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Found 6 results

  1. I think I used the Princess Bride for theme in ages past. Who cares? It's a brand new challenge, and I'm coming off a win for a change. Stayed with it for the whole challenge, didn't fizzle out at the end and officially leveled up and earned money for my Motiva-ca-tion Fund (it's a savings account now, not just a jar ). I've been in the Assassin's Guild for ages before the Adventurers became official (SOOO looking forward to the Assassin's Creed movie coming up), so I have an affinity for men in black. If I ever hope to follow in the footsteps of my favorite man in black - The Dread Pirat
  2. I do I do! Working on getting some basic stuff back on track this challenge, so this'll be pretty simple this time around. Things I'm good at: sticking to lifting schedule Things I'm okay at: finding protein when I try Things I'm bad at: cookies, any kind of adulty habit, life stuff all the time! Things I care about this challenge: Tracking lifts and doing the usual, learning as I go (but I'm on a short cut this challenge, so not expecting unicorns and rainbows) Why bother grading something you can't stop me from doi
  3. Hey there, Rebels! I'm heading into my third challenge, and I'm hoping to push myself even harder. I only have 3 weeks left in this semester, but I'll probably stay on campus for an extra 6 weeks to take a "Maymester" and work. Anyways, life will for sure get a bit easier, so I want to start my summer break off strong by finishing this challenge! I'm breaking this challenge into "Fitness" and "Life" goals, although there's a bit of crossover. Thanks for following me on this journey! Current Weight/Measurements: Weight - 120lbs Bust - 34" Waist - 30 1/2" Hips - 37" Thighs - 21 1/2“ Fi
  4. Prince Humperdink and the Six Fingered Man have locked up Princess Buttercup in the castle. The gate is guarded by 30 men! We need a plan to get in there now! Main Quest Cut my Body Fat in half (From 30% to 15%) while increase my strength. In order to do this I will need 3 things ... aside from a Wheelbarrow and a Holocaust Cloak 1 Fezzik's Strength (+3 Con) But as he says... So It must be his Diet. Eat between 2000 and 2500 calories including >150g of protein and <150 grams of carbohydrates. 3pts if I miss less than 2 day a week. 2 pts if I miss less
  5. edit - if you are just starting with us - this is to be a fun way to level up for the first 6 weeks. if there is too much here - just glance through, pick some folks to say hi to - and jump on. Don't get overwhelmed - if it's not fun - don't do it! ;-) We have all chosen to come here to level up our lives. We all have Prince Humperdink, Six fingered man, Vizzini type people in our lives. We have all had Pit of Despair moments. We all need a place to run away to - like the Fire Swamp? We have all wanted to go to the Miracle Max guy and take the chocolate covered pill that will bring us back t
  6. Introduction: Hi Everyone! This is my first challenge with the NF crowd and I am SUPER excited! I have some things that I definitely need to work on... I am a HORRIBLE self-saboteur, so I feel I really need a place to talk to other people to not fall into my self-destructive habits. Training Background: I used to train/compete aggressively for Olympic Weightlifting a few years ago, unfortunately afterwards, between a series of injuries and academic commitments I quit the sport and it has been a massive life regret. I dabbled in some crossfit, long distance running, Muay Thai, but I always
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