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  1. "You are the architect of your own imprisonment." -some self help book I read once, probably One of my favorite anime, Chihayafuru, got a 3rd season after several years and is airing now. In a recent episode, the protagonist is in a funk because she has a tough choice to make and she doesn't know what to do. One of the side characters tells her that every time you line up the shoes left outside the door, you accumulate a single instance of good luck. Since she's been doing it every day, she's got a ton of luck accumulated in her life. She tells the protagonist that when all else fa
  2. I was considering just continuing to post in my last challenge thread through the end of the year, but I'll cooperate. I already wrote my challenge for the new year, but I don't really want to do much challenging for the next few weeks, so I think I'm just going to continue un-challenging for now. My intention is not to do nothing, but rather to try to do stuff that feels like the right stuff to do at the time. That could be relaxing and taking time to bask or it could be annoying chores. I guess you could say it's sort of like intuitive eating, but instead it's just intuitive cha
  3. Captain Rangerbrain, reporting for duty! My last challenge was all about paying more attention to what I actually WANT to be doing with my time. I thought it would be more about relaxing and video games and maybe some domestic rangering, but it turns out that it's mainly studying Japanese and going to Crossfit a million times a week. So, I embraced that! And I actually do feel a little more relaxed and content with my day-to-day choices and routines. That said, there are still things I want to work on that will help me relax, either physically or mentally. And also pu
  4. The laundry = THE GRIND. But also, the laundry = the ANTI-grind? A bunch of vaguely connected thoughts are motivating this challenge: I've noticed that I struggle with the in-between moments. I'm good at starting and ending stuff, but not so much at the long sludge in the middle. I struggle with transitions - if my routine gets disrupted even a little, I'm thrown way off! After a vacation, I take a long time to get back to normal. I've recently gotten bad at just enjoying my free time when I have it - I'm always looking for something to do instea
  5. Hey all! I'm still feeling super non-challengey, and I really enjoyed my non-challenge last time around - I needed the break! I'm also sick, so that's not helping. But I also feel like it's time to start doing the things again even if I don't feel like it. Rest is good, but quitting is not! I've been noticing that I just have no energy for things lately, and I don't know why? I'm objectively not doing anything much different. The areas where I'm succeeding are where I have things like Crossfit or Japanese class with outer accountability, but my ability to drive my free time effect
  6. Lately, I've had energy?? For the longest time, I was tired and foggy daily. I've been the type of person who can easily take 3 naps a day. But lately, if I take a nap it's out of habit (or procrastination) rather than any actual need for a nap?? I have no idea what's going on, but I'm ON FIRE these days. So I'm going to run with that. Last challenge, I restarted aikido AND started doing crossfit. I also signed up for a Japanese class that starts in 2 weeks or so. ALL THE THINGS. Regular fitness: 7 mobility mornings/week (20 sessions over the challenge earns me s
  7. Growing up, I wasn't very active. I never understood the rules well enough to actually play well in ballgames, I have a lazy eye so my depth perception was bad, I wasn't on a sports team like a lot of other kids, and I was terrible at running. Those were the stories I told myself. I would DREAD the "1 mile run" fitness test in school for WEEKS leading up to the event. And it wasn't just baseless dread - after the mile, I would have crazy DOMS for days afterwards, because running a mile was just so much more exertion than I was used to. I would always finish late and miserable, and
  8. I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SHARE Overview Since I first started doing challenges, I've known there are sort of "4 pillars" of fitness that I thrive under - walking, eating primalish, yoga/mobility work, and strength training. Every one of my challenges includes these in some way or another, although the eating is a big question mark right now. Last challenge, I was overall pretty good. I did a ton of work on reducing stiffness and increasing mobility, and I was overall very active. Last challenge, I also confessed my secret dream of doing a triathalon despite wobbly
  9. So. I'm not feeling very hype-y at all. My cat is sick and I'm really sad. But fortunately I thought through this challenge back when I WAS feeling more hype-y a few weeks ago. We all know that the key to success is doing the thing even when the hype is not there, so I decided to do the thing even though I'm not feeling inspired at all. There are a ton of things I want to do. I feel like I've been slowly losing fitness for the last 1.5 years as I dealt with wrist pain and eventually surgery that prevented me from continuing with the stuff I was working on. Last week, I was f
