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  1. (placeholder) i will make a proper post in the morning but for now, it's two hours to 2021 and i am Too Sleepy so goodnight and see y'all 'next year' XD
  2. Welcome to my Challenge! I'm going to do a little bit more structure this time than I have in the last few challenges. I'm feeling pretty good lately and I think it's time to step up my game a little. Goal One - Mindful Eating I've been working on this for a long time now. Some days are better than others, but I've been somewhat consistent with it and as a result my weight has stabilized at 205 lbs with a standard bloat-deviation of +/- 5 lbs. After many months of working on mindful eating principles and contemplating my life choices and goal
  3. I would say "I'm late posting this thread", but... Even magic space wizards. That said, I'm long overdue to come back home to the NF boards and let this place be the healthy, supportive part of my overall health - physical and emotional - that it was for over five years between 2013 and 2018. 2020 was at least as much a dumpster fire for me as it was for so many others. I have a ton of respect for people who were able to roll with the changes, be productive, and stay healthy over the past year. I'm not one of those people. As of today, I weigh 216 pound
  4. Hello, friends, and welcome to the jungle. 2020, man. What was that about. I'm not here to make any grand declarations about how 2021 will be better because it might not be but whatever, I need to have the flexibility, fitness and stamina to fight the murder rats for the last of the supplies. Just in case, ya know. 2021 is about getting my body primed so I can fight whatever is thrown at me and phase one is to become less spherical and strengthen my back post injury. Because if I imagine I am training for the post apocalyptic waste land I am more likely to do the damn things.
  5. My spine is broken as fuck and here I am with a slipped disc again only 6 months after surgery. I don't know how things are going to unfold in the next weeks, so its 4 goals a week, changing up things as necessary. *realizes she is old now and cries softly* but hey: week zero goals: build back and stomach muscles by doing bodyweight core workouts daily (as long as it doesnt make the pain worse). Experiment with what's possible. Don't sit for very long. find out whether to keep going with keto or whethe
  6. The core idea is a bit of shock treatment, making use of the New Year momentum while rapidly dropping the extra weight gained during this lockdown and the holidays. That should be January, then settling into less extreme and more sustainable measures come February. Workouts: Need something focused on rapid weight loss, so less strength training, more cardio. Since running or skip rope are out of the question due to winter and lockdown, HIIT will have to do instead. Darebee's 30 days of HIIT Advanced program ticks all those boxes, while providing a structured sequence and pretty short (but
  7. Ailyn frowned slightly at the mirror as she tied her dark hair up. Thankfully her signature auburn dye had faded gracefully enough that the several inches of deep brown root didn’t look too stark or odd. The growing grey strands, however, did. She never imagined herself going grey at just under 26 standard years old, but then, what of her life did she imagine for herself? With a huff, she exited the ‘fresher and sat down on her bed, eyes closed. Instinctively, she began to seek out her connection to the Force. Discovering it to be continuing to heal, she resisted the urge to prod t
  8. It has been awhile. I have missed you all so much. Lots to catch up on but that will come. I am taking this challenge to get back into good habits. Have kept up on so much of what I learned from the times past from everyone but I want to take it to the next level this year. Goals for my butting in mid challenge 1. Log in daily and post at least on my thread and 2 other threads 2. Do some sort of exercise 6 days a week. Will probably be done at home for now. 3. Research gyms to join. 4. Track food Simple and easy to start. 2021, It’s al
  9. Main goal: 5 consecutive strict pullups. Secondary goal: Lose 5 lbs Continuation goals: - Run - Lift RESULTS OF SQUATMAS 2020!!! Participants: @Mr_Willes SquatMas / DeadMas @WhiteGhost SquatMas / DeadMas @h3r0 I did 5x10 with 95# @KB Girl SquatMas @aramis 60@60 squats for this year / 60 reps of KB DL with 60% BW @Rhovaniel 30 bodyweight squats on Xmas Day @Tobbe Squatmas1 / SM2 / DeadMas @Harriet SquatMas SM2 SM3 / DeadMas @Xena decided to go "all cat" @ju
  10. - - - Her favorite time of day was twilight, where the sun had barely crested down beneath the horizon, lifting one last futile glow of the promise of daytime against the encroaching night sky. The melange of dying gold merging into the comfortable slate-blue atmosphere of whatever bits of daylight were left, giving way to the yawning darkness of space. She found it fascinating and sat, enrapt, small form curled into itself under her fur-lined charcoal cloak, chin resting on bent knees as she just... watched. She watched the sky change before her eyes, the colors dance
  11. Who is this chick? The Challenge! I know what works. I know what's struggling right now. I know consistency is the key. I am not sure what 'theme' I am feeling right now - though I do know I tend to be a little more motivated when I have a fun theme tacked into my challenge. But for the sake of getting SOMETHING up here today, let's list the basics. Food needs to tighten up again. The Autumnal Slide™ has occurred as per usual. Exercise needs to be more consistent. Specifically strength sessions, which were the first to get swept under the ru
  12. Hi there. Been a hot minute. Time to get myself in order. 2020 was a bit whacky (for us as it has been for so many others), but I managed to square away some things which have been on my “to do” list forevvvvver. The good: graduated from my Masters, deadlifted 110kg, and secured full time, ongoing, well paid work. Mr completed his first year of TAFE, and is now working for a forge as a professional (apprentice) blacksmith. Huzzah! The bad: Unfortunately, we got in the very bad not good habit of ordering as much delivery food as we wanted (high score for that fail is a tie betw
  13. Time to kick off 2021 and this year is all about moving forward. You might expect something like this: But this challenge will be more like this: FITNESS First order of business is to actually get moving. I'm going to break through this mental block that has kept me from getting back to any type of fitness. It's something I need and I want, but I just don't want to, you know? I'm going to keep it simple with any gentle movement, anything. Yoga, stretching, going for a walk around the dog park, or the block. Pick up a sledgehammer and do a little
