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Found 3 results

  1. Good afternoon Assassins, I have finally decided to join this wonderful guild. I have done 2 other challenges as a rebel, and spent several weeks lurking here and the adventurers guild and chosen you wonderful people as my home for the time being. A little about me I am in the process of a military Permanent change of Station (PCS) from the Frozen North, New England area of the US, to the warmer climate in Texas. Also trying to buy a house, and contemplating try to monetize my video game habit, via Twitch.tv. Goal 1 Get rid of the junk I don't need to take with me. While this will be very hard to quantify I will feel accomplished in this if I go through my 4+ boxes of might need these cables and get rid of my heavy duty winter cloths. Goal 2 Survive my move. Anyone who has moved cross country knows the stresses that come with it. Add to that traveling with 2 young kids, and a dog, and take 2 cars and driving through the New York city area, I usually feel stressed out by the end of the day. If I can keep myself calm and in control I will consider this a win. Goal 3 Continue my Bodyweight workouts and add a few one off to the mix. Try the Darebee daily PvP challenge, Go hiking with the family(if the weather is ever nice on my days off), try and work in some burst movement training on my non workout days, and get out of the chair as often as I can.
  2. Name: Hammlin "Hammi" Race: Wood Elf | Class: Footpath Ranger Leader Level: 17 (STR):43.25 (DEX):36.25 (STA):29 (CON):30.25 (WIS):30.5 (CHA):24.25 Motivation: Pull myself out of the mud pit I feel stuck in and actually make progress on SOMETHING. Main Quest: I Wanna Get Better. (I didn’t know I was broken until I wanted to change) (July 28 to Sept 7) Missions: 1. Inches. I hate taking measurements. Hate it. But, I feel stalled, and I already don’t weigh myself, so I have no idea if I’m making progress. I will take measurements every other week and record gains or losses truthfully. Pass or Fail (+3 CHA) 2. Nutrition. I have spent the last year or so wandering between schools of thought for eating, some work well for me some don’t, but still I float along. Gluten free seems to be my minimum, dairy seems to jack with me (*with the exception of harder cheeses and Greek yogurt), and sugars before 2pm makes me cranky and ravenous. Each day will have 3 components: GF, DF*, SFB42 J 36-42 days = A 29-35 days = B 22-28 days = C 15-21 days = D 0-14 days = F (+4 WIS) 3. Clovers. My last PR of clovers, a November Project end of month workout (35 minutes doing as many loops as you can) I got 8 clovers. I would like to get at least 10 on August 27th. Progress will be made by regular attendance at NP, doing all the workouts, to get faster 10 Clovers = A 9 Clovers = B 8 Clovers = C 7 Clovers = D 6 Clovers = F (+4 STA) Life Quest: 4. Purge. It’s that time of year again- spring cleaning. Mr. Ham and I have accumulated more things, more than we should have, and so it is time to go through the house and clean it up. Zones include: my dresser, our master closet, small closet, guest closet, pantry. Final point for getting it all to the donation zone J 6 zones = A 5 zones = B 4 zones = C 3 zones = D 0-2 zones = F (+4 DEX) TRACKING My Story (challenge history): 1. Wandering across the mountain ranges of the west, I came upon another wood elf, who was running through the tree lined forest. I tried to keep up, because I knew he was waiting for me, but nothing I did would keep me at pace with him. Eventually I slowed, to catch my breath and I lost him. Dejected and worn out, I decided to dedicate my life to keeping up with this other elf... 2. Sneaking through the woods I can feel my senses getting sharper and I begin to wonder if the elf that I'm following, is actually following me... 3. Catching my breath I slow my run as I approach a clearing. Did I get lost? I don't know where I am and the elf I had been following has picked up the pace. My mind... it's jumbled up... my thoughts are foggy... I need to focus. I'll stay here for a while, find my center, and then continue on... 4. After pausing in the clearing to refocus, I see what looks like a beaten down path off to my right. Have I been here before? Walking up to the path, it looks familiar, but overgrown. I take out my sword and slowly start hacking away the brush that seems to have grown in over the years. Yes. THIS is my path. 5. Following the path for what seems like a lifetime I suddenly find myself at the tree lined edge of a beautiful meadow. The sun in the sky that is glaring down on me makes me realize something glorious- I have made it through the woods! Over the hill I see the elf that I have been tracking this whole time. He is napping… This is my chance!!! 6. Running up to the elf that I have been following for what seems like forever, I find myself out of breath. As I slow down and approach him, I see him slow down and turn to me. I don't know if he knows that I have been following him, but I can tell by the look in his eye that he's ok with this. As we start to wander the forest together we notice that things aren't quite as bright and cheery as they were months ago... something is wrong... 