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  1. Red1263 coming in and out consciousness, he hears voices... he thinks. "Hey!... I think he's de..." "... yeah? What ever gave you that idea?" "Well, he fell..." "Yes! When he fell through the ceiling!... Just grab wh... and go..." "Uhhnn... Who dat? Who dere?" "Whoa! He's alive!" "Ahh!! Run!" Red1263 struggles to get up, searching for his sword. "I'm... I'm still alive! Where are you?" His vision starts to get clearer. "Ohhh... My head... Lousy Gravity Knight... Where did he send me?" He scans his surroundings, there's no one there, but Red1263 sees himself in a winding, but narrow tunnel. "Huh, weird. I could've sworn I heard other voices around me... I guess it must've been the wind." "Heh, Idiot! There's no wind down here." "SHHH! Shut up you idiot! He can hear us!" "I can hear you! Show yourselves!" Red1263 started doublechecking his gear, he noticed his Crystal shard collection. "The shards! My Sword! Thieves! I'll find you! You can't run from me" "Quick! Run!" Red1263 only barely saw movement but it was enough to see which direction and give chase! The tunnel's twists and turns doesn't let Red1263 see whom he's chasing, but he can tell there are two of them. The chase lasts a few minutes until he gets to an opening. He stops, scans the area. 'They're here... I can sense the shards... they're close... I think...' Suddenly there's a flash out of the corner of his eye, something swipes at him! "Whoa!" His legs get kicked out from underneath him, causing him to hit the ground, he instinctively rolls away and jumps back to his feet. "Attacking me from two sides, eh? Smart." The battle continues for a few minutes until a distant boom caused all fighters to stop in mid action! "Uhhh... Please tell me that was you." "No... Was it you?" "Uhh... heh heh, ahh, no. Was that you?" "SWEET CID'S BEARD!!! TALKING CATS?!" "Crap... he saw us." "What do we do?" BOOM "That... doesn't... sound good..." the three of them say as they turn to see what was the source of the sounds. What the three didn't realize was that the opening was home to a former sleeping Giant Centipede! As they're running, Red1263 decided that this was an excellent moment to ask the other two cats some questions in a calm manner, whist running for their lives, "Give me back my stuff!!" "What stuff?!" "Yeah! We didn't steal your stuff!" "I know you have the shards and my sword! Give it back so I can fight this thing!!" "Your sword isn't going to do anything to that thing!" "You idio--" "HA! I knew you had my stuff! Now give it back!" "OK OK We'll help you if you can get us out of this!" "You have to give me your word! Otherwise no deal!" "Fine! I give my word! We'll give your stuff back if you can save us!" "Deal. But I'm going to need your help!" "Let's do this! It's all about outlasting the creature. Pushing yourself when you're really not wanting to!" "That's great! Because I really don't want to!" "Just follow my lead!" * * * So life became rather hectic for me lately (hence my absence about 2 challenges ago). But the goal of this challenge is one word: Discipline. I give in too easily to not working out or studying because of a minor setback. Some of these goals are a checkmark everyday, while others require focus and persistence. All of them reflect (in my humble opinion) an act of discipline that I can practice. Bruce Lee once said, "the Successful warrior is the average man with lazer-like focus." This is going to be my Mantra for this challenge! Challenge Goals: 60 Push-ups everyday Read/Study for 30 mins everyday Reach 5 Pull-ups without breaks Live with Aster and Iris* *So one of the things that been the cause(s) of the hectic-ness of my life, is the simple fact that I have adopted 2 kittens: Aster and Iris (pics coming soon). Both currently around 10 weeks old, I'm going to learn how to take care of them and try to establish something of a routine with them as well as maintain my sanity with work, studying for boards and being on-call.
  2. "Ahhh... Thank you, I greatly appreciate your assistance." The Figure replied after staying in place for what seemed like an eternity as Red1263 struggled with Gravity magic. "Oh! It looks like you've gotten errr something... of a handle on it." Red1263, still floating in midair and trying to contain the sudden boost of Gravity magic. His replies are through strains and grunts, "Oh yeah... Totally... Got it... I'm just dandy..." "Huh... may I offer a suggestion?" "... Yeah?... I'm all... ears." A sinister smile comes across the Figure's face as his eyes light up! "How about weee... Fight!" "... Beg pardon?" "What are you doing?!" Red1263 cried out as he was able to stop himself from slamming into the walls. "I am trying to help you with this! I'm not here to fight you!" "Exactly! I heard somewhere that the best way to learn is under intense, life threatening pressure! Take this! Gravita!" "No! No one says that! Ever!" Red1263 says as he stops himself again, mid air. But judging by the look in the Figure's eyes, as he lifts himself and starts to fly towards Red1263, his words fell on deaf ears. 'Crap! Guess I have no choice!' He thinks to himself, "Wait! At least tell me who you are!" The Figure stops in mid air, "Oh!... I guess I never introduced myself! How silly of me! I am the Gravity Knight!" Let's see you handle this! Attack with a silent roar! Gravitaga! Goals! Pull-ups: I have to get this one! He's moving too fast for me! Goal: 5 Pull-ups consecutively Weighted stance: Ha! Let's see you try to handle this! Adding Weight/Difficulty to my routine: Monday: Work on shortening my 1-mile time Be able to run the trail twice without stopping/taking a break Wednesday: Pull-ups, Farmer's Walks, Elevated Push-ups, seated Bicep curls (), Friday: Weighted shadowboxing. Speed drills Handstands: Huh, why is the ceiling getting closer to me? Begin Handstand practice by following this Tuesdays and Thursdays Goal: 1 min wall handstand.
