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  1. In 2020, almost everything went different than planned. In 2020, my challenges didn't go well and I feel like my fitness has stagnated. In 2021, I'm going to do my challenges differently: I'm going to set myself some "milestone" goals for the year and relay my challenges to complete them. No more "do x training y times a week" goals, but "complete goal z this/next/later challenge". Hopefully it will give me more focus and make me feel more accomplished. I want to complete at least 1 milestone per challenge (8 or 9 total in 2021). Long list of possible milestones: For this fi
  2. I start on push ups a lot but never follow through, not sure why because push ups are one of my favorite exercises. Maybe because they are super hard and my mind discourages me very easily.. I am mentally weak, so I need to improve that too. My question is; should I go back to trying desk push ups, wall push ups, or knee push ups? I have read that knee push ups are not very effective. Ill list the options with how many I can do at one time. 1. Desk Push ups 20 (with desk push ups, it's on an older wooden desk and I am paranoid it will fall apart or something
  3. I have lots of good reasons to go into the Navy: I want to see the world, I want to be able to call myself a veteran, I want to get an edge applying for federal jobs, and I want help paying for a masters of social work and to take spanish classes. I've been a retail pharmacy tech for 5 years and have grown to really, really, REALLY hate the field, mostly because of the poor pay and instability. Things will be running smoothly, then all of the sudden, I'll get cut to 10 hours a week and I have to job hop. I often work clopenings, so I get anywhere from only 2 to 12 hours a sleep in a night and
  4. Time for this Pirate to start sailing her ship! 2017 has been remarkable in many ways, and now is the time to finish it strong! I am somehow gathering myself from a weird place of emptiness: My master's degree is almost completed, and I guess I always thought I would have a job that matches my education by now and I would stop studying. Instead, I'm still pursuing studies that I love, and I have two jobs (library and laundry). Finishing university was always the X on the map, but now I see that there's no treasure here - just the beginning of something new.
  5. KnitJoy


    Hello again! I'm pretty sure I failed the last challenge but I'm back. The goal this time is to exercise and maybe finally achieve a push up! Goals: 1. Push-up: I will work on GMB's push up progression for 5 minutes each morning after my alarm goes off Monday-Friday. 2. No Electronics after 8:30: At 8:30 I put away all of my electronics and start getting ready for bed. 3. 3 Posts a week: I will post 3 times each week on NF. At least 1 post will be to my own challenge thread. Reward: A healthier, stronger KnitJoy, the joy and satisfaction of a
  6. Calling all people who want a fun push up challenge! The idea is to do 10 push ups a day until the end of challenge. Any type of push ups you want to do count, be incline , decline, diamond, regular, etc. Let's have a group to encourage one another. Tagging @zenLara, @NeverThatBored, and @obax
  7. --- Strength, flexibility, functionality. Assassins want it all. The only tool needed is you. --- It is the year 2217. Cybernetic technology has reached the public domain. Government and terrorists alike are scrabbling to buy up and use any and all technology in the fights against each other and to control and scare the general public into submission. The general public are sick of having their lives thrown around between the higher authorities and have taken matters into their own hands; creating private armies and training to fight for the underdogs and people un
  8. I'M BAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKK! As you may have noticed I was totally MIA for December because life was NUTS and then I was sick and also I wanted to hermit to get some downtime from life being nuts. OOF. BUT DECEMBER IS OVER MY FRIENDS!!!!! I took my December hibernation break to give a long hard think to what I wanted to work on for the coming year. And my conclusion is HEY WHAT ABOUT ALL THIS OTHER STUFF YOU WANTED TO DO before you got TOO BUSY with all the dance shows and more dance shows and more dance shows. Like, all your OTHER goals? Ye
  9. Happy December all! Well, it's close enough hehe. Carrying on from the November challenge, I'm keeping it simple. My goals are to amass gains by doing the 20 pull up challenge and the 100 push up challenge. Below is the itinerary for the next few weeks. As last time, everyone is welcome to join in! Week 0: Exhaustion Test. Do as many pull ups (either unassisted or assisted) as you can do in one set. Record this number. Do the same for push ups - as many as you can manage in one set. Push ups can be incline, on your knees, or full plank style, whichever you are able to d
  10. The lions sing and the hills take flight. The moon by day, and the sun by night. Blind woman, deaf man, jackdaw fool. Let the Lord of Chaos rule. Aiyaa. I must hate myself. There's 47 different POV characters in this book, and the prologue is 30K words. But, lots of cool things happen here. Can't deny that. Anyway, the month's work is cut out for me. NaNoWriMo is up in about a week, and I got a GoRuck to perform. We're coming down to the wire in terms of how prepared we're going to be for that (and by we, I mean me. I'm sure @RisenPhoenix has this in hand).
