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  1. It's been a while since I've been consistent and intentional with focusing on my health and fitness goals. There are many reasons for this - shoulder surgery this autumn, the pandemic, feeling guilty that I want to change my body even though I love myself, the list goes on and on and on....but I'm ready. I'm done wishing that I had started taking the steps to reach my goals. I'm done starting over again and again and again. I’m done letting other people’s opinions determine what I do, or don’t do, with my body. So, I’m using the time during this holiday challenge to hone myself for the new yea
  2. Hello Nerds, annyshay here! Back again for another challenge. I'm not going to make too many tweaks to things at the moment because they're honestly going really well. I want to maintain my momentum. For those that don't know me, I'm a thirty-something single lady that who lives with an orange tabby named Dragon in the Northeastern US. I've been a member of the Nerd Fitness forums for many years. Along the way, I met my health coach, Amy Clover, who has been helping me move past dieting and performance health based on external metrics to focus more on the way that I want to feel a
  3. I had surgery on my spine ( slipped disc/paralysed right foot) on June 5th and am recovering well. last challenge I beat the "pain dragon" with the druids. I meditated, wrote, lost weight, cooked and prepped healthy keto foods. Movement not possible pre surgery. Now its time to get back going. Right now I am able to walk more than 4000 steps with breaks and am pain free. The next weeks I will experiment with my own personal rehab program, supported by my neighbor who is my PT as well. Im a cello-teacher and writer and will also level up on the time I spend with research for book #2. To help
  4. Howdy ya'll, It is I, the frenchiest fry...except that I'm American... ANYWAY I recently enlisted in the Army National Guard, and I was wondering if there are any specific/special workouts and programs I should be doing to prepare for both Basic Training and the training in RSP. As always, thank you guys! -Katie
  5. My last challenge didn't go so well. I have been having health issues for a few years. Ranging from pretty mild to only feeling ok 2-3 days out of 4 weeks. I am doing much better, but I still have issues and no real path on how to get better. Have you ever read about the psychology study were they put a person in a room with buttons then hook the person up to electrodes and then they shock the person randomly? By the end of the experiment most people come out swearing they found some complicated elaborate combo to stop/slow the electric shocks. Though really the shocks are just random. I sort
  6. At my old school, we just did gymnastics and ate doughnuts all the time, but now I've got the chance for a fresh start and I am going to use the opportunity to just do better: better for my body and better for my personal growth. But, obviously still having fun in the mean time. I mean, I hear there's a kegger on Friday and I bet the cool kids will be there. 1. Homework -Do prescribed physical therapy exercises as they are recommended -Lift 3x per week I want to work on all sorts of fun things (start going to the ninja gym! back twisting on tumbletrak! back ha
  7. Hi, I'm Raptron! I do gymnastics, lift weights, and occasionally succeed at doing other fitness things. I like to eat a lot and do a lot. It's gymnastics competition season in my neck of the forest, so getting my condition up to par for grueling 90 second routines is vital. I also am dealing with a couple of rough spots on the injury front and a bit of a fluffy waistline for #noshortsleotardseason, so doing my PT and eating more veggies will be vital. It's almost Valemtime's, so let's do the Cupid Raptron Dino Shuffle. 1. To the Right -Cardio conditioning 2x per we
  8. Jumping in mid-challenge. I'm going to throw down my basic goals for the month here and try not to fret about how disorganized I'm being (but secretly actually fretting about it). I had some progress during the last challenge (going to Muay Thai 3x a week now, yay!) and some setbacks (screwed up my glute med so I can't do half the stuff I want to do, boo!). So I'm just going to maintain as much as I can of what I was already doing, with an emphasis on actually, you know, *achieving* the other goals. Mostly that means prioritizing because I suck at that and end up chasing after what
