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  1. Main Quest:Be strong and Fit K Main Quest Strength Goal 44 lb. Kettlebell swings 100 in 5 minutes/ 35 lb. Turkish Get-Ups 5 reps each side in 10 minutes :goal deadline June 15th Lift Stuff: Do the Simple and Sinister workout at least 4 days a week/ 5 is better/6 days a week of swings is ultimate Eat sugar only as a rare treat: The fine print: Use my calendar and mark smiles for successful days Little sugar during challenge: 1 free pass token that can be used for a dessert Paleo treats allowed :4 tokens Dark chocolate 80% or more, ¼ of a serving is free Can use stevia/ small bit of
  2. Welcome lurkers, old and new For those of you who don't know, I do gymnastics and bodyweight skills, and supplement that training with weightlifting and climbing. Last challenge I worked extensively on squats, deadlifts, flips and muscle-ups. I also broke the British record for calendar calculations, wrote a new piano composition, and started practising speaking in Spanish. I also realised that I'm missing some strength in some key areas... so that's what I want to work on now. I tend to work out with very high weights and low reps, which got me strong fast, but I'm now at a plateau where
  3. A just-graduated recruit wanders into the warrior camp, looks around at all the swole bros and brahs, feeling a little outclassed. Then sits down by the campfire listening to the war stories for a while -- "protein, stronglifts, rippetoe, widowmakers, microloading, accessory exercises, compound lifts, cutting, bulking, recomp" -- and starts feeling right at home. "I've found my people," she thinks. Main goal: build the strength base needed for my Tough Mudder in October. Goal 1: Increase my lifts, especially squat and bench (which both lag) STR +4 Actions: Follow my lifting program (3 da
  4. I feel like I've found my people! This is my first post at NF and my first challenge - of hopefully many. Backstory I used to be a fit guy but for the last few years, I've struggled to find that fire. I'm plumper and softer than I've ever been. And depressed. So I signed up for a year-long coaching program to help motivate me. This coaching program has some great things to it, but I feel like I need an online community to keep me accountable or to just share my struggles and completed levels. My First Challenge 1. Lift weights at least 2 times a week. My coach has written up an awesome w
  5. The Dead City of Aku'Mah Part I The black stone river port squatted solemly in a miasma of fog and entropic despair. No wind blew. The river laid still, its opaque water as lifeless as the metropolis through which it coiled. No star or moon was visible, yet the city was dimly illuminated by some unpreceptable light source. The slick hewn stone banks of the river and canals seemed to almost glisten in the unatural twilight. In one of the city's market squares stood a cowled man, dressed in worn, grime caked garmets . His hands were loosely wrapped in dirty bandages, stained by the same bla
  6. ***Note: This is a busy week at work and as such I will finish this entry as soon as I can*** Helloooooooooooooo! Hello If you haven't seen me for a while, there are some reasons. But now I'm back and getting ready for a wedding in less than eight months! Main Quest Basically my main goal is going for the reduction of fat in my bodyweight composition. Plain and simple. I really don't have an end percentage in mind, just going for the "look good naked" thing, especially with my wedding happening in October I really want to look sexy for the lady-friend. I'll be s
  7. One of my goals for this upcoming 6-week challenge will have something to do with the "pulling-body-weight-up-while-hanging-from-a-bar" style of exercise. I could do these as PULL-UPS (with my hands facing away from me), CHIN-UPS (with my palms facing me), or NEUTRAL GRIP (with my palms facing each other, gripping sideways bars). Is there one that should be preferred over the others? Am I making things too easy or too hard by choosing a particular style? Or is it all just personal preference? I'll test myself when I get to the gym this evening, but I think as of today I could probably do 5 o
