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Found 13 results

  1. I'm noticing some back pains on my pushups. Here's a video: https://www.jotvid.com/video/gLV6fHUL_qA. Trying to figure out what to adjust to prevent injury.
  2. Brief Background 3 Years and two pregnancies can do a lot to breakdown a persons fitness level. So I've gone from being able to do 100 consecutive push ups to barely being able to do 3. I want to come back stronger and fitter than ever. I've currently got about an extra 10 pounds of fat, that I want to be rid of, but I know if I just focus on building strength and stamina, it'll go away without me focusing too much on it. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding, so while I'll be trying to make the best food choices I can, my diet for the most part won't change. Game Plan
  3. UPDATE!!! Now with actual goals!! MY LIFE IS CRAZY THIS WEEK and I will write the actual text of this as I think of it/have time. Consider me a place holder!!! WOO WOO go go endless dance rehearsals! Show opens on Friday and I am in...13? pieces or so. We have rehearsed 22 hours in the last 3 days and I anticipate we rehearse from 5pm to 1am daily now through Thursday. I also have a 45 second or so costume change from a GoGo outfit into a layered rock n roll badass outfit with 2 shirts, a skirt AND stockings I need to attach to garters sooo MY LIFE YOU GUYS. BUT I
  4. Once again I hate to be boring buuut I am still working towards the exact same things! Plus one extra! And my life goal is new! Wheeeeeeee! My theme will be me posting ridiculous things that make me laugh.... so pretty much my usual! !! GOALS !!! 1. Handstand push up progressions - I would like to work this at least 3x per week. I joined a gym and days I do bench press will count towards this as well! 2. Straight leg straddle and other adv core progressions - I plan to do core work at least 5x per week. This round I want to do tons of toe to bar since it's something I can work at home
  5. I have my first ever aerial showcase coming up on September 26th and 27th. Since rehearsals and show prep will rule my life for the next three weeks (AND THEN CAMP CAMP CAMP YASSSSS) I am not going to make any specific goals other than to kick ass at rehearsal and show stuff! AKA SHOW TIME YA'LL! AKA TIME FOR PERFORMANCE INSPIRED GIFS! Other non-show goals coming after October 5th and to include getting a damn pull up and more push ups!!!! I am back from camp and performance is done! Now time for some non-show related goals! Woohoo!: GOALS Work push-ups at least 3x per
  6. Hello Assassins! Even though I am a monk at heart, I've decided to do a whole lot of body weight training this time around, thus putting me with you crazy lot I'm really excited, I'm not going to lie. Without further ado, here's what I have in store for the next round of badassery: Coulson is my spirit animal. Shut up. Falling off the cliff is not an option. [+3 STR +3 STA] I want to be able to do a pull up and I want to learn how to do so before end of the year. At the beginning of the challenge I can lift myself only an inch or two, so I want to build up strength to do a real
  7. Hi guys, I've been on radio silence recently (I'm sorry!) just because I've fallen behind with stuff as I finished up at my previous job and before I start for the next one. As I've let everything fall by the wayside and I feel like I've lost most (if not all!) of the fitness I've gained over the last few months (but I don't think I've put all the weight back on) I'm actually going to hit the reset button on my levels. So I've changed up my signature to show my previous high score (my highest level previously) but now I'm starting from scratch at level 1! Onto the challenge! Long Term Goa
  8. One of my Mini-quests is to do 100 push ups 4 days a week. Saturday I did my first set (20, 20, 20, 15, 5, 15, 5). I guess I was scared of them..LOL. But I did them and am still sore today, which feels great! I also hope all the Dads had a great day yesterday! Part of my Father's day activities was that I watched Star Wars Episode I with both my daughters and they loved it(it was their first time). It is part of our Daddy/Daughter Mini Quest of watching all six episodes before we leave for Disney.
  9. It’s been a long and embarrassing issue of mine that I’ve never been able to do a pushup. At six foot five and over 100 kilos I'm a big guy with weak shoulders. And I’ve never been able to do a push up. Not in high school, not when I was a kid, never. So three weeks into my six week challenge which has been alternating weight lifting and running six nights a week (or trying to at least) I tried and managed to do a push up. I was pretty damn excited with myself. Then last night, after my run I came in the door, got down on the floor and did five push ups, then did five more, then af
  10. Welcome! Hi I'm Xena and this is my first challenge. I am active on Nerd Fitness and with my lifestyle change since 3 weeks. My overall priority goal is to lose weight, so far I've lost about 3 lbs. I achieved that by sticking to this 3 subgoals: My main goal for this challenge is: lose 7lbs.I've lost a pound per week so far but since this is a challenge, I wanted to push myself a bit. So by losing 7lbs I would lose more than usual and it's doable. This I want to achieve by modifying/ heading to the next level with my previous 3 subgoals: One meal per day shall have a d
  11. It's finally heeeere! I'm so excited about this challenge. So I'm not going to write a lot of stuff, first challenge can be found in my signature, to the goals we go! Overall goal! Prepare to beat my boyfriend. In a non-violent way. The only thing that may be getting hurt is his pride. By "beating my boyfriend", I specifically mean being able to do more pull ups and push ups than he can do. That means I'd have to do at least 4 pull ups and at least 12 push ups. At the moment, I can do not a single one of either. Since I don't believe it's realistic to go from zero to that within 6 weeks, I'
  12. So, for someone who's really out of shape, my first goal has switched from losing 120lbs to just focusing on getting stronger and letting the weight loss just happen. First goal? I want to do a push up, really badly! D: I keep trying, starting with modified push ups and moving up to one or two 'full push ups' but that's where i'm stuck. I just can't seem to do a full push up! I can get my arms bent down to about a 100 degree angle (about a foot off the ground for me) and then they give out on me. Should I focus on my biceps specifically or just keep doing what i'm doing for as long as it takes
  13. I was wondering what the benefits are of fisted push ups vs. open-handed push ups
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