  10. For those just tuning in, I'm Raxie! I'm returning to the boards after taking a hiatus for my wedding, honeymoon and Thanksgiving... all of which basically happened in rapid succession. It's been an AMAZING couple of months, but my brain, and my life, are in need of severe decluttering. Confession: I have a ridiculous case of Rangerbrain. I cannot. stop. wanting. to do. ALL. THE. THINGS. If I enjoy something, I try to make it so I can work it into my workout schedule (tried boxing at Camp Nerd Fitness and loved it? TAKE A BOXING CLASS! Decided rucking is great train
  11. The Rangers and people from other guilds, that have been around for a while (at least 2 years i just checked) could know that, in my past, i have dedicated a few challenges in a row to prepping for my first StrongViking Beast obstacle run in the start of 2016. Those were pretty successful challenges, so now i'm summoning the strength of that format again. Because, frankly, things need to be done. You can also say i'm slowly starting to get frightened a bit by the endeavor i have set upon. For the people that don't know, a few facts: *** * T-minus: ~ 23 weeks / 154 days
  12. Welcome to the Rowdy Raven! Pull up a chair, hear a tale or two... or maybe snag a bit of juicy gossip. If you're looking for a good meal or a stout ale, you're in the right place. If it's riches, fame or glory you're after, well in that case... There's a fella upstairs; black cloak, thick beard and eyes that can pierce steel. He might have a task or two for ya -if you've got the skill to handle it. Years ago, a friend once told me: Stop just admiring all these awesome women characters you get so into, and be one for yourself. As I am still ri
  13. I'm continuing my tradition of posting a new challenge before I actually post a challenge summary in the preivous one. During last challenge, I moved from NY to VA and I'm still figuring out how to adjust. I need some new habits and routines! I read an article a while back describing habit forming as slowly wearing grooves into something. Each time you repeat the thing you're deepening the groove, which eventually becomes deep enough that it's an ingrained habit. So, it's time for NTB's New Groove(s)! A little background: All of these habits have slipped a weee
  14. AHHH YOU GUYS. It was so hard to pick a challenge focus this time. Background: So next up is Challenge #7 - the tomato strikes back. I turn bright red when I exert myself, because I'm a tomato and cardio is just this endless battle. I've been struggling with running for years now. I can run a 5K distance but I struggle to run more than 1-2x/week or increase my weekly mileage above the 4-5 mile range without getting shin splints. I'm very consistent in my running, but I keep getting stuck. So last challenge, I started to shift towards running 3x/week by s
  15. So here we are again. I'm a bit late posting this challenge. I had two other challenge ideas to choose from for this round, and they were both great, but I haven't been feeling it enough to take the plunge. I took my longest break from working out in AGES over the past two weeks. I had a headache/spine pain issue for a week, during which I managed one sort of half workout before accepting that I couldn't handle working out in that state. Then by the time it faded I was on vacation without a plan because I hadn't known if I would recover enough to even be able to do ANYTHING so I wasn't prepare
  16. Last challenge, @Tanktimus the Encourager and @fleaball had an interesting discussion about rewiring your brain by picking an archetype that you want to emulate. It wasn't immediately obvious to me what kind of archetype I would pick if I followed the process, so I thought about it for a while and eventually realized that all of the archetypes I thought of had one thing in common: they were guardians. And when I had that realization, a lot of other things clicked into place: I scored "guardian" on the reebok be more human test a while back (I think) I keep coming back
  17. In which NTB reveals how obsessive she can be! I could probably also call this Operation Rangerbrain. A year or two ago, back before I joined NF, I filled out a spiral-bound notebook with an elaborate plan to better myself that I called Operation STOBAL, or Stop Being a Loser. At that point in my life, I really did feel down about where I was in a billion different areas of basic humaning. I have come a very long way since then. I can say pretty confidently that I have indeed stopped being / feeling like a loser. I went back several months ago and I was REALLY PLEASED at how much
  18. This challenge, I am going to do the dreaded thing...a sleep challenge. The thing is, I sleep OKAY. Most nights I manage 7 hours, sometimes 6 on bad nights. But when I sleep naturally, I sleep 7.5 hours. I read all these things about how important getting your FULL amount of sleep is and how it affects just about everything. I'm often really groggy. I'm alert for maybe 2 hours after waking up, and then I get sleepy. I am a napper who could easily take 3 naps a day if schedules allowed. And I pretty much only have the mental clarity to really talk well with other people when I'm NO
  19. So last week for the second year in a row I got to spend an amazing 5 days (+2 extra in Atlanta) in the woods with THE MOST AMAZING NERDS ON THE PLANET! Camp was yet again one of the most mind blowing experiences of my life, and the things I learned and the people I met and reconnected with will stay with me always. There's a hashtag on social media we use #CNF365 to represent bringing all the goodness we got there into our every day lives. My goals this challenge, and until the end of the year, are to do this hashtag justice. October is also going to be in INSANE month for me.
