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Found 7 results

  1. Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, (aerial silks), ball Epic quest: complete GMB Parallettes 2 (P2) Big move coming up at the end of this challenge as some of you already know... I sure hope we (me + husband + cat) will be landing on our feet. That is sort of the feeling. In the meantime, we still have a lot to do. Minimalistic challenge because I have enough on my plate really. Same ol' goals Consistency as boring as it gets probably but I'm kinda appreciating the routine right now Not planning any shiny breakthrough or creative activity ... just doing the thing.... if I can manage that, I will be really happy. Practice P2 3x/week and HS 3x/week (deload: 5 mini workouts) Stretching (hips, back bends) – 2x/week Cirque Physio – 18 drills /week (deload: 12 drills /week) Legs – 4 drills /week Ball – 4 drills /week Pull – my aerial rig is down so hanging will be limited, but I want to go to the square next door to pull some (hanging leg raises, straight arm inverts, German hangs, meathooks => 4 drills). Light study Java tests 5x/week And that's it for the todos... you might notice I have no particular plan to deal with closure, stress, feelings and other niceties that come with big life transitions. I just don't want to challenge myself on those. I do acknowledge them but I don't want to tackle them via a a list of goals. Shape shifting is an elusive task. Now the schedule: Week 0 => deload Week 1/2/3 => the usual Week 4 => planned departure and deload week, since that week is likely to be very hectic, I will be lenient and not stress myself if I miss workouts, it's deload anyway.
  2. I am sick so this is a super rough draft of this until I am feeling less like death. DAMN YOU IMMUNE SYSTEM AND STUPID SINUSES! Going for something like: Goals: GOAL 1- STRENGTH Strength training at least 3x per week! this can be bodyweight training, aerial, or lifting. OPTIONS, YO. (Want to get in pull work, push work, core work, and SQUATS because I have been neglecting squats and push lately since I no longer work with a powerlifting trainer who makes me do this stuff. And I actually LIKE push ups, so that should be easy to make myself do?) GOAL 2 - RUNNING Running 1x per week! Assuming this rain-pocalypse chills the F out this should be easily do-able. (Would like to ramp this up to 2X per week eventually but lets start small, yo!) GOAL 3 - MACROS Track macros on weekdays for duration of challenge! I am trying to dial this in for a bit again to make sure I am getting enough of the right things. I am chronically under on overall calories and lately I have been craving pasta like OMG PASTA. Once I started tracking a bit and eating more protein that seemed to help a bit. (Although also I think getting some damn SUNLIGHT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD would be helpful. I actually ordered a light therapy lamp so I can give myself some artificial sun time when we don't get sun because WTF CA we have had days upon days with no direct sun and it's seriously effecting my mood. I looked into it and SAD can actually cause weird shifts in dietary cravings as well, particularly a crazed desire for carbs, on top of the emotional shit sooo strongly suspecting I has this but it has literally never come up before because I live somewhere that is obnoxiously sunny 90% of the time... USUALLY!) Life Goal: GET SHIT DONE! I have a huge list of stuff to get done (which is in progress to add here!) Goal is to get ONE of these things on my list done per week. LIST OF LISTYNESS: Gather 1 bag of stuffed animals or clothes for donations or to trash because no one wants it (depending on the stuff!) I gathered 3 total! Yay! Move a box of books into the closet. Disassemble your old desk. Trash/Get rid of old desk. Move air conditioner to correct spot once desk is gone. Set up new air conditioner once moved. Move furniture around in more useful configuration. (Even moving one thing or like, coming up with some schemes will count for this.) Come up with better way to organize clothes and make things more accessible (this will also be a big process.) Deal with water-bottle graveyard in my car -- partially! Reseal leaking window on the studio appt DO TAXES/ Do house finances/rental income info spreadsheet for me and brother Anywho, LETS DO DIS!!
