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  1. Ron Swanson is pretty much the best sitcom character on TV right now. And let's face it: every man, (or woman, like me) would be better off if they followed his Pyramid of Greatness. BEHOLD. That's exactly what I'm going to do this challenge. OVERALL GOAL: Get down to 20% bodyfat. I currently sit at about 28%. I gained about a percentage point last challenge, which is super annoying, but I have only myself to blame, so I'm determined to do better this challenge. Who better than Ron Swanson to inspire me? Goal #1: "DISCIPLINE: The ability to repeat a boring thing over and over again." I don't think anyone will argue that clean eating isn't always fun. But it is the most important thing when it comes to losing those percentage points, so that has to be my first focus. My aim here is to eat totally clean during the week, except for one cheat meal. I didn't do so hot last time, so this time I'm blackmailing myself with a system I'll talk about in more detail later. 1 cheat meal/week: A. 2/week: B. 3/week: C. 4/week: D. 5/week: F. Goal #2: "TORSO. Should be thick and impenetrable". Over the last year and a half I've really come a long way as far as building muscle and getting in shape. I've been on Stronglifts for about 6 months now, with a few bumps along the way, but I've seen a lot of improvement and I want to keep increasing my lifts. The goal here will be to lift around 100,000lbs by the time the challenge is done. 100,000+ pounds=A. 90,000-99,999=B. 80,000-89999=C, etc. Goal #3: "COW PROTEIN. PIG PROTEIN. CHICKEN PROTEIN. ROMANTIC LOVE. DEER PROTEIN. FISH (sport only)" My romantic love right now pretty much extends to bacon. I love following the paleo diet, but sometimes I fall into a rut of eating the same recipes over and over. Finding new ways to spice up the food I eat will help a lot with the clean eating goal. So, I aim to try one new recipe - preferably a new way of cooking meat - every week. P/F per week. Life Goal: "INTENSITY. Give 100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that." I've been pretty lazy lately about sleeping in and then not giving myself enough time to get ready for the day. I want to start getting up at 7:30 every morning during the week for this challenge. Get up on time every day=A. Miss one day=B, etc. Bonus fitness goal: This won't be graded, but I need to get myself in better shape overall - not just strength-wise. To do this, I'll take a page from Ron Swanson's favorite activities and incorporate special finishers into my training. Sledgehammer swings, tire flips, farmers walks - anything and everything that Ron Swanson does just for fun. Bring on the challenge!
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