  14. Hello fellow rebels! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas (or whatever winter time holiday you might celebrate). I had a pretty good time overall. It definitely was a different Christmas since I couldn't get together with all of my family all at once. My in laws also didn't do presents this year because of Covid. We didn't want people trying to go out shopping and they don't usually shop online. However, we still had a good time and it was nice to see some of my family. Now, it's time to get serious. The holidays are over so there are no excuses. I feel like I
  15. Come on now friends, can't we all stand to shake 2020 off a little?! I have a lot of habits, physical and mental that I would like to shed myself of, and replace with stuff that's going to make me feel good and happy and calm. We cannot dictate our circumstances, but we can change how we respond to them. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL for forgiving ourselves for whatever this past year looked like! No, I don't for a second believe that we should or even could have all come out of this as glowing gods and goddesses, full of new languages, perfect diets and workout routines and k
  16. You cannot pour from an empty cup. I have realised the hard way that I cannot be the best Mum, wife, friend, member of society that I want to be if I don't take care of myself first. In the haze of caring for a newborn and living in a global pandemic caring for myself has slipped well off the radar and I need to change this for everyone's sake. Physically my body has never healed from the emergency c-section I had in June and the few workouts I've managed in the last 6 months may have done more damage than good. My nutrition is also way off track - I've been eating to
  17. Hi everybody. Its been a long time. I have a long history here on Nerd Fitness. Years ago when I joined I was striving and achieved the best level of health I had ever had. And some of my fall from this has been documented here, though sparsely, as well. Capturing the drive to come back and get myself back on the proper path has seemed nigh impossible. I used to love doing the challenges and have decided that, despite being late to the party, its better to start late than the never start at all. With some very simple goals to set myself up for success. GOAL
  18. I was trying to think of a wow theme, and it just wasn't happening. So here we are. I'm just living my life, trying to level up in fitness as well as the rest of my life. I'm not sure how Baby Yoda fits in to my theme, but isn't he cute? Looking forward to the new year, the one change I would most like to make is in my morning routine. It is the constant thing that I feel like I really struggle in. I’ve done challenges, and developed a routine for a challenge, but then I easily drop into old habits. This year, I would like to establish a routine that enable me to say I am making th
  19. My challenges lately have been kind of disoriented and unfocused. I was looking for something I could use as a theme to orient them around (in hopes of making them more focused and more oriented towards long-term goals), and I noticed a lot of people really digging back into the gamification/RPG realm of NF. I decided I would give it a try again. When I first joined NF, I made a half-hearted attempt at gamification in my challenges and then gave up. Still nailing down how I want to deal with points/levels, but I have decided on a character to orient my challenges around. I came acr
  20. (We're just gonna pretend this came at the end of Terra Prime and not that other episode that came after but did not, in fact, actually happen) I really like Star Trek, and with the new stuff out this year have reignited my love for same. I was wondering what to do for a challenge theme, but this is it. As it has been for a while, I'm really just slapping a Star Trek Patina over the same challenge I did for most of last year. Kettle Bells The NF KB workout has goblet squats, so this works. I'll do the KB workout 2-3 times per week. Yoga
  21. Yes, this is the artist formerly known as Phoenix Burning returning after a rather extended absence. In our last episode, I was preparing for competition in the World Championships of Taekwondo. That never happened. I ended up getting seriously ill, having a surgery, and spending the next year and a half feeling sorry for myself, avoiding fitness, and eating my feelings. I am still in a place where my willpower is pretty beaten up (and largely being used by my latest adventure: grad school!), but I know I need to do something to get out of this funk and get back to my best self. In view o
  22. It's my first challenge! Trying to keep it simple, so will dive write in with the goals. Go for a walk twice a week Do an at-home workout (strength training, ballet etc) 3 days a week. Bonus points if I make it 4. No more second portions at dinner time For my walks, one will be at the weekend with my boyfriend, the other will be on a Wednesday after breakfast. Not sure on my working hours in the coming weeks, but days I'm working I will take a break at about 3pm to do my workouts. Think what I'll do is keep track and post weekly to see if I've met my
  23. After a frustrating almost five years of decreasing weekly running mileage, increasing weight and cholesterol levels, and worsening nutrition, I am trying for some habit transformation in 2021. This involves some big things (changing my professional trajectory), and lots of smaller things (adjusting eating and exercise habits in relatively small but significant ways). I used to be a long-distance runner, and it has been hard to let go of the part of my brain that says that if I just up my mileage enough, my weight will take care of itself. As a full-time working (and now middle
  24. Around middle January I'll be here for nigh on 6 years. For the last year+ I slowly but surely lost almost all my fitness. I've maintained some strength but nothing like before. So here goes... getting back on track to become a Super Woman - Super Wife - Super Mom. I'm an early bird, no matter what I try. I can easily get up at 5am, make coffee, feed the pets, then get back in bed and sleep some more. But I've decided I'll leave that for weekends, so that it is a real treat. At the moment I'm not home schooling our two boys, so I'm "on holiday"... sort of. I am trying to catch up o
  25. Hi all! I'm respawning after a few years off the bandwagon. I used to run and compete in triathlons often, culminating in an Ironman in 2016, shortly before my son was born. Now, I'm much less active, only running/strength training a few times a week. I'm here to get a handle on my diet, which includes too many sweets, and too much food overall for my current, less-active lifestyle. Goal 1: Fast between dinner and breakfast at least 5 days a week (Want to still enjoy popcorn during movie nights!), about 10 hours. Goal 2: Cut out sweets between 2:00 p.
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