  3. "Alright, now go fix it!" Orthos pushes Red1263 into a cave and after he naivagates through it for sometime, he notices strange things around him. Rocks are starting to float? He himself doesn't feel anything different so he keeps pressing onward, making note that the floating rocks are getting bigger and bigger, until he comes across a chasm. In the middle of the rocky abyss, he sees someone floating on a platform , he's moving around, almost as if he's struggling. "Hello? I was sent here to help... you?" The figure sees Red1263 and then stretches his hand towards him, the figure says something but Red1263 can't hear him, after a brief moment Red1263 starts to float! "What the?! What are you doing?!" The figure's hands motion Red1263 to move towards him and Red1263 is pulled towards him at an accelerating rate! "You have to... Help me! Gahh-- It's... at... att.. Attack with Silent Cry! Gravity!-- No! Wait!" and with that incantation, Red1263 suddenly flies towards the ceiling! Crashing into the solid rock foundation, feels as if he is being squished underneath a giant's foot. "GAHH! What... are you... doing to me!?" "Land of Mercy, loosen your tight fists! Float!" The Figure chants! Suddenly the crushing force dissipates and Red1263 gently floats back into the sight of the figure. "I'm sorry. It's hard to restrain myself, I've been bewitched with a Confusion spell. You have to help me! Please! It's hard to... resist!" "OK OK! How can I help you? Just tell me what I need to do! And DON'T throw me again, or whatever it is you just did!" "Well, if I drain my magic and pour it into you the Confusion will e... err... Earth's Anger running through my arms! Earth Slash!" The Figure with clenched fists swings towards Red1263 causing his floating body to be launched into the wall! "Oh no! I'm sorry! It's just... I can't control myself I need to render myself unconscious! Quick! Take my Gravity magic!" Once air had gotten back to Red1263's lungs he was able to wheeze out a, "...I think I can help with knocking you out..." before feeling an unsurmountable power being transferred into him. Being engulfed in magic he's completely unprepared for, Red1263 feels his entire body grow heavier and heavier with each moment. He glances towards the Figure and sees that he's unconscious, his once red armor is now blue and... He forgot to tell Red1263 how to give him his power back! "Gah! I've... gotta... control this power... My body is... So heavy... I need to move! I've gotta over come this gravity pull! Goals! Pull-ups: "I know! I can get a grip on this power, this way!" Re-introduce Pull-ups on Wednesday when I'm at the gym; Endgoal: 5 Pull-ups consecutively Planks: "Gah! This power is pulling me to the ground! I need to hold myself against it!" Planks on Friday after the warm-up' Endgoal: 3 sets of 1 min plank Eating more greens: "Of course, I can just not weigh so much! Genius!" Salads and/or Greens with every meal! Endgoal: 10 lbs loss
  4. Wow, new challenge already...sorry haven't had any time to breathe. I will have a challenge, and it will have some goals. I know what two of them are so far: 1. Pull-up challenge! [Jan 1 - Feb 14]. This is on the heels of a push-up challenge I did with family and friends from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The idea is you do as much as you can at the start, train hard and then test again at the end. I'm nowhere near to being able to do pull-ups, am not strong enough for negatives, and haven't even figured out a good band set-up for doing assisted pull-ups yet. So I'm using the bent arm hang as my test (which I did early because my friend was able to time me). I started at "almost 12 seconds". Hoping by Valentine's Day I can do 30 seconds and am also able to do some sets of band-assisted pull-ups (not necessarily all on the same day). The plan is to practice every other day, unless I'm still too sore from the previous workout. 2. Winter Warrior! Run outside at least 3 miles every day in January. (Walking or snowshoe-ing count, miles don't have to be continuous). I'm doing a BIG job for work right now, not difficult but tedious and very time-consuming. I'll probably be in-and-out a bit this challenge and not able to be present as much as usual. I'll do my best.
  5. Last challenge got a little derailed by some rather intense fatigue issues, among other things, so this challenge is essentially going to be something of a repeat now that those fatigue issues are being dealt with and my life is somewhat more stable. I'm not aiming for the stars, not even close, I'm aiming for the second rung of the ladder. One step at a time and all that. In a way I'm quite lucky, this challenge will officially kick off right when I get a week off of work, so I'll have time and space to implement these changes and enough time to build up some momentum to carry it all on when I do get back into it. So here we go: One: The Continuous 5km 2x5km runs weekly These will happen on the days I am not working given that my commute involves six miles of walking. I enjoy it, but right now I am not at the stage where I can do that and put proper focus on a run in the same day. Depending on how the fatigue management goes, I may take to running in the evening rather than first thing in the morning. Two: Movement 10mins of movement immediately after getting up Right now that seems like a far more manageable goal than the one I had previously. Movement can be yoga, primal, tai chi, anything that helps me shake off the sleep and get myself ready for the day ahead. Three: The Elusive Pull-up 2x workouts weekly It won't happen this year, but I am determined it will happen next year. And for it to happen I need to lay the groundwork. Having a definite goal makes it easier to run, so I'm finally applying the same principle here. It doesn't change all that much about my workouts, just shifts the focus slightly and gives me some solid motivation. Four: The Sugar Demon Cut the sugary junk cold turkey Protein shake every morning 2.5l water daily Cold turkey worked very well for me the last time I tried it in conjunction with giving up the sugary junk that kept slipping into my diet, so here I am again. I will not eat chocolate, cake, sweets, or anything of the sort for the duration of this challenge. I am prepared for the withdrawal symptoms and know I can push through them. I know I will feel better once it's all out of my system. Five: Everything Else Daily creative time (sketching/knitting/guitar) Finish the bedroom (paint, put the mirror up, fix the curtain rail) Daily learning (Duolingo and CoE course) This list is always going to be subject to change, but these are the main things I wish to focus on at the moment and the things I want to figure out how to integrate properly into my life once again. And there we have it. Zero week will be a warm-up of sorts. Some elements of this challenge will be introduced during the week so I can start to form a picture of how it will work and whether or not I'll need to make some last minute changes. Though really, if at any point it needs to change, it will. I'm trying very hard to let go of stubbornly sticking to a goal just for the sake of it. Flexibility, and indeed adaptability, is the way forward for me.