  11. With his coming are the dread fires born again. The hills burn, and the land turns sere. The tides of men run out, and the hours dwindle. The wall is pierced, and the veil of parting raised. Storms rumble beyond the horizon, and the fires of heaven purge the earth. There is no salvation without destruction, no hope this side of death. It's such a happy story. Did I mention that? Just, this amazing, joyous thing. You'll want to dance after you read this. Anyway, things are not getting any easier for our heroes. Rand, having survived and been marked by his time in the Was
  12. It has been months since my last challenge and I think it's time I came back to it. I was really happy and fit when I was participating and I really want to recapture that. Without further ado, may the Hunger Games begin! Clean eating until Halloween [CON +3] I have recently gone to Chicago to visit my parents. As one does on vacations, I ate like an asshole and gained more fluff. Again. To be honest with myself, it really makes me angry how much I have let myself go this past year. I am hoping being on NF again will light a fire under my ass to improve.
  13. Greetings, fellow rangers. Please, ignore the fact that I am 10 days late for this challenge. I was just going to wait for the next one, but yeah. Screw that. I am a 25 year old living in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, who actually has this whole exercising/healthy living thing down. I Crossfit 4-5x/week, I don't eat like an idiot 80% of the time, I enjoy martial arts, meditation and I own a pair of Kettlebells for those times I am bored at home doing nothing. I am 5'2'' and currently weight 55kgs (110lbs). I decided to give NF c
  14. "The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow. Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time." So, here's the thing. I've read Lord of the Rings and some Game of Thrones and I know that there's lots of good stuff out there. But believe it or not, neither of those were really my first epic fantasy. Oh, I mean, sure, I read LOTR as a kid, but like I didn't get it, you know? A lot of it just went in one eyeball and out the other. I think I learned more about it reading the commentaries than actua
  15. Hello fellow assassins (or rebels, warriors, rangers, scouts, adventurers and druids)! Welcome to my 5th challenge Just a quick recap, let's take a look at what I've achieved so far: The first challenge I participated in was in January. I know it sounds like one of those New Year's resolutions, but it wasn't. I was a desperate binge-eater, I was more than 96 kg (height: 164 cm), and could barely climb a flight of stairs without getting winded. Now, I have only binged twice in the last 4 months, I'm down to 89 kg (perhaps even less, I'll give the exact number
  16. I did this crossfit WOD last year for the first time. Since then between my xfit classes and NF challenges I'm getting stronger so I decided to set a goal for myself to improve my time and/or performance this year. It's just around the corner now so for this challenge leading up to Memorial Day I'll be working on the four components. Exercise: +2xp per practice 1. Run continue 3x C25K training. I'm starting over at the beginning but working on more challenging terrain. 2. Pull Ups 3x weekly practice. assisted rep (jump up). 3. Push Ups 3x weekl
  17. My biggest problem isn't that I don't know what I'm doing. It's that I know too much, and in so knowing, forget how little I know. I have a bunch of different programs that all want to work together. But I haven't really done the work of putting them all together properly, and it's been to my detriment in the past. And it's trying to be now. Still, as it's been pointed out to me, I'm wise enough to know when something is working and when it isn't, and there's no shame in making adjustments on the fly. Putting a bunch of pieces together and adjusting quickly
