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  1. I don't have any ideas for a theme this challenge. My main goal this challenge is to lose weight. My plan is to use the eating skills from the book, Lean and Strong; Eating Skills, Psychology ,and Workouts, by Josh Hillis. The book emphasizes practicing eating skills. The book includes premade charts with the skills on them, and you just check it off. My plan is to print it out the week before (each page has two weeks) place the chart on my dining room table, and note when I follow the skills. The big thing for me to remember is these are SKILLS, not goals. For example, a skill mi
  2. This is my first challenge on my journey to become the best ranger (larper) of them all (in my area). I hope you enjoy reading. Leitmotif: Falling leafs I have started to declutter my home, but also my routines and habits. Everything that does not serve a purpose, makes me happy or helps me grow, everything that holds me back, I will let go of. A look out of my window shows, that there can be beauty in it, too. When you have a generalist approach to fitness, I think it's easy to fall in to the trap of trying to practice everything at once. At some p
  3. So, I've just finished a very successful challenge. My main theme this time is rolling forward with that momentum. I have several things going for me. First and foremost is the limitless support of my beautiful and encouraging wife. So that's nice. I also have the motivating realization of my own mortality that has recently dawned upon me. Not so nice, but very effective. I'm going to stay with the same format as last challenge, because my goals and methods haven't changed, and it really worked well for me. I'll go back to the beginning and lay it all out, in case anyone is
  4. The more things change... By the end of the first week of the new challenge D and I should have closed on the new house and my son will be visiting to help us unload the U-Pack Pods. We're purchasing some of the furniture in the house, this includes a treadmill, I can walk/run/intervals again! This should also mean the beginning of my new schedule and mostly working from home I know I haven't talked a lot about my new job but I love the fact that I get to be an accountant, utilizing programs and processes that are valuable should I need to find another position in the future, and my
  5. So uh...life's been kicking my butt. Ya know that saying about not being able to pour from an empty cup? My cup has turned into a vampire. Amidst everything I've had going on, which has been and continues to be, a LOT, I have let taking care of myself fall to the bottom of the priority list. I do things to help me be healthy when (if) I have time and energy left over after everything else. It's taken me a lot of failing, especially lately, to realize why I have been stuck and failing to stick with anything I try. I have so much stuff I want to do/need to do, and I've barely be
  6. Yeah, I'll still be climbing and talking about climbing, but there aren't any climbing goals that I wasn't already going to be doing. Instead, the focus will be on cool art and crafts projects. Recently, I bought a 3d resin printer! It's so incredibly cool! I'm still a noob, but I'd be totally happy to answer anyone's questions about 3d printing. So far, I've printed things using other people's 3d files. Now, I want to learn to create my own 3d models. I also have to paint all of the family D&D campaign minis. And I have crochet projects. And I have a piano to practice
  7. In the last challenge I chose to hover my progress on my KB workouts rather than have a stall forced upon me. It worked, and I started progressing again, but then consistency suffered. In the last two weeks of the challenge I only got one workout per week. While I'm not beating myself up for that, I am seeking consistent workouts. I have goals: 2-3 KB workouts per week. I do the NF Beginner Kettle Bell workout. I'm currently using a fifteen pound bell, and very slowly adding reps rather than racing to the top. I found two challenges ago this helps with consistency. 5 wo
  8. Cracks and blemishes. Soil and rust. What had been her weapon, her force against the darkness, sat heavy in the barrens beyond. It must be reclaimed. Found, carried, reforged. It was hers to wield, and though it had long been from her hand, she knew she wanted it back. A deviation from the normal plan of attack here perhaps? Yes! Food, exercise, art, all these things are wonderful and important - but I believe I have a new #1 priority for myself right now. Something, that in turn, will likely help all the other stuff too! Today I fe
