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  1. Hello again Warrior friends! And for those who are new, welcome to the rebellion! Pretty much fell off the wagon during the last few months of 2015, because growing tiny humans is exhausting. I'm now in the home stretch of this pregnancy thing, so my challenge will center around that. I'm due Feb 11th, so this will likely be my last challenge as a non-parent type person. Quit the sugar highs! As advised by my midwife, and now that the holidays are over, it's best for me to give up sugar as much as possible. Baby will be here soon, and if they are super used to high sugar levels, they might be in for a rude awakening when they are dependent on me for food that does not really have much sugar content. Up the protein! Not eating enough of the right things, especially protein, makes me reach for all the sugary, carb goodness. So this goal is basically an extension of the sugar goal. Keep moving! So, as a pregnant warrior, I am basically strength training every time I get out of a chair. And every time I have to go down 2 flights of stairs to use the bathroom (and the two flights back to my office). So while I am not doing any barbell/dumbell work, most of my daily life is body weight work. So in additional to continuing to be active around my house as much as I feel able, I want to be walking 10K steps a day. All of this will help me feel less sore and stiff, and keep me in moderate shape as I approach the marathon of labor. Clean and Declutter 15 minutes a day! Babies come with a lot of gear, and while I think I've done a good job of minimizing unnecessary baby stuff and sticking to basics, a new person in our home is going to require space for their things. So I need to keep working at clearing out old junk and being ruthless in throwing away things and not hoping that at some point I will sell it or donate it or whatever. If I haven't yet, I won't likely do it in the next month. So here's to staying sane and nourished and rested, so I'm at least feeling good going into a big life changing event! I know it will be hard, but if I can focus on the little things I can do to maintain my health, maybe I can get back to my goals a little bit sooner. But now I need a nap!
  2. Last Challenge: Currently: If you've never read my challenge threads, and don't like discussions of lady hormones and issues, please skip down to goal #1. Just had my follow up with my gynecologist this morning. Was not terribly helpful. I am most likely the absolute tiniest amount insulin resistant a person can be, and they would like to start me on metformin (diabetes med). I would prefer to try to deal with it through diet and some supplements (will be addressed below). I probably have PCOS (its never a 100% diagnosis), as I have a few of the markers, but not all of them. I also had a positive change in my hormones this month (possibly due to taking 10 days of progesterone at the start of the cycle) and may have actually ovulated this cycle, which is certainly a step in the right direction for me. If I'm really superbly lucky and fortunate, I got pregnant last week. So all goals are basically in support of addressing insulin resistance through food, and keep hormones on keel through stress reduction, movement, and sleep. Goal #1 No more beignets! While last challenge didn't go as planned food wise, it was an improvement, and maybe contributed to my improving hormone situation. So I'm basically going to keep on trucking. 1800/2000 cals of paleo/primal fare depending on activity level. Going to track throughout, but probably not everyday. 25/45/30 on Carbs/Fat/Protein. Most carbs will be fruit and veg, and maybe the occasional ice cream. Supplements... I already take a variety of things (though of course diet is a better foundation for sure), but for the insulin senstivity thing, I will be taking inositol and chromium. And as part of preconception stuff, making sure to take my cod liver oil, beef liver, magnesium, and red raspberry leaf tea. I better make a checklist. Goal #2 Lights out! Another holdover from last challenge, where I improved, but not enough. Once again, goal is a set wake up and bedtime (which is getting harder and harder as we near midnight sun in Alaska). I'll make exceptions for days off, but will keep it within reason. Even on a day off, there's no excuse for not getting to bed. I need to start winding down at 9pm, be in bed by 10. Alarm is set for 6:15. Goal #3 Move! This is simple. I need to be doing something physical 5 days a week. Some will be lifting, some crossfit, maybe toss in yoga here and there, and definitely hiking. Just move! (Most of this goal will probably be about getting Meg out on the trails, which is fine by me!) Goal #4 Don't stress! I know that in addition to sleep, I tend to stress over things not getting done (even when they're not important). I will be aiming for 2 meditation sessions and 3 recreational reading sessions... which have to take priority over cleaning the garage, or painting the guest room, or other things I think need done RIGHT NOW. Starting StatsWeight 142 (down 2 from last challenge, but likely water weight and/or natural fluctuation)Height 5'3BMI 25.2Natural Waist 31Waist @ Belly Button 35.5Hips 40Calves 14Biceps 10.5Bust 30.5/38Thighs 23