  8. I tried to beat the sad pandas last challenge, but I didn't realize I was PLAYING INTO THEIR HANDS. See, you might not know this, but sad pandas are pedantic, points driven, and very metric based. They want you to try things that don't always make you feel better. they are not totally interested in letting you be a happy panda. so I ended up feeling more sadder, because playing the game by Sad Panda rules meant you are always going to be a sad panda. I don't want to be sad panda! I want to be a sparkly assassin! No more mopefests for me! (bonus halloween photo!) So I need to structure th
  9. So, I really don't have much to detail my challenges because I'm at work. BUT I wanted to add a quick bookmark thread to save my place and let you guys know I'm here! In a nut-shell my current Master Quest is to complete 1 unassisted pull-up. Challenge 1: Stay on pull-up program on phone doing band-assisted pull-ups. If I can stay on track this will garner me 3.0 Strength. Challenge 2: AMRAP dips every day. If I can stay on track, this will garner me 3.0 Stamina. Challenge 3: Sit-ups program on phone. I've decided I'm going to work on planks. Every day. Initially, I might just
  10. "too late for second-guessing, too late to go back to sleep. it's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap! it's time to try defying gravity..." INTRODUCTION: Oh look, I'm back again, finally injury-free (knock on wood) and ready for some hardcore assassining! Last time, our intrepid heroine relearned how to walk. This time, the moment has finally come to learn how to fly. In less grandiose terms, my dreams of taking aerial lessons are coming true at last - my first class is on 11/11! Additionally, I'm finally getting back into the flexibility work I had to abandon in favor
  11. So, I just realized I have less than a month to my Spartan race. Holy crap, ya'll!!! Since that is coming up in just about 4 weeks I decided my Spartan training shall be the theme of this challenge!Luckily, my regular training for aerial already is good training for the Spartan race, but I really need to ramp up my running! I can hike and walk long distances easily so it's just a matter of doing run/walk couch to 5k (Zombie style, of course) to work on getting my legs used to impact again. Here are my specific goals: 1. Prepare for those burpees! (aka push up time!): I am pretty confident t
  12. Hello, assassins! I am Kat, usually a Scout, but here to try a challenge on more of a strength note. I find my strength routines easier to fit in my schedule, and frankly more fun. But this challenge, they need an upgrade. Required challenge listening: (although the video is a little dumb, Freud would have something to say about everything in Bey's teeth) Main Goal: Pull up-grade Learn to do a pull up, work on general strength and badassery -Step 1: 3 times a week, work on nerd fitness progression http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/04/25/do-a-pull-up/-- starting at 3A EDIT: I'm starti
  13. Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here...couldn't find any help elsewhere and visit this site all the time already so I thought I'd make an account and see wassup. Anyway.... I bought this thingy a while ago: https://www.perfectonline.com/product/pullup And it's great! I can do pull-ups/chin-ups, then unlock it and lower it to superset with Australian pulls/chins. The problem is, one half of the bar has a smaller circumference (I think that's the first time I've used that word since highschool) than the other half. The reason for this is because the bar is expandable to fit
  14. Who am I? It might be that some day soon I'll get the proper answer to that question. It might be that day is years away. I can't say I'm in much of a rush to get there. Pseudo-philosophical babble aside... At the time of writing this, I'm a twenty two year old student with a bit of a spare tyre and lungs that only seem to work at a fraction of what they should be working at. On this site I've adopted the name Yeti, though I'm not unusually tall nor overly hirsute. And I do not thrive in the cold. Hypothermia and I have become close acquaintances over the years. If anything, I'm more
  15. Hi, I don't know where to ask this, but I've been stuck in my pull-up and my push-ups progression. I have been doing startbodyweight weight loss program for a while now, and I hit 6/6/6 on my half pull-ups and 8/7/7 on uneven push-ups. From there I can't seem to move on. My body just can't follow. Is there anything I can do? Here are possible factors that I considered: I've been eating less for a while nowI'm training boxing/kali in my off daysI'm not quite sure what to do from here. Thanks for helping me out.
