's the opposite of fish? (+1 CON, +2 CHA) Time to reduce the alcohol intake. It's getting a bit excessive (as in, an every night thing, rather than an occasional thing). I have no problem with drinking, I just don't want to do it so often. I'll cap this at 4 drinks/week, however I want to space them out. I think this'll give me enough flexibility to have a drink with dinner, or a beer on the weekends and not stress. Good starting point. Lean, mean, cleaning machine (+3 CHA, +2 WIS) Let's get a handle on the filth, shall we? No current cleaning routine is in place (aside from laundry, since I'm averse to going to work unclothed) and it's really starting to show. The "furious cleaning once the tipping point is reached or when people are coming over" style of house cleaning only takes you so far and the rest of the time, we're living in a house of skank. Let's start small, though, eh? Challenging is one thing, overwhelming is another thing entirely. Daily: Load/unload the dishwasher, keeping the countertops clear of unwashed dishes. Scoop the cat litter. Just because I may not smell it anymore, doesn't mean that other people can't. Ew. Weekly: Dust mop and/or vacuum (appropriate to the surface). With cats comes cat hair. There's lots of it in my house. Decreasing the sheer mass of said hair will likely improve the air quality for everyone involved. Set the trash out to get picked up. This one should really go without saying, but... Trash day is Friday. SO MANY times I've been getting ready for work in the morning and heard the truck go by without having set out the trash. So it sits in the garage for an extra week. Ew, again.
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