  20. So, I’ve been sort of overwhelmed. I can’t seem make myself stick to any of my goals except the ones that are super ingrained habits at this point. This is partially because I don’t wanna and partially because I am travelling several times a month and it’s preventing me from sticking to a normal routine like I have in the past. This challenge, I want to address those two issues. I’m going to address the “I don’t wanna” by actually setting a main goal for the rest of the year, which I haven’t really done in many challenges now. I’ll also address it with some of the things I’m doing
  21. My goals this challenge won't be much different from previous and I'm keeping them quite simple. So I'm picking a silly theme to keep it interesting. I got the idea from the person I do most of my obstacle and mud runs with. She nicknamed me "The Machine" a while back and whenever I complete a tough obstacle at a race she always shouts "You're a machine" at me. Possibly just to embarrass me. Race season is nearly over now and I want to make sure that next year I come back even stronger. Next May I have my first ever 20 mile OCR, and I've never even run close to 20 miles before! Re
  22. I'm on a Pokemon journey seeking true power in the wild and mysterious corners of Kanto (superimposed on my town). For the story so far see my battle log. I sure love my points systems, averages, targets and grading. I want to set a goal, laser focus and smash it. But right now that's not the most effective approach. I have a well-established fitness routine and it's more important to try to balance my mental and physical effort to avoid burnout than to tick off a checklist. So I will be grading each week on effort rather than points. My r
  23. highly, highly recommend this to dystopian and sci-fi fans Crake saw the direction humanity was going, and took steps to change it. I can see the direction I would go in (if it wasn't for starting NF), and am taking steps to change it. No spoiler's ahead, just doing what Crake did- Keep What Works, Toss What Doesn't Work, and Make Necessary Changes. Part 1: Keep What Works Lift heavy things 3 times a week: Continue increasing working weight amounts and tracking it on my spreadsheet. Ride 2 times a week: Last day of this month's challenge is a local horse
  24. Or maybe a Spartan king? I figured I’d continue with the pattern of animated movies about felines. I’m going to be travelling to Paris during Week 1, from 7/16 – 7/24. So, I’m going to treat this week (Week 0) as my Week 1 and Week 1 as my Week 0. (A Cat in Paris also tempted me as a theme topic. And Aristocats is set in Paris too. There are so many animated Paris movies.) My goals are pretty much the same as they have been the past two challenges. Goal 1: Maintain Fitness 3 workouts/week (usually 1 bootcamp and 2 at home bodyweight workou
  25. So I was panicking for a little there, worrying about what I was going to do to replace kettlebells when classes end for the summer - I couldn't find another reasonably priced class that I was interested in. But I've decided to just roll with it, and change things up for the summer, and become more of a Scout/Druid hybrid. I'll still attempt to get some 'Belling in a home, to prevent total annihilation come Fall, but the focus this summer will be logging miles (biking and walking) and improving flexibility (yoga). And that's okay. Goal the First: Bike Commute! I've been mostly
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