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Found 7 results

  1. Alternative title: "Jaymul cleans up at home and jerks it hard in the gym" This challenge is going to be a bit different from my previous ones - lifting goals aren't going to be set target numbers, there'll be more focus on life stuff. For those who don't know me or are new to my challenges - hi! I'm Jaymul, I'm 30 and I live in Scotland. I'm a weightlifter of the Olympic variety. Starting Stats: As of 07 June 2014. Bodyweight: 87.2kg Bodyfat %: ??% Snatch: 87.5kg Clean & Jerk: 100kg Clean: 115kg Back Squat: 182kg Front Squat: 140kg Gains In the Gym Goal #1 - Jerk it
  2. This morning I went to the gym and it was dead so I was able to get some videos of my workout. I did bench press, squats, dead lifts, and push presses. I have video of me using just the bar (45lbs), 55lbs, and 65lbs. Which videos should I post? Some of the exercises I do better with just the bar and others I feel are more graceful with some added weight. I guess I will start with videos where I just have the bar.... Would you critique me please? I would really appreciate the feed back. Bench Press: I find with the bench press my arms wobble a lot, not shaky because I can't
  3. So I was trolling through a lot of the posts in this section and came across everyone who was pressing, was seeming doing OHP. Now I don't know if push and OHP are the same, I assume OHP to be strict/military presses. Since I've started lifting, I've only been performing push presses. I figure it will allow me to use more weight as well as help create explosiveness. Am I losing anything by only doing push presses? Is one better than the other? And I might as well throw behind the neck presses into the mix as well. Any insights will be appreciated.
  4. I really shouldn't be asking this question without a form check video to accompany it BUT I'm experiencing some low back pain with the increasing weight with push press. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this and if this is "common", a form issue, or just weak lower back muscles? Hopefully I will be able to get a video up soon to check my form.
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Rowan. My mission is simple, EAT MORE FOOD AND LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS. For this 6 week challenge I will be continuing my Bulking Phase up to around 83-85kg hopefully. Five weeks ago I weighed 77kg and was 17.8% body fat. So at 6'1" you could say I'm "skinny-fat". Last Week I was 79.3kg and 17.5% body fat. (I've gained 2.1kg of muscle so far) I will record all my measurements tomorrow and post them here to get my starting point for the challenge. Main Quest: Build enough muscle mass to fill out my frame to eventually weigh 90kg with 10% body fat. Missions:
  6. After 3 adventurous challenges with many valuable discoveries and a small pile of treasure, whispers of war have been overheard. There is unrest in the east, the time has come to defend the lands, put the backpack down and pickup the barbell. If you’ll have me, I will join the warrior clan for this challenge and prepare myself for war! The first challenge was all about finding the reverse gear, putting the brakes on some bad habits and forming some new ones. It was a huge success. The second challenge was all about making weight, I finally broke a 4 year goal to go sub 80kg and get into
  7. Hi folks (warriors in particular ) I've come out the back of 3 months of the Rebel Fitness Guide a lot stronger than I started, made some good strength progress with bodyweight and dumbell exercises. I'm brand new to barbell lifting and I'd like some advice from experienced rebels please. I have ordered a copy of starting strength, waiting for it to arrive in the mail. In the meantime I have started the Rebel Strength Guide, at present I'm doing alternate days of Squats/Push Press and Deadlift/Pull ups. All my exercise is done at home, as I don't have squat stands or power rack yet (wor
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