  9. Adding rep cycling to my program hasn't burned me so far, so I'm going to keep doing that and keep trying to be conservative. I'm not going to make a goal for it this time, though. The main thing getting in the way of my lifts right now is some nagging lower back pain when I squat and do a few other things, so I'm going to try to fix that. Going light didn't seem to work, and taking a break from lifting didn't either, so I think my next step should be seeing a doctor. Goals See a physical therapist. I'm aware of one nearby with a sports medicine focus, or I think just any old
  10. The last challenge got me finishing old projects and starting a new trade: thermoplastics. I've figured out that I do best when focusing on one thing at a time (freaking, surprise there, eh?), so while I still am allowed my 4 hobbies, each one will have one focus only. Sewing: Finish the blue skirt, then start another pair of work pants. Exercise: Solidify PT and Kenpo practice. Languages: One module of French or Russian per day, maintain Japanese at lunch. Thermoplastics: Make a new bracer, practice painting on the prototype. For a lot of my life, I
  11. Ends: Finish first pair of work pants Finish Halloween outfit/ work skirt Beginnings: Explore thermoplastics Try simple leatherworking Maintenance: Boot camp/ self-defense Physical therapy Languages This challenge is sort of in the middle of things for me. I need to finish up work pants (all hand-sewing left) and my work Halloween outfit (a button-down shirt, ugh) before I get to start fun new stuff, but I really want to be done by the end of the month, so I can start on new, fun stuff. I need to keep up the workouts, a
  12. Hey crew! Your friendly neighborhood back flipper and weight ripper checking in. This month is very busy for me! I'll be out a bunch for the first two weeks of this challenge cycle but would feel completely adrift without my roots in my challenge here with the Assassins. I run with my own modified challenge time-tables sometimes, so that will be happening again here. I'll be going for 8/14 - 9/10, but obviously checking in here during zero week. Given my large absence during the challenge, @Grumble recommended a tourist themed challenge. I am embracing it, fully. Big thi
  13. Okay starting today, I am taking in the sights as I breeze into a new town of regular habits, creativity, and a stronger me! I'm looking for 75% success on all my goals! Goal 1: 6 cups of water per day - in meh/okay process Goal 2: PT 3 times per week (min of 15 minutes per session) (will take note of extra sessions as big wins) - in very minimal process Goal 3: practice guitar for 15 mins every day (following book - report on chapters worked and how it feels) - in pretty good process Goal 4: 30 minute writing sessions 4 times per week (free writes would be gre
  14. Hi Nerd Fitness, Well, I suppose it should read, ‘Hello Again NF!’ I left a few years ago, when life threw a few speedballs that had me thrown to the ground, crying, and lamenting the losses of my physical abilities. Most especially, I lost my ability to run. So, no more trail runs and working toward a good 5k time result. I also lost the ability to do Olympic lifts like deadlifts, squats, and presses. With these major changes came the depression and anxiety that kept me in a dark and hopeless place. I gained back 65 of the 96 pounds that I lost during my past challenges, between F
  15. Four years ago I started my first challenge here on NF. To my best accounting, this is going to be my 28th challenge thread. And for once, I think I'm going to keep it simple. Like, mostly one challenge goal per, well, goal. And I'm a fan of the Expanse series, just started reading Book 6, and the second season on Syfy is about to start. So it seemed like a good theme. That, and isolation in space doing weird things. Anyway. Meet The Rocinante: A Martian Navy Corvette class attack ship, less-than-temporarily borrowed by the central characters of The Expanse
  16. This is basically a continuation of the last challenge, because not much has changed. My main focus in life right now is finishing and defending my thesis in February. Since that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for anything else, I just want to make sure I don't backslide and lose the progress I made over the past years. So, here are my goals: Goals: Flexibility: Finish off 30 days to splits (link). I'm on Day 23, so this should be finished by the end of week 1 at the latest. No followup. Strength: Finish PT (rotator cuff tear), discuss what to keep, moving forward.
