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  1. Okay, so, I'm going to do a very extensive awesome write up, but I haven't gotten it done yet. So this is just a place holder. Woot, new challenge is up!
  2. I haven't been happy with my progress the last couple challenges, no excuses. It's time to double down and get back to basics. I'm going to focus on Lifting, Running, Hydrating, and Recording. Main Quest: a ) Finish this challenge as intended. b ) Under 200 Lbs by 30th birthday (12/04/14) Mini Quests: 1. Workout more frequently [sTR +3] [DEX +2] 6am workouts alternating with running & lifting. Angry birds workout with added dumbbell workouts. Success is dependent on getting to bed early. A = 5 workouts B = 4 workouts C = 3 workouts D = 2 workouts F = <2 workouts 2. Hydrate
  3. Aaaaaand I'm back for another one! I'm feeling very good still about how I did last challenge, and am looking forward to accomplishing even more this challenge. So here are my goals for this one, shaking things up a little bit from the last 2 challenges... Goal 1: Lose pounds, body fat and inches Most of my past challenges, I've focused on one or the other of these individually. This time, I'd like to go for the combo! A win for me would be to see all three of these numbers go down, even marginally, this challenge. These may be a bit ambitious, but I'm willing to try to see where this leads.
  4. Goal 1 Continue bodyweight workout 3x weekly. Last challenge I put the L-sit as a goal, which I still want. Most of the workouts I did last challenge involved push-ups, pull/chin-ups and dips. I gained reps on all of them, and was very pleased with the way things turned out, especially with the dips. I want to continue my success by doing BW workout three times a week, with a goal of an L-sit someday. Goal 2 Learn Jitterbug Stroll I went swing dancing several weeks ago, as I am wont to do. I saw a group dance I don't know. I know Tranky Doo and two types of Shim Shams. This was the Jitterbug
  5. Main Quest - Do my homework! I have about 10 hours of aerial, contortion and acrobatics classes scheduled per week during this challenge so I think it’s fair to say I’m doing ok on the exercise front. But as fun as it is, in all honesty I’m studying too many subjects and I’m probably not necessarily progressing as well as I could. Especially since while I love attending the lectures, I’m a huge slacker when it comes to homework... This challenge I’m going to focus on simple things I can do to improve my work in the classroom. There will be a lot of homework, and I will
  6. On my last challenge, I feel like a fell down on two of my goals because ultimately I was spreading myself too thin and not really focusing on what I really wanted to achieve in the long term. Whilst I will return to handstands at some point, I've decided to go back to basics with this challenge and really strip everything down. In essence, I'm going SPARTAN! It's going to be very simple: Diet Exercise Sleep. The agoge was the spartans training super harsh training regime. Whilst I'm not going to be putting myself through anything as crazy as some of their training techniques, I feel
  7. Okay, so I didn't really complete my last challenge, so I'm going to just do the same thing again. Hopefully, this time I'm going to build enough bicep and back muscle strength to perform a pull-up. So, here's a copy and paste from my last thread: Training to be accepted as an Assassin’s Apprentice Main Quest: Complete 1 unassisted dead hang pull-up to be accepted as an Assassin’s Apprentice Goal 1: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Borrowing from Daft Punk, an assassin must be harder, better, faster and stronger than those around them. For this I must train to prove my worthiness
  8. Mweeheeheee~ finally I can take on a challenge in a guild! And not the one I first supposed. My ultimate fitness goal is to become a strong fighter (specifically boxing/MMA), but for that I need to get a good conditioning routine down. Training has some but not enough to really build strength significantly, and I’ve been barred from using the one barbell in the studio. But who really NEEDS equipment in order to get stronger, really? Besides, the agility gained from bodyweight strength exercises is bound to serve a fighter well… The Quest: to become truly independent in strength tr
  9. the25r is reborn, a spirit wandering the land. I've made it to a merchant ship and have set sail for distant lands. The journey is long, and I must be prepared for anything once we reach our destination. This is no time to rest, there is work to be done. Main Quest: To measurably improve both strength and muscular endurance. Goals: 1. Be a better sailor In WWII, my grandfather served as an officer in the US Navy, managing the physical fitness of the sailors during their long times at sea. He lead the exercising that took place on the ship deck and helped ensure the men were in fighting sh
  10. Background info/Introduction: Hello everyone, I'll go by Delta-Romeo-Sierra here. I've been checking out Nerd Fitness for a couple of weeks and have been inspired by the positivity of your community. I decided that this would be the perfect place to refocus on some of my fitness goals. I'm a professional and a college graduate who has spent several years trying to get myself into phenomenal shape and earn a contract to enter a special operations training pipeline. A few months back, my training really started to nosedive after I turned 31 and officially became too old to apply to the program.
