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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome, Rebels! And welcome too, all others in the Rebellion! This is a mini designed to encourage creativity. Art is a kind of alchemy, creating something of nothing, and the feeling of purpose and accomplishment that accompanies a completed work can give you a great boost when you're otherwise feeling low. Everyone is busy and working hard on the daily grind, but taking a few minutes to be creative can help oil the gears and keep spirits high. So let's have some fun this challenge and make a portfolio together! This mini, we will each create a piece of art. It may be any medium (sketch, painting, sculpture, mosaic, digital art, whatever you like), any color scheme, any size, everything up to you. The suggested theme is "ocean life," but if that doesn't spark interest for you, do something else! During the first week of the challenge, your goal is this: Think about art. What kind of art do you like to look at? What do you like to make? Have you ever made art before, and how did it go? What might you like to create for this challenge? Do not begin working on your piece yet. Just think about it. If you would like, post some of your thoughts below, but if you feel they're private don't feel pressured. If you have any questions, post those too!
  2. Hello Rebels! I'm back(? never left) and ready to go after a new challenge! Who's with me?! A quick bio for those of you who don't know me: Now on to the fun part! My goals this challenge period. I have some. Eating: In addition to last challenge's continuing goals of visiting the grocery store once per week and making 4/5 weekday breakfasts for myself, this period I'm doing a kind of weird flax challenge. One tbsp freshly ground flaxseed 4/5 weekdays. Let's just see how it goes. Eating2: Second goal is "do not buy food I know is crap." I can still eat it if someone gives it to me, but I can't bring more into my life on purpose. Yoga: I am still working on my C25K program, but I am adding a yoga practice because I am stiiiiiiff and it's terrible. So: on C25K mornings, do AT LEAST ONE Sun Salutation. On other mornings, as lengthy a yoga program as desired of no shorter than 10 minutes. Goal is six days a week, but seven is of course preferable. I also have an hourly alarm set reminding me to get up and either stretch or walk around for five minutes. FSF: Finish Shit February is a LUYL challenge designed to incentivize finishing ongoing projects in the month of February. I am not aiming to finish something every day because that would be ridiculous, but here is an incomplete list of some of the projects I am working on this month: Paint By Numbers Rebel Minis -- prepare at least three Nonfiction -- I have a one book per month goal this year AMTRAK Trip (plan it, don't actually go) Fanfiction -- I have a couple ongoing projects but there's one in particular I really want to finish That should be enough to keep me busy. Here we go!
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