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  1. I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. I prefer a "word of the year." Past year-words have included things like "Focus" and "Grateful" and "Peaceful." My chosen word of the year for 2019 is "Measured." I feel like things get away from me really easily when I take my eyes off of them. So I'd like to be a bit more precise and logical about how I define "progress" in various fields of endeavor. Beyond Quadrotriticale: Track my foods. Not in my usual "every single bite in MFP, freak out if I can't find an exact match, heaven forbid someone else cooks a stew" way. Ignore total calories, focus on: 1) three intakes of a solid protein source/day 2) one intake of an actual vegetable Get the impulse engines on-line: In the gym 3 days/week. Push, pull, legs, finisher. Captain's Log, Stardate 2118.1: We moved back into our bedroom today. This is humongous cause for celebration, because we've been sleeping in the guest room since September. One thing I was absolutely certain of was that I was not moving ANYTHING back into the master suite blindly. I was going to think through every single item that went in, and only take it what actually needed to be in there. To that end, before we moved my nightstand back in, I took everything out - and found my old five-year journal shoved to the back of it, buried under other notebooks, manicure supplies, jewelry I don't ever wear, and ... crap. I wrote in it for, like, the first couple months of 2013, and maybe the first couple months of 2016? Something like that. I'm not going to 'perfectionist' it to death and start a new one and then if I don't use it every day throw my hands up in despair and try to start over next January with a brand new journal. Y'know, like I do. So, since it is January first and it seems like a good time to do this - write in five year log. Every day. No biggie if I miss one once in a while, but as much as possible, every day. One sentence will do. Emphasis on Low Pressure, here! Low-budget costume design: The one thing I know for sure that I am doing starting Jan 1 (actually starting right now) is a Project 333 capsule wardrobe challenge - reducing my closet to 33 items, including shoes and accessories, for three months. I've been doing this sort of informally since Florence, but now I think I have a good enough handle on it to do it in a more - well, 'measured' - way. In nerdier news, my wonderful husband bought me all three seasons of TOS on DVD for Christmas.
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