  6. Hello, friends! I used to be an active member about 3-4 years ago, but sadly dropped off the forum as time went on. However, I really missed the community here and have some new workout goals to meet, and so I decided to come back! A bit about myself: I'm a 26 year-old attorney (graduated in 2017) who is trying to make a significant career shift by applying to the United States Marines Corp! I would still be a lawyer, but the work I'd be doing if I get in is the kind of work I want to do. Why the Marines? Well, why not? The physical standards for Marines are arguably the toughest out of all of the service branches, and I really like that they want their attorneys to be as in shape as any infantry officer. I also want to be a resource to and for women in the military, and the best way to do this is by being there. My long-term goals: 1) apply and get accepted to Officer Candidate School (OCS) by passing a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) 2) pass OCS and get my commission 3) be able to max out on pull-ups (12 for female Marines) 4) live a healthier, happier life 5) become more knowledgeable about Stoicism 6) continue developing and improving my language skills (Polish and French) Goals for this challenge: Physical goals: 1) Get to at least 2 consecutive pull-ups. I am currently able to do 1 pull-up without assistance. The minimum requirement is 4, starting 1 January 2019. This means I have to figure out how to do 4 consecutively by the time the selection board meets to select candidates in mid-March. My short-term goal is to be able to do 2 consecutive pull-ups consistently by the end of the challenge. • How to accomplish this? - "Greasing the groove" by doing assisted (resistance band) pull-ups whenever I walk by my pull-up bar as well as making them the focus of my strength building workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2) Rehab the knee and get better at running again I sprained my knee back in November, and it's finally recovered. It was a minor sprain (grade 1, no surgery needed, just a compression sleeve on the knee and no running or excessive lower body movement), and after 4 weeks of recovery, it's better! However, I don't want to do too much too soon and resprain my knee, so my goal for this challenge is to incorporate running just twice a week back into my workout schedule, as well as walking more regularly. My goal is to get back down to my 8 minute mile, 24:21 3 mile time for my PFT. • How am I going to accomplish this? - Do one sprint session a week and one 1-2 mile run a week to build up the strength in my knee again. - Walk whenever possible, and take breaks to take walks if necessary at work - Take the stairs at the office!!! - Slowly integrate squats (both bodyweight and with weight) back into my workouts to strengthen my knee 3) continue building core strength Crunches are a PFT requirement. I'd like to be able to max out and get a full score on crunches for my PFT (110 in 2 minutes) • How am I going to accomplish this? - Have a family member hold my feet while I practice crunches in 1 or 2 minute sessions to improve abdominal strength 4 times a week. If no family member is free, stick my feet under some furniture and go! Intellectual goals: 1) Practice my language skills and continue to improve I used to have near-native fluency in French. Sadly, a lack of practice is causing me to forget a lot of what I know! I'm also learning Polish so I can communicate with my mom's side of the family more (my grandmother speaks no English) as well as connect more with my culture and heritage. • How am I going to accomplish this? - Practice Polish on Duolingo for at least 5 minutes a day every day. Duolingo is far from perfect, but I've learned a lot in the past couplele of months and I want to keep improving! - Read at least 1 news article in French per week and 1 book or short story in French this month. I have a subscription to the Monde (French newspaper) and a couple of French novels in my house! I have no excuse for missing this goal. 2) Build a healthy mindset by studying and implementing Stoic practices I'm a recent student of Stoic philosophy (I've been teaching myself since this summer), and while I've read a lot, it's time to start implementing what I've learned. For this month, I'm going to focus on practicing gratitude (an important Stoic practice!) as well as practicing reframing my more negative thoughts and habits • How am I going to accomplish this? - I have included a gratitude page in my bullet journal for the month of January! I'm going to write down 1 thing I'm grateful for each and every day this month - Stay up-to-date with the Stoic philosophy podcasts I listen to, and make sure I'm actively listening and absorbing what I'm hearing - Practice mindfulness every day. If I encounter a stress point or obstacle, approach it rationally rather than immediately getting stressed out 3) Clean up my diet... Again The holidays got me again! Snacks and sweets everywhere, and I am particularly susceptible to dark chocolate and praline pecans that just happen to be in the house (and unfortunately, I can't just get rid of them. My mom bought them and I'm still living with my parents because living costs are high here in MA and because if I get into the Marines, there's no point in moving if I'm going to Quantico in 6 months!). I need to cut down on my snacking and eat cleaner again. • How am I going to accomplish this? - Replace my snacking habits with a specific time of day to enjoy a piece of chocolate or dessert - EDIT: new mini challenge: drink a minimum of 2L (or 64 Oz) of water a day! Other things of note: I have 2 formal events this month: a med school formal and a black tie wedding! I need to make sure I don't go off track because of travelling. I'm excited for this challenge! EDIT: I've gotten rid of the food tracker portion of my challenge because it takes a lot of time and I don't have a scale to measure foods accurately. It also just isn't very practical while I'm at work to spend time inputting recipes or trying to figure out how to eyeball my homemade food. I've also edited the crunches portion so I can stick my feet under furniture to practice crunches.
  7. A little on the late side (I wanted to make this a five week challenge), but present nonetheless! 2018 in brief: Not good, bad headspace, poor race performance, injury, frustration. This will NOT be 2019. I'm putting my foot down right now. I refuse to have yet another year like that. I think I've organised myself into a good starting point for it all. I've broken open a new battle log to keep track of the bulk of my physical and nutritional endeavours, and I'm keeping my challenges specific to skill work, mental health related goals, and trying brand new things. (...I suspect the two logs will blur together from time to time because that's just how life is, really) January has dawned and somehow everything seems a lot bigger and more challenging this side of the barrier. There's a part of me that wants to do the grand resolution thing, and I guess in a way I already have kind of done that in my battle log, but I know that's not how I'm going to bring myself success this year. I have my big goals and then I have my smaller goals, and it's the latter I need to focus on first. Little goals broken down further into bite-sized chunks. Easy to digest, easy to implement change. That's what this challenge is, and that's what my remaining winter challenges will likely be. A return to a tried and tested format. Nothing exciting, hopefully nothing too dramatic, just a few small steps in the right direction. Goal One: Structure I'm keeping my workout schedule of M/W/F strength/bodyweight and T/T running as right now it feels good. This can and probably will change later down the line, but while I'm re-establishing my baseline I don't see any reason to get rid of what is currently working. Added into this is a daily calorie goal of 2000. This is as much to prevent under-eating as anything else, something which I'm prone to of late, and is a reasonably flexible target depending on just how much I'm doing on any given day. For example, any heavy activity days (an eight hour shift plus a run, or a cycle commute, a six hour shift, and a strength workout) are going to require more in the tank. This is also a call for me to log everything so I can get a clearer picture of just what is going on in my diet right now. I'm not going to make any major changes this month, this is going to be an observational period. Aims Workouts to take place before work/early morning whenever possible Daily intake is to be logged and NOT obsessed over Apply the 'never miss two in a row' principle to both food and exercise Goal Two: Pull-ups I for sure won't be able to do one this month, but why should I let that stop me putting the work in? I have a number of sources giving me a wide variety of ways to work up build up exercises, so there's no excuse here. Aims Daily deadhang practice. Bonus goal: find a new max hang time by the end of the challenge Add pull-up skill work to two workouts weekly Goal Three: Positivity I am a master of self-sabotage. Fortunately I am also a master of recognising my own bullshit, if not so great at putting a stop to it. This is a step to do just that which requires only two things. Aims AM meditation, preferably after I've and a coffee otherwise it will be mostly morning snark. Just a short period, under five minutes, with a focus on how I want the day to pan out Daily mantra. Until now my daily mantras have been things like 'today will be crappy' or 'I can't wait for this to be over so I can go back to bed'. That doesn't help anyone. Not me, not the people who have to listen to me whinge and moan. These negative mantras will be replaced with positive ones, and I will say them until I believe them. 'Today will be crappy' could easily turn into 'today I have an opportunity to prove myself at/with/to X' or something along those lines. Bonus task: Positive self talk. Like the mantras, I'm very good at putting myself down and casting a negative light on myself and my performance. That has to stop. It isn't just messing with my mind, it's messing with my training. So, like the above, I will turn all negatives into positives. And, uh, that's it. I'm keeping it as simple as I can because I don't want to overwhelm myself, especially not on the first challenge of the year, especially not during the dead of winter. This time of year is never a good time for me, so it makes perfect sense (to me) to be focusing more on the mental health side of things. I am also making as much of an effort as I can to be more present and not isolate (which I absolutely did over the festive period and that didn't go so well), so am committing myself to daily updates no matter what.