  9. What happened before: during the last two challenges I had written a great concept for a social project "friendship bench". last challenge I got to start it. It took off great and I was about to be filmed and have a newspaper article written about it. Also clients showed and I felt good doing the work.Then there were ugly conflicts with the donors and I had to let it go. I also started running again, which has been a dream for a long time after having been injured since last spring. I did a couple of intervals runs only to realize my injury is still there. letting this go until sprin
  10. So this challenge most definitely isn't just an excuse for me to gush about Faramir... but there will certainly be gushing. He's a skilled fighter but he prefers scholarly pursuits and is kind and gentle. He welcomes Aragorn to the throne even though it diminishes his power as Steward. He doesn't allow his father's blatant favoritism to corrupt his relationship with his brother. What I'm saying is, the world would be a better place if we all tried to be more like Faramir. For this challenge, I'm trying to be more like him in two areas: Resist the One Ring
  11. Here we are, at the penultimate challenge of the year. According to my 2021 roadmap in my battle log, I am not quite on target for all my goals at the end of the year but I'm making progress. With the holidays coming up I want to make sure I am using my time well. I've got my goals honed in on what I need to be doing; I just need to be doing them more consistently. To measure consistency I'll focus on averages. As long as I'm doing what I need to be doing more often than not, those outlier days don't really matter. It's all about the habits. Intermittent Fasti
  12. Hello there, adventurer! If you’ve come here, it’s likely you remember me in the Before Days, when I was a regular here. Lurking in one of the famously many mysterious rangery corners of the Guildhall. Alas, how times did change. And somehow, I struggled to return. I think because so much changed. Here, yes. But also in me. In part, this is why my challenge is so focused on inwards. Because change is once again afoot in my life. As a wise Elf once said, ‘I feel it in the Water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the Air.’ Change has this strange habit of making you forget the p
  13. Cause i can try to twist it any other way i like but it just comes down to this... Go from loose shirt to tight shirt to no shirt to ... (streaking goes a bit far, but skinny dipping must be checked off of the bucket list by the end of next summer) Main Goal: Look Peng to comfortably go jogging shirtless How: Lose Fluff through decent eating and working out (cause poking around in the fluff i actually found some things that i'm pretty certain are muscle related) One of my best (unforeseen) moves was to get a big mirror in the homeg
  14. The £100 challenge Last challenge I did a very simple thing, which was just to try and check in every day. I managed just over half (about 59.5%), which is better than disappearing for 6 weeks. This time I want to still have a simple challenge, but one with some goals. So here's the plan: I'm going to wager £100 on myself this challenge, and I'm going to have 100 things to do. For every thing I do, I get a quid to spend what I want. For every thing I miss, a bob goes to paying off my mortgage. Simple as that. Goal 1 - workout 10 times per week I'm prett
  15. 5 weeks 5 goals 1. “Five a day” freggies goal! Been listening to a podcast about gut health, as well as reading other info about how to get more real food in to push out the junk. The podcast gave a very specific 5/4/3/2/1 breakdown that seems challenging but doable: ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹ Veggies ⏹⏹⏹⏹/week legumes ⏹⏹⏹ whole grains ⏹⏹ fruit ⏹ nuts/seeds 2. Runner 5, report. ⏹ 5,000 steps per day. That’s to the bridge and back, make Sam proud. 3. 5 Noom articles. Aka ⏹“do your homework”. 4. high-5 your friends. ⏹ c
  16. Decisions I made during the last challenge: 1. I think I need to switch gyms. I'm currently with Planet Fitness, and I hate it. One of the things that brought me out of bulimia 6-7 years ago was barbell training; and I miss it terribly. Planet Fitness doesn't have any; but there is a new gym close to my house that is an old school gym that has many. Also the new gym claims to be open 24 /7, actually open 24/7. If it is that will help a lot because, most of the time I don't seem to be done with my day, in a way that I could workout until 8 or 9 in the evening, (when my plane