  11. Whilst I was pretty happy with my progress on the previous challenge, I still have some loose ends to tie up so rather than doing anything radically different, on the whole I'm going to keep on pretty much the same course as before. Therefore, my goals are the following: Goal 1: bodyweight exercising 6 days a week BUT THIS TIME WITH ADDED EXTRAS!!!! (CON +3, STA +2) Working out 6 days a week focusing on just one specific exercise each day to condense the time requires really seemed to work for the last time- it was easier to get into the habit of exercising every day rather than every other
  12. Everything old is new again. I'll be revisiting some old goals which I've had success with in the past, and which have helped me succeed in other areas of my life (mostly in the Life Goal section). The 3 exercise goals are nothing new, but do contain some new details. Overall Challenge Theme: Be Consistent Goal #1 - Run Ok, so I'm getting really sick of this goal, but it's one I still have to stick with whether I like it or not. So, as usual, run 3x/week. Focus is on improving my 2k time to 10 minutes or less. Goal #2 - Strength This isn't so much an old goal as a continuously evol
  13. First of all, I am The Beard. (Renamed from jwlynch00) Main Quest In order to continue my assassin training, I must become more stealthy! To accomplish this, my plan is to reduce my body fat composition to 12% by May 2014 through strength training (last measure was 15.5%). I won't be able to get it professionally measure until May, so the 12% is just a ballpark figure. Basically my main quest is along the lines of "look good naked". Goals: 1) If I am to be a good assassin, I need to improve my flexibility so I can easily move from place to place, dodge attacks, etc. My bi
  14. Whenever you need to make a lot of progress in a hurry what do you need? We need a montage. This will be a six week montage going from fumbling my way through my tasks to mastery of them. By April Sixth I hope to master my chosen tasks. Goal 1 Bodyweight Mastery The ability to have your body and your complete control is a hallmark of an assassin. I have a series of movements I want to perfect. This will build upon the progress of previous challenges. Handstands-I will continue my handstand work. I want to be able to hold a handstand for 60s with wall support and find my equilib
  15. The tavern was bustling with activity. Farmers and laborers, tired from a long day at their crafts, had retired to the tables to talk and joke over tankards of local ale. Most were burly men, naturally large because of the rigorous physical demands of their jobs. A few had a leaner look, and their eyes toldthat they were veterans of the Rakelian Regiments, former soldiers for the most revered human military machine in the world. Even from their seats, there was no denying the strength and determination that had been drilled into them. It was a harsh life, but none other offered a better way to
  16. Hello again! For this (my 4th) challenge, the main quest is still the same as before: getting healthy and strong. I'll still be working towards those pull-ups (ok, chin-ups first) 3x/week (Tue/Thu/Sat), and my basic routine will stay the same this time around: Bodyweight workouts on Mon/Wed/Fri, yoga class 1x / week. Goal 1: (Walk the) plank on non-BW days , 3x/week (+3 STR, +2 STA) If I can keep up the progression from the past weeks, I'll reach the starting point (5 x 8 negatives) for the Scooby "walk the plank" program during week #2 of this challenge. Yay! Since I need some rest betwe
  17. A rabbi saunters up to the bar and gives it a chest-bump... Goal: 10 unbroken chest-to-bar pull-ups. Scoring: At the end of the quest, I will do one maximal set of chest-to-bar pull-ups. 2 points will be awarded for every pull-up starting with #6 -- so 6 is worth 2, 7 is worth 4, etc. This goal is worth 10 points, so more than 10 pull-ups is extra credit. Currently can do 17 kipping pull-ups, but haven't done any chest-to-bars. In WODs, I always scale to regular pull-ups, and it's time to up my game. Supporting goals, worth 6 points each (1 point per week): practice weekly by doing two m
