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  1. Hi, I am working towards the one arm pull-up (not the one when you hold your wrist or shoulder....or whatever else) and I´d like to ask if there is someone who already achieved it and how..... I know there is a lot of videos and blogs and other forums on the internet on this topic but I´d like to ´´meet´´ someone who has already done it and ask some questions like... How many 2 handed pull ups should I be able to do before attempting OAP? Should I get there thru the weighted 2 handed pullups or follow progressions? (archer pullups, t
  2. Grandkai Gets-up & Swings into Action! Goal 1: Simple & Sinister 6x a week I want to do more with my kettlebells & after listening to the audio book for Simple & Sinister i decided to do this. 5 sets of 10 Kettlebell Swings & 5 sets of 1 Get-Ups per arm. 6 Times a week. Goal 2: Pull-ups & Dips I want to also get better with Pull-Ups & Dips, 2 exercise that give the most bang for your buck. So ill be doing the "20 Pull-ups in 6 Weeks" program/challenge & the "150 Dips in 6 weeks" program/challenge. 5 sets o
  3. So why did the chicken cross the road? - to get away from the freak standing on his hands: One thing this assassin learned playing Skyrim is dont kill the chicken, but how does one scare it away instead? Ancient research shows that inverting one self will activate the chickens inner fear and run away, even if that mean to cross the magical road. Week 1 goal: a. Do 3 20min focused handstand sessions. b. Stay on my hands every day at least 5 times. What good are wings if you can't fly? An assasin can crawl in the shadows, following his foes ev
  4. The Target: Muscle-Up Teh Skillz: Redevelop explosive high pullup Redevelop controlled dip Redevelop controlled tiger pushup & russian dip for transition Develop kip
  5. A couple of years ago I made a video (NF link) showing lots of ways to modify push-ups to change their difficulty or the muscles they focus on and I got a surprising about of views, so I've made a similar one for pull-up variations. It has everything from bent-knee inverted rows to explosive variations, so if you're interested in more possibilities for pull-up training, hopefully there are some useful ideas in here Also - if you find it difficult to understand what I say, let me know! I can't judge how clear it is (especially to non-native speakers).
  6. Been working on keeping it basic with my strength progress for American Ninja Warrior. I put my progression video together to share for you who are struggling to reach pulling the entirety of your own weight. Before I could do a pull-up I didn't have a guide, I just adapted and overcame. Those came with a bit of consequence because it translated to more injuries than necessary along with down time. So here's my take on what to do to work up to a good pull-up:
  7. Stumbled across this story and found it interesting enough to pass along - particularly for those of you contemplating learning pull-ups. The program is called "Zero to Twenty-plus" and is designed for everyone, from absolute novice to more advanced users. The blurb from the article: (http://www.marines.mil/News/NewsDisplay/tabid/3258/Article/673308/zero-to-twenty-plus-marine-develops-program-to-improve-pull-ups.aspx) I've included a series of links found in the article, as well as a website that seems to be re-posting the same information. http://www.marine
  8. MAIN QUEST: Become a master of disguise. Or at least an actress who can dance like she’s in Buenos Aires and can perform feats of magnificent skill. … Like a ninja. Pascal, my Spirit Animal for this challenge When the question was posed in the Assassins’ Den last challenge about what kind of Fitness Superhero we aspire to be, I mentioned that I want to be a chameleon, where I can blend into whatever role I’m needed to be (or want to be) easily. It’s part of my whole thing of always striving to be a better actress, after all. And what better role model for an aspi
  9. Captain Inertia here, and I need some help... One of the things I want to focus on is climbing, swinging, and hanging. However, I am WAY to heavy right now to be holding onto a bar. I don't want to be doing pull-ups or chin-ups right now. I just want to condition by body to hang better from a bar, and get more comfortable with my feet off the ground. Anyone know of a good starting point for this? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. MAN! I love all the beautiful, themed challenges on NF. Mine is "simple text" format, if you will. Gotta rush in here and type my challenge. I'm late... again... but I'm progressing! 8 pounds lost so far this year - love those early-gains! So, I will keep it up: What is working - Daily I stick to <100g carbs (unless high workout day), <1,900 cals, getting sleep, 120oz water, 12,500 steps This challenge Diet - Keep biggest meal at dinner: egg for breakfast and salad/chicken for lunches Diet - Prepare a new veggie creation of some sort each week - need to grow my selection
