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  1. Okay. I missed...a challenge? More than one challenge? I don't know. It's been a busy six weeks. I'm proud of myself for mostly keeping up with workouts, and keeping up with hydration and sleep. And writing a ton. But I'd like to get back on the wagon. Things aren't going to get simpler anytime soon, but I want to be doing better on my goals. I want to be less reactive. I want to focus on my own goals and move those forward. It's way past time to update my goals for Q2 2019, so here you go: So, since last we talked, the gaming con I was co-planning happened, it was awesome. My poetry Patreon launched. And probably some other super big things happened. Between now and the end of June (WAIT WHAT, THE QUARTER IS HALF OVER WTF) I have a few big things I want to get done: My partner is starting grad school. We're gonna buy a house. Plus dozens of small but still big things: I'm getting certified as a master naturalist (wat) I'm DM'ing some D&D adventures, for like, money? THAT'S NOT INTIMIDATING AT ALL I'm taking on the leadership group of an OSS community group and that's great but again NOT INTIMIDATING AT ALL. The house purchase is starting to feel...semi-urgent as roommate relations have been deteriorating faster than they seem to recover. I'm bummed about that, but just trying to use that as motivation to get the house sorted out. SO. ANYWAY. That's the landscape. Now for the quests. Q1: Workout three times per week. I've been doing a fair amount of yoga and sometimes walking, rather than the bodyweight stuff I was doing, and I'm hitting 2x week pretty often. I want to get back to 3x per week. Q2: Swap tea for DDP twice per week. Caffeine is nice, Diet Dr. Pepper is not as nice. I'd like to try swapping it out for something a little healthier. Q3: Take at least one step toward home ownership each week. This can mean: Calling a realtor, going to open houses, talking to a mortgage person, doing research. Looking at houses on realtor.com doesn't count. Q4: Doing at least one hour of writing, three times a week. I have this time blocked off, but I frequently don't make it for the whole hour. Time to be a bit more focused there. There's a lot demanding my attention but writing is my rock. I feel...okay about this challenge. I think salads were causing freakouts and then I wouldn't update and then a terrible spiral would begin. Sorry for vanishing on y'all. <3
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