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  1. As we enter the world of Anthem, we discover the story of a young Freelancer named Colwyn Plaigue and how he becomes one of the most deadly Interceptor pilots to fly the skies of Mirrus. In part one, we will see Colwyn undertake his first true test as a Freelancer and get a little taste of the action ahead. Profile: Colwyn Plaigue was not born into a family of Freelancers. In fact, he would go on to become the first Lancer of any sort within his families lineage. His Father was an Arcanist, as well as his mother and younger brother. To Colwyn, the ways of the Arcanist always bore him. He sought out more in life. Not just cheap thrills and the adrenaline spike of flying a javelin, but, Colwyn wanted to make a difference in protecting his home, Fort Tarsis. He could of been a Sentinel, the law enforcement within the confines of the Fort, but that just seemed boring too. No, it was the dangers that wait beyond the walls that called Colwyn's name. The giant beasts that threatened him and the people of Fort Tarsis. The Dominion and their army. The Scars. All of them. Having spent some time piloting the Ranger javelin as a rookie Freelancer requirement, Colwyn is finally able to branch off and fly the other three available exosuits. He has his sights set on only one javelin-the Interceptor. As the smallest and sleekest of all the javelins, the Interceptor is favored by Corvus' long range scouts, infiltrators and assassins. While it may not be the mightiest of the javelins, it more than makes up for it with unmatched agility and evasion. In order to obtain this javelin, Colwyn will need to pass the infamous Corvus test, called The Gauntlet...something that only has a 3% pass rate. There are three parts to the test: a physical exam, a mental fortitude exam, and a written test. In order to gain Corvus' favor and pilot the Interceptor, Colwyn will need to pass all three components. This challenge is about how he does so. **I will be RP'ing Colwyn throughout the entirety of the challenge/story.** Stats: Age: 28 Height: 6'2 Weight: 188# Hair Color: Copper Eye Color: Blue Goal #1: The Gauntlet Physical Exam What exactly is the physical portion of this test? It's a grueling test to push you to your physical limits. 2 min push-ups (min 55) Max pull-ups (min 7) Max planks (min 90 seconds) Max Burpees in 2 min (min 55) Max KB front squat w/ 2x 53# KB's (min 12) Max rack pull at 225# (min 10) 1 mile run time (Sub 10 min) 1 mile ruck with 25# (Sub 15:30 min) I have 5-weeks to train for this and pass. Chances are, I'll split this workout up into 2 different ones, like the cardio ones, on a separate day. Time to get to work! Possible Points: +3 STR, +2 DEX. +1 STA Goal #2: The Gauntlet Mental Fortitude Exam What exactly is the mental fortitude portion of this test? It's split into 4-parts testing ones strength of mind through torturous means. Waterboarding (1x 5-min cold shower a week) Starvation (1x 24-hour fast at least twice this challenge) Isolation (4 total hours doing Devotionals and scripture memorization-1 hour a week) Delirium (Average 7+ hours of sleep for the duration of the challenge) These goals will be playing the long game during the challenge and require me to buckle down on my discipline. Time to get to work! Possible Points: +3 CON, +2 WIS Goal #3: The Gauntlet Written Exam What exactly is the written portion of the this test? This part will test ones creative, interpretive and problem solving capacity. Essay (Spend 1 hour a week to writing) Multiple Choice (Post 4x short excerpts over the course of the challenge-one excerpt each week) I'm gonna figure out this writing thing! I want to be consistently writing so that way when my BIG challenge happens at the end of February, I'll already be in a flow. Time to get to work! Possible Points: +3 CHA, +1 WIS I want to end 2018 on a good note with good habits, discipline, and consistency. I'm turning my obsession with Anthem into something constructive and I'm SO SO SO excited about the upcoming epic challenge once the game releases. I hope you all journey with me and enjoy the ride !! Wolf
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