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  1. Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Ranger, the finest Excelsior Class Starship in the fleet. On behalf of the command staff, welcome. I’m your new Captain, Tanktimus, with me are your first Officer Commander DarK_Raider, second officer and operations officer Lt.Cdr Rurik Harragath, Chief Medical Officer Doctor (Cdr.) Darkfoxx, Chief of Security Lt. mr_willes, Chief Engineer L.Cdr Raxie, Helm Officer Lt. Xena, QuarterMaster Lt. RES, Science Officer Lt. Cdr Elastigirl, and Ship’s Counselor Lt. Cdr T2sarahconner. This will be your first training cruise since joining the academy, and our goal is to get you as much training as possible in the four weeks we have you. Be sure to sign in on the spreadsheet letting us know your home planet and species. (For simplicity sakes your character name will be your NF username. Home planet and species are optional, as they only apply to roleplaying, the mini is open to all rebels regardless of guild) You will be sorted into squads at the end of zero week. From within your squads a leader will be selected. Each week a squad will be assigned to a specific department, Medical, Engineering, Security or Navigation. Your progress and performance in each section will be recorded, and as results come in your performance for the week will be compared to other squads performances in the following weeks. At the end of the cruise the top ranking squad will be announced. (In order not to clutter up the Ranger Forum with extra threads, please don’t start any extra threads for your squad.) When assigned to the Medical section you will be focusing on recovery from your workouts. We will be counting Yoga as active recovery, so you will be scored on minutes of Yoga performed throughout the week. It doesn’t matter if this is part of your normal routine or something you add in just for the mini, every minute of Yoga performed is a minute of Yoga on the spreadsheet. The first squad assigned to medical will put their results in week 1, the second squat in week two, and so on. Dr. Darkfoxx will be taking care of you during your time in Sickbay. (If you have any questions during your week in Sickbay, ask them here in the general thread and the Darkfoxx or one of the Guild leaders will answer). When assigned to the Engineering section you will be focusing on bodyweight reps. If you’re not using weights and it can be counted as reps, it counts for the challenge. If you’re using weight, it doesn’t count. It gets too complicated trying to figure out how many points a 100lb back squat should be compared to a body-weight squat. If something is counted in time, like planks, they don’t count for the challenge, again for simplicity’s sake. Raxie is our chief engineer, she’ll be taking care of you while you’re in the Engine Room. When assigned to Navigation you’ll be working with our Helm Officer Lt. Xena. You’ll be tracking miles this week. It doesn’t matter what you do, if it’s trackable in distance, convert it to miles and add it to the sheet. Don’t round up or down, include two decimals if you are entering anything other than complete miles. Again, it doesn’t make a difference if this is part of your normal routine or something you do just for the mini, count it. When assigned to security you’ll be working with our head of security Lt. mr_willes. Preparation for combat is going to be your focus while at tactical. For the spreadsheet track number of reps on punches, kicks, or any other combat drill (sword strikes, etc). This is going to be a great four weeks. You are in good hands, we expect you to work hard, work as teams, and learn a lot.
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