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  1. The story so far.... Years and years ago I started training. I started like many people start, following a bodybuilding type routine, doing dumb things and just generally succeeding despite myself not because of myself. In the intervening years I have been as light as 140 lbs (20 years ago) and as heavy as 270+ (not quite 10 years ago). I've also had injuries including a separated shoulder (20 years ago), ruptured disc (not quite 10 years ago), torn oblique (2 years ago) and plenty of thrown out backs and other minor maladies. In all that time I've spent thousands of ho
  2. I've met some of you monks around the guilds, but a brief intro... I am Brogo, I typically hang out in the warriors or adventurers. I just got done with an 80 day stint of ketogenesis in which I lost 10 lbs., but my motivation to workout has gone flat. So to give myself a reason to run, lift, and stay limber, I'm going to return to martial arts (or at least give it another shot). In college I studied Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu. I did that for three years and it was the best shape of my life (granted I was in my early 20's). I went from about 260 lbs. down to 210 in the first year.
  3. I've been an on again/off again fitness enthusiast for over 10 years now and I'm looking to start upgrading my fitness knowledge. I know there are tons of great programs, routines, and exercises out there, and I currently have one I love doing, but I want to learn more about how to put all of the pieces together to create programming for others. I would like to know why programs were built the way they are, why one routine might work for one person better than another, and how to put exercises together to make them more effective for individuals. In short, I would like to learn how to program
  4. Hey all, I've been a fan of the site for a while now, but this is my first post, so bear with me if I commit some sort of faux-pas. I am currently working through my second cycle of 5/3/1 and just read the Beyond 5/3/1 e-book. After getting overwhelmed by the immense possibilities he presents, I'm wondering when/where it is appropriate to go for those joker sets he talks about. Really feeling like I have the energy to push hard, but don't want to burn out. I'm trying to stay in PW for the long run and be smart. Does anyone have an idea of whether I need to hit a certain number on the re
  5. Yes I stole my title from the name of my favourite game currently, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (I have 400+ hours in it and I still suck). BUT WHAT IS LIFE, IF NOT A BATTLE? Ahem. Okay. Enough of the dramatics. Settle in because this will be a large post. I sat down yesterday/earlier today and wrote out what I wanted to be doing in 2018 and onward. Here's the list: Finish Cert IV in Programming Follow Barefoot Investor plans Follow No Shopping plans Be outside more Read more Write regularly Lift regu
  6. Recently, I've been trying to build habits of things I want to do, and I've gotten pretty good at getting to bed at time, programming multiple times a week, and doing yoga multiple times a week. I've been getting to the gym when I mean to lately, but I've been kind of stagnating. I still feel stiff sometimes, but I don't seem to be getting much better at the yoga positions I've been trying. Getting to bed on time and working on programming multiple times a week seem to be good ideas, and I'd like to keep doing those, but I think my lifting and mobility programs could use some work.