  8. Knightfall Everyone can be broken. Everyone will meet their match and break like a wave on a cliff but it's not the fall that is important. The story isn't that a human can be broken that even the indomitable can falter. The important thing is what happens after. The choice to stay lying on the ground. Beaten and broken. Or to stand and and fight on. Okay, okay so a Batman themed challenge isn't the most original thing I could have come up with and it's not the first time I've done it either! I'm in a little bit of a creative slump, so I decided to go with an easy one to warm myself back up to the idea! The fall is both physical and mental. Anyone who followed the end of my last challenge will know that I recently picked up a running injury which has really kicked my legs out from under me, so to speak. However my bigger concern right now has to do with my eating habits. Over the last few months they have been getting worse and a lot more erratic. I've had serious weight problems for more of my life than I haven't and I can recognise when my eating behaviour has gone from troubling to down right destructive. Battling Bane! Right now food is a huge destructive force in my life. I struggle to emphasise how much of a problem it is for me. So here goes. Spoilered because talk about eating disorders and whatnot gets a little deep and goes a little long. TLDR: It is imperative that I control my binge eating. I usually don't advocate an all-or-nothing approach but I do find that this is what works for me. I need to track all my food. Plan in advance what I am eating and stick to the plan. My exact calorie counts aren't worked out yet but I'm going to stick with 2900-3000 for this week and adjust depending on my activity levels. The moment I go off plan things spiral out of control quickly. I want to add something on top of this and I'm essentially asking for a volunteer. If and when I feel the impulse to binge eat. Talk to someone about it before I pull the trigger. I've been feeling a little bit of a hypocrite recently when I've urged people to talk about their problems while I've refused to do this little thing. People have offered this before but I always feel horrible about adding my burdens to theirs. So I'm asking explicitly if there is anyone who honestly wouldn't mind if I sent a half hysterical message about wanting to eat an entire loaf of bread because thats the only thing thats edible within grabbing distance. In an ideal world I would never need to send that message but I've been getting myself into that state a lot recently. Onto much less difficult subjects: Recovery: I'm injured. I don't have a plan other than not running right now but I am seeing the physio on Thursday afternoon and I should have a better handle on what I should be doing from there. If all goes well I have a half marathon race on September 2nd but I am prepared to skip it if needed. Getting in Bat Shape! Meanwhile to focus on what I can do! In week 0: Monday: Cycle workout Tuesday: Lifting, Benchpress Wednesday: Cycle Workout Thursday: Rest Friday: Lifting, OHP Saturday: Sunday: TBD but I have a race entry for a looped event. Still hoping to be allowed to do 5 or 10k The general shape after week zero will be to have 4 lifting sessions and 3 cardio sessions per week but that is subject to change and I'm waiting for the physio appointment to work out the details. My focus this time round will be more on strength with the cardio sessions being much lighter than normal. However Squats and deadlifts are still very much TBD. Greasing the Groove: Finally I want to improve my pull-ups so I'm adding a little GTG type of work into this. 5 Pull-ups per day over the course of the day. May increase or decrease after each week.
  9. I tried to find a good gif or even a pic of T H E V O I D but there aren't any. You can't take a pic of T H E V O I D because it's nothing. Just nothing. Interesting that there are gifs of nothing, but not T H E V O I D. This one is close though. I briefly considered making my challenge theme T H E V O I D but that wouldn't be right either. T H E V O I D is not a theme. It's not anything at all. A little like this, but not really. My challenge isn't going to be nothing. It's going to be more challengey than my last two challenges, which were just battle logs. Not that I regret that. There is no regret in T H E V O I D. Like this, only more, and less. My challenge to myself is to become more than I am now. More strong - weight training and pull-ups will happen. More comfortable - my house needs work. More inspired - I want to read something for fun. More peaceful - ukulele will be played. And I realized that T H E V O I D isn't just nothing. T H E V O I D is the potential. It's what isn't there the instant before something brilliant and beautiful happens. Sometimes T H E V O I D is big, and sometimes T H E V O I D is small. But any time we push, and stretch, and grow, even just a little, we push it back. The tiniest flame beats back great darkness. A little hope heals. A little faith moves mountains. And with just a little effort, I am going to conquer T H E V O I D. Here I go.
  10. Main Wolverine’s goal: being The Wolverine. Fight. Train. Expose yourself to cold. Eat like a horse. Breath. New stuff Handstands!
