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  1. Epic Quest I want to perform an aerial/contortion/burlesque act. I have the dream, plenty of ideas and a deadline. What I don't have is the the skills or even personality. There's work to be done. Motivation Because pictures say more than a thousand words... Main Quest This challenge doesn't have a specific focus, I just want to become leaner, stronger and bendier Side quest 1: Shed the flab (WIS +3, CON +2) To do what I want to do I need to gain confidence in my body as well as skills. The excess fat is a hindrance to both. The plan is to a ) average ~1800 cals/week (revised half
  2. The main thing I took away from my first challenge was the absolute importance of knowledge as a facilitator of progression. I set out my goals but as the days and weeks progressed I came to understand that first and foremost you really have to know what you are doing and what you are aiming for, if you want to achieve your goals. I wasn't 100% clear on what I wanted to do or how was best for me to do it, so I fell a little short. This time around, rather than working towards a specific life goal, my plan is to build some foundations with my overall goal to be to increase my general knowledge
  3. Background: I've done a couple challenges in the past (I even won one back in 2011!), but it's been a long time since I've been active around here. I've always been in decent shape, but I've never been able to maintain a fitness/eating regime for more than 12 weeks at a time (and usually with at least 6 months in-between), so I've never progressed past "decent." Time for a change. I'm turning 31 on Wednesday, I'm 5'9 and about 170 pounds. I'm not sure which guild I would be best suited for, but since I'm interested in running faster (even if for a much shorter distance than most scouts prefe
  4. I've fluttered over from the Druids for this challenge. I'm not sure if I'm over here for good or if it I'll start dual classing it back and forth, but I expect to be here for at least a few consecutive challenges. I'm pushing my self rather hard this challenge. It will be the last time I have buckets of free time for a while and I really want to stuff done/started! Main Quest: Get leaner, stronger, fitter, more able. By the end of this challenge I will get my abs visible, I will be stronger, I will be more flexible, and more able at moving my body. Not the most focused main quest, but I'm t
  5. Wow, lots of changes around here for this challenge, totally threw off my planned structure. But this'll work. So, main quest: get stronger! Specifically, upper body strength. I've just started climbing recently, did a beginner aerial silks class, and want to do a freestanding handstand. All of these things rely on upper body strength, so that's what I'm working on. 1. Bodyweight workout 3x a week. Pull-ups and rows are a major part of this, and I'll add them in separately if I'm still doing coworker bootcamp that doesn't include much pulling. 2. Handstand time! 3x a week, be upside down with
  6. When I read books, or watch movies and television episodes, I often find myself wondering how I would handle the life-threatening situations that the characters find themselves in. If I were Simba in the Lion King, would I be able to pull myself back up onto the edge of the cliff before Scar threw me to my death? If I were Sam Gamgee in the Return of the King, would I be able to take those last few exhausting steps up to the Crack of Doom in Mordor with Frodo's weight across my shoulders? If I were Rose Tyler, would I be able to outrun the Monster-of-the-week and make it back to the TARDIS saf
  7. Hello guys, I read steve's article on the guide to pull-ups, it just seems that I can't beat the first level. Anyway, my question here is about the exercises I can do to improve my ability to pull-ups (I set this as an objective for my next challenge... yeah, crazy I know). I used a machine at the gym providing me assistance and I can do this. But I'm far from being able to do a real one. Do you think I have to spend some time at every strength training I do, training on it? Or everyday at home? Do you think it's actually possible in 6 weeks? (I weigh around 181 lbs) I need a pull-u
  8. Hi nerds! This is my first post, and first challenge. I've lurked around for a while and finally signed up! I think having this community is the push I need to get back into fighting shape. I used to race Ironman triathlons quite seriously, took a break from it a couple years ago, and then started a new job in a new city this past January. I was burnt out after 10+ years of triathlons and haven't swam or ridden my tri bike in 7 months *gasp* but am starting to feel the spark come back. There's a local half ironman in October that I've been checking out, but I don't want to sign up until I