  3. *Obligatory Disney Theme* I'm PrincessHeather, and I am a bad nerd.... or at least I have been since about January, or possibly as far back as October. I moved up to Alaska about 8 months ago, and since then I have been preoccupied with things like: searching for a new job, starting a new job, setting up our new home, completing final year of graduate school including a research project, and being maid of honor in a wedding back home in California. A little more background, particularly of things I've been wrestling through in my head for a while now. I have been underweight, and I'm currently "overweight" (according to BMI anyway). I've had some disordered eating patterns and very critical opinions of my body. But something I've been trying to get through my head for the past year or so, is that I am awesome anyway. I've become so much stronger phsycially and mentally, and whether I'm fit/lean/skinny/fat/purple, I am a "real woman" and I matter. I was distinctly pleased to read this in my inbox this morning (from Summer Innaman): Treat her with love, respect and never feel the need to justify or change your ways to please anyone else. You are extraordinary. Believe that and any changes you want will flow easily. And if you decide not to do that, you are still a Real Woman. So, that's enough of a rant about body image and all that. But its important because being in a good place mentally always really influences how well I treat myself. And treating myself well, combined with being free of my old stressful job and free from the stress of grad school, is going to help me prepare for my next big life goal. Oh and hey, I'm going to start actually grading and awarding points again GOAL #1: Improve Overall Fitness (Strenght +2, Stamina +2, Dexterity +1) So like, I mentioned, BMI thinks I weigh too much. However, I'm trying really hard not to let that get me down, and remember that is doesn't take into account all of my muscle and its just another number. BMI can kiss my (modest) squat booty!! However, I do get more winded than I would like while hiking and bicycling, and I lost a lot of strength and endurance during the last crazy semester. But I now have more time and renewed dedication, so my goals are to simply get into a lifting routine and do SOMETHING every day, whether its hiking, yoga, zumba, or yard work. I've been doing this the past two weeks, so I just want to seal in those habits over the course of this challenge. Lift Twice WeeklyBe Active Everday GOAL #2: Heal My Hormones (Constitution +5) My next big life milestone is to have a kid. It's always been in our plans to have kids after finishing school, and we're in a good financial setup to do so as well. We've enjoyed 5 years of marriage, being just us and travelling a ton, and we feel ready to take on baby making and raising! BUT, I've had hormone issues for a long long time, and while I've started to see some improvements just over the past 2 months as I changed to a less stressful job and finished school, I want to be doing everything I can to be prepping my hormones and body for a new adventure. Schedule a Dr appointment for full blood panel to get current vitamin/mineral/etc levelsSleep at least 8 hours a nightLimit caffieneEat Paleo (PrincessHeather Style)Track hormone symptoms GOAL #3: Enjoy My Freedom (Wisdom +3, ) I'm free! I finished school and my job doesn't destroy me every day, so I need to be enjoying my extra time and doing things I love. Plant my veggie garden (Bonus: build greenhouse structure for fall use)Finish 4 halfway-read books TL;DR I'm free from the strings of grad school and crappy job! I love me, and I'm awesome! Goals: Fitness: Lift 2x/week, be active everydayHormone Health: Sleep, Eat WellEnjoy Life: Plant a garden, read some books Starting Stats Weight: 143 Neck: 13 in Natural Waist: 30 Hips (at hip bones): 38 Hips/Glutes: 41 Thighs (each): 23.5 Calf: 14 Bicep: 10.5
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