  11. Good morning Druids, This will be my first challenge in the Druid Camp for quite some time. A desire to get into tai chi and qigong is the main driver behind this change. I've taken the odd tai chi and qigong class here and there over the years. Finally, after 12 years or so of awesome but somewhat damaging training in Shotokan karate and other "hard" martial arts, as well as a little parkour thrown in for fun, I'm ready to start down a softer and more regenerative path. Hence my so-called journey to Wǔdāng Shān, or Wudang Mountain (according to legend, the birthplace of internal martial arts such as tai chi). The challenge has two basic parts: Primary Section - New Habits 1. Make Tai Chi and Qigong a daily habit. Being new at this as a routine, I'm not entirely sure how feasible this really is, so this is part commitment, part experiment. The plan is to take some time each day to practice Tai Chi and/ or Qigong, in some capacity. 20 - 30 minutes of practice would be ideal, but I will make compromises with my other priorities in life as needed. 2. Continue to refine my Tai Chi/ Qigong skills. This means taking in information wherever possible, from classes, seminars, videos, books, etc. As I have not picked a dedicated class or instructor to follow a this time, I'm taking a bit of eclectic and all-inclusive approach. Secondary Section - Continue Old Habits 1. Daily meditation. I've been doing this for nearly a year now. 2. Body weight exercises and yoga. I will do this three times per week. Body weight training focuses mainly on pull-ups and dips, using the "grease the groove" approach, where I do several sets of low reps spread out over a day. I generally do the yoga in the evening, or whenever I finish my last set of pull-ups and dips. Tertiary Section - Bullet Journal During the last challenge I joined in an a Bullet Journal (BuJo) accountability group. I was brand new to the BuJo idea. The idea has stuck. I feel I gain a lot from it. Therefore, I plan to keep doing it. If there is another accountability group for this challenge, I will join in.
  12. Strange timing, but a 25-day NF challenge is exactly what I need right now, so here goes Until last August I was a software engineer and spent much of my free time doing gymnastics, football, calisthenics, weightlifting and climbing. Then I quit my job and set off travelling around the world. I backpacked around Eastern Europe I represented Britain in two mental calculation events I had my first real-life NF meet-up and went climbing I studied Spanish at a language school in Valencia I volunteered as a tour guide in the volcanoes of Nicaragua I backpacked around Guatemala Then I returned home and had no idea what I wanted to do I didn't feel ready to quit travelling, but had had so many adventures that I didn't know what should come next... The default plan seemed to be to sit in my parents' house forever contemplating this embarrassingly first-world problem, but that's lame. So yesterday I flew to Barcelona with an AirBnB booked for 4 weeks. Now I'm stuck But I have a big plan. Starting tomorrow I'll spend 25 days doing the following: creating a website from scratch with no prior knowledge of the software development needed being super-productive by concentrating properly as I work eating healthily possibly with an experiment at eating as vegetarian returning to bodyweight strength training on a regular schedule working towards the bar muscle-up practising speaking and listening to Spanish learning more salsa and bachata dance This will be a points challenge because I like them. Challenge is the 25 days from 5th May to 29th May. Goal #1: create a website: the concept will be that you give it your date of birth (or any important date) and it tell you when any interesting anniversaries are happening soon. For example if you were born on 1990-01-01 then your 10,000-day birthday is coming up soon. And next March you'll be 15 Martian years old. There's also a tool that some of the calculation competitors use for practising calendar dates, but it's 15 (Earth) years old and only works in IE 5 with instructions in German. So I'd also like to make a new version of that and host it the site, maybe with leaderboards etc. I've never made a website before, so this will be all unchartered territory for my brain. Goal #2: be super-productive: at university I would tell myself that I could work just fine with Facebook etc. in the background. Eventually I learned I don't have the discipline for that So I'm setting myself a schedule to follow every day. 1 point for every day that I follow it properly. I can add items to the list whenever I like but I can only reduce them for 3 days in the future. I won't write out the list but the main features are: work 4 hours per day on goal #1 no Facebook, email, or pointless internet checking except for 5 minutes at the end of each hour exercise every day Spanish listening practice every day NF time in the afternoon One thing I've learned from my travels is that I'm much happier when I'm being social. And that's going to be difficult when I'm programming away alone in some random suburb... So I've found a bunch of good events to go to, such as language exchanges and salsa classes, and aim to do 18 social things during the 25 days. 1 point for each, but the first one each week doesn't count, to leave a maximum of 14. Goal #3: eat healthy: this means I eat enough but not too much, I don't spend 25 days only eating cereals haha, I have enough fruit and vegetables and I mainly cook for myself. 6 points awarded subjectively. Goal #4: strength training: I was at my best in 2015 (video) and want to get back up to a similar standard. Close to where I'm staying is this amazing workout park: So I'll be awarding 1 point for each of the following, with the twist that I can't claim any points until May 19th, to prevent me from going hard on maxes rather than training sensibly. So that's 20 points total and plenty to be getting on with Goal #5: understanding Spanish: my goal is still to understand EuroNews radio in Spanish. 5 points if I manage this. I'll be training every day as part of goal #2 Goal #6: salsa dancing: I'm good enough to enjoy dancing salsa and bachata, but I'd like to learn more... more moves and a less... mathematical style Subjectively awarding 5 points for this And boom, that adds up to 100 points almost like it was on purpose... 0.25 stat point for every 2 challenge points, as long as I get at least 32 challenge points. Simple.
