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  1. NF7: the Predator Pounces, Part 1 And so it begins... Going to stick with a fairly simple challenge this time out, as I'm just coming off a heavy work streak and am feeling the need to streamline. Since the Challenges are shorter now, I’m going to break a larger challenge into 3-4 smaller sections, as I have smaller goals that will build up to a larger event in April. I'm planning to have extra time to devote to healthiness and such, though, as I'm finally taking a sabbatical from work for a few months. Since I am a freelancer, that just means I either don't answer the phone or I answer the phone and then lie about being booked. It's not like I had to make a tear-stained appeal to Human Resources or anything. I did have to tell one contract client that I wasn't available to take any more work with them, which I'm not sure they actually believed. Anyway! On to the challenge. I have three (yes, only three!) areas to work on, and I'm using one reference as a guide for each. I have a bunch of other things rattling around in my skull, but since I didn't want to do the whole "it's January and I must CHANGE MY LIFE COMPLETELY" nonsense, I'm going to restrain myself to these three. Then I can layer on more on the next time. Clean it up: using the excellent "Eat Like A Predator" essay by J Stanton as a guideline, I want to do a serious Paleo reboot. My eating went to hell in a handbasket after Thanksgiving and I need to feed the machine properly. Very limited grains, no sugar, no proccessed carbs except on bike days. (Then I'm allowed a powerbar and some gatorade.) Goal: there's 21 possible meals in a week, although I tend to only eat twice a day, so I'm aiming for no more than 2 non-paleo meals per week. I’m still pondering if I want to count carbs this time around. Work it out: I'm taking a quote by Kelly Starrett, Crossfit coach extrordinaire, as my inspiration: "What it [crossfit] does is expand the consciousness of what's possible. By the way, you CAN run this mountain 7k AND still be brutally strong - in fact, why aren't you?" I have a new, circuit-training style gym workout which I want to do 3 days a week, and add my cycling in around that. Mobility work at least 4 days a week (my mobility work is a simple yoga routine that takes about 15 minutes). Essentially I'm trying to be more of an all-round athlete; quick, strong, flexible, and agile. Not as strong as a powerlifter, not as fast as a sprinter, but more versatile than both. In other words: Ranger Badass. Goal: minimum of 2x gym, 2x bike. Easy Peasy. Maximize my outdoor time with walking, hiking, etc. Level it up: part of the reason I am taking a sabbatical is to work on some personal projects and turn my career in a more creative, self-controlled direction. I played around with a few ideas and I've finally come up with a web series/podcast combo that I'm going to start making called The Haunted Seas - all about ghost stories, folk tales, and haunted places having to do with the ocean, and where you can go to see and experience them. Think of it as Rick Steves meets Ghost Hunters, with a little bit of Point Break thrown in. (The original, not that piece-of-shit remake.) Also, I need to finish the nature film I made last year and promote it. Goal: one webisode and two podcasts a month. I have no idea how to do a podcast, btw, so the learning curve should be…interesting. But I really want to stretch myself creatively and explore some new ideas. Inspiration/reference: Captain Jack Sparrow. So... Here we go...
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