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  1. Hi everyone, I figured I'd join the druids for this challenge, as it seems to best fit my current goals. Main quest (that isn't really one at all): Live happily ever after So technically my quest was done before I ever stumbled across NerdFitness. For most of my life I've been very ill. My body just could not get itself together enough to do much at all. My muscles were weak, my coordination was off, my thinking was foggy. At points it got so bad that I was barely able to get out of bed. While the doctors were just shrugging their shoulders, I eventually managed to fix myself by going gluten free. So now I am nominally normal, quite healthy, and wondering what to do with it all. My old life and routines don't really fit anymore, and I am flailing around, not quite sure what to make of it all. Goal 1: Nourish the body During the last challenge I tracked my food intake, and realised that I am really averaging way too little. So I need to work on that, to fuel anything more than hang around in front of the computer. I have two nutrition targets: protein and calories. I am aiming for 78g of protein, and 1800 calories a day, using cronometer.com for tracking. Looking at the last few weeks, protein is occasionally achievable, calories less so. I'll use n+1 increases for this goal, and track calories and protein separately. So the goal for week one will be hitting my targets once a week, increasing by one for the next week if I am successful. If all goes well I'll be eating well 6 days a week by week 6. Goal 2: Relax During the last challenge I've also noticed that doing something word free is a good reset for my mind. This could be exercise, spinning, knitting or meditating. Just as long as it doesn't feed the constant flow of words from the outside world or the inside monkey brain. The goal will be at least one hour every day, part of which must be exercise. Goal 3: Reflect My mind likes to churn things over and over again, and if i even remember to write anything of it down, it ends up all over the place. I want to consolidate and make the actual writing down a habit. I got myself Day One a while ago, so I'll use that for journaling and consolidation of all my reflective writing. Again, the goals is to do this every day. Life quest: Finish the sekrit project of d00m Ahem, ok so this actually translates as 'finish shawl I started making for my friend'. What makes it a project of doom which has been languishing for a few years is that it's rather big and rather complex. If I manage to finish this it'll certainly be the most epic thing I have ever done. Goal (and I have no idea how realistic this is): complete all three corners and the lower edge of the shawl. Grading will be decided at the end of the challenge, based on lessons learned and stats most worked on. In lieu of pictures (as my goals aren't much appearance based), let's do 'a day in the life'. To set the scene: I live in a bedroom in a shared house. The countryside is in easy reach, but entirely under-utilised by me. There is a back yard, but it's all paved and not the nicest place to sit. In my room there is a rocking chair and table by the window, and a futon on the floor by the opposite wall, aka the nest. I tend to spend most of my day sitting there, with all my gadgets and works in progress spread around me. This was great for when I was ill and had no energy. It's a little too convenient when I am quite fit and well. There are some very full shelves around the room, filled with books, yarn and other miscellany. There are some boxes full of fibre, which don't really have anywhere good to go. Overall even the stuff that's where it should be looks quite cluttered. My day: I get up at 9 to feed the cats. If I've been awake before then, I'll have spent it flitting around the internet on my iPad. I make a cup of tea, and plonk myself straight back into my nest, for further internet surfing and tea drinking. An hour and another cup of tea later I start thinking about getting dressed and maybe some food. A quick glance in the fridge reveals nothing effortless and the idea is abandoned as I don't feel that hungry yet anyway. The rest of the day goes by in a blur, without much plan to it. Work shifts vary: lunch, afternoon or evening shift. Lunch and dinner are fitted around that, as are workouts. A lot of time wasted on the internet, with occasional bursts of reading, to do's or hobbies. Bedtime is between 10-11. All in all still very much the mindset of 'conserve your energy, you never know when you'll need it'. Planning ahead used to be impossible on account of my health, and the no plan, no effort routine reflects that. I've had to become very used to not pushing myself. Motivation: Never be in a position again where I am so ill I can't look after myself. (this sums up living healthy, as well as being self reliant and danger/injury prevention) Starting stats: 52.3kg ; 19.7% body fat.
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