  7. I'm doing pretty much what I was doing last time, except hopefully better. Fix my squat form. This has improved in the past 5 weeks or so, but I still want to get to the point where I can do a heavy set of 5 and be confident that they will be over my mid-foot. Do yoga twice a week. Get in bed by 11:30 pm 5 nights each week. Work on SICP for at least 30 minutes on Tuesday or Thursday night and at least 30 minutes on Saturday or Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday worked pretty well last time, so I want to expand this. None of my weekly goals are allowed to borrow from futu
  8. This challenge will mostly be about getting back into my regular routine after it was disrupted by, among other things, preparing for 2 different competitions and going on vacation. Goals Fix my squat form. I want to get where I can do a set of 5 and be confident that all of my reps will keep the bar within an inch or so of my mid-foot. Do yoga twice a week. I've had this goal for a few challenges now, but I haven't quite made it an ingrained habit yet. Get in bed by 11:30 pm at least 5 days each week. I'm tempted to say every work night, but sleep is actually som
  9. Hi friends =) (Disclaimer: Upon review, this post might be the nerdiest thing I have ever written. Enter at your own risk.) We weathered the storm and have come out the other side. Basically, my wife had to have a surgical procedure done, and so we've spent the last two weeks helping her recover. The weeks preceding it were full of whirlwind trips to far-away hospitals and general extreme stress levels. It has calmed down now that everything is well and she's already feeling leagues better. So far, so good. So hey! I'm alive again. The world is no longer qui
  10. I've been working my way back up to my previous PRs for awhile now, and around the end of the last challenge, I pretty definitively reached the end of my ability to do linear progression. Unlike the first time that happened, I'm switching to an intermediate program and not spending 6 months resetting, developing bad form, and injuring myself. Tonight was my first proper heavy workout in a heavy-light-medium program, and it went pretty well, considering that I seem to have come down with some kind of cold today. New PRs on bench (195x5) and deadlift (330x5). That hasn't happened in about a year
  11. As I'm still preparing my move to Finland my goals are going to be very similar to last time. Lots of studying and lots of pole. And that's basically it. Training A. Train on Saturdays - open pole, backbends or climbing. Last challenge I trained hard Monday to Thursday, crashed on Friday, and was SUCH a lazy bum on Saturdays and Sundays even though I felt absolutely fine. This challenge I want to make sure to do something fun on the Saturday too and not just sit on my ass all day. B. Work on bridges daily This is how I feel abo
  12. I am back for the second challenge. I feel the first challenge was very successful, though I have adjusted things going into the second challenge. I feel this is the key to continued success. First, here is my retrospective on the 1st challenge. Diet Continuing a ketogenic diet - I did pretty well, though I have went more "paleo low carb" than ketogenic. I feel it is easier to maintain and frees me to not freak out daily concerning what I'm doing. No sweets - I had one slip up during the challenge and on 2/11/2017 while out at Valentine's Day dinner I had a slice o
  13. Mmm, I love the smell of a new year and new challenges. So shiny and full of promises... This year's resolution - stop bailing on challenges. I've let this first challenge be inspired by Finnish folklore as I'll be moving there in March! Disclaimer, I know nothing about Finnish folklore except what I just read on wikipedia. Dance like Näkki aka Do all the things! Dance to one song every day. Because I love it and this will become a habit. Do all the things! I've signed up for unlimited classes at my studio and I need to take at least 3
  14. "Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken." -Frank Herbert, Dune --- Hey, all-- It's my first challenge since my Birthday Respawn, and I'm super excited for some structure in my NF life. Slowly (so slowly), I've built a really good water drinking habit (96 oz per day), workout habit (2 bodyweight workouts per week) and sleep habit (at least 8 hours every night). So I'd like to stretch just a little farther and get a little better. I feel impatient for improvement because I feel like I've been stalled out,
  15. Hello everyone, I am currently in the process of writing my dissertation, as part of it, I am required to carry out primary research to find out if the identified user requirements are suitable and to also potentially identify additional requirements. The aim of this project is to develop a mobile application that will · enable the users to create custom workouts · set specific strength progression schemes · record lifted weights & repetitions. · use that data to determine whether to increase, maintain or lower intensity
  16. By the end of last challenge, I had started not to slack off so much on my job search and interview prep, but I really want to light a fire under this thing, so I need to stop getting distracted. To that end, I don't have a running goal this challenge, and my other goals are pretty tame. Goals Lift 3 times a week; keep going with 5x5 on heavy days. My higher-volume workouts take a while, but I am hoping they will show results. This basically takes up all of my Monday evening, so I will have to be diligent about making good use of the rest of my time. I will also have to be di
  17. Author's Note: There are a few spoilers for the first mission of Zombies, Run! in this challenge. After that though, I'm taking a lot of liberty with the setting of Abel Township, and making it my own. Think of it as AU fanfiction of Zombies, Run. There shouldn't be any problems with spoilers beyond the first mission, since the setting will be different enough that there'll be no telling which plot points are from the game or not, so any plot points should still come as a surprise. Dear Reader, The name's Rebel Five, apparently. The people of Abel Township call me Rebel because
  18. I'll be continuing on the path to a body weight bench press. Bench Goal 1: Be methodical Last challenge I switched up my program three times trying to manage recovery, and realized I was just biting more than I could chew and decided to back off and retrain my base. So... I'll be doing Starting Strength from the near beginning. For this goal I have to stick to the plan: (spoilered cuz long and complicated) A bit wordy because I need to lay down specifics for myself and things I can check off to make sure I've done all I can.