  11. I am halfway through Brandon Sanderson's wonderful WAY OF KINGS, and I am loving it! So, even though I haven't finished it, or the sequel, I am risking spoilers and theming my challenge on it! The world created by Brandon Sanderson is a stony, harsh place, with storms so bad the grass itself hides from them. Much of the action revolves around the Shattered Plains, a broken, jagged mosaic of plateaus, surrounded by a labyrinth of chasms. The Shattered Plains Kaladin Kaladin is a slave fighting in the king's army under the Highprince Sadeas, and was assigned to a Bridge Crew. Br
  12. Let's jump right into this thing! 2016, prepare to be rocked! Mercilessly! Quests: So I'm working towards a goal of doing my first pull-up. I want to become master of my body, and how my body moves. In my mind, pull-ups are the next step. Towards that end: 1) Push-ups. Real ones! Let me just copy a little block from the wrap-up of my first challenge, since I feel I covered the situation well there: So originally I wanted my goal to be 15. I've decided I don't have a good way to measure that, so I'll do this instead: My goal for this four weeks is to do at least 1 push-up a day,
  13. I'm not sure on goals yet, so I will edit later. BUT FIRST. YOU GUYS DID YOU WATCH ONE PUNCH MAN? because it is kind of the best thing ever. so for my training, I'm kind of going to mimic Saitama. Kind of. I mean, this sort of describes my REGULAR fitness routine, right? Quick intro! I'm karinajean, 38, live in NY state, commute to NJ about an hour each way (so lots of time in the car). I joined the NFA in October 2013 and over the last 2 years I’ve gone from 206 to around 180. I practice tae kwon do several times a week, take weapons and boxing classes in addition, and have an ov
  14. I've got jack and shit for this challenge, and my schedule is going to be all over the place in this next month. So .... continuing on with my goals for the most part, coasting, and thinking about what I want to focus on this year. Last year was the year of bling; this year, since my location is still uncertain, I won't be doing that so much. The List So Far Quit my jobFinish my front end web development classFind a new jobWhile unemployed: Work to better my blog's social mediaRe-vamp the blogRe-do my websiteSpiff up my resumeSpiff up my portfolioPossibly see a career coach to hel
  15. Quick intro! I'm karinajean, 38, live in NY state, commute to NJ about an hour each way (so lots of time in the car). I practice tae kwon do several times a week, take weapons and boxing classes in addition, and am trying super hard to do really good form push- and pull-ups this year. I have a crazy mean (yet super sweet) cat and live with my husband full time and my stepdudes 1/2 time. I motorcycle, knit and spin, and am endlessly ignoring how messy the house is. I'm an assassin because I like doing all the things, and because I want to be able to do push-ups and pull-ups -- if I can do those
  16. Ok, so I'm not literally joining a cult. The title is simply a historical reference to the Roman deity Disciplina, worshiped by Roman soldiers as the personification of discipline through frugality, sternness, and faithfulness. Wikipedia has a brief entry on the topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disciplina The purpose of this quest is to go back to the absolute basics and establish a solid, disciplined daily routine from which I can progress. This is primarily going to focus on habits versus fitness routines, though fitness will still play somewhat of a role. A lot of what I will b
  17. things I learned last challenge: * I need to refresh on the bodyweight stuff. running is an easy exercise for me but I *know* that I can't overcardio myself, I need strength. my body is great at building muscles, I need to help it to succeed. * I am not very diligent at doing my -UPs practice, and if I really want to get to a pull-up in 2015 I need to crack down. * apparently I really can exercise 2-3x a week and eat at 1800 calories (ish) and I will lose weight. that's good news for the future! I'm glad that maintenance is higher than 1800 calories. * that thing where I kept doing tae kw