  3. Still figuring out specific goals for this next round. Please entertain yourself with this for now! NOW UPDATED! NOW WITH ACTUAL CHALLENGE GOALS!! It should be of little surprise to anyone who has followed me on here for any amount of time that I keep a full plate... PLATES!! of things to do at all times. Sometimes I end up feeling I have that one too many plates stacked and I get super stressed out and overwhelmed. An excellent example -- this week would have been nuts anyway, but then LIFE HAD TO GO AND HAPPEN and someone hit my parked car last week. That added stress off AAAH CAR MY BABY WAAAAAH and WHEN WILL I HAVE TIME TO FIX THIS on top of my already intentionally crazy schedule... this week has sucked. Hard. Inspired by this past week of ARGH AAAH SO MUCH TO DO AAAAAAH OVERWHELMED... the theme of this challenge will be maintaining my fitness schedule (albeit more moderate amount of exercise than I would like...) while making sure I fit in time for self care. The dance show I am working on is happening on Mother's Day weekend -- we are getting into super crunch time! So focusing on my sanity and self care are KEY!!! GOAL 1 - CHILL TIME - I need down time. Like bad. Clearly I don't get this if I don't plan for it. I would ideally love an actual full DAY of downtime at least once per week, but given rehearsal schedule I will settle for at least one solid chunk of 4 hours of no planned activities (including social activities!) once per week (no. sleeping does not count. Hahahaha.) GOAL 2 - MAINTENANCE - I am getting a TON of physical activity with craptons of dance rehearsals but I still need to make sure I fit in some dedicated strength training in there somewhere. At least twice per week work on strength training. It doesn't have to be all of these in each workout, but it'd be good to try and touch on each thing at least once per week -- PUSH, PULL, CORE, SQUATS. With my current level of stress and ACK I am keeping it to just these two things right now!
  4. Hello everybody, I switched from weights to bodyweight 2 months ago and this is my push/pull-like split workout program. Maybe not 100% push/pull routine, but more or less functions the same. I appreciate your comments and I also recommend this to any intermediate-advanced bodyweight athletes. Beginners can also do this routine with regressed versions of the exercises. My references and inspirations for this program include Al Kavadlo, Paul Wade, Mike Fitch and Bruce Lee : ) The idea is that pulling movements facilitates back, side/rear delts, biceps and forearm muscles, whereas push movements do chest, triceps and front delts. The aim is not to target all the muscle groups separately like in conventional bodybuilding, but to involve those muscle groups in the same day so the routine has a higher intensity and there are longer resting periods for each group. I also added core exercise to the push day cause dragon flags seriously hit my triceps and chest like a pull-over motion, besides planks and push ups also work core muscles. Squats are in the pull day because they fit well with the back levers and bridges as a complete leg exercise. ROUTINE Mon- Push Tue- Cardio Wed- Pull Thu- Cardio Fri- Push Sat- Cardio Sun- Rest *Begin with Pull instead of push next week. PULL Day - Pull up --- For overall back, I do them overhand grip - Squat (superset with pull ups) ----For overall legs, I do pistol-squats - Inverse row (on rings with a face-pull-like motion) --- Great for upper back, rear delts and chest posture - Bridge (superset with inverse row) --- For lower back and glutes, I do full bridge - Upside-down pull up --- Good for side delts and traps inverse balance, works like dumbell raise - Back lever (superset with upside-down pull ups) - For lower back, hams and glutes, can be substituted with elbow lever PUSH Day - Dips --- Overall chest, triceps and shoulders, I do them with weights - Dragon Flag (superset with dips) --- Super-good for the whole trunk as well as chest, I do them one-legged - Handstand Push up --- For shoulders and upper chest, I do them wall-assisted - Side Plank (superset with HS-push up) --- For obliques and rotator cuff, I do them dynamic, not isometric - Push up --- For hitting the chest even more, I do them one-handed, incline on a box and I lift my arm a little bit to target upper chest a bit more - Frog Stand (superset with Push up) - For hand balancing, wrist and arm strength progression to free handstand. CARDIO Day This is actually the active rest day. I either run or swim for 15-30 mins. This way I try to increase my aerobic performance so I can have better endurance with anaerobic exercises. It also works calfs like a king. Besides, it's fun! Neat Version of the routine for obsessive minds: - Pull up + Squat - Row + Bridge - Upside-down Pull up + Back lever - Run/Swim/Cycle/Row - Dips + Dragon flag - HS push up + Side plank - Push up + Frog stand -Eat -Rest -Do it again Have fun trying this first post of mine and please hit me hard with your comments!