  19. Volki scans the air as he looks through his night vision goggles. Thousands of numbers stream by in succession along the thin blue biothreads as they arc in every direction across the backdrop of the enormous city of buildings choking the starless skyline. Numbers and bits of code spew forth from each of the clueless denizen’s UID chip. The streams of code are broadcast to the cities central processing hub and archived for inspection. The streams contain information about each person’s natural abilities, social class and firmware version. At age 15 every person is awarded citizenship and h
  20. Oh hey, Scouts! Joining up with you guys for this challenge since my half marathon is during this challenge. Plus, I ought to venture out of my comfort zone at least a little, right? ANYWAY. CAN YOU GUESS THIS CHALLENGE'S THEME? I'll give you a hint: this guy is in it: If you guessed Big Hero 6 (get it? Marvel theme, Marvel half marathon???), then you're correct! If you looked at adorable Baymax and said, wait, who is this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man reject, well, you need to get thyself to a video store and buy ye olde Big Hero 6. And watch it. Because it is amazing and adorable and a
  21. So, I went to download some stuff to start writing code again... just a Software Development Kit and IDE... with the goal of making some apps to see if I still dig the problem solving aspect of writing programs. Apparently, my dinosaur computer is too old. Maybe I could shell out some money and upgrade it so I could upgrade the OS so I could run some stuff... but it's not the machine I would have picked if I'd had other choices at the time. (It's an iMac from 2007-8. It was free. It is currently serving its purpose of web browsing and occasionally running Word and Excel, and sometimes be
  22. Endor

    Endor needs to P

    --Challenge 18-- I'm going to P all over this challenge No not that P, this P! Goal 1 - Posture I got hurt in a car accident and the physio has advised me to correct my posture. It seems to be working but I need to keep my focus on it. I'm not sure how I will measure this yet.... Goal 2 - Paleo Carry over from my last challenge, slightly amended to 6 days of full paleo per week. Goal 3 - Programming It's looking like my whiplash recovery is going to take months rather than weeks. As I am limited in what exercise I can do and I can't play squash I've decided to do a more conven
  23. Hello Assassins Guild, and Nerd Fitness! I ended up taking off partway through my last challenge. This challenge is an effort to fix the mistakes that have plagued me lately, and should also explain quite thoroughly why I left last challenge. One of Steve's posts lately really spoke to me; that of starting over. Every time you start over, you're not REALLY starting over. You still have a very important asset; the knowledge you have from your last attempt. And that can never be taken away from you without removing you entirely. As long as we're still breathing and have functional brains, we're
  24. Hi everyone! I'm not quite at the point yet where I could claim any major victory in my body recomposition and fitness projects, but that'll come. Buuuutttt... I HAVE TO share this with everyone I know (and everyone I don't). I'm currently doing my computer science degree. Maths is involved. This is the third time I've been to university, and the first time I've been for the right reasons, and it'll be the first time I graduate. To put this in context, when I went to university the first time round, I picked a MSci in Physics & Mathematical Finance at age 16 because I wanted to escape th
  25. Hi all, So Ive been doing SL 5x5 since last February, and I really like the program....Ive definitely gotten stronger and I actually look forward to going to the gym. My question is actually two or threefold. I know SL 5x5 is designed as a "beginner's" program, and that eventually you have to graduate on to a more advanced lifting program, but when do you know to do that? Secondly, in that year I had two major breaks: one was from mid june until sometime in August when I was having a lot of back/hip/ankle pain that kept me out of the gym, and then the same thing happened again from just after
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