  13. The Target: Muscle-Up Teh Skillz: Redevelop explosive high pullup Redevelop controlled dip Redevelop controlled tiger pushup & russian dip for transition Develop kip
  14. How many pull-ups can you do in 1 hour? Use whatever strategery you like. Here's some complex rocket-science level math for your noggin to get you motivated. If you do 1 pull-up per minute, that's 60 pull-ups. If you do 2 pull-ups per minute that's 120 pull-ups! Think you can do 1 every 15 seconds? That's a whopping 240 pull-ups! Beastly. Just bust 'em out, however many reps you want and however many sets you want. Anyways, hop to it. Post your results and I'll make a leaderboard spreadsheet 1 week from now. Clock's 'a tickin'. Oh and if you try the challenge again later and post your new and improved results, make sure you put somewhere in your post "2nd Attempt", "3rd Attempt" and so on. Deadline: Friday 11:59 PM (May 19)
  15. Welcome back to a Galaxy Far, Far Away. While this is a new challenge cycle, the goals are pretty much the same, because consistency builds habits, which leads to progress, which leads to success. Consistency will take focus, and this man told this annoying kid something really important about that: And, unlike much of what was scripted for his little green Master, he's not patently wrong. Main Goal I'm going to Blue Mountain, Ontario, in October for the 2017 OCR World Championships. Anyone who finishes three or more qualifying races in a single year can register to race as a Journeyman. I could register right now. I want to qualify as an Age Group competitor instead, meaning I have to earn my spot through competition. Sweet Baby Jesus, look at those things. I hope they are just as awesome again this year. I have my sights set on two possible qualifying races this year: Savage Race Chicago, July 30 Conquer the Gauntlet Des Moines, August 5 Every road race I am signed up for leading up to these events is a training run and I will be disappointed if I don't set a PR every time out. I don't have any timed road races during this cycle. I do have my first two Spartan Races of the year: I did this venue last year and it was awesome. It was also just as hot and cactus-y as it looks in this picture and yes, cactus spines are a pain in the wherever. Last year, when I earned a 5x Spartan Trifecta, I had my sights set on three mountain races that kicked my butt, and I considered all the other races training runs for those three. Not this year. In 2017, every Obstacle Course Race I am signed up for leading up to Savage and Conquer are going to be run at red-line. That means I am running back-to-back days in potential 85 degree heat as hard as I can and taking as few breathers as possible. We'll see how that works out. In my favor is the fact that the course is hilly but not mountainous, but that also works in the favor of actual runners, so there's that. Whether I wind up qualifying or not, this will be a good early indication of whether anything I've been doing - accumulating miles, weight training, obstacle training at Obstacle Academy - have helped at all, and it will help identify existing weaknesses. I'm more than just fairly obstacle-proficient; at any given race, I expect to complete nearly every obstacle. But right now, at my best, I am a middle-of-the-pack runner. This year I am focusing on Becoming Faster while Staying Strong and Improving My Endurance. And I am doing this by continuing What I Know Works. Goal: Road Training The plan for this challenge: Week 1: 3 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, 8 miles weekend. Week 2: 3 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday. Weekend run will be replaced by Spartan Race. Week 3: 3 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, 9 miles weekend. Week 4: 3 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, 10 miles weekend. This is the schedule. Period. If I think I will have issues sticking to the schedule, I should probably find a way to get ahead of the schedule on any given week. Goal: Strength Training Part 1: Week 1: Boot camp Monday, Lift Day Tuesday, Lift Day Thursday, HIIT Friday, Obstacle Academy Saturday Week 2: Boot Camp Monday, Lift Day Tuesday, Light Body Weight Workout Friday, Spartan Race Saturday/Sunday Week 3: Boot Camp Monday, Lift Day Tuesday, Lift Day Thursday, HIIT Friday, Boot Camp Saturday Week 4: Boot Camp Monday, Lift Day Tuesday, Lift Day Thursday, HIIT Friday, Boot Camp Saturday Part 2: I will be working on my pull-up proficiency to get back what I had two years ago (and surpass it). I have a pull-up bar at home. Every time I pass through the door, I need to do a couple. Not to failure, I'm stealing the Grease the Groove training method from @Big_Show. I'll be recording the total number of pull-ups completed every day, not just full dead-hang strict pull-ups. This should be a double-digit number daily or I'm not trying. Goal: Plate Training More of What I Know Works, but I'm refining this, because I work with smart people. This will take more discipline but account for variation in my activity levels. This means I'm going to have to do full, weekly meal planning and pre-preparation. This is a ramp-up of what I've been doing. I know it works. And I know that given the proper amount of focus, I can achieve my goals. Pictured: goals.
  16. Nymeria

    Nymeria Rises

    I'm back, I'm recharged, and I'm hopefully ready to kick some ass this challenge! So I can avoid making some of the mistakes from the last 3-4 months, I'm keeping things very simple. Goal 1: The Daily grind I'm not quantifying how much, but I need to do pull ups, push ups, and arm balances every day. Some days, it might be a single pull up, some counter push ups, and 5 seconds in crow. It has been entirely too easy for me to either feel too burned out to try anything or to get wrapped up in other life stuff and fail to set aside the time. This forces me to at least do something every day. I'm also hoping to make some progress in the arm balancing transitions PVP thing (even though everyone else seems to have abandoned it). Goal 2: Cooking for picky little eaters I'm sick of cooking 3 different meals each night, so I'm refining my normal crock pot goal such that I have to find and try recipes that my kids might actually eat. Yeah, that means the recipes will be much more boring, but in the long run I hope I can get them eating healthier foods. The goal is to try one kid friendly crock pot meal each week. Goal 3: New yoga excitement I've had huge motivational problems with yoga over the last many months. I think at least part of this is that I'm fairly bored with my normal app and need to try some new videos and workouts. So, the goal is to hunt for cool looking yoga videos on youtube and try at least 8 of them by the end of the challenge. If any of you have any recommendations for favorite videos, I'm very open to suggestions. And....That's it! I'll still be doing my usual parkour, recording tons of piano stuff, doing a lot of coding, playing around with martial arts stuff, etc., but I'm not going to force any goals.
  17. Last challenge was a hot mess. I tried! but things came up. I think I did reasonably well considering: * a week 1 emergency health thing (not me) and a trip to florida to mug with my sick daddy-o (still doing awesome, by the way) * a week 2 presidential election that resulted in me being actually depressed for the first time in literally forever, and requiring lots of quiet self care * a week 3 where we had the kids every day b/c of their mom's work travel, impinging on our planned gym time for goals, and * a week 4 with a planned and much enjoyed visit to iceland and england instead of american thanksgiving. and then I wrapped it up with * a week 0 that was all about me traveling to houston for training - which meant wednesday I left the house at 3AM and I returned at 1AM on Sat. ZOMG TIRED. So ima just gonna do that last challenge all over again. additional bonus facts/exciting conditions: my husband lost his job last week, it's the holidays, we have the kids all during Week 1. (sidebar: losing the job is not terrible. We are going to evaluate our ability to send him to school full time spring semester to continue working towards his goal of shifting careers into shoe design and shoe manufacture.) * go to the gym. schedule it in for at least 2x a week at the gym. My husband is in still, and maybe this will be doable even when we have the kids all the time in the mornings, because he can just go home to make sure that Thirteen has managed to get out the door in good time. I had said that next challenge I want to start the dojo weight lifting, but I'm going to give myself until january. Even though it will make me look like that january gym starter guy. but whatever. * learn the pull-ups. I'll be 40 in April. KEEP PRACTICING. this looks like: hanging from a bar and pulling in my shoulders every day I'm home. move on to negatives. pull-up assist machine / bands are available but for now I need to focus on grip strength and getting a little movement in from hanging. the key is REGULAR. * track my food more carefully. extra double important during the holidays! track every day. Don't ever have to catch up the next day. * check in on my goals! hard learned obvious lesson of the summer/fall: if you don't check your goals, you won't actually do anything to achieve them. DO THE THING WITH THE GOALS. get something written down every day, if you can. regular stuff will occur, that being: running outside when I can, doing tkd 2-3x a week, dojo saturdays etc. Ideally I'm active 5-6 days a week. I picked up a discounted hulahoop class on cyber monday, and it would be amazing if I worked in more stretching/yoga. OK, got it? SECOND VERSE JUST LIKE THE FIRST A LITTLE BIT LOUDER AND A LITTLE BIT WORSE.