7. As we continue to approach the edge of the forest we can feel something bearing down on us. Picking up the pace we stay laser focused on getting out of here. The night has grown darker and the forest is eerily quiet. The wood elf and I look at each other and begin to run. I can tell that the time where we have to battle is near and we really need to stay focused... 8. Standing on the front line, victorious, I wonder "Now what?" I ponder with wise words of a foreigner who taught my people to stay motivated when they feel like they have arrived. The skills I have learned in the past keep me pushing forward. I move confidently north, to find new lands. And that other pesky elf can come with me… 9. On the north side of the valley I see something far away that I can’t take my eyes off of. It almost looks like the mountain side is glistening and the sun is dancing with the peaks. I fall into a trance, staring off into the distance, as if I'm under a spell. A few minutes later I am able to snap out of it, but the lingering desire to see who, or what, had a hold on me begins to push me forward. Is some powerful mage up in the hills, drawing people to him? Or is someone sending out a distress signal, begging for help. All I know is the allure of finding out what is in those hills is forcing me onward. We have mountains like these back home, but I am far from that place, and out of practice. It will take some time to traverse these mighty giants, but I have no choice but to start… 10. From the top of the mountain I can see everything. I have a level of clarity that I've not experienced before and it makes me take notice to my surroundings. I have an epiphany and realize that I need to race home to my family. They have no idea what’s in store! As quickly as I can I need to make my way back down the hill and back to my village… Part of the way down the hill I trip. When I catch myself I see that the sign in front of me has directions. I’m tired of being a follower in my own life. I need to go my own way. I turn on my heels and walk south. 11. Down in the city to the south I find myself in the camp and company of strangers. Although I’m not entirely sure that I can trust them, they seem safe enough. Maybe, I’ll hang back and just observe them and mind their ways. Something inside of me says that these people have information that may be valuable to me and my quest, and I am determined to get my hands on it. Knowledge is oddly alluring and very appealing to my senses… 12. As I spend weeks on end with these people, I start to sense a power coming over me. I am being changed from the inside out- is it sorcery? Magic? Am I evolving? All I know is that I need to stay the course. Over time, my memories start to fade. The days of running through the wilderness with the other elves feel miles away- as if they occurred a lifetime ago. Only the here and now makes sense. I have my plan. 13. The strangers have become less strange and more like family. It feels like I have finally returned to a place where I feel at home and at peace. When I look down I start to notice that my slender Elven legs have begun to take a form of something more resembling tree trunks. When I stand, I can't move quite as nimbly but I feel stronger than I ever was before. In the back of my mind I still remember that I am following something- the dragon... 14. As I wake with a start I feel strange. My heart is pounding out of my chest, and I can’t seem to calm myself down. I am in no condition to face the dragon. I need peace. 15. Relaxed and recharged I pull out my map. I haven’t looked at it in quite some time and it’s almost foreign to me. Over my shoulder I see that elf that I had chased so long. He’s back and there is a stranger comfort in knowing that. I turn back to the map and start down the trail. There is a point in the road where it splits off into three. I see on the map that all three get where I need to go, but one seems most logical. I start down that path… I must find the thing that haunts me. I run until I can't feel my legs and I burn all over. 16. The fire that consumed me begins to subside, but I am still feeling the after burn. I pull a map out of my pack and examine it for water. I tilt my head trying to make sense of the nearest body of water, but the letters suddenly look foreign to my elven eyes. I take some time to sit and focus- after a while it will come to me and I can find the cool liquid that will cool my legs and quench my thirst. I pick up my pack again and though it’s very heavy, I make towards my intended destination, swiftly and confidently. 17. All at once I am out of breath and lost. Again. I feel like I have been here before, if only I could figure out where “here” is. Things look familiar, but I still feel lost. Wildflowers, a stream, a beaten path. What the hell.