  18. Hi all, I joined the Rebellion to help take control of my health and do it the smart way. I've being trying unsuccessfully for years to stay fit and keep my weight under control. I've had some successes, but they have all later been undone by complacency and it is time to put an end to it! I plan to use these 6 week challenges to give me specific goals and timelines for achieving them, help me level-up my willpower and increase my strength. Main Quest: Reduce body-fat and fit into a US womens size 8. Goals for this challenge: 1) I will work out 3 days per week for 30 minutes 2) I will
  19. Here's my grand entry into the world of the Assassin. I couldn't resist borrowing a Lacuna Coil song title as a name for this challenge. I'm going to keep this short and simple, and expand more on where I've come from and where I'm going later. The goal is to further my ability to do chin-ups. The plan has 3 phases: 1. Start by attempting a chin-up workout of 3 sets of 3 reps (3x3). Do this 4 times per week. I am not currently able to do 3x3 as of right now, but the point here is to start trying. It may take as long as it takes to get there. If I am successful, and can consistantly do i
  20. OUR HERO HAS VANQUISHED THE COLD HARSH WINTER. it's definitely spring. the garden needs gardening and the motorcycle is on the road. and with the changes in season comes a simultaneous CHANGE IN BUSINESS LEVEL. y'all, I'm so glad that the snow is gone but I am starting to feel very threatened by the spring. like, there is SO MUCH GARDENING TO DO. DOES OUR LAWNMOWER EVEN WORK? I am so busy! so I am setting up the most boring challenge ever and you will all just have to keep in mind: all the sparkles come from ME. I have no fancy pictures, I have no flashy gifs. I HAVE NO SHOWER RIGHT NO
  21. Hi all, Karzam here, and starting my first challenge, albeit a few days late. I'm a 41 year old guy, and have let my body slip over the years for various reasons, so I'd like to get fit, and put some muscle on. I've never really been that much into exercise, being a more cerebral person, so that's part of the challenge for me - but I do actually like exercise when I'm doing it, it's just not my natural choice of 'things to do'...not yet anyway. Main Quest: Increase my Lean Mass to 78kg (currently 74.7kg) Quest 1: Learn how to skip, and be able to do 2 minutes without stopping Meas
  22. I am going for both literal and figurative flying here! This is expanding on some past goals as well as mixing in a few new twists! Goal 1 - Reaching Greater Heights How many names can I come up with to have the same basic goal on different challenges? Buahahahaha. I am afraid of heights. I am an aerialist in training. I need to make myself get more used to doing stuff UP high. I would like to do one thing up high at least once per week or on days when we for some reason don't do silks I need to make myself do one skill that kind of scares me! This is all about breaking out of my comfort zon
  23. My main motivation is that I am going to Las Vegas in 13 weeks, 5 days - enough time to do two 6 week challenges ; ) And I want to feel stronger and healthier So here goes number 1: Main quest: Regain some of my former running prowess and therefore feel strong To do this, I will complete the Learn to Run 10 km program. I am starting week 8, and therefore that leaves me 6 weeks to complete. Progress is marked by completing each set of 3 workouts a week. My goal is to the Batch Hill, Grasslands trail, Grasslands Blvd as my long run. 50%50% End of week 3: I have successfull
  24. (Note: I had a much better introduction but my first post was eaten by the inter-webs) Main Quest : Unassisted Pull Up Strength Goal: More pull-ups than week before. Test myself every Saturday. Starting with 3. .5 strength points for each week I have more band-assisted pull-ups.Can be:longer hang-timemore band-assisted pull upsmore negative pull-ups (let downs)3 strength pts Stamina Goal: longer workouts than the work beforeCan be total weekly mileage (runs)Total weekly mileage (bike)Total weekly distance rowed (metric)Total amount of time spent doing cardio3 stamina pts Constitutio
  25. OK. I would use this image in EVERY challenge if I could because I love it that much. but this time it's actually pretty applicable: It's winter. I am tired. I have a lot of things I want to do, but the last 4 challenges have been really gym or physical therapy based, which means traveling to exercise. I'm an ASSASSIN. a MERMAID VIKING NINJA ASSASSIN (no really I think that's my race/class). I need to be able to do stuff on my own, when I will, where I am. and with winter and shoveling my style is cramped, and I am chafing. I want to get my groove back this challenge. Last one was amazin
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