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  1. Been a while since I posted a log on here. Thought I would post where I'm at as I work towards my last mountain bike race of the season. I've gone back and forth on how well I've been sticking to my training. I had a pretty disappointing race in August. I felt like I was in pretty decent shape, but raced the course blind, and broke a pedal (again) on a pedal strike after about 20 minutes. I rode through it, but took a little bit before I noticed that if I flipped it around I could still clip in. I did however go down probably the most technical descent before I figured that out, foot slipped o
  2. This challenge (as well as the next one) will be influenced by two things: Soulcon, which starts July 10th and the Spartan Race, which will be August 27th. Soulcon is a ministry for men created by Navy veteran, author and lifestyle/fitness coach Cody Bobay. It stands for SOULCONtrol and refers to the Bible's call to submit our mind, will and emotions to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Essentially, Soulcon equates the concept of self-discipline with strengthening your walk with the Holy Spirit; they are not mutually exclusive. The spirit (your soul) needs to be strong
  3. This will be a work in progress since I am ultimate stress-panda right now. Hopefully will have some time to breathe post race this coming weekend and then finalize my goals for the rest of the challenge (aerial will definitely be on the list once I have time to brain and breathe again!) For this week my only goals are: UPDATED GOALS as of Week 2! GOAL 1 - ENDURANCE - Run at least once per week and do a good walk at least once per week (hikes also OK, and if I run or walk more than once that is also OK!) GOAL 2 - LIFTING - I MISS LIFTING. Slowly ease back in
  4. Hey all! I'm on the lookout for a group enterprising souls who would be willing to tackle the Ragnar Trail Relay on April 28-29, 2017. It's an overnight relay in which a team of eight runners (or four ultrarunners, for the hardcore) run legs of a trail network, for a total of about 14-16 miles per person. It's a combination of relay racing, trail running, and crazy camping. Learn more about the race here, and check out the event page here. I'm familiar with the state park where the race is being held - it's a beautiful place to visit! If I can get enough interest (both
  5. Yo, I'm back. So I'm literally back from the wilderness. I just spent a month living in Guatemala, with a few weeks on both ends that got swallowed up in exams, preparations for the trip, and working at a couple summer camp things. Guatemala was kinda crazy, partly because I was living in a different country with crazy food and madhouse traffic, and partly because I was there to learn Spanish in four weeks (?), with absolutely zero background in the language. It actually went really well; I had tutoring five hours a day with a teacher who spoke no English whatsoeve
  6. Hi all! The City Challenge Obstacle Race is happening in Hoboken, NJ, on October 1st. I'm planning on going, and was wondering if there was anyone else on these forums who I might run into as well. And for any who might not have heard of it yet and are interested, here's the website: http://www.citychallengerace.com For any NYCers interested, Hoboken is about a 15 minute ride by the PATH station at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub - typically, there are more PATH stations open on weekends, but there's construction going on for the next few months unfortunately.
  7. I'm trying to figure out what race I am, but I don't know many races, where can I learn about them? Is there an article on NF? Or some link to an RPG page? I'm not that familiar with RPGs, so any help would be appreciated.
  8. This post really has nothing to do with swimming as the title might suggest. Instead the next month will be about keeping some good habits I formed last month, working on some weak areas I observed, and generally trying not to get overwhelmed by my work and training load(s). I only have two months until I toe the line at American River 50 Mile and to be honest, I'm freaking out! The next six weeks will be the most important training block, but will also overlap with two separate week-long trips, trying out a new position at work, and taking two night classes. Whew! Things are moving, but the
  9. Darkfoxx 21: Darkfoxx Goes To School This challenge is going to throw me some curveballs. I’m going back to school 2 nights a week for front-end web development: the first schooling I’ve attended since getting my undergrad in 2002. So … I need to re-learn how to be a student, and need to get re-acquainted with fitting homework into my schedule. This is throwing major elbows into my RUCK ALL THE THINGS and DO ALL THE OTHER THINGS plan. Plus, I’m starting this zero week off sick - the first time I’ve had to deal with an actual sickness in over 5 years. My body is unh
  10. Scout's Plumber Toolbox Race Week 6 : Bike 10km or Run 5km or Swim 1km Mario doesn’t have to rescue any princesses at the moment, so he wants to work on getting faster so when he does have to save another princess he can get there quicker. He doesn’t want to venture too far from the Mushroom Kingdom, so he was planning on a triathlon using his bike in World 1-1, running in World 1-2, and swimming in World 1-3, and stopping before getting to the castle in World 1-4. He would greatly benefit from having pacers during his race so we are going to help pace him during his race. The rac
  11. Hey kids, I'm back! Challenge: Train for 5k (or 10k) Night Race on Sept 25! To complete this, I must: 1) Run at least once a week 2) Do 2 other cardio exercises a week (This can be any cardio I like, including running.) 3) Buy new running shoes by the end of the challenge! (Which will give me 2 weeks to break in the shoes before the race). I'm totally going to keep up with the strength n stuff, which I have been....which is why I am still posting in Rangers. I'll assign points n stuff later. K Bye
  12. After my successful finish to my first challenge I thought I would take a look at another goal for my second challenge, but I realized if I take away from my running to much my marathon goals later this year might be cut short. So although I not only kicked my goal's butt with a 1:42:27 half marathon time, which was also a PR, I am going for faster and better running in my second challenge. Main Quest: To reach a 1:40:00 Half Marathon time. Until I can do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs there is always the need to get faster. I am planning on running the Narragansett Half Marathon on July 12th
  13. I sat out last challenge, as the bf was visiting (for TWO MONTHS) on business. Which was awesome except for the weight I gained...having bf in vacation-eating mode (eating out huge meals on the company's dime all the time) assisted my tumble off the wagon. Not back up to my pre-W30 weight, but ugh it does not feel good. One good thing is I've been getting to the gym more often over the past month, ideally that will become routine. I've had enough of going back and forth between restrictive, stressful healthy eating and going all out on cheese. Time to find that laser-like focus and combine i
  14. Hello! Well this is good timing! I'm on the long, slow grind of losing those last few pounds. Have been using MFP for ages to track calories - it's taken me the best part of a year to realise my maintenance calories have a HUGE range. Had to ditch my $10 per month subscription to Daily Burn - partly out of poverty, partly because their server is an old sack of poop and I'm tired of their excuses saying the trouble's on my end when I have absolutely no trouble streaming Netflix, Hulu etc, without constant buffering... I wrote down the kettlebell routines and there are plenty of yoga vids to w
  15. I learned about this race from a guy at work: http://www.rundisney.com/star-wars-half-marathon/ It sounds really cool, but registration is like 200 bucks! Has anybody done it before? Did you like it and was it worth the money?