  17. Here I am for another comeback! One of these has to stick eventually... I have no idea how I left things in my last challenge, or even how long ago that was, and I'm way too lazy to check, so some updates which may or may not be known: I got a new job with a Real Adult Paycheque™. This has allowed me to get a shiny new computer, which makes these forums much less of an onerous task (my 13 year old Mac would get me there eventually, but it left me lots of time for idle contemplation and getting distracted). It has also allowed me to indulge just a bit in my Ranger Brain
  18. Hey guys! I thought I might start with a whole story; but my creativity is spent and I got alot on my plate. Lets see depending on what you know; i might have alot to tell you or very little. As I've written elsewhere on NF; since leaving NF 1.5years ago- Art has become a very serious passion for me. i've vowed to get good as fast as possible but to stay on the trek and not burn out. You may remember that I love Big hard inspiring endurance challenges and I've tackled a 100mile hike and a 26mile run. well surely they pale to the momental challenge of try
  19. Yay fall! Sweater weather, blazer weather, boots weather. It’s a big energy boost so I’m starting on a deep dive recovery mission to find and rescue my best (WELL pre-pandemic) self. I’ve been moving away from that best self for years, so I don’t expect to recover her completely within a 6-week time frame. But over the last challenge I’ve moved in the right direction so let’s continue! Happiness goal: start each day journaling one thing I’m grateful for and one thing I’m looking forward to. No email or twitter until that’s done! No loot needed for this one, boosted mood is its own
  20. I can't for the life of me stay on track and I have a honeymoon to prepare for. Do I want to look hot and feel comfortable in a bathing suit? Yes. Do I realize I will be walking 15k+ steps a day for a week when I have been barely walking 3k a day and I need to get my body ready for that? Also yes. Do I just plain need to lose some of this work from home weight so my body quit aching all the time? Also, also yes. GOAL 1: Walk (or under desk bike) 8k steps a day. I bought an under desk bike that isn't getting utilized. I also need to leave my house
  21. So lately I have been off the wagon big time. Eating poorly, lack of workouts, no structure. This challenge I want to set a weekly goal and achieve then carry it and a new goal into the following week. That's it, nothing special.
  22. GONE TURBO This is my second challenge in my return to NF. I decided to take a break from NF while I sorted through the pandemic, teleworking, and virtual relationships. It was a good plan, because each day presented new obstacles and challenges while navigating to best ways for finding time and space for fitness and karate training, adjusting to maintaining healthy meals at home, and staying productive at work and in my different self-development programs with the myriad of distractions. Planning a 4 week challenge would have been impossible, because I would be course correcting daily
  23. I’m reading “atomic habits” at the moment and the focus this challenge will be on continuing my habit building from last challenge. It was the first challenge I’ve finished in a LONG time, so I’m sticking with what worked, as well as adding another potential tick. 5/4/3/2/1: ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹5 veggies ⏹⏹⏹⏹ 4/week legumes ⏹⏹⏹ 3 serves whole grain ⏹⏹ 2 fruit ⏹ 1 nuts/seeds Noom homework: ⏹ keep working through those modules, doing the readings, weighing in etc. focus for zero week/most of week 1 is going to be maintaining at approx 90kg. Then weeks 2-5
  24. Right, I'm going a bit more low-key this time. Lets start with the wrap-up from last challenge: So this challenge I'm not ready for a lot of goals, and I just want to make sure that I'm staying here and staying accountable. To that end, I have one goal: Update here ever day. That's it, it's that simple. Which isn't the same as it being easy, but it is simple. There's no restrictions on what I can talk about, so it'll just end up being a general blog about stuff I suspect. I meant to post this yesterday and didn't, so I'm currently 0/1, and
  25. Time for another challenge! I'm on vacation for week 1 and another vacation in October. Decided this would be a good challenge to just keep on working on the habits I've acquired. During vacation: The only eating skill I will focus on is to eat slowly, and to really enjoy the food and the moment Mr.Incredible has the week off. Part of the week we are in San Diego, and part we are at home. So , maybe I will get workouts in. Or maybe not. Whichever is fine The rest of the time Fitness Continue with the running app on NF. Pick a arm workout t
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