  18. I will make this look pretty later... 1. Push daily push up practice. follow darebee 50 push up challenge workout. 2. Pull daily pull up practice. using schedule from this article to set up my workout. 3. Pace start running on different terrain to get ready for first 5k. using darebee 8 weeks to 5k for daily workout. My long term goal is to improve my performance/time for the Memorial Day MURPH. These three workouts should help me with all the parts (the run challenge includes squats on the off days). Also want t
  19. I've been doing lots of research on the Middle Ages, and have been thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful manuscript illuminations and marginalia. And so, I want to share them! I have three big goals for the next 5 weeks (starting now!), so with no further ado... Polgara Goes Medieval! Run Like You're Being Chased by Creepy Marginalia! One of my big yearly goals was the run the Zombies, Run Virtual Race 10k in the next 2 weeks. Actually, the goal was to train for the 10k. However, work and life has been really crazy, and I haven't been d
  20. My challenges this year are improving and I am sure that this will get better the less time I spend being ill. However, this challenge is going to be slightly different. As I will be doing a lot of campaigning this challenge for upcoming local elections and trying to rest and take care of the rest of my life at the same time. I'm going for three simple but important challenges plus I am going to add my own mini-challenge per week. Goal: Reason: I created a goal to travel by foot more than I did in 2014. What a perfect time to put a focus on that part of the challenge than du
  21. ☆☆☆ ☆ Main Story, Goal 1: get back to pre-wedding weight (Goal 2: Pass avg fitness test Goal 3: 25% or less body fat Goal 4: gain post apocalyptic survivalist fitness level Goal 5: ???) Quest 1: Workout 3x a week! (09/12 +3STR, 07/12 +2STR, 05/12 +1STR) Quest 2: Primal 80/20 + 90g max weekly avg + 1500 max weekly avg! (3/4 +3CON/1CHA, 2/4 +2CON/1CHA, 1/4 +1CON) Quest 3: Weening off dairy! 10oz max weekly. (3/4 +3CHA, 2/4 +2CHA, 1/4 +1CHA) ☆☆☆ My motivation ☆☆☆ 1. I want to be a good example for my sisters and future children 2. To optimally manage my mental health 3.
  22. This challenge is going to be an unSMART D.U.M.B. goal version of what I've been doing anyway. 1. Ride my bike - most days, do some intervals sometimes, mostly on a trainer. 2. Push Ups, Pull Ups, & Abs - once in a while, I might do some mobility while I'm at it. 3. Project: Best Ass Twin Cities [P:BATC] - when my legs have some freshness in them, I'll do some goblin squats, lunges, and of course glute bridges, maybe some jumping jacks for Wolfie. 4. Eating - Don't eat stupid stuff, try to keep track.
  23. Hi! Can someone comment/critique on my form here? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what I should be doing with assisted one arm push ups. Where should I be putting my weight? On the "assisting" arm? Or the lower one? If you have any cues to help that'd be great!
  24. ☆☆☆ Challenge 4 ☆☆☆ ☆ Main Story, Goal 1: get back to pre-wedding weight (Goal 2: Pass avg fitness test Goal 3: 25% or less body fat Goal 4: gain post apocalyptic survivalist fitness level Goal 5: ???) Quest 1: workout 3x a week! (09/12 +3STR, 07/12 +2STR, 05/12 +1STR) I am finally ready to do full workouts. Steve's beginner body weight workout is my focus. Of course there are options, but I enjoyed the body weight exercises from last challenge so much I wanted to make it a focus. Quest 2: primal 80/20 + 100g carbs max weekly avg + 1600cals max weekly avg! (23/26 4/4 +3CO
  25. I feel like I should apologize up front because this challenge will be rife with images of shirtless Stephen Amell doing salmon ladder. If sexy half-naked men aren’t your thing, I’m sorry. Only not. I mean, really... Oliver Queen, a man who came back from an island with amazing skills, improved body, and a really bad case of caveman beard. He trained with functional movement that Assassins are so familiar with and his body became a fine-tuned instrument of awesome. Push the boundaries like Laurel [+5 STR] There was going to be a picture of Laurel here, but then I got distracted
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