  9. Name: Andrew Williams (Artinum) Race: Underpants Gnome I've done so many of these challenges now that I've run out of witty biographies. I'll stick with the basics - I've been with the Scouts for a while now, having graduated from the Adventurers, largely due to my desire to run. My running has, however, hit a plateau, and I have discovered a new interest in cycling that has further impacted on my running sessions. Oh, and I have a blog (link in my signature). FITNESS GOAL 1: Running Out Of Town (2 DEX, 2 STA) Over several challenges, I have reached the ninth and final week of C25K. And I'v
  10. I'm back into the fray after sitting out the last challenge. With my current challenge I'm looking to increase my strength, particularly upper bodywork. On top of that I'm back to trying to do one damn pull-up, I can do it this time. I also included completing a triathlon over the course of the 6 week period because otherwise that would be insane to try and do it in one day. Lastly I want to track the percentage of paleo vs. non-paleo foods I eat, and get an idea of where I'm at with calories and protein intake. Challenge One: Make Some Muscles My goal is to perform bodyweight exercises 3
  11. Greetings Rebels, In conjunction with the April 15 - May 27 6 week challenge I have decided I needed to be able to do some pull-ups. I'm not sure why I need to do this I just do and would appreciate some company. While poking around the web I ran across this "The Twenty Pull-ups Challenge" and thought I'd give it a try. Anybody else interested? Prizes, we'll need prizes. For those of us in real-life role playing maybe adding +1 to Str, Con, and Cha just for making an honest effort and sticking to the program. After all we'll be stronger, have greater endurance, and look better even i
  12. The assassins took the portal once more to a place that looked very familiar to home. The forest they entered seemed vaguely familiar yet totally alien to the ones they knew from home. Through a clearing in the forest they came upon a tall tower that appeared to have no entrance or openings and only one window towards the top. As they got closer they heard a melody sung in an enchantingly beautiful voice. Some of the assassins were tasked with climbing the tower to investigate. When they made the arduous climb up the tower and entered the window, they beheld a young woman of amazing beaut
  13. I , am now ready to "become a man among men" er, um , well at least according to Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell" workout that is the goal. I will be doing the Rite of Passage workout from the book as my main workout. He promises that it will make "a man among men" but I'll really just shooting to be stronger than this guy: Goal #1 : Do the Rite of Passage Workout from Enter the Kettlebell faithfully. I am going to , at least for 6 weeks, faithfully stick to the workout as described in the book. This means cleans and presses 3 x a week, kettlebell swings 2x aweek, and snatches (I may repl
  14. Hi all! One of my goals for the upcoming challenge is to Do More Than One Stinking Pull-Up. I want to save myself the embarrassment of my neighbors or the general public seeing me struggle (or hang listlessly) from a pull-up bar (or tree branch) so I wanted to get an indoor one for my door frame. The Art of Manliness recommends this pull-up bar (and there's also this one by the same company). Does anyone have any experience in using these? Are they fairly easy to set-up and take down? What the heck are they talking about when they give a max size for the door frame (moulding?)? I could also
  15. Fitness Goals (+4 STR): Pull-ups Starting point: currently at 20 lb one-arm dumbbell rows (3 sets of 10-12 reps) Current plan: continue to do dumbbell rows each upper body workout until I reach 30 lbs (hopefully in 2-3 more workouts), then switch to bodyweight rows on the smith machine. Once I get to assisted pull-ups, I can work on those at home every other day. A if I can do one unassisted pull-up (+2 STR) B if I can do one slightly assisted pull-up (+1.5 STR) C if I can do 4 sets of 20 bodyweight rows (+1 STR)
  16. Gus Challenge 2 Overall Goal for Challenge: Be nice. To myself, to others and care more, kinda by caring less… After some self-effacing moments in the last week or two, I realized that I need to chill and I was incredibly hard on myself in many ways. My enthusiasm was making it hard for others to get to know me. Sometimes I feel like I have this knowledge or insight that no one else has, which is fantastically ridiculous! I have so much desire to help; I piss people off and make them not want to listen to a word I say. Growing up each day at 42, blissful pain. After realizing that I need
  17. Happy New Year! I have been with the Rebellion for over a year, so this is my second new year on NF. I accomplished some of my year goals, and some I am still working on. I'm super excited to be beginning a new year and all of the possibilities. This challenge I am learning some new skills and lifts with my kettlebell, and having something new to do has given me a new excitement for my workout. Let's go! Goal #1 Kettlebell- I need to keep leveling up on my basic skills as well as learn the new skills. So, this goal is a 3 parter 1)TGU -2 times a week- be able to do TGU for 5 minutes with
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