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Found 8 results

  1. **Idea totally inspired by Cataleya - Roadmap. ***New PS4 Icon edited by Niilack on Reddit. Thank you! Could not find that image anywhere! I am a gamer who loves to Platinum games. =^_^= If you've seen any of my monthly challenges, this is abundantly clear. I loved @Cataleya's idea of a Roadmap so much, that I decided to make this year like a game that I need to play through and platinum. There will be bronze trophies, silver, gold, and the beautiful Platinum. Horizon Zero Dawn is the title because it's the game I am most looking forward too this yea
  2. I picked this theme (not because of the TV show) but because the newest addition to this world is coming out the 23rd! I cannot wait to read it. Eeeeew! This is a book series which is very complicated, long, and was written/published out of order! So for more information on that. You can read in the second message if you're interested in the book series. Create a Different Path "She thought of it, and her stele began to move the way a dancer begins to move when the music starts." Goal: Create a 4 hour work day, finish my first original video, read a chapter of Harry Potter every n
  3. I really wondered what the heck theme I was going to go with this month. I landed on: One of my favorite games of all time. I haven't replayed it in a long while (maybe since release) nor have I ever gone for the Plat. So here goes! Let's hope I can survive and defeat all the clickers in my path! SHIV 'EM! It Can't Be for Nothing - Career Path There is a purpose to this life. Keep on the path and look for the light. Goal: Record Bullseye finds, Create Show Bible, and Audition M-F (2 points) Bonus: For completion Endure and Survive - Strength Building
  4. Not really sure where to leave this... but here seemed like a fair enough place... I was wondering around the forums, and I was trying to see if there was a video game section. I mean I get this is a site with fitness as it's main goal and it's awesome... but one reason I'm here and not in another random fitness forums is... we're all nerds! So it strikes me as odd that there's not a section to discuss stuff like video games. I mean... we can be fit and still spend a couple hours flying our space ships or lapping Laguna Seca in a McLaren 650S right?
  5. So I finished The Last of Us Remastered yesterday. Awesome story. Loved it. Oh, and if you haven't played it and plan to, do so on the toughest difficulty. It makes it far, far better.
  6. Good day everyone! My name is turbo when in The Matrix, but since we are in the real world, you can call me Jon if you like. I'm on a path to find the one. Not necessarily the one as in a person, but the one way I can live my life to the fullest. I'm currently 5'10" about 235lbs. My friends and family are nice of course and say I don't look it but, I feel it. I work at a desk all day coding, and by the time I get home, I'm not very motivated. This will change. I enjoy gaming, zombies, writing, and coding. I do the occasional Zombie Run or Mud Run for fun. My ultimate goal is to hit jus
  7. Hey guys! Who's on Xbox Live and PSN for Xbone and PS4? I'm on both as "RebelOneNF." Add me as a friend. I'm also on Steam as "StevoVandy06" I think, with my profile name being RebelOneNF there too. Right now what I"m playing: Skyrim on Steam Assassins' Creed IV on PS4. Games i have: Xbox One: Titanfall, CoD Ghosts PS4: Battlefield 4, Killzone, and ACIV I suck at FPSs, but I'm always down to play. I have to get through ACIV and Skyrim before I move on, but I'm trying to play a lot more. I'm also going to start doing some live Fitness Q&As on Twitch.tv when I can....while
  8. Hello fellow NerdFitnessers ^^ I'm sure there are gamers among you, be it hardcore, casual or softcore. With the console war raging around the net and having formulated my own opinion on the matter I'd like your opinion. What do you think would be better? Xbox One or PS4? Now I'm an Xbox 360 player, not because I've been since the beginning. But it was my first console and I wanted to play Halo XD So I've stuck with it up to now But the war has started and to be honest when I saw the new Xnox I was (like probably many fans) disappointed and had already partly turned towards the PS4. But n
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