  18. Hi. I'm ytterbium, or Greg if you prefer, and I'm excited to get into the next challenge. (The first was really good, but the holidays/between-challenge time) hasn't been so good. My main quest: I've got plenty, but for purposes of this challenge (and probably the next couple), let's go with this: I've signed up for a Warrior Dash on June 14. I'd like to rock it. Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of a gauge for that time-wise. But at least, I'd like to do the race capably -- i.e., successfully running the full thing at a steady but challenging pace and successfully completing all of the o
  19. Main Quest Be able to complete the Marines Physical Fitness Test with maximal scoring. 100 sit ups in 2 minutes, 8 pull-ups and 4.82 km in 21 minutes (4:20 minute kilometer). Challenge Goals Goal #1: Row, row, row my boat DEX: 4 STA:1 I'm great at starting challenges late this month! At our local box they're having a virtual contest to see how many meters they can row compared to others online. I decided to follow it along in my own way and participate as a silent member. The challenge is to row 100,000 meters by the start of February. Since I started late I need to row 4,347 meter
  20. Name: Andrew Williams (Artinum) Race: Vinyl Motto: "Ummm..." Winter is coming, and not just for the House of Stark. It will not be long until I must hang up my trainers for the winter - running and icy conditions are not a good combination. With this in mind, now is not the time to seriously attempt the Rebel Running Guide (at least, not the running parts). As my last challenge collapsed entirely - depression and general upheaval both contributed to this - I've decided to return to the fundamentals, focusing on a few simple goals rather than something big and magnificent. As I'm not really d
  21. So this is my tenth challenge, which means I've had a lot of goals… some repeated, some totally failed, some awesomely successful. This time I'm using 10 as my theme, and I'm also trying to reclaim my free time - last challenge was eaten by an opera (heh, fun mental image!), but now the performances are over and I don't want to fall back into my previous time-killing, internet-surfing and tv-watching habits. GOALS: 10 pull-ups a day. Right now these'll happen in sets of 2, since that's how many I can do. There'll be a few days around Thanksgiving where I won't have access to a pull-up b
  22. Well, here goes my second challenge (and my first as a full-fledged Ranger). It will technically be a five-week challenge for me, as I don't finish my exams until the 14th and so I will be using every spare moment up until then to cram! Main Quest: To make exercise a natural, joyful and intrinsic part of my life. I want exercise to be something I do instinctively, something I look forward to, rather than just another chore to be crossed off my to-do list. I know this may take a while, and that I may have to treat working out as chore initially, but hopefully these coming weeks can help m
  23. . Sarrlac digestion Intermittent fasting: only eat in the five hours between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM -Studies suggest that intermittent fasting - independent of calorie restriction - can prolong life, though the mechanism is not entirely understood. The working theory is somewhere between "Maybe it's free radicals," and "Meh?" The results are fairly conclusive, though so I think it's worth a try. This also hopefully make me feel hungry before I eat, as I've gotten into the bad habit of never, ever letting myself get hungry. Grading: Fairly binary. Will detract points by percentage of daily ca
  24. Hey there, fellow assassins! Having taken a pretty casual approach to challenges for the last few rounds, I decided that's not actually working so well for me, so I'm trying the opposite technique - 4 tough goals that will take some serious work to achieve. My main quest is general AWESOMENESS. I want to be able to do anything I decide I want to do. I want to be strong, and flexible, and try new things with confidence. And all of that? Means I'm going to fail. I'm going to fall on my head while learning to do new things. I'm going to drop juggling props constantly. I'm going to fall off the
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