  5. Hey guys I'm trying to build up a routine, but importantly I need a good warmup and something to work on my ankle and hip mobility/strength. I follow the progressions from El Diablo's website, it's definitely been working. Previous routine: Dynamic Stretching Deadlift - 3x6 Squat - 3x4-8 Pullups - 3x4-8 Handstand Pushups - 3x4-8 (Basically begins with pike upshups) Leg Raises - 3x4-8 Pushup/Dips - 3x4-8 Rows - 3x4-8 Planks - 2sets (Cardio - though I did it rarely) Static Stretching Here's what I was thinking of doing now ~ Warmup: Dynamic Stretching Standing on one leg Balance - 3sets each leg Bodyweight Romanian Deadlift - 10reps Handstand against the wall - 2 sets Back Bridge - 2 sets Lunges - 2 sets of 5 reps - front and back (I've also thought of doing Agile 8) Workout A (Wed/Fri) Deadlift - 3x5 Pullups - 5x3-5 (Could not get past 5 reps of pullups, so I'm increasing the volume first) Rows - 3x8-12 Planks - 2 sets Workout B (Thu/Sun) Squat - 3x8-12 Handstand Pushup - 3x8-12 (Pike Pushup) Pushup/Dips - 3x8-12 / 5x4-6 (Due to never completing 3x8 of Dips, decided to increase the volume) Leg Raises - 3x8-12 Cardio Monday - Football 90mins full pitch Wed/Fri/Sun - C25K on treadmill Thu - Steady state cardio on Ellipticals or Rowing Machine. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. 1. Lower-body emphasis in strength training: 3-4 days/week 2. Stability and mobility work from Wild Geese Fitness: Daily 3. PCC-inspired recovery days (20 minutes animal flows, rolling, stretches): 2+ times/week 4. Read (For pleasure and edX class): Minimum 10 minutes/day
  7. Mini-challenge #1: A difficult choice The well known light was surrounding them all before fading away slowly. Blinking to regain their full sight, the Assassins started evaluating their new environment. No talking frogs or stranded mermaid this time, no forest or beach, actually there was nothing but an empty room. Well, almost empty. It is true that there were no windows, no furniture and (the most worrying part) no door to be seen. Just plain metallic walls all around them. But in the exact center of the room, the Assassins could see a lever. In a silent agreement, the group separated to check every single centimeter of the room in search of an exit. To no avail. They were trapped. Checking the lever, the Assassins could notice two things. The lever could be either pushed or pulled. And symbols are drawn at the base of the lever. On the pull side, Assassins could see a yellow circle with a slice missing? Some kind of pie maybe. On the push side, they could see a weird symbol. A jellyfish of some sort with short tentacles and three circles drawn on its main body. None of the symbols made much sense for the Assassins, the lever could be a food distributor (cakes or seafood?) or a mere warning of what would happen if you were to touch it. (sliced or drown?). Either way, the assassins had no other choice. With no food nor water in this tightly closed room, their survival was compromised. Only thing to decide is: Push or pull? Translation Here we go again. New challenge, new mini-challenges! So, we have one lever, 2 choices. Will you pull the lever and open the door with ? Or will you push the lever and open the other door. The choice is up to you, as it will determine what will be the next mini-challenge, but you'll have to fight for it! ​Push Exercises: push-up variations, frog stand/crow pose variations, dips, handstand, HeSPU, overhead press Pull Exercises: pull-up variations, row variations, skin the cat, front/back lever variations, chin-up variations, muscle-upsOf course, one pull-up would be worth more than one push-ups, more details in the spreadsheet. Also remember the rule: The chosen exercise(s) must be at your level! No wall push-ups if you can do standard push-ups. If it's too easy, don't count them! Other rules: - You can do both push and pull exercises - If you had push and pull exercises included in your workout already, you can count them for the mini-challenge - I will only use the total done during the mini challenge to determine the winner, you're free to decide the number of days/sets done. - If you're not sure how to register a workout, post it here. I will deal with it - Keep it simple! - Mini-challenges are not mandatory, feel free to ignore this one if you don't want to participate - Don't hurt yourself! - Don't let mini-challenge hinder your own goals This mini-challenge will be over next Monday, 10am GMT. Don't bother yourself at doing the conversion, there is a countdown at the bottom of this post. For our newcomers, here is a: Summary of the situation. A vile sorcerer cast a spell on the whole Assassin guild sending us in a parallel universe! After learning how to fly and look good in spandex, we managed to find the sorcerer again and a way to counter the spell but something went wrong and found ourselves leaping from fairies tale to fairies tales. After helping a witch cleaning her diet, she accepts to cast a spell on us, trying to send us back to our own world, but... If you wish to read the whole story: Learning to fly like super heroes! Chapter 1: Raid to the sorcerer tower Chapter 2: Consequences of a spell Chapter 3: Let's team up! Chapter 4: Clues! Chapter 5: Sneaky... Chapter 6: Finding our way home The fairies tells no tales Chapter #1: Three little pigs Chapter #2: The little teenage mermaid Chapter #3: The frog prince Chapter #4: Pinocchio Chapter #5: Rapunzel Chapter #6: Hansel and Gretel Resources Schrödinger's spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AotE3VGxMb_VdGlqampERmI3X1BlWkwxY0ljYXp1Snc&usp=sharing Countdown: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20130610T10&p0=195&msg=Though+choice
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