  16. Level 6: Let's Race! To run a 10K race Possible challenge reward: +4 STA & +2 CON I would very much like to be able to run 10K this year. I started running during the summer, and eventually ran a 5K race in Germany. Since January, I've been working on my 5K (PR: 27.00 minutes) and beginning to practice for longer distances. And then, I got a little excited yesterday and registered in a 10K race that is in one months time in Paris (Soli'run in Bois de Boulogne). Today, I'm still pretty excited about it, but I'm beginning to get butterflies in my stomach about the amount of work
  17. Howdy all, I am a newbie, and have no idea if I am posting this in the right place. I have a 10k race on May 3rd that I am prepping for. I ran my first marathon on the March 15th, but have to retrain myself for shorter hill runs. The race is up a fire road to the top of a small hill, and back with an average incline of 10%. Here is the race I am running: http://www.runtheverdugos.com/ My training schedule is attached. When I trained for the marathon, I mostly did flat running on the treadmill, or would do long runs on the beach which was easy breezy flat. All of the training runs are goi
  18. Anamal

    The Off Season

    I'm admittedly coming in late to this challenge after a very intense summer of training. Because of this I plan to have this thread serve as a longer battle-log style thread with some moderate goals and some general keeping track. After the Ultra Beast this September I'm planning on taking a bit of an off-season until the start of December. I'll still be training and eating well, but with a decidedly different focus and less pressure. In fact this week I've decided to do nothing I don't want to! And I'll get back to real life in earnest next week. Upcoming Events: Soccer Season - starts 9/
  19. Hey everyone! I have a few more spots open for the so cal ragnar april 10-11th 2015, and I know I have room for some people for the Nappa one (date's not released yet). If you run both in a year you get the special gold rush medal!!! We may not be the fastest runners, but we will have fun. Some of us will be representing different causes during the race, Who I run 4 and Team Red White Blue in particular, but you don't have to belong to either to join us! Send me a message or post if you're interested
  20. So there is a Gladiator Rock'n'Run on September 6th, 2014. It is in Shelby Township, MI at the Stony Creek Metro Park. I'm planning on running it, and I don't have anybody joining me, so if there are any nerds in the area that are running it or interested, I'd be willing to meet up for it! Here's a link to the website Disclaimer: I've only ever run a 5k before and I'm doing another 5k this year, but this will be my first crazy-ass hardcore event, so I'm scurrrrrrrred! Come be awesome with me!
  21. Any doing Rock n Roll Portland on May 18th 2014? I'm going to be doing the 10k really excited for this one! Will be my first race medal!
  22. Anyone else signed up for the Manchester NH Color Me Rad 5k? I just registered yesterday! Feel free to join my team (Team Badass)... I'd love some more company! Also - Until St. Paddy's Day there is a $10 discount with the promo code LUCKYMANCHESTER
  23. Hi all, the second Spartan Race event in Germany has been announced, it will be in Cologne, right in my neck of the woods. http://de-de.spartanrace.com/spartan-sprint-koln-20140628 So i´ll run ,probably volunteer as well. I think having a team NF starting there would be cool. Anybody willing to join? Kilian
  24. Would any of you Austin locals be interested in this? We could form a nerd fitness team, and crush the competition with our amazing nerdiness and fitness. If I can't find a team, I'll probably run it alone. http://xperienceadventures.com/
  25. Hey guys! It's a new year and that means a new look at how I lived last year. I've decided that I want to be able to sign up for the Marines either before or on my birthday. So I only have four months to be ready. I can do this! Also I have a Super Spartan I have to get ready for that'll be starting Jan. 25, and I'll be running with another Nerd, the fabulous, Badass, and totally hardcore AWKWARDACTIVE!! And I'm really determined not to do a single freaking Burpee, or slow down AwkwardActive. Goal 1: Train 3x a week: My training goal for this challenge is: 50 FULL pushups 100 Hanging Leg R
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