  16. "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone. what doesn't kill you makes a fighter, footsteps even lighter..." INTRODUCTION: Hello, Assassins! I am thrilled to be joining you for my second challenge! I could babble on and on here (I'm verbose; apologies in advance) but in a nutshell: I had a parkour accident in August (oooooops) which led to a broken bone (double ooooooooops) which I am now in the process of rehabbing so that I can go back to doing cool, Assassin-y things. Which brings me to my... MAIN QUEST: Be in a condition
  17. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. For my fifth challenge, I need to get back to going to the gym on a regular basis. I grew lazy during the warm summer months and slacked off going on a regular basis and I need the gym again. I had hoped to join the Warriors Guild for this challenge, but I don’t feel I’m worthy yet since I haven’t done any serious weight lifting all summer. So I’m going back to the basics by walking and doing easier weights to start with. Motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my di
  18. My life quest continues to be: become fit (i.e. not overweight and not skinny-but-weak), strong (with an emphasis on bodyweight exercises and functional fitness), and flexible. I finished my last challenge but I was so far behind in posting that I didn't post that. Given that I didn't tell anyone I was done, I also didn't adjust my stats, so we'll just pretend that one never happened. Looking back over my last several challenges, I realized that I had tried to do too much too soon in my last one. Once I realized I couldn't hit all of my goals I felt like a failure and stopped posting. Once
  19. The 10th one wasn't perfect form, but I got my chin above the bar for 10 pullups in a row *cant believe that only 11 months ago, 1 pullup was a pipe dream*
  20. I took a while off, but I think I could use a little extra motivation and focus for the next six weeks. Been keeping up the climbing/swimming/juggling regularly, eating what I want when I want it and discovering how awesomely that works for me. Came back today on a whim, only to discover it's the beginning of a new challenge - and it's my thirteenth. AWESOME. Goals: 1. Pull-up power. I've let this hang out at a maintenance level of 4 pull-ups while I've focused on actually climbing - time to build some more muscle, get some more reps. I also want to move my rings upstairs from the basemen
  21. The earliest parts of 2014 were some very trying months for me, where I had to deal with a knee blowout, surgery, and tons of physical therapy. But now I'm free and ready to take flight once more. And in honor of dealing with feeling crapped on by the world, but persevering, I'm going for a fun, Firefly theme. (and bonus geek points to anyone who can tell me who said each line and in what episode/context) Goal 1. "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar" (physical) Now that I've been cleared for sports and such, I want to test myself with some new fancy flying tricks (well, hanging
  22. Light. So bright. Why is it so damn bright with my eyes closed? Wait, my eyes won't open! Where am I? Think, think, think... A female form lay on a clean white hospital bed, dark hair splashed across sterile pillows. One finger moved, slowly, then another. Her hand clenched and relaxed, testing a movement it hadn't made in quite some time. "It's OK, Clementine. You're safe." What the hell? Who is that?? Where am I, why can't I talk? "Don't fret, the sedatives are wearing off. You should be able to open your eyes shortly." Clementine's eyes opened slowly, squinting at the brightness of the fluo
  23. Goal: Squatting! How to? Squat twice a week!!! Current working weight (gone back down after getting advice on form) 50 kgs. 3 x 10 1: 3 x 10 @ 52.5 2: 1 x 10 @ 52.5, 2 x 5 @ 52.5 3: 1 x 10 @ 55, 2 x 10 @ 52.5 4: 3 x 10 @ 55 kgs 5: 3 x 10 @ 55 kgs 6: 3 x 10 @ 55 kgs 7: 3 x 10 @ 57.5 kgs 8: 3 x 10 @ 57.5 kgs 8/12 Goal: Pull-ups! (Ok, one - hopefully) How to? Deadhangs on pull-up bar at home, negatives as slowly as possible (other ideas? Let me know!) Work on this at least 3 days/week. Currently? I can manage 40-50 seconds of hanging around and I can do 3 sloooooow negatives. 12/1
  24. Hello All, Time to rock and roll again! This time... This time, things will be easier on me cuz I'm not gonna go with a specific workout program. It's just not in the cards for me. Having to worry about a specific program has been an extra stress that I don't need, ha ha. I get my workouts in every week. And I get stronger in the process, so as long as I keep that up, I will be fine. I do have one requirement for my workouts though and that be apart of my goals: Split workouts with an upper body day and lower body day. Baby #3 is gonna be here in a little over a month and I'm so excited to
  25. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. For my fourth challenge, I want to focus more on movement. While I still intend to do weightlifting at the gym during the week (yay warriors!), I want to try focusing on my mobility and toning this go 'round so I'm giving the Assassins Guild a try. Motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weight lifting and
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