  18. This month’s challenge is a lot like last month’s, with one addition -- I want to work on arm and upper body strength, so I’m adding a pull-ups goal. Spider-Man is the king of bodyweight strength, right? Fitness: Run/cardio twice a week Strength workout or kickboxing class twice a week Pull-ups 3x3x3: Three sets of three pull-ups, three times a week. Substitutions permitted for all but the pull-ups. Right now a set of three parallel grip pull-ups is very challenging but possible. Diet: Bring a piece of fruit or similarly healthy snack to work every day. (5/week) Life: Writing: 3+ hours per week (gonna need more than that, frankly), schedule two full research days during the challenge. Meditation daily (7/week) -- I've got this habit Bonus challenge: Make heavy bag for outdoor gym This year I've gone from "borderline doughy" to "skinny." I'd like to start approaching "wiry" and someday achieve "sinewy." PS: Gonna officially start this on Monday just because Mon-Sun bookkeeping seems to work better for me.
  19. I did well last challenge at maintaining a calm mind, but my physical fitness fell off. I will continue to be mindful throughout my day, but I really need to focus on fitness this challenge. If I am successful at getting my body in shape while maintaining my mindfulness, I will advance to Apprentice Druid. Meetings with the Novice Master will only occur as needed and at the end of this challenge if I feel ready to request an Apprenticeship. To keep me focused, I will earn points for each activity I complete. As soon as I hit a point goal, I get a reward. Quests: A druid elf can quickly disappear up into the trees - 1. Pull-ups: 3 times per week I haven’t done any pull-up work in a few weeks. I tried a test session the other day and I’ve lost some ground. So, I’m backed up a couple sessions, but not too much. (I use the zenlabs pull-up app, but doing negatives.) 2. Yoga: class on Wednesdays This one should be fairly easy as I’ve been going for a long time and I love my class. A druid can travel far distances to reach other camps and to experience the wilderness - 3. Cardio: 30 minutes 2 times per week I’ve been really struggling with this and have zero motivation. It doesn’t help that it’s 100 degrees out. So, I joined the Hogwarts Running Club in an attempt to get myself moving. It looks fun. (#hrcravenclawesome16) A druid freely expresses themselves through art and keeps a record of their days - 4. Art: art daily (minimum of 15 minutes, 5/7 days) I am clearing out my art space so I can easily sit down and create without a hassle. I checked out a few library books on daily art journaling. And I signed up for the birthday card exchange through my house (Ravenclaw!) at the HRC. So, at the beginning of the month I will get a list of people to send cards to and I want to send handmade cards. A druid is also a member of the greater community - 5. Complete the Rebel Run (first week of September) *Go sign up and help us make this event awesome! You can walk, run, do multiple sprints, you can even swim it - link below! Bonus points - 1 point for each thing: 15 minute home yoga session, extra 20 minute cardio session, additional days of art, swimming, 15 minute meditation, and possibly for something great I do that was challenging (following/making a weekly meal plan, being brave, working on a house project for 1 hour, getting a job) Each activity is worth 1 point. A reward every 10 points. No computer use until I have earned at least one point for the day. completed something. I’m struggling right now so I tried to build in lots of things to keep me going.
  20. Stumbled across this story and found it interesting enough to pass along - particularly for those of you contemplating learning pull-ups. The program is called "Zero to Twenty-plus" and is designed for everyone, from absolute novice to more advanced users. The blurb from the article: (http://www.marines.mil/News/NewsDisplay/tabid/3258/Article/673308/zero-to-twenty-plus-marine-develops-program-to-improve-pull-ups.aspx) I've included a series of links found in the article, as well as a website that seems to be re-posting the same information. http://www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Docs/SecretToPullupsHowToGoFrom0To20.pdf http://www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Docs/PullupTrainingProgramNovice.pdf http://www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Docs/PullupTrainingGuide.pdf http://www.noexceptions2016.com/documents/ Disclaimers: I am not now, nor have I ever been a Marine. I am not currently following the program, but I am incorporating some aspects into my training routine; I will likely be including more as time progresses, as the absolute novice program seems pretty straight-forward.
  21. Gonna keep it simpler for this one. I'm back at sea for I don't know how much longer yet, and I've got other areas of life that need more attention right now. Run 30 maintenance miles. Yep, that's all. I don't have any races to train for at present. I don't know where I'll be besides this boat or, ocassionally, Dutch Harbor, Alaska. I just can't look forward to the treadmill right now. So, I'll just do a little bit as I feel like it, or when I get the opportunity to get outside. Push, Pull 720 Push-ups 24 Pull-ups This is the same as the last couple challenges for push-ups, and seems to be a good number to challenge me, so I'm sticking with it. I'm stepping up the pull-ups because I started to improve, but feel like I have slipped a bit. Since I have abandoned the crunches for now, I'd also like to look for some other good core exercises that are less taxing on the back. Yoga I've been doing some yoga on almost every challenge so far, but it's been pretty unadventurous. That's OK, because I'm really just learning. Now that I'm getting better, I'd like to put a little more effort into it and expand my repertoire. So for this challenge, my goal is to pick or plan a short new boat-friendly routine each week, and work on it at least two days. 2 points for a complete week, so the goal is 8 points. Strength Strength workouts three times a week, as before. Without a serious running goal this time, I can focus more on this one. 2 points per workout, so the goal is 24 points. Side challenge Relax and read more – I've earned it. One of the things I accomplished last month was renewing my old library card. Even though it's from a city I don't spend time in anymore, I can use it to check out kindle books online. Extra bonus-fun points for everyone if I can make it through four. Picture from my run this morning, because.
