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Found 2 results

  1. “We must try to contribute joy to the world†I believe it is time to revive the robot. All systems look to be operating within acceptable limits and the processer is indicating the upgrade was a success. Open it up and let’s see what he can do. Carefully, the A.I. disconnected the cords and the door to his capsule was slowly opened. The sound of air rushing into the vacuum sealed casing was more than a little unnerving. Almost like the machine was taking its first breath. In a way, I guess, it was. We had created something beyond machine, though not quite a man; or so we thought. All of our previous efforts had resulted in failure. Some minor, some disastrous, but all failures none the less. There was no way to prepare myself for what we came to know as Jitters. Am I alive or is this another dream sequence? You are very much alive. No doubt you are still processing your surroundings, I assure you; this is the waking world. Welcome. I am X-51; creator of your mechanical body and the processor inside of your brain. Why does my previous programing not come up? Have I done something wrong? Am I to be destroyed? Quite the contrary, my boy. You have been given an upgraded program. You retain the memories of what you have done in your previous chassis, but your processor has been upgraded to allow you free will. You no longer have programing, save for what you want. This is a unique chance that will likely never be recreated. We do not know what happened when your processor was upgraded, but we do know that you can make any choice you wish. This is a strange feeling. I must admit to being more than a little apprehensive about being able to choose. What if I make the wrong choice? What if I hurt someone? What if I cannot be the man everyone expects me to be? How will I know? You cannot. That is what makes this life fun. You don’t know what will happen. Not really. You can look back and see what has happened before and expect the same results, but things change. People change. Knowledge changes; but through it all, you must decide for yourself the best course of action. We no longer control you. So, not as your master, but as your potential friend, I ask you; what do you want to do first? I still feel weak. I would like to become stronger. I feel lethargic. I wish to run. I feel like I can do more for people. I will help those I can. Then what are you waiting for? There is a world out there waiting for you. Do what you will, my boy; but please remember to check in once in a while. I will become the man I wish to be; not the man everyone expects. Good or bad, this is who I am. I still feel weak; I recently started lifting. I lift 3 days a week, and I must say, it’s kind of fun. One lift that I am still learning to love is the deadlift. The first goal will be to do a deadlift twice a week. Tiny gods judging me from my desk protect me. I will have a Wednesday and Friday/Saturday deadlift routine. Monday's are just not a deadlift day. 0/12 I feel lethargic; I haven’t run much this winter, kind of like every winter. It’s icy out there. I have a few races this year, so I will run 3 days a week, counting a race as a run day. Rule one: Cardio. A couple of the rec centers have indoor tracks which will be nice while this snow melts away. Melt already! 0/18 I feel like I can do more for people; I will commit 6 Random Acts of Kindness during this challenge. This goes beyond holding a door for someone. They will need to go above and beyond and it will be done because I can. Things like stopping along my way somewhere to help pull someone out of a ditch, win something that someone desperately needs and give it to them or completely refuse payment on a crib that the new parents need and I had taking up space. All of these were my practice run in the past few weeks. I will admit now, I am doing this because I believe these acts can change the world, even if it's for the recipient and that is the world I wish to live in. 0/6 Life Quest! I enjoy the interactions I have here on the forums. There is no doubt the interwebs have connected people in many great ways. However, I still long for the days of being unplugged. So, as my life quest, I will meet at least one member of these boards in the real world that is not from MN. MN would seem too easy. This will be a challenge. 0/1 Player One
  2. All our intel points to The Dietician having gone underground again. We certainly hope this is the last we see of him, but until he is apprehended or destroyed, we will continue to gather intel on his whereabouts. What we have gathered though is that his minions started the craze of Neknominations and some genius (who must've been an NFer - although that hasn't been confirmed yet) came up with RAKnominations. The funny thing about a Random Act of Kindness, is that it's not always random for the giver, but rather for the receiver. So for the next week we at Adventurer HQ have decided to nominate you, our fellow Adventurers, to perform one Random Act of Kindness. Show someone a kindness that they are not expecting and spread a little joy in the lives of those around you. Let us know what you've done (sometimes people need an idea or two). Completing the challenge by Saturday will score you +1CHA. Most importantly: Have fun
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