  3. All of my goals this challenge are set with the aim of building habits, rather than achieving something specific. I don't have a specific goal at this point, however I do have a life in flux, so I want good habits that will carry through and that are easily adaptable to change. Main life quest: Balance Generally, to achieve a healthy balance in all aspects of my life: eating vs exercise, work vs play, rest vs activity, alone time vs social time, etc. The area where I feel I need the most work eating and my tendency to overeat. Goal - end overeating - step 2 WIS +1 CHA +2 - slow down and enjoy every meal - stop eating when I am full (or if this doesn't work: take smaller portions and wait before taking more OR measure out portions) - this is new this challenge Grading: This is a daily yes or no. As last time, I'm looking for progress, not perfection, so I'll tend to be easier on myself at the beginning and harder toward the end. I'll grade myself based on the percentage success out of the 42 days. Fitness + Health goals Movement STR +1 DEX +2 STA +1 (bonus as below STA +1) 30 minutes of activity every day, ideally outdoors. This is not limited to one specific activity, but can change depending on how I'm feeling, the weather, and other life circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to: walking to work (which I usually do 4 times per week already), running, yoga, Pillates, strength training, aerobics, serious walking to do errands (at a good pace, not wandering, unless its for a very long time). bonus - 3 times per week, movement gets my heart rate up & I get good and sweaty Grading: Total days missed through whole challenge: 0 - 6 = 100%, 7 - 10 = 75%, 11 - 15 = 60%, more than 15: FAIL (I am allowed to miss up to one day per week, average, and still get 100%.) Bonus is counted separately: 16 - 18 = 100%, 12 - 15 = 75%, less than 12 = FAIL Food WIS +1 CON +1 eat fish / seafood at least twice per week - should be easy with lent starting (& my husband is Catholic) plan meals in advance - include leftovers / batch cooking freezer food for lunches create a list of quick meals to make when I haven't planned for something - using basic ingredients start a searchable database of favourite recipes for easy reference and planning Grading: The fish is easy to count. 12 or more = 100%, 9 - 11 = 75%, 7 or 8 = 50, 6 or less = FAIL -> worth 50 % Planning meals -> I'll give myself a weekly grade to see how I did. This is hard to judge so I'll do my best to be honest. -> worth 40% Creating list + setting up database -> this is something I want to incorporate for the future, again, I'll just judge and see how I do -> worth 10% General Health CON +2 floss every day get up and move / stretch every hour set timer on phone drink more water + tea to encourage more getting up Grading: This is a daily yes or no. I'll judge myself based on the percentage of successful days out of the 42. Life Goal Reduce Stress (with a clean house) CHA +2 CON +1 I have this weird emotional attachment to "stuff" and can have a hard time getting rid of things. Not always, but sometimes. I need to stop. Just because something was a gift, doesn't mean I need to keep it, for example. So, my life goal for this challenge: PURGE - get rid of stuff - don't just "organize" it! clear out the two closets in the spare room / office the bookshelf (aka dumping ground) beside my bed - I hate looking at that mess first thing in the morning! CLEAN - second priority, but still important - clean the house, especially the ever-present nemesis - the shower Spend at least 1 hour per week (not necessarily all at one time) working on this goal. Grading: Total weeks missed through whole challenge: 0 = 100%, 1 = 80%, 2 = 65 %, 3 or more = fail
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