  22. Simply put, my goal right now is to get strong. I am following Pavel's Simple and Sinister workout, and working toward the simple goal. I will also be working on increasing my pull up numbers. Add in some ab work, lots of walking, a bit of ring play, some rucking, geocaching, and a bit of flexibility work, and you have a happy Ranger bear. Goal 1 Track Food 6 days a week (this is pretty much a habit now. Just listing it here for accountability) For the next several challenges I will be eating at maintenance. I will all pay attention to my body, and if I am hungrier I will eat more, and not hungry eat less. I will track weight and measurements to help me determine if I am on track. Track water 8 glasses of water( or decaf/herbal tea) a day during the week (weekends excluded, I just want to make it a habit during the week. I’ll work on weekends next challenge)This is a hard one for me, and if I succeed I will get a prize. Not sure yet what the prize is. Goal 2: 5 Turkish Get Ups (per side) with a 35 lb. kettlebell 100 swings with a 35 lb bell in 5 minutes Setting a performance goal is tricky. Setting a specific goal gives me something to shoot for, but it is sometimes hard to predict how long it may take. So, plan is, I will do the work to get me to the goal, and hopefully I will reach it by the end of April. If not, well then, I will work on it next month too. Goal 3 Try something new. It can be a food or an activity, just something to remind me that life is an adventure, and it is good to get out of routines once in a while Adventure Goals:The idea isn't to get all of these done. Just ideas to help motivate me. Pick out counter top paint Shop for living room chairs Finish planning San Francisco scrapbook Finish S.F. scrapbook Do a geocache puzzle Look up a geocache quest- called geotours now, found a fun one in Fremont Find 3 locations nearby to go caching-found a good spot with enough to keep us busy for a while Find 2 location an hour or so nearby to go caching Find 3 hikes Find 2 fun local things to do Make a meal for someone who is sick/just had a baby-signed up to bring a meal for a family with a new baby Volunteer somewhere Look at travel blogs recommended in Level Up Your Life Memorize Philippians 1:1-15 at verse 7 Finish Desiring God by John Piper about half way done plan garden order seeds re-read parts of garden book- doing on an as needed basis go geocaching twice-once at beginning of challenge walk somewhere different go on a hike hike to a waterfall
  23. Hello, Druids. After a bit of contemplating upon my last challenge, I decided I will fit better here, than I did in the adventures. I registered in 2014, and not once did I thought I'd end up here, yet my life choices have slowly pushed me here. Goal 1: Vegan Diet. Currently, I am trying to be a vegan. It may not be the most healthy option, but it sure is healthier for the animals, which I choose not to eat and/or exploit. To complete this goal, I need to: - Eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, oats, seeds. - Drink at least 2L of water every day. - Skip things such as: meat, milk, cheese, eggs, proccessed foods with sugars (candy, chips), soda; - Learn a few new good easy recipes for vegan meals; Grading: 1-2 days, not completing my diet - 3 CON 3-4 days, not completing my diet - 2 CON 5-6 days, not completing my diet - 1 CON Goal 2: Clean Mind, Developed Mind. I have recently started again with meditation and to take studying more seriously. My mind is my greatest asset and I should train it. To complete this goal, I need to: - Meditate for 10mins/twice a day. - Currently I do 20mins/once a day, 23 days streak. but shorter and more frequent sessions should lead to a long-term habbit. - Study French and Russian every day. Grading: 1-2 days failing - 3 WIS, 1 CHA 3-4 days failing - 2 WIS, 1 CHA 5-6 days failing - 1 WIS Goal 3: Fitness. I like to be physicaly active through working out and running. And now, more than ever, I need it - I am going to be a Lifeguard this summer. As Ned Stark would say: Summer is Comming. To complete this goal, I need to: - Workout frequently, by doing a strenght workout (pull-ups at some bar), or running outside. Grading: 18+ workouts this challenge - 2 DEX, 1 STA, 1 STR 14-17 workouts this challenge - 1 DEX, 1 STA, 1 STR 10-14 workouts this challenge - 1 DEX, 1 STA Life Goal: Travel. Make a few trips outside of my city. Take a few days to just see other cool cities, see Mother Nature. Resume of my challenge goals and things I should do: - Work out. - Eat vegan. - Drink water. - Meditate. - Study French and Russian.
  24. I've decided that I want to do The Murph Challenge this year. It will be on Memorial Day. My husband did it last year, and I think it will be a good challenge for me. I will be doing assisted pull-ups and not wearing the weighted vest. I've just recently been working on pull ups and had two assistance bands with three tubes each. I'm down to two tubs each, but I'm adding the assistance back in for this challenge, as I normally don't get more than 5 at a time for 3 sets. I plan on starting with regular push ups, but will switch to modified if I need to. I found this training plan, which looks good. I did Week One, Day One today. I will admit to getting a bit bored with all the rest, especially on the lighter sets, but I know it's there for a reason, and I'm sure I'll want it once I'm adding reps. Since I have 7 weeks, and it's a 3 week plan, I'm easing into it, and tweaking a bit. I typically only workout M-F, so here's the schedule I've come up with. My goal is to be able to do the whole thing on Memorial Day in under 90 minutes. Any tips, tweaks or hints from anyone who's done this would be great. 4/11-15: W1D1 two times, run a mile twice, yoga where I can 4/18-22: W1D1 two times, W1D3 once (Day 3 is the lightest day), run a mile twice, yoga where I can 4/25-29: W1D1 three times, less rest, run a mile twice, yoga where I can 5/2-6: W1, run a mile once, once 1.5 miles once, yoga where I can 5/9-13: W1, run 1.5 miles twice, yoga where I can 5/16-20: W2, run 1.5 miles once, run 2 miles once, yoga where I can 5/23-27: W3, run 2 miles twice 5/30: The Murph!
  25. Join me as we hunt the elusive Jaguar shark! I'm going to be at sea for all but three days of this challenge so I thought I'd have some fun riffing on a theme, and perhaps work in a little insight into my world. My quests will build on last month's discoveries, and continue to follow a 10k training plan as best as I am able. Run Stick to the training plan, which will almost all have to be on the treadmill (boo!), sea conditions permitting. The plan consists of about 80 miles in workouts during this time, but it is still winter in Alaska – I've got to play this one conservative. I'll set the goal at 40 miles, and really really hope for better. To help out, I'm gonna get a headstart with a long run this weekend, and as much as I can on land before we depart on the 23 day adventure cruise on Wednesday. Push, Pull, Sit 720 Push-ups 1200 Crunches 20 Pull-ups Just a slight bump to last month's numbers for this one – stick with what's working. Stretch Going to make this one more yoga-centric this time. 2 points for 30 min of yoga practice, 1 point for shorter or stretching only. 24 points total. Weights 2 points for 20 min of weight training, 1 point for a good-try effort. I may look at some new routines, or just stick with what I've been doing and keep increasing the weight. 16 points total. Side quest Track down the deadly Jaguar shark, stay ahead of my arch nemesis, and try not to run out of dynamite fending off pirates in unprotected waters. Now, let's have some teamsmanship!
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