  17. Quick sketch of what I'm thinking of this challenge: It's going to be busy at work, it has the potential to be stressful, and I need to manage that: Sleep - check in with the Black Ribboners a few times a week, and continue to work on habits. I may start modifying wake up time, Cooking - eat some damn veggies (I've been slacking...made a huge amount of braised pork shoulder Sunday though, so I'm set for protein for the next several days). I have both broccoli and Brussels sprouts in the fridge though, so there's no excuse. PT - the shoulder is doing
  18. Phoenix is probably my favorite character, so Imma channel her this round. Strength 2 NFA workouts + warmup/cooldown per week. I am still level 1, but I am going to bump up the difficulty of a few of the exercises as I can for this challenge. At 2 weeks, I'm going to try to beat General DOMS again. Total 8pts Cardio/Toning 2 classes per week - preferably 1 Zumba and 1 Pound, however that will depend on babysitter availability. I love having an excuse to get out of the house and get moving doing someting *other* than go for a walk. Total 8pts
  19. Partial place holder while I contemplate an interesting, um, contemplation. How to be like Nobby Nobbs, the only citizen of Anhk-Morpork who had to be certified as actually being a human. Nobby Nobbs, who does tricks with the boils on his face. Nobby Nobbs, who was watched by generals to see whose uniform he was wearing because that was the winning side...regardless of which side he started out on. So...some contemplation. For those that are scratching their heads, he's a side character through out the Discworld series, but a prominent and occa
  20. Terinatum steps forward into the present and onward to small future moments. Goal #1 : drink water - ultimate goal is drink up to 9 cups per day The present day goal is to keep ahead of my Dr Pepper intake. I want to drink 20 oz of water for every 8 oz of soda. My goal is to drink no more than 2 - 8 oz cans of Dr Pepper each day. I will list my daily intakes of both here at least three times per week. Grade: A=80% of goal reached (on average per week) STAT bonus = +2 CON Goal #2 : Relaxation - stress reduction "Gots ta chill, babygirl." I
  21. I'm Raptron. I do stuff. I have pretty good workout habits, but there are always new things to fix or tweak, so I keep my head in the challenge game. My general objectives will still be trying to get under the iron 3x per week while also doing gymnastics 1-2x per week, but those are not fun or interesting goals, those are just life stuff. In addition to that, I've created some things I'd like to make sure to work on during the next four weeks. Tracked {Challenge Objectives} Boulder 5x over the challenge Walking with disadvantage (ruck) 3+ miles 4x over the challenge
  22. The title may change, but as you may have surmised from the tags... I hurt my back again. Same thing. I'm an idiot. This is why you DON'T stop doing your PT exercises when you feel better people. *smacks self on forehead* So now I must stop being an idiot. For zero week, PT every day. And NO LIFTING. 3 sets of 10 of whatever I can do daily (ab tightening while laying down with knees bent, ab tightening while doing bridges, ab tightening while doing supermans) Glute stretches in the morning Glute stretches in the evening Pigeon pose in the m
  23. The Work Hi everybody! I'm Teri and I'm a NF-aholic. I've been on the wagon a bit these past few months, but I can't help it, I'm back! I need accountability and a place to write out how I'm doing. And having you all as my witnesses is very comforting and it keeps me connected to people. Many of you know, I'm going through some serious crap. I have divorced my parents (Wednesday) and the fallout (not the game unfortunately) is yet to be known. I beg empathy from you so that I may get through whatever comes and keep myself safe and cared for before others. Okay, except maybe B as he's
  24. I desperately want to focus on sleep this Challenge (I really need to), but I'm not going to start leaving work any earlier, which means that the only thing I'm able to sacrifice to increase sleep is family time. I MIGHT be able to pull off 7 hours/night though...if I'm really disciplined. Maybe... Start doing PT with my unit at least once a week. This is a case where I probably won't get as much of a workout as when I work out on my own or with the CrossFit class here, but it would be good for me to PT with my soldiers more often. Run once a week in some shape or form
  25. My head is just swimming with options this time of year and the fitness ADD is kicking in something fierce. However, I am scheduled to compete on February 20, February 27, and March 5 which means I need to make sure I keep focused on my gymnastics priorities even while I am slowly starting to resume other activities. Goal 1. Equal Opportunity Eventing -Vault at 5 practices -Beam routines every practice, including flight elements -Flyways at 5 practices It is easy to just focus on the skills I really want to focus on and not put finishing touches on the things that do need a lot more work. T
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