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  1. OK, maybe not everything, but that isn't the point. Last challenge @Killashandra shared a blogpost from Steve about sucking less at stuff and I decided I wanted to do a challenge focused around that. There is a bunch of stuff that I suck at and my intention is that by the end of this challenge I will suck marginally less at them. So here is the long list of stuff I suck at, broken down into general categories Fitness: Stretching - I have always struggled with trying to get more limber, but after having done pretty much nothing but sit on the couch playing video games for the last 3 months has really made things a lot worse. I may not get much more flexible than I am now but at least I can mitigate some of the inflexibility I have accumulated recently MyFlex - I signed up for the MyFlex program but I have not made much use of it. I want to see if I can do at least a session a week to build up my end ROM strength to prevent future injuries Mobility - I have always wanted to do more quadrupedal activity but I have avoided it because I feel stupid with my poor mobility and it also hurts my wrists. Not caring how I look and actually just doing it at my sucky level will probably do good things for strengthening my wrists Dancing - A few challenges ago I started trying to learn Shuffle dancing. I kind of gave up because I felt like I sucked too badly, but the only way to suck less is to do even though I suck. Skateboarding - Inspired by @Mad Hatter , I want to get my skateboard out again and work on learning to ollie now that the weather permits. Music/Art/Skills: Piano - I used to dabble in piano when I was younger but I was never any good at it. I have been inspired by our downstairs neighbor, though, and have pulled my keyboard from the basement and want to get in some practicing. Hopefully I will suck a little less by the end of this challenge Singing - I wish I was a better singer. I have never been very good at carrying a tune, but just wishing isn't going to make me suck any less. Time to look up some tutorials and see if I can reduce the suckage a bit Beatboxing - I don't know the first thig about beatboxing but it looks fun. Youtube has some tutorials so I am going to see just how badly I suck Sketching - This is something I used to work on a while back but I quit because I sucked so bad. Time to embrace the suckage to suck just a little bit less at it Juggling - I learned how to juggle 3 objects many years ago and I still can, if only for a few seconds. After getting inspiration from @Happienumber and @Kishi I am going to see if I can suck just a little less at it. Lifestyle: Healthy Eating - I have gone from 20% body fat to 25% body fat over the last 3 months, mostly due to overeating, even though a lot of the foods have been "healthy". I need to figure out both portion control and meal planning Scripture Reading / Prayer - I am really sporadic at this and I want to make it into more of a habit Going To Bed On Time - Going to bed at 3am and then getting up at 6am is a recipe for either going back to bed and sleeping until noon or being miserable all day. Neither is a viable long term strategy so I need to start getting to bed earlier Sex - I have discovered that this is something that just doesn't happen spontaneously after you have been married a while. I need to make more effort to make this happen because otherwise it just won't, and more sex is better. Accountability - My last several challenges have been little more than blog posts and goals set at the beginning of the challenge were immediately forgotten or ignored. For this challenge I am going to track my goals, with a pass/fail for each day. A passing score for each day happens if I do any 1 thing from all three categories. Realistically I expect to continue to suck at these and will not be good at any of them by the end of the challenge. But that's OK The point is just to try and suck a just a little bit less
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